Healthcare & Medical Training On The Oculus Quest


The Oculus Quest is a near-perfect combination of the Oculus Rift’s powerful 6DoF tracking and the Oculus Go’s comfort and portability. Osso VR medical training in action // Image Credit: Osso VR. News Karuna Labs Oculus Quest Osso VR VR Healthcare VR Medical Training

Walmart Employees Say VR Training Helped Save Lives During El Paso Shooting


Employees claim active shooter training helped them respond faster to the situation. According to Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, that number could have potentially been higher had it not been for the companies active shooter VR training included as part of the Walmart Academy experience.

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Oculus Go Used For In-Flight Pilot Training Demonstration


Co-founders of a Texas-based company called Thrust Vector, which does contract development and consulting for both AR and VR, used Oculus Go while piloting an aircraft and say they have flown “probably 2 dozen full approaches in full VR, all the way down to about 50 feet above the runway.”

Walmart to Launch Nation-wide VR Training Program with Over 17,000 Oculus Headsets

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Walmart is set to expand its fledgling VR training program in a big way soon; the big box store is going to start a country-wide training program promising to bring over 17,000 Oculus Go headsets to its employees by the year’s end.

Oculus & CHLA Bring VR Medical Training To Eleven New Facilities


The advanced VR simulation expands to new medical institutions as Oculus & CHLA continue their push towards experiential education. These immersive training programs create high-stress environments that challenge users to make life-saving decisions under extreme pressure.

VR Train Simulator ‘Derail Valley’ to Launch into Early Access This Week

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Delays are a train driver’s worst nightmare, and while it’s true upcoming VR train simulator Derail Valley has seen a modest setback after its planned January 18th launch, the game is now full steam ahead as it makes its Early Access debut on the Oculus Store and Steam this week.

Walmart Expands VR Employee Training To All U.S. Locations


Walmart associates will now have access to the same VR training their managers receive at Walmart Academies. While immersive training would no doubt prove beneficial in nearly all store-related exercises, Walmart is focused on three key areas: new technology, customer service, and compliance.

Walmart Brings Tricked Out ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ VR Experience to Select Stores

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SEE ALSO Walmart to Launch Nation-wide VR Training Program with Over 17,000 Oculus Headsets. Unsurprisingly, the activation also features a How to Train Your Dragon gift shop, because … Walmart.

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Walmart Buys 17,000 Oculus Go Headsets For Worker Training


Walmart and VR startup STRIVR are expanding a partnership and distributing Oculus Go headsets for worker training at every store. The roll out should see 17,000 Oculus Go headsets distributed to Walmart stores for employee training — four going to every Supercenter and two heading to each Neighborhood Market or Discount Store before the year is out. million in hardware plus STRIVR’s training program.

KFC Has A VR Job Training Simulator For New Employees


The only way to escape this training room is learn how to fry chicken. We’ve seen brands like UPS integrate VR into training facilities and Walmart drop staff into Black Friday VR shopping simulators. Yes that’s right, KFC has an employee training VR experience—and it looks scary AF.

How To Train Your Dragon VR Swoops Into iFly Skydiving Centers


A new How To Train Your Dragon VR experience is swooping into iFly centers in the US. The app is designed to promote the latest movie in the franchise, How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. It was running on an Oculus Rift DK2. Ready to fly like a dragon?

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Turn-key VR Training System ‘SimSpray’ Looks to Lower Costs for Commercial Spray Painters

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SimSpray is a VR training system targeting educational institutions, manufacturers, and trade unions, all with the eye for lowering costs over traditional training and offering some unique insight only available in VR.

Derail Valley Is A Realistic VR Train Simulator Arriving Very Soon


We’ve been following VR train simulator Derail Valley for some time now. Derail Valley will launch in pre-release on January 18th with support for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows VR headsets. Experiences Gaming derail valley htc vive oculus rift train simulator windows VR

This Restaurant is Using Google Daydream to Train Employees

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The manager sits you down in some store room, wheels in a TV and makes you watch a training video that’s about as immersive as watching paint dry. This controller made for a more direct connection to the app versus the soft-tap touchpad of the Oculus GearVR.

Walmart Using Black Friday VR Simulator To Train Staff


Walmart staff have their work cut out for them, one of the many reasons why the retail giant began opening its many ‘Walmart Academies’ to train its future staff on the details of their expected duties in a comfortable and cost-efficient manner.

‘Space Junkies’ Update Brings New Map, Modes, Training Bots & More

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Announced on the Oculus blog , Ubisoft’s Montpellier studio has added a new map to the game called ‘The Jail’, an abandoned alien prison facility. Space Junkies , once a multiplayer-only game, now has training bots, which finally lets you hone your skills on your lonesome.

STRIVR Secures $16M Series A Financing to Expand Enterprise VR Training

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STRIVR, the immersive VR training company, announced a $16 million round of financing led by GreatPoint Ventures (GPV) that is said to advance the company’s further expansion into the enterprise market.

STRIVR Introduces VR Training On and Off the Field

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Belch realized the potential of VR for sports training and spent two years working with Bailenson to develop and troubleshoot an effective way to film Stanford Football’s practices in 360-degree, immersive video allowing players to rewatch practice film using a VR headset.

