Microsoft Research Demos Index-Like Haptic VR Controller


This prototype haptic VR controller from Microsoft Research suggests where Valve’s Index controllers could go next. Developed at KAIST University , TORC is a haptic controller offering ‘High-Dexterity Finger Interaction’ In its prototype stage, it uses a Vive Tracker for movement. A New Type Of Haptic VR Controller. TORC certainly doesn’t have all the answers for haptic feedback in VR, then.

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Microsoft Files Patent For VR Mat With Haptic Feedback And Pressure Sensors


Could Microsoft’s high-tech floormat be the future of at-home 4D entertainment? According to a patent filed by Microsoft to the United States Patent & Trademark Office earlier this week, the company has been experimenting with the idea of a unique VR floor mat device designed to enhance users immersion. Microsoft’s latest Kinect in-action / Image Credit: Microsoft. News haptic feedback Microsoft VR Mat

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Former Microsoft Senior Researcher, Now At Facebook, Recounts Haptics Innovations


Former Microsoft Senior Researcher Dr. Hrvoje Benko gave a talk entitled ‘The Future of AR Interactions’ at the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) conference in October. Dr Benko had worked at Microsoft since 2005, but moved to Facebook Reality Labs ( formerly Oculus Research) in late 2017. The lack of haptic feedback with only finger tracking, he claims, is jarring, and is unlikely to be the basis of future interfaces.

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Microsoft Shows Off Haptic VR Controller, Simulates Grabbing With Thumb & Two Fingers


Microsoft Research showed off a new haptic VR controller which simulates grabbing small objects with the thumb and first two fingers, delivering rich haptic feedback. The two fingers rest against linear actuators (also used in the Oculus Touch and HTC Vive controllers) to give targeted haptic feedback. The innovations here are in the application of force sensors and haptics, not related to tracking. Microsoft haptic controller microsoft research vr controllers

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Microsoft’s ‘Haptic Links’ Bring A New Level Of Realism To VR


Could one of these intuitive prototypes deliver the immersive haptic feedback users have been clamoring for? . That’s why Microsoft is currently in development on a solution that would actually link two standard VR motion controllers together to simulate realistic tension and pressure. This is possible thanks to what Microsoft is calling their “Summoning” input method. Microsoft’s interesting device also support the varying intensity of “stiffness” along a continuous range.

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Microsoft’s ‘PIVOT’ Haptics Research Could Make Throwing A Ball In VR More Believable

Upload VR

The latest VR haptics research from Microsoft — called “PIVOT” — might see this dream realized more believably. The haptic feedback provided by consumer VR hardware today, meanwhile, might be described as little more than buzzing.

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Developing Better Haptics With Interhaptics


When you think about “haptics,” particularly in the sense of extended reality , you probably think about hardware and wearables that let you interact with and feel your environment. Haptics require hardware but they also require software. Haptics for Everyone.

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Microsoft Shows New Research in Haptics With ‘CLAW’ VR Controller Prototype

Road to VR

As VR display resolutions become more packed with pixels and new controller types such as Valve’s Knuckles dangle tantalizingly in front of us, one thing that often goes overlooked is haptic feedback. There are plenty of companies out there working to help define the first real haptic standard outside of tiny vibration motors seen already in VR motion controllers, and now it appears Microsoft can be counted among them with their newly revealed CLAW controller prototype.

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Oculus Details ‘Buffered Haptics’ for Advanced Haptics on Touch Controllers

Road to VR

Oculus has added new documentation to their developer knowledge base detailing the ‘buffered haptics’ feature of the Oculus SDK, a method for programming more advanced haptic feedback from the company’s Touch controllers. Oculus Touch uses linear actuators to provide feedback, a haptic technology which has been increasingly replacing the simple ‘rumble’ feedback common console gamepads.

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Microsoft Shows Off Adaptive Shape VR Controller Prototype

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Microsoft Research presented a prototype VR controller which can dynamically adapt its shape. To assess the effectiveness of X-Rings, Microsoft conducted user testing. This isn’t the first time Microsoft has showed off advanced VR controller prototypes.

Researchers Show Off TouchVR Palm And Finger Haptic Feedback Device


Current-generation VR controllers are fairly limited in enabling users to “feel” virtual objects; bow strings vibrate with haptic shivers, while guns kick back as they fire bullets. Ultrahaptics sends vibration sensations through the air to your fingers, while haptic armbands and other vibrating wearables have been deployed in at least limited tests. The post Researchers Show Off TouchVR Palm And Finger Haptic Feedback Device appeared first on UploadVR.

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Microsoft Research Shows Haptic VR Add-On That Links Motion Controllers


However, a new project from Microsoft Research is addressing this issue with Haptic Links. Haptic Links, however, connects your two controllers with convincing haptic feedback when you’re holding a two-handed object while allowing for the full usual range of motions when your hands are free or holding smaller items. Tagged with: Haptic Links Facebook Twitter Reddit More. Controllers Hardware Haptic Links

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HapTech is Aiming its Electromagnetic Haptics at Military VR Training

Road to VR

The company recently demonstrated how their haptic tech can scale all the way up to the Browning M2, a mounted.50 HapTech makes an electromagnetic recoil system which is the foundation of its StrikerVR haptic guns which are designed as peripherals for high-end VR attractions. Many of the haptics in M2 simulators available today are based on pneumatics. SEE ALSO Microsoft Wins $480M Defense Contract to Provide U.S.

