Leap Motion Teases Prototype ‘Collapsible’ User Interface for AR Headsets

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Leap Motion, the company behind the hand-tracking depth sensor, recently tweeted out another through-the-headset view of a prototype UI, this time centered on how some simple elements might work in the “augmented office” of the near future. Using the company’s prototype dev kit, dubbed Project North Star , Leap Motion serves up another host of interesting design concepts. ” Image courtesy Leap Motion.

Leap Motion ‘Virtual Wearable’ AR Prototype is a Potent Glimpse at the Future of Your Smartphone

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Leap Motion , a maker of hand-tracking software and hardware, has been experimenting with exactly that, and is teasing some very interesting results. Leap Motion has shown lots of cool stuff that can be done with their hand-tracking technology, but most of it is seen through the lens of VR. Now as Leap Motion’s VP of Design, he’s turning his ideas into (augmented) reality. AR Design Leap Motion News ar design ar interface leap motion


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AR From an Architect’s Perspective, Spatial Computing, & Leap Motion’s North Star AR HMD

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Keiichi Matsuda went from being a dystopian filmmaker to becoming the Vice President of Design at hand-tracking company Leap Motion. Matsuda is probably the most famous for his HYPER-REALITY dystopian film that imagined a commodified & gamified AR future where companies are vying for your attention regardless of your physical context. Matsuda has an upcoming immersive VR film called Merger.

Leap Motion VP: ‘AR And VR Will Have To Make Do With Sound And Vision For The Foreseeable Future’


We’ve seen some incredible things emerging from Leap Motion since the company hired visionary filmmaker Keiichi Matsuda last year as a vice president leading a new London research studio. In case you are unfamiliar, Matsuda created the impactful 2016 short film Hyper-Reality which imagined a future overtaken by AR. So how does Leap Motion’s technology fit into the AR/VR market? ” Tagged with: leap motion Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

North Star from Leap Motion is the next level of AR interface


Years ago, Leap Motion made headlines when they released footage of their intuitive Leap Motion device. For those not familiar with their namesake, this peripheral allowed users to control everything on their PCs with intuitive motion controls and gestures, as seen in the video below. In the years since that video’s release, Leap has successfully released that product and used it to supplement VR controls and development.

Leap Motion Announces Keiichi Matsuda as VP of Design and Global Creative Director to Lead New London Design Research Studio


Leap Motion’s efforts will seek to set a new standard for interaction design with the digital world, and define the core user experience for the next generation of mobile and all-in-one headsets. Click To Tweet “Virtual and augmented reality are at a critical point in their evolution,” said Michael Buckwald, Leap Motion CEO. Augmented & Virtual Reality Leap Motion Leap Motion Team UX Design

Japan Joins Project North Star


Masahiro Yamaguchi (CEO, Psychic VR Lab), God Scorpion (Media artist, Psychic VR Lab), Keiichi Matsuda (VP Design, Leap Motion), Oda Yuda (Designer), Akihiro Fujii (CTO, Psychic VR Lab). Alex Colgan (Leap Motion): What inspired you to build a North Star headset? Akihiro Fujii: The North Star official demos and HYPER-REALITY film by Keiichi Matsuda gave us a huge inspiration about the future of AR.

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Bending Reality: North Star’s Calibration System


Leap Motion North Star calibration combines a foundational principle of Newtonian optics with virtual jiggling. The equally devious solution is to film each eye’s optics from two cameras simultaneously. The post Bending Reality: North Star’s Calibration System appeared first on Leap Motion Blog. Augmented & Virtual Reality Hardware Leap Motion Team north star

The Best VR Experiences From Raindance Film Festival 2018


Raindance is a well-established and highly-respected independent film festival, but it isn’t a particularly flashy one. You don a Vive Pro headset, equipped with leap-motion sensors for hand tracking, and are also able to communicate with your partner via voice. The first is a 360 film, shot by British cinematographer Chris Campkin, who literally had to battle lions running off with his camera rig during the shoot, as this video shows.

Storytelling in the 4th Dimension: What’s the Future of VR Cinema?


This year marks the 120th anniversary of L’Arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat , an early piece of silent film footage that astonished (and by some accounts even terrified) its audience. Every Frame a Painting , an online film analysis series, dives into some of these techniques. Cinemas are setting up shop in the metaverse, so we can sit back and watch 2D film classics like our favorite Christmas movie ( Die Hard , of course).

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The Art of Storytelling and Narrative in VR


Leap Motion’s Blocks , Weightless , and VR Cockpit all incorporate their tutorials into the narrative itself. The film technique of storyboarding can help in building compelling narratives that capture attention within the VR field of view. Just as the position of the camera within traditional film frames your understanding of the scene, the user’s position within the scene can dramatically shift how they think about the story as it unfolds.

CES 2017: Mixing Realities, Concept Cars, and the #VoiceFirst Revolution


One of our favorite games at CES was Spot the Leap Motion Controller. Leap Motion #VR technology is everywhere at #CES2017. VR is more than glorified film – it’s a groundbreaking storytelling medium where the hero’s journey gives way to the interconnected storyworld, where individual agency and a mosaic of perspectives reign supreme. The post CES 2017: Mixing Realities, Concept Cars, and the #VoiceFirst Revolution appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

An FUI designer, VR community leader and VR healthcare.


