Walmart Employees Say VR Training Helped Save Lives During El Paso Shooting


Earlier this month, a deadly mass shooting took place at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, claiming the lives of 22 individuals and injuring 24 others. I’ve been to Southaven, and I went to El Paso on Tuesday [Aug.

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Just recently, Walmart employees credited their VR training as having helped them stay alive during the horrendous El Paso shooting that took place earlier this month. Fortum looks to VR to provide cost-effective training for its operators.

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We are also seeing companies like Walmart utilizing mobile VR headsets like the Oculus Go for training employees, which has already helped as the CEO said that training helped save lives in the El Paso shooting because of active shooter training.

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It’s also worth noting that since this episode aired, the tragic Walmart mass shooting in El Paso happened. This article features the latest episode of The AR Show.

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According to Walmart, during the El Paso shooting, Walmart employees have been able to react very well and fast to the difficult situation, because they had been trained in VR and so they knew exactly what to do in real life in a similar situation.

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