Korea To Begin Using VR-Based Drivers Ed For Elderly In 2025


The post Korea To Begin Using VR-Based Drivers Ed For Elderly In 2025 appeared first on VRScout. The program will use immersive technology to test the driving, cognitive, and memory skills of those aged 65 years and up.

2025 Cupra EVs: Everything We Know So Far


Volkswagen's Spanish automaking subsidiary Cupra is aiming to release three new "electrified vehicles" called UrbanRebel, Tavascan, and Terramar by 2025.


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Ukraine 2025 art installation opens August 5

Hypergrid Business

Ukraine 2025 is having its grand opening on Friday, August 5 at 1:30 p.m. Ukraine 2025 is the first contribution to the Ukraine Borderland Art project, run by head curator Art Blue — also known as Reiner Schneeberger — who invited Merhyem to premiere the project.

Report: Apple Mixed Reality Headset Coming In 2022, Apple Glass In 2025, AR Contacts in 2030


This followed by a dedicated AR headset in 2025 and AR contact lenses as early as 2030. Kuo goes on to reference an AR headset, possibly the long-rumored Apple Glass, which he claims will arrive in 2025 at the earliest.

Apple 326

Will VR Revenue Exceed $22 Billion by 2025?

AR Insider

billion in 2025, a 37.9 The post Will VR Revenue Exceed $22 Billion by 2025? ARtillery Intelligence released a new report that projects VR revenue to grow from $4.49 billion in 2020 to $22.4 percent compound annual growth rate.

AR 118

China shows its masterplan to lead Virtual Reality in 2025

The Ghost Howls

The second key year is 2025. In 2025, China wants to be the worldwide leader of Virtual Reality. By 2025, the overall strength of China’s virtual reality industry has entered the forefront of the world, mastered the key core patents and standards of virtual reality, and formed a number of virtual reality backbone enterprises with strong international competitiveness. The post China shows its masterplan to lead Virtual Reality in 2025 appeared first on The Ghost Howls.

China 269

Cheaper Apple Mixed Reality Headset Might Arrive In 2025


The first anticipated Apple augmented reality headset may cost a small fortune, but rumor has it the company is planning a second cheaper version. News Technology

Will AR Ad Revenue Reach $6.7 Billion by 2025?

AR Insider

billion in 2025, a 37.4 ARtillery projects Facebook to catch up to and surpass Snap in AR ad revenue by 2025. Billion by 2025? L ike many analyst firms, market sizing is one of the ongoing practices of AR Insider’s research arm ARtillery Intelligence.

AR 130

The Evolution of Digital Reality by 2025


Videos Science Time Virtual Reality vr VR 2025 vr gloves vr headset VR TreadmillVR short for Virtual Truth is by now shaping & transforming just about just about every field in our lives. Major technological breakthroughs underwent in 2020 in virtual … source.

Oculus is (still) Covering Unreal Engine Royalties for $5M in Revenue Per-game Through 2025

Road to VR

We reached out to Oculus which confirmed that the program, which covers UE4 royalties for the first $5 million in revenue, is still in place and will continue through 2025.

Unreal 216

Will Mobile AR Revenues Reach $26 Billion by 2025?

AR Insider

Billion by 2025. billion in 2025, a 30.5 Ad placement will be the leading mobile AR revenue category by 2025 ( $6.68 The post Will Mobile AR Revenues Reach $26 Billion by 2025? New Study Projects Mobile AR Revenue to Reach $26.05

Supply Chain Analyst: Apple To Launch ‘More Affordable’ Headset Model In 2025

Upload VR

Apple plans to release a “more affordable” headset in 2025, Ming-Chi Kuo claims. But a new report from Kuo claims the second generation will launch in 2025, and consist of both a high end model and “more affordable” model.

Apple 91

It’s part drone, part plane, and headed to the skies in 2025

Digital Trends

The Prosperity 1 is a remotely operated, fully electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft that could start ferrying passengers through the sky in 2025.

A Quiet Place Part III will hit theaters in 2025

Digital Trends

The Quiet Place franchise is being anything but quiet as Paramount reveals plans for a third entry in the franchise to arrive in movie theaters in 2025.

Samsung Foundry: 2nm Silicon in 2025

Anand Tech

One of the key semiconductor technologies beyond 3D FinFET transistors are Gate-All-Around transistors, which show promise to help extend the ability to drive processors and components to higher performance and lower power.

Intel road map explained: Alder Lake, Meteor Lake, and beyond 2025

Digital Trends

Intel laid out a new road map at its Intel Accelerated event, showing the path forward through 2025. Here's what's coming down the pike. Computing Features Alder Lake Intel Meteor Lake pc hardware Raptor Lake

Rumored Intel ‘Royal Core’ might beat AMD and Apple by 2025

Digital Trends

A new rumor claims that Intel is building toward something called Royal Core, which could beat rivals AMD and Apple in power and efficiency by 2025.

Apple 82

NVIDIA Drops DRIVE Atlan SoC, Introduces 2 PFLOPS DRIVE Thor for 2025 Autos

Anand Tech

Effective immediately, NVIDIA has cancelled Atlan, their planned post-Orin SoC for 2025 automobiles. In its place, NVIDIA is announcing Thor, an even more powerful SoC set to launch in the same 2025 timeframe.

