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HTC announces Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos at CES 2019

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The CES is going to start tomorrow, but today HTC has already made its great announcements, showing to the world the upcoming new hardware Vive Pro Eye, Vive Cosmos and software solutions Viveport Infinity and Vive Reality system.

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Doctors Are Using VR To Study 3D Models Of Tumors


VR could drastically effect how researchers study cancer. Doctors at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute (CRUK) are creating a new virtual lab that will build use VR to build 3D models of tumor samples, providing a new way to look at cancer.

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New Smartphone-tethered Qualcomm Headset Has 2x the Pixels of Vive Pro

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This week at CES 2019 Qualcomm is showing off a new VR reference headset sporting impressive new displays that may well define the next wave of VR headsets.

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Nissan Augmented Reality Concept Assists Drivers in Detecting Unseen Obstacles

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While the technology companies continue to drive forward with autonomous vehicles, Nissan's vision of the future of self-driving automobiles lies in a cooperative experience between human and machine, facilitated by augmented reality.

All you need to know about the Vive Cosmos

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The Vive Cosmos is the virtual reality superstar of this CES 2019. HTC has been able to create some hype about this device, also because of the rumored features regarding the smartphone integration.

Flying Into NirVRana

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Using immersive tech for therapy and meditation is becoming more popular, but can Healium really make us forget the misery of long-haul flying?

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AT&T Expands Partnership with Magic Leap to Focus on Enterprise AR, Promises Nationwide 5G by 2020

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With CES in full swing, it seemed like Magic Leap would have little to announce at the major tech event, but it turns out that one of its partners has weighed in with a rather substantial update regarding the company.

CES 2019: Audi Dreams Of VR In The Backseat Of Every Car


Holoride technology turns your everyday commute into a location-based VR theme park.

Making Noise in VR

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New BBC Virtual Reality experience invites you to find your voice and make a difference by walking a mile in the shoes of the suffragettes. This day and age, one could be forgiven for being somewhat disillusioned with democracy, but still, come election time, I always vote Click To Tweet.

Meta Shuts Down Amidst Patent Infringement Lawsuit & Asset Liquidation

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Meta , the company behind the Meta 2 tethered AR headset, has shut down amidst a patent infringement lawsuit filed in summer of last year, and a recent asset liquidation that has left the company insolvent.

Layar Founders Hope to Buy Back Company in Blippar Asset Sale

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After entering the UK's version of bankruptcy last month, Blippar's assets are up for sale, and bidding ended today.


Study Finds Female & Male Students Prefer Different VR Instructors


Boys learn best from a drone, while girls benefited most from a female researcher.

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Traveling in Virtual Reality

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With RizortVR you can virtually check out your travel destinations before arriving at check-in.

HTC: Vive Cosmos is Not a Successor to the Original Vive

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Today at CES HTC revealed its latest headset, the Vive Cosmos. While the headset is in many ways an evolution from past learnings, the company says it isn’t designed to succeed the original Vive.

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Mimesys Brings Its Version of Augmented Reality Video Calling to Magic Leap via Intel RealSense

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The release of Avatar Chat for Magic Leap One and Spatial for HoloLens during the fourth quarter of 2018 appeared to revolutionize video calling via augmented reality.

CES 2019: HTC Reveals Vive Cosmos Headset & Vive Reality


Fresh hardware, a bold new social platform, and Vive Pro eye-tracking are on the way.

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Get Close Up With Vive Focus’ 6DOF Controllers In New Dev Videos


HTC had some exciting announcements for its PC VR line at CES 2019, but what about standalone? Vive Focus definitely wasn’t the focus (sorry) of this year’s show. Regardless, some cool new 6DOF controllers are currently being sent out to developers.

One of the Biggest Names in Home Fitness is Making a VR Exercise Bike

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Showing Off VR 2.0 at #CES2019

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Pimax unveiled prototypes of intuitive controllers and high-resolution, broad Field of View bundles in Las Vegas this week at CES 2019. Back in 2016, Oculus’s chief scientist Michael Abrash predicted that within five years, VR headsets would have a monocular 4K resolution and 140-degree FoV.

Fan Remake Of ‘Silent Hills P.T.’ Now Available In VR


Gaming’s most frightening hallway is even creepier in VR. In August of 2014, Konami Productions published a short-form first-person psychological horror game entitled P.T.

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Rec Room Reaches Over One Million VR Headsets


Rec Room is ringing in the new year by celebrating its successes in the old one. In a post on its official site , developer Against Gravity revealed its app had been installed on over one million VR headsets by the end of 2018.

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HTC Announces Vive Pro Eye Headset With Integrated Eye-tracking

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Today at CES HTC made a slew of announcements about the Vive ecosystem, including a new, upcoming version of the Vive Pro called the Vive Pro Eye.

Vive Focus 6 DOF controllers devkit unboxing and setup instructions

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In December, I published this tweet: All I want for Christmas is: – Mariah Carey – 6 DOF Controllers for the Vive Focus. About the first point, unluckily nothing has happened.

CES 2019: Access Your Entire Phone In VR With Dell Mobile Connect


The days of clumsily removing your headset to check Twitter are coming to an end.

CES 2019: 3DRudder On PSVR Turns Your Feet Into An Analog Stick


Despite the success its seen in its two years of life, Sony’s PSVR has a lot of problems.

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DisplayLink Showing 60GHz Wireless Adapter Reference Design for Oculus Rift

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Connectivity company DisplayLink is showing a reference design for a 60GHz Oculus Rift wireless adapter at CES 2019. DisplayLink created the DisplayLink XR wireless adapter reference design that would go on to become the Vive Wireless Adapter.

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PlayStationVR foot controller announced at CES

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Launched early 2017 in its PC & VR edition, the 3dRudder has built the reputation of being an intuitive controller.

CES 2019: Qualcomm’s Mystery VR Headset Offers Twice The Pixels Of Vive Pro


Qualcomm’s new VR headset shares many similarities with the HTC Vive Comsos. . CES 2019 has been chock full of exciting VR and AR announcements, including the unexpected reveal of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon powered VR headset that boasts twice the pixels of the Vive Pro.

CES 2019: 3dRudder Brings Its Foot-Based Motion Controller To PSVR


3dRudder thinks its foot-based motion controller is a perfect fit for PSVR. Meet the 3dRudder PSVR edition. The company today announced a new version of its device designed specifically for Sony’s headset. 3dRudder consists of a circular platform players put their feet on whilst seated.

Oculus Rift + Touch Now Permanently Priced at $350

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After Oculus’ big Black Friday sale, which saw Rift & Touch temporarily cut from its regular price of $400 to $350, Oculus now says they’re permanently dropping the price of the bundle to just $350.

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