Microsoft Video Shows Off BAE Systems' HoloLens-Powered Manufacturing Training Solution

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While some in the augmented reality space are tweeting about future amazing immersive experiences and others are showing off cool experiments, Microsoft continues to move forward with tangible business solutions right now that show how the HoloLens can improve business.

Our First Look At Microsoft HoloLens 2


Microsoft debuts their latest mixed reality device at Mobile World Conference 2019. Over these past three and a half years, Microsoft has been listening to their customers, claims HoloLens inventor and Microsoft Technical Fellow Alex Kipman as he took his turn on stage.

HP Partnership Expands Advanced VR Training


From utilities companies to first responders, more industries are adopting rich virtual training experiences for training purposes. This works particularly well in scenarios such as medical training which involve the performance of both mental and physical tasks. VR Training

How Businesses Are Cutting Employee Training Costs With VR


VR is the future of employee training, and businesses are taking notice. . It’s no secret an increasing number of businesses are turning to virtual and augmented reality for employee training. ” Image Credit: VW / STRIVR / Microsoft.

Airbus Launches HoloLens App to Train Future Airline Crews


Passenger jet maker Airbus has created a Microsoft HoloLens app to train engineers and cabin crews. The app lets you train from anywhere while wearing the standalone headset “via a holographic coach or an interactive, shared 3D virtual system,” according to a press release.

Halo VR Training Included In Touring Fan Event


The Training Grounds will “simulate what it takes to be a Spartan, in an immersive, Halo themed combat training environment,” according to the website for Halo: Outpost Discovery. VR Industry News 343 Industries Halo microsoft

Mercedes-Benz Shifts to HoloLens for Employee Training

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Luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz has joined the growing list of automakers adopting augmented reality to provide an assist to its manufacturing operations, in this case, via the Microsoft HoloLens.

Microsoft Employees Aren’t Happy About $479M HoloLens Military Contract


Last week a collection of Microsoft employees penned a letter to the companies CEO, Satya Nadella, and its president, Brad Smith, expressing their open discontent regarding a $479M contract with the United States military that would introduce roughly 100,000 HoloLens MR headsets to the battlefield.

U.S. Army To Receive 100,000 Microsoft HoloLens Headsets


Microsoft lands $479M contract to put the MR headsets into the hands of soldiers in active combat zones. Army thanks to a huge $479 million contract between the legendary military branch and Microsoft. Army would expect all 100,000 HoloLens devices from Microsoft.

HapTech is Aiming its Electromagnetic Haptics at Military VR Training

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HapTech aiming its impressive electromagnetic recoil system toward military VR training. But the company also has ambitions in more serious uses of its tech and is gunning for use in military VR training. SEE ALSO Microsoft Wins $480M Defense Contract to Provide U.S.

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US Navy Taps Microsoft's HoloLens for Augmented Reality War Games System

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Simulated training can help soldiers and sailors learn how to use their weapons safely, but simulations can sometimes lack the stressful environment of a real firefight. That's why the US Navy has developed a more realistic augmented reality simulator that runs on the Microsoft HoloLens.

Ukrainian Military Testing Microsoft HoloLens for Battle


The Microsoft HoloLens could be heading to the battlefield soon. Microsoft has already shown their “mixed reality” headset’s applications in medicine, architecture, space , and now, soldiers in the Ukrainian military may begin wearing the device.

Scope AR Secures $9.7M Series A to Develop AR Training & Remote Assistance Tools

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million Series A funding round to further develop it cross-platform AR work training and on-site instruction tools. ” SEE ALSO OpenXR Standard Ratified, Microsoft, Oculus, & Others to Release First Implementations.

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Microsoft to Expand HoloLens Availability to 29 More European Markets in December

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Microsoft announced at their at Future Decoded conference in London that HoloLens, the company’s augmented reality headset, will be expanding its international availability to include all of the European Union in December. image courtesy Microsoft. image courtesy Microsoft.

Microsoft Introduces HoloLens Mixed Reality To The Job Site


Microsoft teases practical MR worker tools for Hololens at 2018 Build Developer Conference. I was trying out the Microsoft Remote Assist feature, a HoloLens app (although the functionality also works on PCs. Image Credit: Microsoft Build.

