Manus VR Introduces New Prime Series With Haptic Feedback


Back then it was rudimentary at best and we’ve seen several other solutioins from companies like Contact CI , Tactical Haptics , and HaptX. The Manus Prime Series has three variations: the Prime One, the Haptic Prime (shown in the featured image up above), and the Xsens Prime. The Haptic Prime is a Prime One with linear resonant actuators. It provides unique haptic signals depending on the type of material and how much virtual force is applied.

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Haptic Vest ‘Ryg’ Launches on Kickstarter, Fully Funded in 3 Hours

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Woojer, the company behind the haptic belt Strap , launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this week for a new haptic vest, dubbed Ryg. Using Woojer’s patented oscillating frame actuators, called Osci, the company says Ryg is three times more powerful than their earlier haptic products, which include the haptic belt Strap, and a Kickstarter funded haptic unit using the same technology. Crowdfunding Haptics Kickstarter News haptic haptic vest haptics ryg woojer

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Hands-on: HaptX Glove Delivers Impressively Detailed Micro-pneumatic Haptics, Force Feedback

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The company formerly known as AxonVR , which has raised more than $5 million in venture capital, is rebranding to HaptX, and revealing a feature prototype of a VR glove which uses micro-pneumatics for detailed haptics and force feedback to the fingers. Meeting with HaptX co-founder Jake Rubin in Silicon Valley earlier this month, I got to try the latest prototype of the company’s wild-looking haptic VR glove—a monstrous piece of equipment hooked up to some massive cabling.

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Tactical Haptics to Open Pre-orders for ‘Reactive Grip’ Dev Kits on May 29th

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Tactical Haptics, creators of the ‘Reactive Grip’ controller are due to begin taking dev kit pre-orders on May 29th. Tactical Haptics has been part of the modern VR scene since day zero. Since then the company has steadily improved the controller’s performance and manufacturability, and managed to impress us pretty much any time we got our hands on it thanks to its truly unique haptics. Image courtesy Tactical Haptics.

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Open-Source VIRTUOSO SDK for Unreal Engine – a Standard Framework for XR Development


And it is made possible by VIRTUOSO , an open-source SDK created by Charles Rivers Analytics, which is now available for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. Developers of immersive games and apps, rejoice! From now on, you will only need to write one code for all the devices that users may have.

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Tactical Haptics Deep Immersion VR Controllers Likely Releasing In 2018


The first time I tried a Tactical Haptics virtual reality controller was at GDC 2016. The idea of believable haptics in VR seemed like something we wouldn’t be getting for a long time. Impressive VR haptics are already on their way and could be in your living room in 2018. I recently had the chance to speak with William Provancher , the president of Tactical Haptics, on the floor at SVVR. Tagged with: tactical haptics Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

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TouchSense Force Lets Devs Create Better Haptic Feedback On Oculus Touch


Haptic feedback is essential in bringing player’s hands into VR worlds. The company is today announcing TouchSense Force, a combination of development software and hardware that it hopes will enhance haptic feedback in both existing game controllers and new devices to make for better VR experiences and other content. On the software side, Force features an Unreal Engine plug-in that includes a Visual Editor that allows developers to pinpoint the feedback controllers will give.

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Yaw2 Motion Simulator Surpasses $1M On Kickstarter


Yaw VR’s smart chair offers a 40-degree motion range for roll, 70-degree for pitch movements, and haptic vibrations. There’s also built-in vibration haptics capable of simulating acceleration, speed, an engine’s RPM, and gunshots.

Haptic Gloves for Games and Data Visualization


She says haptic gloves, like those from HaptX, will be the bridge to make VR useful for an audience beyond gamers. “We Haptic Gloves for Data Visualization. Edwards says that’s why sophisticated haptics are the missing piece of the experience. Bringing Haptic Gloves to Games. Haptic gloves like those appearing in Ready Player One still might be a few years away, but Edwards believes HaptX has made great progress toward developing realistic haptics. “It’s

Plexus is a VR Glove With Finger Haptics & Multiple Tracking Standards, $250 Dev Kit Pre-orders Now Live

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Plexus Immersive Corp, a San Francisco-based startup, announced a pair of VR gloves that integrate haptic feedback and interface with multiple tracking standards, including SteamVR, Oculus Rift, and Windows “Mixed Reality” VR. Like many VR gloves, haptic feedback is generated by linear resistant actuators (LRAs), which are similar to the vibrating motors found in game controllers and smartphones, but placed on each fingertip of the glove.

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The XR Week Peek (2021.05.31): UE5 released in Early Access, Lumus shows an impressive AR prototype, and more!

