How VR Can Get To A Hundred Million Headsets By 2024


From 2018 to 2024, I expect the world’s largest tech companies to race to make VR packages compelling enough to sell in these larger numbers. I recently outlined the VR headsets which pushed the technology forward over the last six years by giving lots of developers new capabilities.

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Intel to Bring 2018 Olympic Winter Games Experience to Windows Mixed Reality

Road to VR

Originally announced in June , Intel’s partnership with the IOC as part of the Worldwide TOP (The Olympic Partner) program is set to bring many technologies to every Olympic Games through 2024, including broadcast support, 5G communication, drone light shows and True VR coverage.

The Olympics’ VR aspirations will be powered by Intel.


The new partnership, which will run through the 2024 games, is set to focus on tech like virtual reality, 5G connectivity and drones.

FundamentalVR Partners With Mayo Clinic To Develop Haptic VR Surgery Simulations


in funding, capitalizing on the fact that the global MedEd is projected to reach $38B by 2024. Mayo Clinic brings their massive body of research to FundamentalVR’s simulation platform.

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Cutting Edge VR

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reach $38BN by 2024. Fundamental VR is partnering with the Mayo Clinic to democratize the next generation of haptic surgical training simulation tools. Globally, 5 Billion people don’t have access to safe surgery due to lack of trained professionals. In the U.S.

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Report: VR Adoption Rates Significantly Jump in 2017


Grand View Research also reports augmented reality alone will be a $100 billion industry in 2024. VR headset adoption rates this year have been sluggish. According to a Steam survey , HTC Vive users increased merely 0.3 percent in July and growth was flat in August.

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uSens Automotive Infotainment Gesture Tracking – The Wave of the Future

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Market size for automotive gesture recognition is worth well over $800M and demand is estimated to surpass over 43% compound annual growth rate by 2024. Increasing electronic component integration in vehicles, to improve human machine interface, is facilitating enhanced consumer experience and driving the automotive gesture recognition market. Recent developments in automobiles advanced display technologies have changed the dashboard layout from static to more flexible.

Facebook CEO Asks for Investor Patience on VR, ‘it’s not going to be really profitable for us for quite a while’

Road to VR

Ever since Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus in 2014, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has poised the move as a strategic bet on a technology that would eventually change the way we communicate.

Charting the Course for Mobile VR


To experience this technology first-hand, join us next week at GDC in San Francisco (booth #2024 in the Moscone Center South Hall) or at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona (Qualcomm booth #3E10, Hall 3, Fira Gran Via).

Virtual Reality Retreat

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Some say that we could have something very close, minus the ability to touch the holograms, by 2024. Assuming that the tech becomes available eventually, even if not by 2024, you could conceivably have an entire proper meditation retreat without leaving your home.

Despite Doomsayers, Smartphones Will Be Essential For AR’s Evolution


The global market for augmented reality (AR) products will surge 80 percent to $165 billion by 2024, according to research firm Global Market Insights. With Apple’s recent introduction of ARKit , developers have rushed to create seriously impressive AR demos for the iPhone. This has resulted in some futurists and techies proclaiming that the age of the smartphone has ended and that the takeover of AR smart glasses is not only inevitable but also imminent.

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12 Can’t Miss VR Talks You Have To See At GDC 2017


Room 2024, West Hall. E3, Gamescom, TGS, PAX are all great shows for exhibiting VR content.

Reading List: 50 Scifi Books Featuring AR and VR Technology


Given three lives, three vehicles, and told to master The Science of Solarversia to stand a chance of winning, players compete for the 10m grand prize, and the chance to help design the next game, starting in 2024. It’s no accident that many people who appreciate VR and AR are also fans of scifi books, movies, and TV shows.