NASA Delays Moon Landing to 2025, Blames Jeff Bezos and Congress

GizModo VR

Blaming everyone but the kitchen sink for the delay, the space agency now intends to send a crew, including a woman and a person of color, to the Moon in 2025. In what is a surprise to absolutely no one, NASA won’t be sending astronauts to the lunar surface in 2024.


Intel's Process Roadmap to 2025: with 4nm, 3nm, 20A and 18A?!

Anand Tech

In today’s Intel Accelerated event, the company is driving a stake into the ground regarding where it wants to be by 2025.

Samsung addresses report of exclusive chipset for 2025 Galaxy phones

Digital Trends

Rumors about a far-off Galaxy-exclusive processor have been making the rounds, but Samsung didn't have much to say about the matter. Mobile News Android Exynos galaxy s23 galaxy s24 Samsung Snapdragon

AMD and GlobalFoundries Wafer Supply Agreement Updated Once More: Now $2.1B Through 2025

Anand Tech

billion in wafers for the 2022 through 2025 period, adding an additional year and $500M in wafers to the previous agreement. The updated amendment now goes through 2025, with AMD raising their 12nm/14nm wafer orders by $500 million to $2.1

TSMC Roadmap Update: 3nm in Q1 2023, 3nm Enhanced in 2024, 2nm in 2025

Anand Tech

N2 in 2025. Particularly, the company is now formally confirming that the N2 node is scheduled for 2025. Though they are not elaborating on whether this means HVM in 2025, or shipments in 2025. "I

Jesse Schell: Predictions for VR and AR in 2025

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

He gave a talk about his predictions for VR and augmented reality for 2025 at the Augmented World Expo last week in Santa Clara, Calif. In his 2025 predictions for VR and AR , he voiced concerns about the obstacles to growth for VR and the challenges that AR faces in just getting out the door. billion market by 2025. By 2025, he thinks VR will be no more than 5 percent to 15 percent of the overall game industry. Above: Jesse Schell’s predictions for AR and VR in 2025.

AR 116

TSMC Unveils N2 Process Node: Nanosheet-based GAAFETs Bring Significant Benefits In 2025

Anand Tech

At its 2022 Technology Symposium, TSMC formally unveiled its N2 (2 nm class) fabrication technology, which is slated to go into production some time in 2025 and will be TSMC's first node to use their nanosheet-based gate-all-around field-effect transistors (GAAFETs). H2 2025.

ASML High-NA Development Update: Coming to Fabs in 2024 - 2025

Anand Tech

Last week it clarified that it had five orders for pilot High-NA scanners due to be delivered in 2024 and 'over five' orders for subsequent models featuring higher productivity that will be delivered starting from 2025, reports Reuters.

Tools 99

Sony wants half of its PlayStation games on PC by 2025

Digital Trends

Sony wants to see more of its games reach a larger audience, and it's looking to PC and mobile as the next frontier. Gaming News Android iOS PC PC Gaming PlayStation 5 Sony

Sony 84

California Startup Aims to Build Space Hotel With Artificial Gravity by 2025

GizModo VR

Orbital Assembly Corporation announced plans to develop a space business park, complete with artificial gravity, that’s designed to accommodate 28 guests in five modules built around a rotating gravity ring. Read more.

New Report States Apple Will Release Mixed Reality Headset in 2022 and AR Glasses by 2025

GizModo VR

While the rumblings over Apple’s planned venture into augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality have been getting louder recently , we now have a series of dates for these devices by prognosticator Ming Chi-Kuo, a good source with a reliable track record on all things Apple. Read more.

Taiwan 111

Russia To Build RISC-V Processors for Laptops: 8-core, 2 GHz, 12nm, 2025

Anand Tech

Initial reports are suggesting that Sintakor will develop a powerful enough RISC-V design to power government and education systems by 2025. Russian outlet Vedomosti.ru

Russia 110

Bentley’s first EV is coming in 2025, its entire lineup will be EV by 2030

Digital Trends

Bentley is swiftly transitioning to an all-EV future, ditching gas powertrains by 2030 for its entire lineup of ultra-luxury cars. Cars News Bentley

AMD predicts 700-watt GPUs before 2025, but it has a plan

Digital Trends

AMD predicts that high-performance graphics cards are on the horizon, and that means an increase in power consumption: Up to 700 watts. Computing News AMD AMD Radeon RX 7000 GPU graphics cards RDNA 3

Foldable phone sales are set to reach $29 billion in 2025

Digital Trends

Foldable smartphones may prove to be a great opportunity for smartphone brands as consumer interest in the segment increases over the next few years. Mobile News foldable smartphones Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Apple Supplier Expected to Start 2nm Chip Production in 2025, and That's Kind of a Big Deal

GizModo VR

When it comes to chip-making, smaller is better. Intel, Samsung, and TSMC fight an endless race to reduce the size of their chip nodes, increasing transistor density, which results in faster and more efficient processors.

Assembly of world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor begins

Digital Trends

The first ultra-hot plasma will be generated in late 2025.

Apple’s car-building division reportedly focusing on autonomous driving

Digital Trends

Apple's car-building division hopes to release a fully autonomous electric vehicle by 2025, according to a recent report. Cars News Apple Apple car autonomous car EV iCar

Apple 84

It’s too early for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Digital Trends

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet coming this year likely means we won't see Arceus' best features in a mainline Pokémon game until 2025. Feature Gaming Pokemon Scarlet Pokemon Violet