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Unreal Engine 5 gets released in Early Access. After a lot of teasing of its upcoming fantastic features, Unreal Engine 5 is finally available for download. Reviews are mixed: the game is well-made, but playing bowling in VR without any sense of haptics and weight is pretty complicated.

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Manus Polygon Available Now, Offering Full VR Body And Hand Tracking


Purchasing the Polygon pack also includes plugins to implement the system in Unity and Unreal. As announced back in March , orders and licenses for Polygon, the VR body and tracking system from Manus, can now be placed online.

HoloSuit makes Ready Player One’s haptic suit a reality


Ironically, it has also set up somewhat unreal expectations of what VR is and can do. Thanks to the well-timed and successful film adaptation of “Ready Player One”, virtual reality has gained even more mainstream attention. Fortunately, there are some that are rising up to the challenge to actually make fiction real. Like startup Kaaya Tech whose HoloSuit could herald … Continue reading. Archive Accessories crowdfunded project Gaming virtual reality vr

Free UE4 Template Makes Creating More Realistic VR Hands a Snap

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The open-source demo offers a framework for use in any Unreal Engine project, as well as a ‘Playground’ scene containing an underground bunker and shooting range to showcase hand interactivity. While Unreal does very good job at making development accessible, building hands that properly animate, are properly positioned, with grabs and throws that feel natural and so on, is still not a trivial task,” he writes.

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Plexus Unveils VR/AR Gloves Compatible With Major VR Controllers


A wide range of tracking adapters and impressive hardware could make the Plexus the next big haptic glove. Developed as part of Y Combinator’s most recent class of start-ups, Plexus Immersive Corp’s haptic gloves are an intuitive new solution to VR & AR control that utilize a generous selection of compatible baseplates to work cooperatively with most major VR controllers. Compatibility: Unity, Unreal Engine, C++, C#, Python.

Feelreal VR Scent Mask Hits Roadblock Amidst Crackdown on Flavored Vaping Products

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Feelreal had its first taste of notoriety back at GDC 2015 when the company debuted its public prototype, a sort of smell-o-vision add-on for VR headsets that provided users with a number of scents through a clip-in cartridge system as well as hot and cool wind, water mist, and haptic vibrations.

2018 Highlights: Award-winning VR gloves, global customers, and a growing team


This new industrial-grade system offers the most realistic haptics experience to date. It marks the first commercial availability of our industry-leading microfluidic haptic technology platform. Following the film’s release, The Wall Street Journal profiled HaptX, proclaiming immersive haptics is “closer than you think.” The software that powers our haptics. Our haptic technology complemented their first responder field medical training module.

Epic MegaGrants Allows Virteasy Dental to Develop a VR Simulator

Peter Graham

Epic Games launched its $100,000,000 USD Epic MegaGrants initiative to support Unreal Engine developers earlier this year, no matter what field they worked in. Virteasy Dental , a company specialising in educating university students via a haptic simulator has just received a grant to help it develop the platform for Unreal Engine including virtual reality (VR) support. . Currently, the Virteasy Dental uses a 3D HD screen with a haptic arm and dental grip.

This Japanese VR Headset Is Meant To Be Used In Bed


The device employs a variety of features completely unique from that of conventional VR headsets, including a 3D audio system, immersive haptic feedback, and a distinctive control system. Finally, a headset for us lazy VR users.

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bHaptics review: feel your body in VR with this haptic suit!

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Two years ago, when I went to the Gamescom with Max , I had the possibility of trying a haptic suit by Korean company bHaptics and I appreciated the more realism it could give to VR games. bHaptics is a Korean company producing haptic systems for virtual reality.

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SenseGlove’s $5000 Wireless Force Feedback Gloves Start Shipping

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The thumb and index fingers also have vibrotactile actuators for traditional haptic feedback, allowing Nova to simulate texture of virtual surfaces. SenseGlove started shipping Nova , the most affordable force feedback gloves yet. Many believe gloves could be the ultimate form of VR input.

Ultraleap’s Hand Tracking Platform Gemini Is Now Available for Download


Thanks to the improvements in haptics , depth of field, and other factors, users can feel that they are actually interacting with real-life objects. Interactions in the immersive environment become increasingly realistic.

Mixing Realities: Behind the scenes of our HaptX Gloves Trailer


Additionally, we would film using a functioning HaptX Gloves Development Kit (no props), and feature VR environments developed with the HaptX SDK in both Unity and Unreal. We had both Unity and Unreal projects featured in the video, and they were incredibly helpful with integrating their plugins for both engines. Haptics Technology Uncategorized haptics Mixed Reality touch video Virtual Reality

Spatial Beats: Facebook, Snap & Epic Games

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Sketchfab is integrated into Epic’s popular Unreal Engine game and special effects paltform, and notably, all of its competitors, starting with Unity, Snap’s Lens Studio, Facebook’s Spark AR, and even Tilt Brush. Haptic VR Glove Company HaptX Raises $12 Million in New Funding.