U.S. Army Chooses Microsoft’s HoloLens For $480 Million Contract


The United States Army awarded a $480 million contract to Microsoft that will equip military personnel with prototype versions of HoloLens intended to increase “lethality, mobility, and situational awareness.” ” HoloLens is an all-in-one augmented reality headset from Microsoft which first shipped in 2016 for $3,000. A report from Bloomberg suggests the award could eventually lead the military to purchase more than 100,000 headsets from MIcrosoft.

The Australian Air Force Is Now Testing the Microsoft HoloLens


The Australian Air Force and Saab Australia are trialing the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset as the Australian military evolves into a “fifth-generation fighting force.” The post The Australian Air Force Is Now Testing the Microsoft HoloLens appeared first on VRScout.

Japanese University Uses ‘Building Scale VR’ For Disaster Training


Forget Room Scale VR; the Nagoya University in Japan is using ‘Building Scale VR’ for disaster training. In a recent talk hosted by Microsoft Research (available at the bottom of this page), the University’s Katashi Nagao outlined its work with this ambitious form of VR.

Microsoft Opens Up HoloLens Pre-orders In 6 Countries


One of the most well known mixed reality devices, Microsoft’s HoloLens, has had a pretty good year. HoloLens is now available to pre-order exclusively from the Microsoft Store. Microsoft HoloLens

Magic Leap, Microsoft Pursuing Military Contracts to Supply AR Headsets for Soldiers, Report Says

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Leading augmented reality headset makers Microsoft and Magic Leap are among the companies now vying for a military contract for battlefield heads-up displays. The same technology applied to first-person games like this may help train soldiers in combat.

Will Mixed Reality as a Service be a Game Changer for Microsoft?

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Since the HoloLens was first released almost three years ago, Microsoft has steadily been building partnerships and demonstrating an array of industry use cases across manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, education and many others. Microsoft introduces mixed reality as a service [link].

Microsoft Announces Siri Competitor with Voice-Activated VR Experience


You may not be aware of this but for years now Microsoft has been steadily working to build the world’s smartest computer brain. Today, Microsoft is announcing Custom Speech Service, the latest program to join the ranks of Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Microsoft’s HoloLens Readiness Partner Program Comes To The EU


That’s where Microsoft’s HoloLens Agency Readiness Partner Program comes in. Just as its long-winded title suggests, this scheme is designed to recognize studios that have a broad knowledge of and lots of experience with Microsoft’s MR headset. Current partners in the US already include Taqtile, and POP but, today, Microsoft is announcing an expansion into the EU with six new partners.

Enterprise Wearable & Immersive Tech 2018: Magic Leap, Exosuits and VR Training, Training, Training


Just three months ago, the company revealed it’s putting 17,000 Oculus Go headsets in Walmart stores for employee training. And this year, Lowe’s extended its use of mixed reality to employee training and rolled out more XR experiences aimed at solving customers’ challenges. Training, of course, was a huge application area, with banks and even restaurants employing XR to recruit and train the next generation of workers.

VR Surgical Training Platform Osso Wins US Dept. Of Education’s EdSim Prize


Surgical training platform Osso VR has walked away with the first-place prize. Osso offers realistic training in VR. It was just under a year ago now that we reported that the US Department of Education was getting involved with VR and AR tech with the launch of its EdSim Challenge.

Microsoft develops ‘canetroller’ device for the visually impaired


Researchers at Microsoft have developed a device they call the “canetroller”, a haptic VR controller that works with the HTC Vive headset and tracker to help people with visual impairments navigate virtual environments.

Attracting Millennials with XR: The Future of On-Demand Training and Continuous Skill Development


JRCS, a Japanese supplier of maritime systems, is the latest company to partner with Microsoft to test the HoloLens Mixed Reality headset for training purposes. Augmented Reality Challenges Virtual Reality ARVR digital disruption job training millennials XR

Beds, Trains, and Trees: VR Gets Physical at Tribeca


Trains. ” And with that the train was moving. During that 10-minute ride, you can look at the other passengers riding the train, hear their inner-thoughts and stories of their lives. You did read that correctly — Scatter has interviewed and filmed people earlier that week, and was actually doing more during the second half of Tribeca, adding more subjects to the train car, to provide an even wider breadth of humanity.