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Microsoft Shows Off Force Resistance VR Grasping Feature Prototype


Microsoft Research showed off a prototype VR controller which provides force feedback for grasping small objects with the thumb and index finger. Two examples Microsoft gave were connecting two lego blocks or cutting a material like cardboard with scissors. Back in May, Microsoft showed off another VR controller prototype, TORC. The post Microsoft Shows Off Force Resistance VR Grasping Feature Prototype appeared first on UploadVR.

Grasp, Touch & Trigger In VR With Microsoft’s CLAW


The future of haptic feedback is looking bright. 2018 is shaping up to be the year of haptic feedback. Earlier this month Microsoft showcased their latest ‘Haptic Link’ technology, creating a brand new solution for the realistic sensation of tension and pressure whilst immersed in VR. The device has the ability to adapt haptic rendering by detecting the specific traits of the user’s grasp and analyzing it in terms of the context of the virtual scene in real-time.

TouchSense Force Plugin Aims to Help VR Game Devs Make Better Haptics, Faster

Road to VR

designs and licenses haptic technology that’s come to be used in gamepads you’re well familiar with. Now the company is developing a new haptic programming system which aims to help game developers make better haptics effects for their games, faster. The latest generation of VR controllers use more advanced haptics than the basic rumble that you find in today’s gamepads. Founded in 1993, Immersion Corp.

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Realistically Grab Onto Virtual Items With This Haptic VR Prototype Device


Dubbed the “Wolverine”, the haptic feedback device will simulate realistic resistance when trying to grasp objects in virtual spaces. There are currently many devices in development that are attempting to replicate haptic response in similar ways to the Wolverine, like Microsoft’s touch replicating devices and Dexmo’s haptic exoskeleton. Haptics hand controls shape Stanford touch

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Hands-On: Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 Is A Serious Improvement, Pre-Orders Now Shipping


Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 has officially begun shipping to pre-order customers at the cost of $3,500. It’s not perfect, but Microsoft’s next-gen MR headset has set a new standard for MR headsets. For larger companies looking to connect their entire team with HoloLens 2 headsets, Microsoft is offering a package that includes Dynamic 365 Remote Assist on each MR headset at the cost of $125 per user – per month. Image Credit: Microsoft. Image Credit: Microsoft.

Experimental Controllers From Microsoft Research Offer A New Way To Feel Objects In VR


We’re eager to go hands-on with Valve’s new prototype Vive controllers, but these new experiments from Microsoft’s Research division might be even more exciting. These ‘High-fidelity 3D Haptic Shape Rendering on Handheld Virtual Reality Controllers’, named NormalTouch and TextureTouch , were designed by Hrvoje Benko, Christian Holz, Mike Sinclair, and Eyal Ofek. Haptics force feedback microsoft research touch

This Haptic Cane Allows Blind People To Navigate VR


A new Microsoft Research project is allowing blind people to navigate VR experiences the same way they would the real world. Using an HTC Vive and a modified cane that utilizes the Vive Tracker and haptic feedback, users can walk around virtual spaces using the cane to get a feel for their surroundings. The CaneTroller, as the device is called, is designed to emulate using a cane to navigate virtual worlds just like the real world.

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Watch Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 Reveal Demo from MWC 2019

Road to VR

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona today Microsoft unveiled HoloLens 2, the next iteration of the company’s standalone AR headset. While HoloLens 2 purportedly boasts a 2-3 our battery life and a 70 degree field of view —two times larger than the previous HoloLens—Microsoft’s onstage demo revealed a few more improved capabilities attested to the device, namely its hand-tracking, voice input, and eye-tracking.

The hype, haplessness and hope of haptics in the COVID-19 era

TechCrunch VR

David Parisi is an associate professor at the College of Charleston and author of "Archaeologies of Touch: Interfacing with Haptics from Electricity to Computing.". Enter haptics. with touchless haptics aimed at allowing interaction with the screen without the risks of touching one.

Haptic Links for VR show Microsoft get real with HTC VIVE


Microsoft has a new VR accessory that makes the virtual feel more real. Three different versions of this “Haptic Links” setup allow two VR controllers effectively turn into one. Archive Gaming haptic feedback HTC VIVE virtual reality vr VR headsetsThey do this by restricting the movement of said controllers in any of several specific use-case scenarios. If the game requires the user to loose some arrows with a big bow, … Continue reading.