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Sandbox is Building an SDK so Anyone Can Create for Its VR Attraction Platform

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Company CTO Idan Beck says its Sandbox SDK will have capabilities like “high-performance inverse kinematics, rigging, and motion capture capabilities,” and will include support for Unreal Engine, Unity, and Native.

The XR Week Peek (2021.07.26): Facebook aims at the Metaverse, Quest 2 goes MR, and more!

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Acquiring it, Epic secures a great source of assets for the developers using its Unreal Engine, and also the connection with many talents. New research is carried on about haptics.

Regine Gilbert talks about accessibility in XR

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For example, could you provide the player haptic feedback in addition or instead of visual or audio cues? Here you are some: Open XR: [link] UI Accessibility Plugin (Unity): [link] Set Color Deficiency Type (Unreal Engine): [link].

BBC Moves into VR With Spacewalk Experience


REWIND used Unreal Engine 4 to its full extend, and you will need a high-end computer in order to enjoy BBC Space in its fly glory. Besides the VR headset itself, you can experience the walk using a haptic feedback chair such as those moavable racing or flying chairs. Breaking E3 Entertainment News Virtual Reality (VR) BBC BBC Home BBC Taster International Space Station ISS ISS VR REWIND Sol Rogers Tom Burton UE4 Unreal Engine 4 VR Experience VR Spacewalk VRX

Danny MacAskill’s VR Ride Out Cycling Experience Launches In Amsterdam

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However, the bike rig is actually set up to provide more than just a frame to pedal on — it will also give some haptic feedback and make slight positional adjustments to reflect the experience in VR.

Top XR Events in 2021 That Should Be on Your Must-Attend List


Some of the exhibitors who will present new devices and technologies to the public are 8th Wall, Nreal, Unity, Unreal Engine, Pico Interactive, Atheer, Holoptic, Varjo, Cleanbox Technology, LetinAR, and Vuzix.

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Reaching into 3D Data, Exploring CAD Designs, Virtual Meetings, and More


From Unreal community plugin creator getnamo , NexusVR is a space between worlds, where you can move between different VR experiences. NexusVR’s interactions are built on the idea of natural haptic feedback with your bare hands. With Leap Motion’s continual tracking improvements, it’s finally been possible to use natural haptic feedback.

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Amazon Shows What Lumberyard Can Do For VR With Free Showcase


More exciting is the second showcase, highlighting haptic feedback for motion controllers like the Oculus Touch or Vive wands. Whether or not it will ever have the chance to truly compete with the likes of Unity and Unreal Engine remains to be seen, but giving developers more options is never a bad thing. Wondering what Amazon’s videogame development engine, Lumberyard, can do for VR? The company has some new examples for you today.

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The Spaces Between Reality: Understanding Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality!


The umbrella term that covers all of the various technologies that enhance our senses, whether they’re providing additional information about the actual world or creating totally unreal, virtually simulated worlds for us to experience.

Manus Brings Your Entire Body Into VR With its Polygon System

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The company also plans to release an Unreal Engine 4 plugin later this year as well as expanding compatibility for more motion capture hardware. The flagship gloves are the Prime Haptic for €4990 , offering haptic feedback for each finger. Ever since virtual reality (VR) remerged as a viable consumer product the quest has been to make the technology as immersive and interactive as possible.

Logitech’s VR Stylus for SteamVR Now Available for Pre-order for $750

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The Logitech VR Ink Pilot Edition stylus weighs 68 grams and includes a pressure sensitive button, a clickable 2D touch-strip, menu & system buttons, side ‘grab’ buttons, and integrated haptics. Logitech’s enterprise-focused VR stylus is now available for pre-order.

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The best AR and VR news from CES 2021

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Senseglove is an “affordable” enterprise haptic glove and it has just been upgraded to a version that is much more comfortable and usable than the last one.

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Gamescom 2018 Day 2: NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti video, Ubisoft believes in VR and much more

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It is a Korean company producing haptic devices for virtual reality. Its main product is a haptic vest, but it also sells haptic arm bands and haptic headset covers. I tried it in a paintball gaming against Stuart, the guy of bHaptics stand, and I had tons of fun: haptics really add a new dimension to virtual reality , that lets you feel it more real. The haptic system works thanks to a lot of tiny vibrating motors installed in all parts of the vest.

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