Could LinkedIn be the Key to Microsoft’s HoloLens Success?


As you may have heard, Microsoft announced today they are acquiring LinkedIn for $26.2 It is Microsoft’s largest acquisition and one of the biggest tech mergers in history. Oculus has Facebook as their social backbone, Valve has Steam, and now Microsoft will have LinkedIn.

Are Publishers Ready to go Virtual?

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it makes strategic sense that Pearson has partnered with Microsoft to develop content for the HoloLens Click To Tweet. Will we see a gold rush in the publishing industry as major players move to invest in Immersive Technologies?

Report: Using Extended Reality in Healthcare

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. The healthcare industry is ripe for embracing immersive xR learning technologies in training professionals and informing patients. xR technologies have the potential to improve the quality and quantity of training, to reduce training costs and to enhance patient satisfaction Click To Tweet.

Extending Reality to the Operating Room

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Some of the most exciting applications of immersive technology have come in the form of training applications Click To Tweet. In a previous post I discussed the implications of xR for broad-based medical training.

?How VR is training the perfect soldier


Plextek, an electronics design consultancy in the UK has been making training simulations for the British government's Ministry of Defence since the late 1980s. The company specialises in building training programmes for army medics. A simple training VR simulation would cost, as Johnson puts it, "in the low tens of thousands," a snip of the price of the training cabin. We are able to play the training back so people could look at how they performed in extreme detail.

How to develop for Microsoft HoloLens

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One of the devices that generates the greatest interest among the tech community at the moment is Microsoft HoloLens. Development: Unity , Vuforia , Microsoft Visual Studio , Windows 10 SDK , HoloLens Emulator (if you do not have a device). Image courtesy Microsoft.).

Microsoft Finds Its Voice In Mixed Reality: ‘It’s About What We’re Gonna Do With These Technologies’


One of Microsoft’s newest leaders in mixed reality, Mark Bolas, took the stage for a few minutes at Acer’s press conference this week and put into human terms the company’s goals with the technology. Mixed Reality acer mark bolas microsoft windows

This Is What A Mixed Reality Hard Hat Looks Like


A Microsoft-endorsed hard hat solution lets construction workers use holograms on site. Which is how Microsoft finds itself in the somewhat unlikely position of endorsing a hard hat. Trimble Connect is available now on the Microsoft Windows App Store with a free trial option.

Microsoft’s HoloLens Mall Demos Bring Early AR Glasses To The Masses


Surprisingly, Microsoft is taking steps to change that, as it recently added HoloLens AR headset demos to its retail stores , letting mall shoppers go hands-on with a potentially transformative technology. I say “potentially” because many companies — Microsoft, Google, and Apple among them — expect that augmented reality is going to be a big deal some day, but the hardware is currently stuck in a rut.

How Virtual Practice Makes Perfect

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Training facilitated by immersive technologies can be instrumental in addressing the chronic shortage of trained professionals in areas such as teaching, healthcare and the digital economy.

VR & AR 2018: A Year In Review


While both the Go and Mirage Solo play to consumer audiences, HTC is targeting the business sector with the Vive Focus, offering a simplistic, yet effective tool for improving efficiency, training, production, and various other areas around the workplace. ENTERPRISE & TRAINING.

Learning Real-World Skills in Virtual Reality

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From utilities companies to first responders, more industries are adopting rich VR training experiences. use cases for Immersive Technologies, and companies like Microsoft have partnered with various developers to launch collaborative and remote assistance applications.

What to expect from next-gen HoloLens

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After many years of waiting, and even a second iteration of the device scrapped away, Microsoft is finally going to announce the next generation of HoloLens. If you can’t make it to Spain, you can follow the livestream directly on Microsoft website, at this link.

This AR App Teaches You How To Play The Piano


Learning to play the piano is getting an immersive upgrade with a new augmented reality (AR) piano training software called Music Everywhere. This partnership could help Music Everywhere break down the digital divide and open up AR piano training to more people.

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Accelerating Mixed Reality

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The University of Hull has launched an accelerator dedicated to developing Mixed Reality tech for the Microsoft HoloLens. They were one of the earliest Microsoft Mixed Reality partners in Europe.

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