February, 2017

HTC Confirms Vive Tracker and Deluxe Audio Strap Prices and Pre-order Dates

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HTC announced the new accessories, the Vive Tracker and Deluxe Audio Strap, back at CES 2017 earlier this year but didn’t provide pricing or release date info more specific than Q2. At $100 for each accessory, the pricing falls in line with expectations.

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Developers Showcase Incredible Full Body Tracking With Vive


We have yet to see a solution for full body tracking that is affordable, easy to use, and can work in a wide range of VR experiences. That’s not keeping developers from forging ahead anyway though.

This HoloLens App Can Help The Visually Impaired Navigate


Letting the blind navigate their environment using sound. As VR and mixed reality headsets continue to make their way into the hands of enthusiasts around the world, we are continually impressed with what developers dream up to help improve the lives of others.

The makers of Apollo 11 Announce Titanic VR


I am sure most of our regular readers remember the Apollo 11 experience. Not only is it great VR but the story harks back to a great time in American history. It was the first VR experience of one our writers, Michelle Figueras and it made her cry.

Prof asks OpenSim viewer devs to help schools

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Dear OpenSim Viewer Developer: A new trend in learning management systems could be a vehicle for expanding educator use of the OpenSimulator platform.

How the past few months with Virtual Reality got me to the Super Bowl!

Cats and VR

So I am going to start off that it has been a goal of mine to be able to get to the Super Bowl for free because its a place where a weirdo punk rock dude who is trying his best to make it in the Bay Area and who loves Cats And VR is not necessarily supposed to make it into.

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Rift Update Straightens Carpet, Improves Multi-Sensor Setups


Rift leader Nate Mitchell confirmed an update is rolling out to owners of the Facebook VR headset that smooths out the carpet on the floor seen in Oculus Home while also improving the way larger tracking setups work.

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Samsung Reveals Four New AR & VR In-House Projects


Samsung’s C-Lab initiative is churning out some seriously incredible projects. Since launching back in 2012, the C-Lab initiative has been hard at work developing industry-changing technology that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with virtual and augmented reality.

Facebook Ordered to Pay $500 Million in Lawsuit


If case you are not aware. Facebook/Oculus were being sued for a few dollars. $4 4 Billion + to be exact. This week, Facebook were ordered to $500 Million dollars in the case. It is a lot of money, but it could have been much worse. Related: Facebook Paid How Much for Oculus? $3

VR Golf Online

VR Bites

When Golf meets the limitless possibilities of Virtual Reality, the green is only inches away! Practice your swing and develop your techniques to improve your handicap. Step onto one of the 36 realistic holes, with additional courses planned for the near future.

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AltspaceVR and Cyberia are teaming up to present a free VR film festival this weekend.

Cats and VR

AltspaceVR and Cyberia are teaming up to present a new kind of film festival – one taking place entirely in virtual reality VR. Styled after conventional film festivals, audience members can choose from a curated schedule of 38 short films of assorted genres from all over the world.

Watch: How ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Used Steam VR Tracking to Shoot VFX Shots

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It’s emerged that last year’s Star Wars: Rogue One , used existing virtual reality technology – specifically HTC Vive’s Steam VR tracking – to allow the film’s director to compose visual effects shots for the movie. Watch how it was done.

12 Can’t Miss VR Talks You Have To See At GDC 2017


E3, Gamescom, TGS, PAX are all great shows for exhibiting VR content. But, in the early days of this industry, it is the developer conferences, the places where creators come together to share knowledge and reveal breakthroughs, that are the really exciting events to cover.

Surgeon Chooses VR Over Sedatives For Patients


A surgeon in Mexico City is ditching painkillers by bringing virtual reality into the operating room. Is virtual reality a powerful enough experience to distract humans from pain? Dr. Jose Luis Mosso Vazquez seems to think so.

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The Future of VR Headsets?


The first generation of VR headsets is out. We have good first generation headsets from Oculus, HTC, and Sony. They help spread the word of VR and allow people to try experiences they never would otherwise. However, as with all technology, we are always looking forward to the next generation.

