Samsung Introduces Pro-focused ‘360 Round’ Camera for 4K 3D Livestreaming

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Announced at the Samsung Developer conference last week, the 360 Round is the company’s new camera for creating and streaming 4K 3D content. One-step stitching and control software, provided by Samsung, allows for 3D 360 livestreaming up to a claimed 4,096 × 2,048 at 30 FPS per eye.

STRIVR Introduces VR Training On and Off the Field

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Belch realized the potential of VR for sports training and spent two years working with Bailenson to develop and troubleshoot an effective way to film Stanford Football’s practices in 360-degree, immersive video allowing players to rewatch practice film using a VR headset.

Samsung Opening Two-Story ‘Experience Store’ In Canada


Toronto will soon be home to Samsung’s sixth and largest immersive retail store. Set to open this summer at the Toronto Eaton Centre, Samsung’s “Experience Store” will be its biggest yet featuring 21,000 square feet of mobile technology spread across two jam-packed floors.

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Samsung Partners With NASA To Launch 4D Lunar Gravity VR Experience


In celebration of the Apollo Program’s historic, 50th anniversary, NASA has teamed up with Samsung to develop an out-of-this-world, location-based VR experience powered by the Gear VR. Image Credit: Samsung U.S. One small step for man, one giant, virtual leap for mankind.

STRIVR Labs Raises $5 Million And Adds Enterprise VR Training


And so startup STRIVR Labs has launched into a new enterprise VR training business, while still remaining in the sports VR training game. STRIVR is already working with a handful of Fortune 500 companies on comprehensive training programs utilizing VR.

Hands-on: New Samsung Gear VR for Note 7

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Just before noon at Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom, guests to Samsung’s Unpacked 2016 were invited to the floor to demo new phones and accessories. Fair enough: the Note 7 is, after all, the brains behind the Gear VR and, moreover, a product immensely more important to Samsung’s bottom line.

Enterprise Wearable & Immersive Tech 2018: Magic Leap, Exosuits and VR Training, Training, Training


Just three months ago, the company revealed it’s putting 17,000 Oculus Go headsets in Walmart stores for employee training. And this year, Lowe’s extended its use of mixed reality to employee training and rolled out more XR experiences aimed at solving customers’ challenges. Training, of course, was a huge application area, with banks and even restaurants employing XR to recruit and train the next generation of workers.

VR Surgical Training Platform Osso Wins US Dept. Of Education’s EdSim Prize


Surgical training platform Osso VR has walked away with the first-place prize. Osso offers realistic training in VR. It was just under a year ago now that we reported that the US Department of Education was getting involved with VR and AR tech with the launch of its EdSim Challenge.

Samsung Launches Relúm?no App To Help The Visually Impaired


One conduit through which VR could prove its worth is health care, where simulations are able to provide surgeons with vital training. And now Samsung has just announced the official launch of Relúmĭno , an application to help those with visual impairments see more clearly. Though it could be used in an outdoor setting, Samsung cautions against this for safety reasons. Tagged with: samsung Facebook Twitter Reddit More. Health Care samsung

Samsung Teams With NASA For A Moon For All Mankind VR


That’s how you get around in A Moon For All Mankind, a brand new VR experience developed by Samsung in partnership with NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Program.

Weekly Funding Roundup: Samsung Acquires VRB for $5.5M, Academy.


Weekly Funding Roundup: Samsung Acquires VRB for $5.5M, Academy Xi Raises $2.25M, Osso VR Raises $2M 1) Samsung has been bullish on virtual reality hardware, hoping that its early moves in headsets and devices to shoot content will give it a stronger position in the space as (and if !)

LUMO Labs Bringing Wireless Full-Body Tracking And Dreamscape Games To VR


Various genres such as escape rooms, Mission Impossible-style adventures, training simulations for crucial public servants like firefighters and EMT’s, even product design and presentation for brands and other marketers. The first universe is being revealed on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

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VR & AR Goes For Gold At 2018 Winter Olympic Games


The VR Olympics is being delivered exclusively through the NBC Sports VR app on Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Windows, Android and iOS devices. Not only is VR being used for the fans, but its playing a large part in training athletes prior to the Olympics as well.

Take A Virtual Tour Around The Solar System With ‘Overview’


Other VR applications developed by Orbital Views include lunar gravity simulators, professional training systems and VR-based physical rehabilitation tools. News Astronaut Training HTC Vive NASA Oculus Rift Orbital Views Overview Viveport

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Where is VR/AR and Education Now?


In both corporate training and K-12, companies and schools are reporting positive results about the impact of VR/AR on retention, engagement, and efficiency. Upskill, an augmented reality software training company, has cited seeing on average a 32% improvement in the workforc e of their clients. 3 – Corporate training with VR/AR has expanded to more industries. Image Credit: Samsung. News Education Google Expeditions Training

Which Gear VR headset will fit your Galaxy S9 or S9+?


If you are looking to jump on the “must have the latest phone” train, then you may be looking at the Galaxy S9 or S9+ from Samsung. According to Samsung, the S8 model might damage your S9 device. Gear VR galaxy s9 iphone 8 Samsung no coverHowever, if you are also a VR fan, then you’d better make sure the VR headset fits your shiny new S9 device. The Galaxy S9 did not come with new VR hardware. However, they do work in existing Gear VR headsets. But which one?

All the most interesting AR and VR news from MWC 2018

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Company Mi Hiepa Sports has showcased a soccer training simulation that used Vive Trackers v2.0 , that is the Vive Trackers that are compatible with the new SteamVR 2.0 It plans to train 10000 employees in VR with this framework this year. Samsung S9.

Miniature sets pose unique challenges for 360-degree video shoots

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Filming a 360-degree video of a model train set isn’t like filming life-sized events and requires special techniques and equipment, according to a team of Norwegian entrepreneurs.

