Google Launching WebVR Support for Android Chrome in January, Desktop to Follow

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WebVR is gaining significant momentum; last month the biggest players in the browse space came together to discuss the future of VR on the web at the W3C Workshop on Web & Virtual Reality.

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Paul McCartney Launches VR Documentary Series


The use of virtual reality (VR) video can get fans on the same level as their biggest idols, and Jaunt now gets on a personal level with the former Beatle producing a six-part virtual reality (VR) documentary series, PURE McCartney VR, and today the first two episodes have been released.

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Jaguar Just Showed Us The Future of Car Launches


The VR reveal for the company’s first-ever electric car blew our minds. During a press event at Milk Studios in Los Angeles Sunday night, Jaguar revealed the I-PACE, the company’s first-ever electric car.

Tunnel Vision: How Ubisoft Created ‘Eagle Flight’, A VR Flying Game With No Nausea


Almost two years of scientific research and development went into creating Ubisoft’s new VR gaming experience, Eagle Flight [ Review: 7.5/10 ]. At a VRDC presentation this past month , Game Director, Olivier Palmieri, went through an in depth look of Eagle Flight ’s creation journey.

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CES 2017 - Where is Oculus?


CES 2017 starts next week in Las Vegas. Every year Oculus has a large presence at CES. This year, however, Oculus is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps they are listed under Facebook? Nope, not there either. HTC, Sony, Microsoft, and Samsung will all have a presence at CES.

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First Look at Valve’s New VR Controller Prototype

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Today at the Steam Dev Days conference in Seattle, Valve is showing off brand new prototypes of its Steam VR controllers. Today’s HTC Vive controllers are bulky compared to what’s coming.

Losing Weight In VR With This VIVE Workout


This gamer has his own personal workout routine in VR and he’s already lost 12 lbs. For those of you who’ve tried games like Audioshield on the HTC VIVE, you know how physically demanding it can be sometimes.

HoloLens Inside-out Tracking Is Game Changing for AR & VR, and No One Is Talking about It

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Augmented reality, while growing in buzz, has been around in some form or another for more than two decades. But immersive head-mounted AR for consumers has had one major hurdle that Microsoft may have just solved.

HTC Launch Viveport Arcade, Partnering with Leke VR to Open “1000s of Locations”

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SPACES and Songcheng Form $30 Million Joint Venture to Bring Mixed and Virtual Reality to China


Virtual reality will thrill visitors to mainland China’s most popular theme parks under a groundbreaking $30 million joint venture announced today between SPACES Inc. and Songcheng Performance Development Co. one of the world’s biggest theme park operators.

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Google Launches Earth VR on HTC Vive, A Breathtaking New Way to Know Our Planet

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Today Google launches Earth VR for the HTC Vive for free, giving us a whole new perspective on the world. I remember, back in 2001, how amazed I was to see Google Earth for the first time. I remember huddling around the computer monitor with friends shouting “go to New York City!”

Exclusive: HTC Vive Goes Wireless With $220 Add-On, Pre-Orders Start Friday


Oculus may be be closing out 2016 with a bang with the launch of its Touch controllers, but HTC is going to kick off 2017 with something special: a peripheral that makes its Vive headset wireless.

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United Nations endorses peace walkway with AR and VR Technology


The United Nations has endorsed a unique way for people to celebrate art monuments and heroic world peacemakers with the latest AR and VR technology. On September 4, the United Nations invited peace walkway artist Paul-Felix Montez to speak at the U.N. in New York City for World Peace day.

Visualising UI Solutions for Our Mixed Reality Future

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Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies are rapidly evolving, with consumer devices on the horizon. But how will people interact with their new digitally enhanced lives?

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Adobe Brings VR Video Editing Tools to Premiere Pro

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The latest update to Premiere Pro, Adobe’s popular video editing software, released yesterday includes new tools for editing 360 degree video and stereoscopic VR video.

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SteamVR to Get Linux and Mac OSX Support Within “a Few Months”

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Valve is planning to introduce beta versions of its SteamVR platform for Mac OSX and Linux users within a few months.

HTC Vive Headset Nearing 100,000 Sales, Steam Data Suggests

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While between HTC/Valve and Oculus, the companies have been coy on official sales figures, Steam data suggests that the HTC Vive headset is approaching the 100,000 sales mark.