Kitely Market passes $100,000 in sales

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Worlds End Landscaping and Roleplay is the best-selling merchant on the Kitely Market. The Kitely Market has passed the $100,000 sales milestone, the grid announced last week.

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Google has made some neat tech that makes VR headsets "transparent" for MR use.

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Mixed reality can help others see what VR feels like, and #DaydreamLabs ' headset removal can show a person's identity, focus and full face. pic.twitter.com/L4tln5SM8I — Google VR (@googlevr) February 22, 2017.

LG to Reveal VR Headset Prototype Based on SteamVR Tracking This Week

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Valve has confirmed that LG is developing a VR headset that will utilize SteamVR Tracking and, ostensibly, the OpenVR platform.

Monitorless Is A Samsung AR Headset That Lets You Use PCs Without A Screen


The advent of mixed reality headsets like HoloLens could mean the end of the PC monitor, as apps jump off of the screen and into the real world. That future is a while off, though, and Samsung’s Monitorless looks like an intriguing stopgap.

The Future of Mixed Reality Videos Could Be Your Face


UPDATE 2/21/16 9:38AM PST: The full video was deleted from YouTube shortly after we published this article. A short clip can be viewed below. Daydream Labs and Google Research show us how having a face in VR could make all the difference.

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VRLA Tickets Now Available


Tickets for the VRLA convention are now on sale. VRLA is the biggest AR/VR event in the US. VRLA had humble beginnings several years ago, but now, just like the VR industry, it has grown. VRLA takes place from April 14 to 15 and will occupy the LA Convention Center in the West Hall.

ZanGrid goes live with Gloebit, merchant payouts coming soon

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ZanGrid went live with the Gloebit virtual currency on Monday as the platform gets ready to start approving merchant cashouts. The currency can also already be used on Mobius Grid.

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Samsung Gear Finally Gets a Controller for Awesomer VR


Designed by Samsung and Oculus, it touches and swipes and clicks and shoots. The post Samsung Gear Finally Gets a Controller for Awesomer VR appeared first on WIRED. Gadget Lab Gear gear vr Samsung virtual reality

Official: Sony Sold Nearly 1 Million PlayStation VR Headsets in 4.5 Months, Despite Limited Stock

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Sony is the first of the big three tethered VR headset makers to drop official PSVR sales figures: 915,000 PlayStation VR headsets sold as of February 19. And it likely could have been more, save for the fact that the device has been surprisingly hard to find in stock, the company says.

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Science Teachers Report Benefits Of A VR Curriculum


Discover the Amazon in VR with Conservation International


Conservation International and Jaunt partner to let you discover the riches and ruins of the Amazonia. Trees stand tall on both sides of the riverbank as I zoom down the Amazon by kayak.

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Super Bowl is coming, but not in VR


Every year, families friends and fellow drunk people gather around to watch the yearly Super Bowl. This year, with the growth of the VR industry, I and many others were hoping for some Football action in VR. I wanted to watch the game in VR from various angles and even from the players perspective.

DMCA registration costs drop from $105 to $6

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$6 for three years of protection against lawsuits from US creators — for any grid, anywhere in the world. helps protect against take-downs by hosting companies and domain registrars. helps keep creators from going to social media and blogs to get attention for problems.

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Ex Sony London VR team launch new VR company, Dream Reality Interactive.

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Dave Ranyard his former Sony London teammates Richard Bates, Artemis Tsouflidou, Albert Bentall and John Foster, who were all integral to the development of ‘VR Worlds’ for Sony’s PSVR headset.

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SteamVR Tracking HDK Now Available for Anyone to Buy

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Valve is increasingly opening its SteamVR Tracking technology—that which powers the HTC Vive’s room-scale tracking—to the world. The royalty-free system requires no permission from Valve to be embedded and launched as part of third-party products.

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New PlayStation VR Releases For Week Of 01/29/17


We hope you’re still enjoying Resident Evil 7 [ Review: 9/10 ], because it’s another quiet week here on the PlayStation VR front. Just one fully new game graces this week’s release list and one DLC pack. They’re both good, but it’s still overall light on content.

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