Epic’s New Robo Recall Dev Diary Details The Game’s Evolution From Bullet Train


Fans of the Rift will remember when developer Epic Games took to the stage of the Oculus Connect 2 keynote that year to announce a tech demo for the then-unreleased Oculus Touch controllers, called Bullet Train. Bullet Train, meanwhile, can now be downloaded on Rift for free.

This VR Training Simulation is One of the Best We’ve Ever Seen

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One of the best we’ve seen, this video, demonstrating a dangerous workplace simulation for train operators, shows how virtual reality and motion controllers might revolutionise training in the work place.

Bechtel Partners with ITI to Expand VR Crane Training Capabilities

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Starting in 2016, the collaboration between Bechtel and ITI saw the creation of a mobile crane simulator project using an Oculus Rift headset in combination with a modular rig called ITI VR.

Ecuador Is Launching A VR Training Program Supported By The World Bank


Immersive training has the potential to make a huge impact on Ecuador’s education system. He sites an experimental study in China that the project draws from which showed a 30% increase in test results across the board from students using VR and AR training techniques.

Facebook Pulls Bullet Train VR Demo From Conservative Conference Following Backlash


The company’s booth at the show, which included talks from Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association, featured several Oculus Rift demo kiosks with a selection of experiences on offer. Among these was Bullet Train, a short demo from Robo Recall developer Epic Games in which players engage in a cinematic shootout with an army of soldiers inside a train station. Tagged with: Bullet Train , facebook Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

LA Hospital Using VR Simulation For Trauma Training


The next generation of professional healthcare training has arrived. That’s exactly why Children’s Hospital Los Angeles teamed up with Oculus and other VR companies to bring low-cost emergency care training via virtual reality technology.

STRIVR Labs Raises $5 Million And Adds Enterprise VR Training


And so startup STRIVR Labs has launched into a new enterprise VR training business, while still remaining in the sports VR training game. STRIVR is already working with a handful of Fortune 500 companies on comprehensive training programs utilizing VR.

How to Use Virtual Reality (VR) for Healthcare Training


One of the more popular use cases for VR in healthcare is training. Like with other VR for Training programs , we’re hearing about better retention of information and post-training performance. Doctor and nurses obviously go through extensive classroom training.

Gorgeous VR Train Sim Rolling Line Gets Release Date, New Trailer


We like to refer to lots of third-person VR games as ‘train set VR’ here at UploadVR, but Rolling Line takes that definition very seriously. Rolling Line will hit Steam on April 6th with support for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but will also support standard PC play, too.

Hands-On: Vader Immortal Trains You In Lightsaber Combat Just Like Luke Skywalker


A short slice of Vader Immortal shown at Facebook’s F8 developer’s conference offered a good look at how ILMxLab is using the Oculus Quest VR console. Vader Immortal also nailed an incredible haptic effect in my demo with the new Oculus Touch controllers paired with Oculus Quest.

Epic’s VR Shooter Bullet Train Is Now the Wacky Robo Recall


The post Epic's VR Shooter Bullet Train Is Now the Wacky Robo Recall appeared first on WIRED. Culture Game|Life Bullet Train Epic Games Oculus Oculus Rift Robo Recall virtual realityEpic Games' Unreal Engine 4-driven VR shooter gets a humorous makeover, and it's free.

Walmart and STRIVR Partner To Train Employees In VR


US supermarket chain Walmart is betting big on VR to help improve its employee training techniques, and it’s turned to a new company to help. TechCrunch is reporting that Walmart plans to install VR training platforms at each of its 200 Academy training centers across the US by the end of the year. Each will have an Oculus Rift and a VR ready PC to run it on.

Using VR Revolutionize Sports Training with STRIVR Labs

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Belch asked Bailenson if it was possible to use VR to train football players, but the technology wasn’t ready yet back in 2004. But for now, they’re focusing on training quarterbacks, goalies, watching pitches, and shooting freethrows.

‘Tribe VR DJ School’ Trains You to Mix Music on Real Equipment

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The app launched in Early Access on the Oculus Store in December. Tribe VR DJ School is their first project, a VR application currently optimised for Oculus Rift and Touch. The post ‘Tribe VR DJ School’ Trains You to Mix Music on Real Equipment appeared first on Road to VR.

KFC’s VR Training Game Is Finger-Licking Frightening


Judging by KFC’s bizarre new VR training app, that may well be the case. Eater revealed this new app, which is apparently being integrated into employee training programs with the help of the Oculus Rift (though it’s probably having a better effect as a PR stunt).

SideQuest Receives Several Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Demo Games


Several developers made proof of concept games and apps that utilize new controller-free hand tracking features after the release of the software development kit for the Oculus Quest last week.

2020 Spatial Predictions: ‘Training Wheels’ Win AR

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And Oculus Quest is a beacon of hope on the VR side. AR Wins With “Training Wheels”. AR Wins With ‘Training Wheels’ The spatial computing industry is learning that its circa-2016 ambitions aren’t translating to mainstream adoption.

Scope AR Secures $9.7M Series A to Develop AR Training & Remote Assistance Tools

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million Series A funding round to further develop it cross-platform AR work training and on-site instruction tools. ” SEE ALSO OpenXR Standard Ratified, Microsoft, Oculus, & Others to Release First Implementations.

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VR Surgical Training Platform Osso Wins US Dept. Of Education’s EdSim Prize


Surgical training platform Osso VR has walked away with the first-place prize. Osso offers realistic training in VR. Using motion controllers such as the Oculus Touch, users are walked through complex procedures that they might have to one day perform in real life.