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This Startup Is Taking VR On The Road


This mobile VR truck is what everyone needs at their party. The hottest truck to hit the San Francisco food scene isn’t what you’re expecting. With an equally long line of customers, you won’t be waiting for the latest duck confit tacos or crispy miso tofu steamed buns from this truck anytime soon.

Oculus Chief Scientist Predicts the Next 5 Years of VR Technology

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The annual presentation at Oculus Connect by Michael Abrash, Chief Scientist at Oculus, is always a highlight of the company’s annual developer event, projecting a forward-thinking and ever inspirational look at the future of virtual reality.

New Magic Leap Videos Shows AR Shopping and Voice Control

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A new video of Magic Leap’s augmented reality tech in action was shown at a conference in China today. On stage at the event, Magic Leap CMO Brian Wallace had a one-on-one discussion with Alibaba CMO Chris Tung (Alibaba is one of Magic Leap’s major investors ).

Facebook Acquires 3D Spatial Audio Startup ‘Two Big Ears’ and Makes Its Tools Free


Today, the social media giant and Oculus parent company announced they have purchased immersive audio company Two Big Ears and will be making their technology free as a part of their new Facebook 360 Spatial Workshop. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

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PowerClaw is a Haptic Glove Ready To Freeze, Burn, and Shock You (Virtually)

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PowerClaw is a haptic glove that lets you feel heat, cold, and a number of sensations on the tips of your fingers.

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Apple Patented An iPhone Compatible Wireless VR Headset


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The White House Highlights 6 Funding Opportunities for VR Education Projects

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Got an idea for how virtual reality could revolutionize education? The White House suggests six ways you could get funding to make it a reality.

AMD Launches Open Source Ray Traced VR Audio Tech “TrueAudio Next”

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AMD has announced TrueAudio Next a “scalable” physics-based audio rendering engine for generating environmentally accurate, GPU accelerated audio for virtual reality.

Choosing the Right 360 VR Camera

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With a virtual reality camera, you can capture the whole world around you in a 360 degree videosphere. VR filmmaking is seeing rapid innovation, meaning that there are more 360-degree cameras on the market now than ever before, geared at everyone from intrigued consumers to high-end professionals.

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Apple Granted Patent for High Field of View AR Display

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Apple has just been granted another AR/VR related technology patent, to add to their growing list.

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Experimental VR Alzheimer’s Therapy App Made Just Hours After Plea by Child of Afflicted Father

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After a recent bout of news articles detailing an experimental Alzheimer’s Disease therapy that has showed promising results in mice, the child of an afflicted father made a plea to the VR community to create a VR app which would recreate the therapy with a VR headset.

You Can Shop for Your Next House in VR


This VR platform could change the way you buy homes. A house is the single biggest purchase most people will ever make. That’s why homebuyers sacrifice so many precious evenings and weekends going to open houses, looking for that perfect home. It’s a big, emotional purchase.

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What VR Headset Makers (not analysts) Have Actually Said About Sales Expectations

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If you’re at all involved in the VR space, you likely recently saw a flurry of downtrodden headlines describing “slow,” and “modest,” holiday VR headset sales, with some even calling VR “the biggest loser this holiday.”

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HTC to Offer Wireless Vive Upgrade Kit, Pre-orders Start Friday

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HTC plans to offer a wireless upgrade accessory for the Vive created by TPCAST. Launching in early 2017 with pre-orders starting Friday, HTC claims the device will eliminate the direct connection to the PC without any noticeable difference in latency or gameplay.

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OSVR HDK Owners Can Now Upgrade to HDK 2


Sensics , the developer of groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) technologies and co-founder of Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), today announced the availability of a DIY upgrade kit for users of the OSVR Hacker Development Kit (HDK).

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NVIDIA Says New Foveated Rendering Technique is More Efficient, Virtually Unnoticeable

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NVIDIA Research has demonstrated a new method of foveated rendering which the company says is nearly invisible to users. Researchers behind the new approach say the method can drastically reduce rendering workload, allowing for more detailed virtual reality scenes.

Demystifying Magic Leap: What Is It and How Does It Work?


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