GDC 2019: Tobii Lauches VR, AR Eye-Tracking SDK


Eye-tracking specialist Tobii is honing in on VR and AR developers at GDC this week. It’s a set of tools and resources designed to get developers up to speed with its eye-tracking tech. Using the kit, creators can implement features like gaze-based selection and eye-tracked interfaces. Tobii also says it includes tools to mirror a user’s eye movements on a VR avatar for social VR applications.

Gaining Behavioural Insight with Eye-Tracking VR Tech

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Companies can now track where a users’ gaze wanders and use that data to design fine-tuned experiences. Eye-tracking technology is gaining in scope and popularity as immersive virtual experiences become more widely used Click To Tweet.

7Invensun is a Chinese company that wants to disrupt the VR eye tracking sector

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Eye tracking is, in my opinion, a technology that will disrupt completely the VR ecosystem , exactly as room-scale did with the first HTC Vive. All VR interfaces will change with the introduction of eye tracking, becoming more intuitive.

Google Acquires Eyefluence: An Eye-Tracking Startup With Big VR/AR Implications


This new system would allow a user to control a digital device through only the movements of his or her eyes. With our forces combined, we will continue to advance eye-interaction technology to expand human potential and empathy on an even larger scale.

Tobii Pro brings eye-tracking research to VRThe eye tracking.


Tobii Pro brings eye-tracking research to VR The eye tracking company is integrating its technology into the HTC Vive business edition headset for commercial and academic research. Tobii eye tracking vr virtual reality HTCVive

Valve, SMI and Tobii Preview VR’s Eye Tracking Future In HTC Vive


Another is more robust hand and finger tracking , so the incredible variety of quick and precise movements in your hands are accurately represented in a virtual world. A look inside a headset with eye tracking from Tobii. New Tools For Game Designers. Make Eye Contact.

Varjo Launches VR-1 with Retina-quality Fixed-foveated Display & Eye-tracking, Priced at $6,000

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The VR-1 also includes custom-made eye-tracking which the company claims delivers “unmatched precision and accuracy” in a stereo eye-tracking solution. SteamVR Tracking 2.0 Varjo today announced the launch of its VR-1 headset.

Weekly Funding Roundup: Apple Buys German Eye Tracking Firm.


Weekly Funding Roundup: Apple Buys German Eye Tracking Firm SensoMotoric Instruments, Adobe Buys Mettle’s SkyBox Tools, and Former Valve initiative CastAR Shuts Down 1) Apple has quietly bought SensoMotoric Instruments , a German maker of eye-tracking glasses.

Eyefluence Is Bringing Eye Tracking Tech To The “Next Generation.


Eyefluence Is Bringing Eye Tracking Tech To The “Next Generation of VR Headsets” Last night I was invited to a press-only evening showcase for a technology that I have come to believe will be truly instrumental in both virtual and augmented reality’s eventual rise to dominance.

Vive Pro Eye Now Available For Purchase In North America


Professional-grade VR eye-tracking for $1,599. HTC announced today their Vive Pro Eye VR headset is now available for purchase in North America through and select retailers. The post Vive Pro Eye Now Available For Purchase In North America appeared first on VRScout.

Facebook Open-sources DeepFocus Algorithm for More Realistic Varifocal VR Rendering

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Today, Facebook announced that DeepFocus is going open source; while the company’s wide field of view (FOV) prototype ‘Half Dome’ may be proprietary, their deep learning tool will be “hardware agnostic.”

This Startup Aims to Deliver a VR Headset with ‘Human Eye Level’ Resolution

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Varjo Technologies , a Helsinki-based startup now out of stealth, recently demonstrated what it calls the world’s first human eye-resolution headmounted display. The post This Startup Aims to Deliver a VR Headset with ‘Human Eye Level’ Resolution appeared first on Road to VR.

‘MARUI’ Plugins Bring VR Support to 3D Tools Maya and Blender


Maya, the paid tool from Autodesk, and Blender, a free and open source alternative, are two of the most popular 3D creation tools in the industry. Maya is the tool used to create the 3D assets for countless films, TV shows, and video games.

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Iowa State Athletics Will Use A Concussion-Detecting VR Headset


The eye-tracking headset will be used on the sidelines to detect signs of player concussions in real-time. The ability to quickly detect any trauma makes this a perfect tool for clinicians to use on the sidelines. News Concussion Eye Tracking EyeSync Football VR Sports SyncThin

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HTC announces Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos at CES 2019

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The CES is going to start tomorrow, but today HTC has already made its great announcements, showing to the world the upcoming new hardware Vive Pro Eye, Vive Cosmos and software solutions Viveport Infinity and Vive Reality system. Vive Pro Eye.

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Vivid Vision And University Of New York Partner To Treat Lazy Eye With VR


Vivid Vision, a company using VR to treat sight disorders, today announced a partnership with The State Universtiy of New York to push its work in lazy eye treatment forward. It uses eye-tracking technology, something VR fans will know is important to the future of the platform, to stimulate binocular vision in the retinas of both eyes, teaching neurons to work together. Eye-tracking is set to play a crucial part in the VR industry in the new few years.

My Taiwanese XR Chronicles part 3: Vive Pro Eye hands on, meeting with iStaging, Lyra VR and Women in XR!

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Do you know for instance that I have tried the Vive Pro Eye ? Vive Pro Eye. Me doing a hands-on session with the Vive Pro Eye. The Vive Pro Eye is the latest enterprise product by HTC, that is a Vive Pro with embedded the eye tracking by Tobii.

