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Walmart Employees Say VR Training Helped Save Lives During El Paso Shooting


Earlier this month, a deadly mass shooting took place at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, claiming the lives of 22 individuals and injuring 24 others. I’ve been to Southaven, and I went to El Paso on Tuesday [Aug. Employees claim active shooter training helped them respond faster to the situation.

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Star Trek's Gene Roddenberry Is Finally Getting the Biopic He Deserves

GizModo VR

On August 19th, 1921, Eugene Wesley Roddenberry was born in El Paso, Texas. He grew up to become a member of the Air Force during World War II, a member of the LAPD afterward, and a burgeoning TV screenwriter. And, oh yeah, he created one of the most beloved and enduring science fiction franchises of all time. The man… Read more.

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Nuclear Power Plant Uses VR For Control Room Training


Just recently, Walmart employees credited their VR training as having helped them stay alive during the horrendous El Paso shooting that took place earlier this month. When it comes to training for dangerous situations, VR allows you to learn and fail without the fear of real-world consequences.

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The AR Show: Training for Quarterbacks & Walmart Clerks

AR Insider

It’s also worth noting that since this episode aired, the tragic Walmart mass shooting in El Paso happened. With the help of his leadership coach, Belch has refined his definition of personal evolution, which isn’t “change” but rather deliberate and controlled growth.

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Online sports betting has never been easier and that's sorta terrifying

Mashable VR

As recently as 2014, college basketball players at the University of Texas-El Paso were kicked off the team for betting on sporting events, which didn't even include games they played in. Until the Supreme Court ruling, sports leagues took a hard line against sports betting partially to discourage that conspiracy mindset.

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The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.08.25): Lots of new VR content previewed, Sony acquires Insomniac, Matrix 4 in the works and much more!

The Ghost Howls

According to Walmart, during the El Paso shooting, Walmart employees have been able to react very well and fast to the difficult situation, because they had been trained in VR and so they knew exactly what to do in real life in a similar situation. VR training may have saved the life of some Walmart employees.

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Jeremy Bailenson talks about 1,000,000 Walmart employees training with VR, presence, and the VR “empathy machine”

The Ghost Howls

In 2019 in El Paso, Texas, there was a horrific event where a gunman killed many people, just walked into a Walmart, and killed many people. I’ve just had the experience. However, a lot of the associates who were working on the floor that day had done our VR training.

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