Microsoft Patents A Tactile Feedback Device For Mixed Reality


According to a recently-published patent , Microsoft is working on a device that will give you tactile feedback in both mixed and virtual realities. In its own images, Microsoft gives an example of holding a basketball, with the user’s hand stretched to simulate the curves of the ball. “In Haptic feedback is one of the most important areas of VR R&D right now. Tagged with: microsoft Facebook Twitter Reddit More. Microsoft VR Industry News microsoft

This VR Surgery Demo Had The Most Disgustingly Realistic Haptics I’ve Felt


Fundamental worked with Pacira Pharmaceutical to create FeelRealVR, a platform that offers surgery simulation with incredible haptic feedback. The team is also working with Microsoft’s HoloLens for a mixed reality version of its software, and can create other scenarios by simulating a scalpel instead of a needle. Like many people, I’m not great with needles. Just looking at them sends a shiver coursing through my body, and I find myself instinctively backing away.

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Haptic Gloves for Games and Data Visualization


When one finds out that she worked at Microsoft in the early days of Encarta Encyclopedia and World Atlas , it starts to make sense. She created an internal team at Microsoft to manage these complex issues across the entire company. I ended up working on almost every Microsoft PC and Xbox game to help ensure the content didn’t go out into the world with something particularly problematic.”. Her time working at Microsoft led her to the IGDA. Haptics Technology

Microsoft Improves SteamVR Performance In Latest Build


An update coming this spring, and available early to Windows Insiders with the 17115 build, is said to improve the performance of some games purchased through Steam for Microsoft-backed headsets like the Samsung Odyssey. According to a blog post from Microsoft, the update includes: A brand-new environment. As requested, we’ve added haptic feedback to the motion controllers for SteamVR games. Microsoft VR Industry News windows

Microsoft Technical Evangelist on Presence in VR Game Design

Road to VR

The Microsoft Build conference starts this week, and I expect that we’ll be learning more about the HoloLens as well as Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality operating system. Microsoft has been evangelizing about virtual reality the past couple of years now, and I had a chance to catch up with Microsoft Technical Evangelist Kat Harris at PAX West last Fall. The post Microsoft Technical Evangelist on Presence in VR Game Design appeared first on Road to VR.

Oculus patents haptic gloves for VR


Oculus has patented new designs for haptic gloves to be used in VR, which will enable a realistic sensation of touch for its users. If this sounds familiar, it’s because a lot of people are doing it: even Microsoft revealed a project around this concept in March , though it’s not quite as thorough as this. Interestingly, it seems like the haptic gloves have their own limitations. The post Oculus patents haptic gloves for VR appeared first on VR World.

Microsoft VR Research And Borderlands 2 VR Launch Issues And Giveaway! – VRecap


There were some really cool news stories last week for VRecap, like the city-scale research project, new eye-tracking revelations, and haptic feedback prototypes all from Microsoft. The post Microsoft VR Research And Borderlands 2 VR Launch Issues And Giveaway! VR Industry News VRecap Borderlands 2 VR microsoft research The VRecap top stories VR newsWelcome to Episode 13 of the VRecap!

Dress for Success: Talking Headsets and Haptic Suits with Skarred Ghost Antony Vitillo

XR for Business Podcast

From headsets to haptic suits, there is going to be a lot of accessories and apparel in XR to chose from, including some that expand senses you didn’t even know were XR-compatible. You’ve got things like haptic suits, haptic gloves. You can have haptic feedback.

Microsoft Patent Application Details Pressure Sensitive Floor Mat for VR

Peter Graham

Microsoft’s recent history with virtual reality (VR) is a bit mixed. Now, a recent patent has shed some light on Microsoft’s possible future VR plans, a floor mat design purely for VR purposes. What’s interesting about the design is the use of haptics, pressure sensitivity and dual surfaces. Haptic feedback though could be very interesting when simulating different surfaces like sand or tarmac.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio is a near-perfect Windows 11 laptop

Mashable VR

It's not enough for Microsoft to release the first new version of Windows in six years. Microsoft is selling it in a handful of different configurations , ranging from $1,599 to $3,099 in price. Hinges and haptics. Microsoft calls this "stage mode."

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a strong 2-in-1 with too many hidden fees

Mashable VR

Microsoft's newest addition to the Surface lineup — the Surface Pro 8 — proves the old adage "you get what you pay for" sometimes needs additional context. Unfortunately, Microsoft still has not deigned to include this crucial accessory with the Pro 8.

Microsoft develops ‘canetroller’ device for the visually impaired


Researchers at Microsoft have developed a device they call the “canetroller”, a haptic VR controller that works with the HTC Vive headset and tracker to help people with visual impairments navigate virtual environments. The post Microsoft develops ‘canetroller’ device for the visually impaired appeared first on VR World.

Dress for Success: Talking Headsets and Haptic Suits with Skarred Ghost Antony Vitillo

XR for Business Podcast

From headsets to haptic suits, there is going to be a lot of accessories and apparel in XR to chose from, including some that expand senses you didn't even know were XR-compatible. You've got things like haptic suits, haptic gloves. Let's start at something crazy; haptic suits. Let's talk about haptic suits, and why and where these would be used in any industries. You can have haptic feedback. There is a demo by Microsoft, that you are reading a text.

Interaction Builder New Features: 2-Hand Interaction & new snapping edition are available


The level of realism for hand interaction is extremely important in a haptic immersive experience. Haptic feedback design will be empowered with this feature, partial finger haptic will enhance the feel of touch. xr snapping haptics vr