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Varjo Promises “Human-Eye” Resolution With VR-1 Headset


Varjo’s professional-grade headset features retina-grade resolution and eye-tracking functionality. Premium cars can only be made with premium tools. Eye Tracking: 20/20 Eye Tracker w/ Automatic IPD adjustment. Tracking: SteamVR Tracking V1.0 + V2.0.

Virtuleap wants to read your mind while you play in VR

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He thought that copying traditional tools to VR was wrong, and so he asked himself “ What is the new type of data that can make analytics and consumer insights interesting in AR and VR? The various characteristics that Virtuleap aims at tracking in your brain (Image by Virtuleap).

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Microsoft Reveals HoloLens 2 with More than 2x Field of View & 47 Pixels per-Degree

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HoloLens visionary Alex Kipman took to the stage in Barcelona to introduce HoloLens 2 which addresses many of the key criticisms of the original headset: field of view, comfort, and hand-tracking. The headset is also equipped with eye-tracking.

Walmart is Using VR to Assess & Promote Employees

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It’s not a disqualifier,” but rather another tool to help the company substantiate “what we as a manager see in someone as potential.”.

China shows its masterplan to lead Virtual Reality in 2025

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Langzou VR in education, VR Waibao in collaboration tools) and other on hardware (e.g. 7invensun for eye tracking addons). – Near-eye display technology. 7Invensun’s aGlass DK II eye tracking addon. – Development tool software.

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XTAL Ultra High-End VR Headset Adds Neurable’s Emotion Analysis


Combining that information in real-time with eye-tracking could allow the system to identify, measure and analyze the emotion and intent of the person wearing the headset. The XTAL VR headset from VRgineers includes eye tracking, so adding the EEG sensors and using Neurable’s analysis software might offer customers with very large budgets more capable analysis and training tools than consumer grade systems like Rift and Vive.

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5 Things We Want From Oculus Rift S


The Rift S is suggested to have the Insight tracking system which will ship first on the standalone Oculus Quest early next year, and the decision to ship it as the next iteration of the Rift reportedly contributed to co-founder Brendan Iribe’s departure from Facebook.

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CES 2019: HTC Reveals Vive Cosmos Headset & Vive Reality


Fresh hardware, a bold new social platform, and Vive Pro eye-tracking are on the way. In actuality HTC was teasing the latest addition their VR hardware lineup, the HTC Vive Cosmos, a PC-based 6DoF VR headset featuring inside-out tracking and a flip-up visor. VIVE PRO EYE.

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Varjo VR-1 Shows Us Virtual Reality Through High-Res Lenses


The main screen of the unit, what Varjo calls the “Context screen,” is the same resolution as the Vive Pro and the upcoming Oculus Quest , 1440×1600 per eye. It felt somewhat limiting, but then that also keeps the eyes focused in the center, at the.7-inch Focal Screen.

XTAL hands on: an interesting glimpse to Virtual Reality 2.0

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I think that everyone in the VR communities should have a tour of a VR headset company , to see the passion in the eyes of people manufacturing the device and also to listen to their difficulties. One is the configuration tool , that lets you configure, debug and check the device as you wish.

StarVR One Priced at $3,200 for Developers, Now Accepting Applications

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The company has focused primarily on delivering an ultra-wide field of view (210 degrees by their measure), along with advanced features like eye-tracking. StarVR says that they expect feedback from Developer Program participants to influence their SDK and tools going forward.

Magic Leap to Add Two Controller Support, Iris Login, Javascript Support, & More

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This could be a challenge as the Magic Leap One controller is based on magnetic tracking, and introducing another active magnetic device could make things complicated.

AR+VR Weekly: CES news, ODG’s 20 year journey ends & AR+VR’s road to $80 billion

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CES wrapped up its 51st year last week in Vegas with a ton of AR and VR announcements including new hardware from HTC including the HTC Vive Cosmos and HTC Vive Pro Eye, new smart glasses from Nreal, RealMax and Rokid, a VR driving ride from Holoride and more.

Using VR to Diagnose and Treat Concussions with SyncThink

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Using foundational research from military research, SyncThink has created a portable concussion diagnostic tool that uses a tablet and either a Gear VR or Oculus Rift DK2 fitted with an SMI eye tracker.

How to fix Vive controllers not working inside SteamVR games

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I bought my Vive to experiment with 7Invensun eye tracking and I was really enthusiast about trying eye-tracked UX. There are anyway other tools that can help in configuring it properly. To enter SteamVR Beta, open Steam and Select Library -> Tools.

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StarVR unveils its newest HMD at SIGGRAPH 2018

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Featuring the most advanced optics, VR-optimized displays, integrated eye tracking, and vendor-agnostic tracking architecture, StarVR One is built from the ground up to support the most demanding use cases for both commercial and enterprise sectors. tracking solution.

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Facebook Teases Photorealistic Avatars For Social VR


But for VR to be a really convincing social tool we’re going to need photorealistic avatars that digitize and mirror our real bodies for the virtual space. Mouths accurately synced with the words each user was saying, and the user’s eyes realistically blinked, too. Among the many updates on its work in VR given at F8 this week, Facebook’s tease of photorealistic avatars was perhaps the most promising.

My predictions for virtual reality in 2019

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The Odyssey has anyway the problem of the non-optimal tracking of controllers. Thanks to the new RTX 2080 graphics cards , finally we’ll start seeing: Headsets featuring eye tracking to do foveated rendering; Headsets with the Virtualink USB-C connector.