Oculus Reveals 6 New VR Titles for Rift & Gear VR at GDC 2017

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Strengthen your units by training and upgrading them in the lab. GDC 2017 News Oculus Rift Games Samsung Gear VR Games VR Games augmented empire blade & soul brass tactics from other suns gdc 2017 mage's tale oculus rift games samsung gear vr games term1nal

VR Association Formed To Get ‘Ahead of Challenges With Developing and Deploying The Technology Responsibly’


The collective includes Google, HTC Vive, Acer Starbreeze, Oculus, Samsung, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Tagged with: acer , Collective , google , htc vive , industry , oculus , samsung , sony , virtual reality.

Masterclass in Cinematic & Hybrid Virtual Reality Filmmaking.

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of Abudhabi, and conducted workshops at polytechnics and Media training institutions in Singapore. Our first cinematic VR film, “Dirrogate” created in a graphic novel format, has been invited by Samsung to be showcased on their VR platform; MilkVR. VR Filmmaking Cinematic VR filmmaking Virtual Reality training VR film training VR filmmaking masterclass VR filmmaking workshop VR workshop

‘Dispatch’ Expertly Weaves a Tale of Grizzly Murders in VR Through the Sound of 9-1-1 Calls

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Police dispatchers are trained to see with sound. Mobile VR Games News Oculus Rift Games Samsung Gear VR Games VR Games VR Storytelling dispatch dispatch gear vr dispatch rift dispatch vr here be dragons martin starr oculus studios

‘MetaWorld’ Wants You to Buy Virtual Land for Real Money, and It’s Not Clear Why

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The game purports to feature a variety of activities including hunting, fishing, camping, snorkeling, sailing, sports, training, RC, drones, and go karts—all well and good—but according to the company, the core gameplay is based around survival.

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Rio 2016: Olympic Games of the wearable devices

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There is nearly no athlete who did not use a wearable device during the preparation training for the Games and you can see a lot of the sportspeople wearing a wearable fitness device even in the Olympic village. Samsung IconX ( Source : Samsung Mobile). Training with wearables.

EON Experience Fest 2019 Wraps After 2 Full Days of AVR Technology

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Thursday maintained the high-level momentum with featured the likes of Microsoft, Samsung, University of Bologna (UNIBO), HP, and Festo Didactic. EON Experience Fest 2019 brought with it exciting news and updates from across the Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) industry.

PenPal Schools launches a VR field trip for students to promote Pakistan

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They will also virtually visit classrooms and art schools that train many of Lahore’s emerging painters, sculptors, writers, and musicians, and learn the role of religion in Pakistan art.

3 Reasons Oculus Quest Might Be the Right Headset for Your Business


But for those newer to VR — or that are currently displaying their apps on Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR headsets — the question is: Should you invest the $399 per Oculus Quest to help you achieve your business goals?

Soul Dimension Is A PSVR Horror Game You Can Play Soon


Before Soul Dimension, Keen Vision produced commercial AR and VR apps, including an AR anatomy viewer for med students, and a firefighter training simulator. Gaming Google Daydream Oculus Rift PSVR Samsung Gear VR

‘Tactera’ Review

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Speaking of playing in a train: you’re going to be flailing your head around quite a bit playing Tactera. Feature News Review Samsung Gear VR Games VR Gaming e mcneill real time strategy vr review tactera rts gear vr tactera tactera gear vr

Can Sea Hero Quest VR Succeed in Fighting Mental Diseases?


During the years of researching, studies had indicated that those kind of training games are boosting the memory, sharpening the mind and potentially preventing cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s.

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Three Reasons Higher Education Has Embraced Virtual Reality


All a user needs to access Virtual Reality is a headset like the Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Go — or really even just an iOS or Android smartphone and a Google Cardboard. All of these are high stakes jobs where early immersive training can be valuable.

New Oculus Rift And Gear VR Releases For The Week Of 04/16/17


Baskhead Training, from VRLINES. Baskhead Training is an arcade style basketball game where you mustn’t shoot your way through 20 levels but actually receive the balls with a basket attached to your face. Oh boy do we have a week for you.

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Over 20 Use Cases of Smart Glasses, VR Headsets, and Smartwatches at Airports


More recently, the use of wearable augmented and virtual reality devices by airport and airline technicians to train, perform maintenance, and receive remote support has gained traction. Around the same time, Vueling, Iberia, and Air Berlin launched smartwatch boarding passes for early Pebble and Samsung smartwatches. In the last few months, both Philippine Airlines and Lufthansa have revealed they’re using VR for training.

These Olympic Hopefuls Dig In For Their Shot at Rio 2016


Samsung is bringing fans closer to the Olympic Games with this immersive Beach Volleyball VR film. Every four years, over one million athletes globally train to qualify for the Olympic Games.

How Virtual Reality Can Close the Gender Pay Gap


VR-based enterprise training company Vantage Point is also working on a similar idea. Samsung Gear VR supports Variable’s simulation. Even in the age of technologies like virtual reality , women all around the world only earn a small portion of what men make.

New Oculus Rift and Gear VR Releases For The Week Of 06/04/17


You play as an apprentice Grim Reaper on your first day of training and your choices will shape who you become. Experiences Gaming Oculus Rift Samsung Gear VR new releasesWe’ve got ourselves a cross-platform party this week.

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New Oculus Rift and Gear VR Releases For Week Of 07/09/17


Kart Racing Pro is a simulation experience intended to serve as a tool to train real drivers. Experiences Gaming Oculus Rift Samsung Gear VR Oculus Home steamRift might be on sale, but its Gear VR’s time to shine on the content side this week with two big new releases.