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AR contact lenses are far away, but a new research is paving their way

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Some days ago, I found an article on Futurism talking about a university in France able to create the “first smart contact lens” The article also talked about Augmented Reality and the interest of the DARPA for using this product.

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Google Brings Augmented Reality to the Mainstream by Adding AR Content to Search

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If Google hasn't already demonstrated that it is serious about augmented reality, then it made it abundantly clear at the Google I/O keynote on Tuesday.

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NYPD Uses Location-Based VR For Active Shooter Training


The next generation of police training arrives in Brooklyn, NY. When it comes to the NYPD’s Counterterrorism Bureau—New York Cities primary local resource to guard against international and domestic terrorism—there’s no such thing as being overly prepared.

Virtual Desktop On Quest Pushes Twice As Many Pixels As Oculus Go


Virtual Desktop is slated to be an Oculus Quest launch title later this month when the headset releases on May 21. For those unaware, Virtual Desktop is a VR application that allows you to stream your desktop to a virtual environment in VR.

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What is the Valve Index? Everything you need to know: features, specs, price and how to preorder it!

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The Valve Index is for sure the big surprise for virtual reality in this 2019. After having only been behind the curtains for what concerns creating Virtual Reality headsets, Valve has finally decided to create its own device , and as you may imagine, it is a very special one.

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Microsoft Adds Spatial App Functionality to Office 365's Teams App, Android & Web Interaction Demoed

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Months ago, we showed you some of the powers of Spatial, the HoloLens app that allows groups of workers to collaborate in augmented reality using 3D avatars.

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RiftCat Finally Brings Its VR Streaming Software To iOS


Streaming PC VR content to an iPhone is finally possible thanks to RiftCat. The company this week launched the long-promised iOS version of its VRidge software. Available on Android since 2016 , VRidge streams PC VR content straight to your phone.

How to show a 3D model in AR inside your website

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Google I/O 2019 has just finished and has all been about new augmented reality features. One of them, that comes together with ARCore 1.9,

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‘Star Wars Vader Immortal’ Review on Quest – Come for the Story, Stay for the Lightsabers

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Though Oculus Quest still doesn’t launch until the 21st, Oculus has seen fit to give us full access to one of its biggest launch titles: Star Wars Vader Immortal – Episode 1.

Tribeca Immersive’s Cinema360 Gives Attendees a New Perspective On Social Causes


Addressing social injustice at Tribeca Film Festival 2019.

Nike Begins Using Augmented Reality for Sneaker Fitting in Mobile App & in Retail Stores

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After applying augmented reality as a solution for the sale and marketing of sneakers, Nike is taking the next step in its adoption of AR to improve the customer experience.

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Star Wars: Vader Immortal Episode 1 Review: The One You’ve Been Searching For


Darth Vader was never scary to me. That is, I suppose, a product of growing up at a time where the original Star Wars’ special effects were starting to creak, and not long before we were introduced to the crookedly-toothed horned devil that is Darth Maul.

HTC Invests in 17 AR/VR Startups in Latest Vive X Accelerator Program

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HTC is now on its fourth batch in its $100 million accelerator program, which offers education, investment and mentorship to startups doing unique and and interesting things around VR and AR.

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Mixed Reality Comes To Trampoline Parks For the Ultimate Cardio Experience


MR technology blends exercise and gaming to promote fantasy and fitness.

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Snapchat & Facebook Messenger Deliver Augmented Reality Camera Effects for Mother's Day

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If you need some help expressing how you feel to your mom for Mother's Day, Snapchat and Facebook are here with some augmented reality help. On Sunday, Snapchat will offer several Mother's Day-themed AR Lenses to help users create photo or video messages for their materfamilias.

Four Great Daydream Exclusives No One Will Ever Play


Some 30 months ago, I bought a Google Pixel. It was probably the first high-end phone I’d ever bought. But I didn’t pick it up for the flashy camera, sleek design or crisp HD screen. Those were all added bonuses to the main draw of this device for me: Google Daydream.

