VR Intelligence Hosting Enterprise VR Webinar With Johnson & Johnson, DHL


As enterprise businesses start to see the benefits of immersive tech, VR Intelligence brings together immersive leads from Johnson & Johnson and DHL, along with HTC Vive, for a webinar to discuss where and how companies can get a real return on their investment in XR. With a panel of experts: Vinay Narayan, Vice President, Product and Operations (Americas), HTC Vive. The webinar will take place on September 20 at 10am PDT.

VRX Webinar: AR And VR – What’s Real? What’s Hype? What’s the Future?


On Thursday July 19, VRX is hosting a webinar with senior execs at Google, HTC Vive and SuperData Research, to assess the current state of the industry and the strategies for bringing immersive tech to its commercial potential. Register for the webinar (and/or to be sent the recording) here: With a panel of experts: Steven Kan, Head of Global Strategy, AR and VR, Google. Vinay Narayan, Executive Director, VR, HTC Vive.

Charting the Future of XR

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L’Oréal, Ford, HTC Vive, Nestlé and more discuss the future of immersive technologies across different industry verticals in the massively popular VRX webinar series. Get access to the webinar recordings here.

Amazon Launches Sumerian VR/AR Challenge With Over $100,000 In Prizes


Over the course of the next four months teams are encouraged to learn how to use Sumerian via support from a Slack community, Twitch and webinars and then apply their skills to make an app for one of four categories including educational apps, experiences to help brand engagement, entertainment pieces and other types of services. Amazon is looking to kickstart VR and AR content development for its Sumerian service with a new hackathon.

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VR Awards 2019 Opens Nominations Process To Find The Best In VR


Last year’s show saw HTC’s Vive Pro take home the hardware award, with The Gallery: Episode 2 winning Game of the Year. Nominations will close on May 7th, with two webinar briefings held before then. Fancy winning yourself a shiny trophy for your latest VR app or product?

The Down-Low on What You Need to Know (to be competitive in the XR field), with SuperData's Carter Rogers.

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They're much more distributable than the standard Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, which has to be hooked up to a PC. And we have a webinar for that in May -- I think the exact date's on our website. If you need well-researched info on the trends and changing tides of emerging tech to feel confident dipping your toes into the XR sea, SuperData's Carter Rogers has you covered.