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‘Beat Saber’ Has Been PSVR’s Top Download for 6 Months Running

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Sony today released the monthly download rankings for PSVR. Coming as no surprise to anyone, the hit block-slashing rhythm game Beat Saber (2018) has again placed at the number one spot this past month, putting it now six months in a row as the top downloaded game on the platform.

Hollywood Automotive Exhibit Brings Famous Vehicles To Life In Mixed Reality


Microsoft HoloLens powers Back to the Future & Halo-themed MR experiences.

See you in Taiwan!

The Ghost Howls

I’m super happy to announce you that next week I am going to travel to Asia again, this time to go to Taiwan :O. I’ve been officially invited to the “VR VISIONARIES” event that will take place in Kaohsiung from May 14th to 16th.

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VR Needs A Hero: Why Battlefield And Rovio Developers Are Betting On Headsets


With such a dedicated, enthusiastic audience, VR doesn’t get many unexpected surprises. Our most anticipated games enjoy regular spotlights at the top of various subreddits and on our front page.

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HP Reverb Review – An Impressive Headset Stuck with Windows VR Controllers

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Reverb is HP’s second VR headset, and this time around the company is aiming mainly at the enterprise market, but not shying away from selling individual units at a consumer price point.

Within Releases First In A Series Of CNNVR News Documentaries


From May 9th to July 6th, VR media app Within will release five unique CNNVR documentaries. First announced on May 8th, widely available VR media app Within will be home to a series of VR news stories, produced by CNNVR.

Google Expands Preview of Maps AR Navigation to Pixel Phones

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Alongside its official unveiling of the lower-cost Pixel 3a smartphone at Google I/O, Google took the opportunity to extend its early preview of AR walking navigation in Google Maps to all Pixel devices.

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Google: ‘Exactly Where We Take Daydream Remains To Be Seen’


It’s uncertain days for Google’s mobile VR ecosystem, Daydream. As we head into this week’s I/O developer conference, though, it doesn’t sound like we’re due for an update.

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‘Battlewake’ is a New Pirate Ship Battler from the Makers of ‘Creed’ & ‘Raw Data’

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Survios, the studio behind Raw Data (2017) and Creed: Rise to Glory (2018), today announced a new VR game that will put you at the helm of a pirate ship as you battle massive monsters, and of course your fellow seadogs.

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Microsoft Hints At Minecraft AR Experience Ahead Of 10th Anniversary


More information coming May 17th, Minecraft’s 10-year anniversary. 10 years. It’ s been 10 years since the launch of what can only be described as one of the most influential video games in the history of entertainment.

Microsoft's Live HoloLens 2 Apollo 11 Demo Didn't Take Flight, but You Can See It Thanks to Unreal Engine's Video

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On Monday, the Microsoft Build conference kicked off, showcasing a series of demos that went off without a hitch — except for one big one.

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Oculus Rift S And Valve Index Won’t Work On Laptops With Only HDMI


The original Oculus Rift used HDMI but its replacement, Oculus Rift S , uses DisplayPort instead. It also includes a Mini DisplayPort adapter in the box. Valve’s Index VR headset also uses DisplayPort, and while it doesn’t include a Mini DisplayPort adapter, you can find them on Amazon for around $10 if needed. If you have a desktop PC this shouldn’t be a problem as most graphics cards have multiple DisplayPort outputs.

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Location-based VR Attraction ‘Hologate’ Celebrates 2 Million Player Milestone

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Hologate, a Munich-based startup, today announced that their eponymous world-wide VR attraction has taken in two million visitors since it was first launched in 2017.

Tribeca Immersive 2019: A VR Arcade In Review


Award-winning mixed-reality pushes boundaries, but needs more viewers.

Nike Tries on Augmented Reality for Sneaker Fitting in Mobile App & Retail Stores

Next Reality AR

After applying augmented reality as a solution for the sale and marketing of sneakers, Nike is taking the next step in its adoption of AR to improve the customer experience.

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