Just before tuning in to the Apple WWDC2017 Keynote on Monday, I had a meeting with Jayse Hansen , master of the Fictional User Interface (FUI), Hologram and HUD design for film franchises like Star Wars, Iron Man, and The Hunger Games, and Alex Colgan , Leap Motion ’s digital content and community lead. We met to chat about the future of augmented reality, virtual reality and the newest features of Leap Motion’s hand tracking.

Varjo’s VR-2 Pro Kills Screen Door Effect, Tracks Fingers, And Runs SteamVR Content


A major improvement in the VR-2 series over the previous model is the addition of a prism diffuser film to the peripheral display, made by 3M. VR-2 and VR-2 Pro are almost identical, however the Pro includes Ultraleap (formerly Leap Motion) finger tracking built in, a twice as long (10 metre) cable, and a counterweight to improve ergonomics. Varjo is releasing two successors to its VR-1 “bionic” VR headset.

New 4K ‘Spatial Reality Display’ From Sony Has Glasses-Free 3D

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Sony expects that film previsualization will be a major use of the technology in the future. The ELF-SR1 is a new ‘Spatial Reality Display’ from Sony that features a 4K screen and glasses-free volumetric 3D targeting professional users.

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The Benefits of Virtual Reality in Banking


Perhaps it wanders to highly visible applications in gaming, film, art, and retail. Additionally, a leap motion 3D controller enabled them to interact with it. What comes to mind when you think of virtual reality ? But with VR poised to be disruptive, most, if not all, industries will be reshaped by it. That includes banking. The immersive nature of virtual reality makes the often dull world of finance more compelling for people. you might ask.

Hands-On: Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Feels Great, But It’s Not Perfect


The game places you inside an otherworldly laboratory littered with oozing green liquids, ghoulish sound effects, and strange wooden machines; an aesthetic similar to something you might see in a Harry Potter film. As for actions such as pulling up menus or teleporting around virtual environments, it’s possible that hand gestures such as the ones used with the Microsoft HoloLens or Leap Motion could resolve this.

Nominate Projects And Teams For The VR Awards 2018


The VR Awards which saw the likes of AMD Studios, Oculus, HTC, Google, Framestore, Rebellion, Leap Motion, Epic Games and many more has continued to grow, while introducing new categories aimed at celebrating the best in VR. VR Film of the Year. After the success of the VR Awards 2017 , nominations have reopened again for 2018.

Walmart Brings Tricked Out ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ VR Experience to Select Stores

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Walmart is continuing its onward journey to think outside of the big-box with the help of VR, this time bringing 50-foot tractor-trailers to their megalithic parking lots across the US to let shoppers go head-first into a VR experience for DreamWorks Animation’s upcoming film, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. Walmart says in a press release that the experience begins in an on-boarding room where the film’s mischievous twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut greet guests.

‘Ralph Breaks VR’ Hyper-Reality Experience Is An All-Out Assault On Your Senses


It’s incredible to work on an experience like Ralph Breaks VR that lets you live inside a film you’ve spent years creating,” said Pamela Ribon, Co-Writer for Ralph Breaks the Internet, writer for Ralph Breaks VR, and voice of B.E.V. Ralph Breaks VR utilizes Leap Motion tracking devices mounted to the front of the headsets to capture each players hand movements. Break into the internet in the latest location-based VR experience from ILMxLAB & The VOID. .

VR Bound Announces Nominees For Inaugural 2017 VR Awards


Leap MotionLeap Motion. Nominees for Interactive VR Media/Film of the Year. An evening dedicated to celebrating the past years VR accomplishments.

Avengers: Damage Control Review – The VOID’s Best Location-Based VR Experience Yet


Being able to step into a world I’ve become familiar with over the course of over 20 different feature films is pretty fantastic. Getting debriefed by the actual live actors from the films via video transmission felt appropriately superhero-esque and it absolutely measured up as an extension of not only the cinematic universe, but as an extension of the Disneyland experience. In late 2019 I can definitely say that Leap Motion is starting to get quite long in the tooth.

Upgrading VR Storytelling

Tech Trends VR

This year’s Raindance Film Festival in London showcased an amazing selection of immersive stories. Here’s what got Tech Trends really excited: Raindance is a very well-established and well-respected independent film festival, but it isn’t a particularly flashy one. Raindance is a very well-established and well-respected independent film festival, but it isn’t a particularly flashy one Click To Tweet. We’ve won for a film about men checking their balls!

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Sensics Releases High Resolution VR Headset Built Specially for Arcades and Theme Parks

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Arcade and park owners can also opt to include embedded hand/finger trackers like Leap Motion, which sits flush inside the unit behind a window that’s transparent to IR. Aftermarket solutions like OptiTrack’s IR-reflective positional tracking system, which uses traditional motion capture tech, would be a likely candidate for large-scale, out-of-home facilities looking to use Sensics system however. IR motion capture for VR, image courtesy OptiTrack.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.07.15): Apple kills its AR glasses, Oculus full-steam ahead on 2nd gen VR and much more!

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In all of this, someone has created the design for a Leap Motion mount for the Index that exploits the frunk. More info (Valve Index fans mod) More info (Rift S fans mod) More info (Rant on the thumbsticks of the Index) More info (A review of Index controllers) More info (Irony on Knuckles’s thumbsticks) More info (Leap Motion mount for Index). I wish you’re having a wonderful Sunday. Here you are my recap of the most interesting XR news of the week!

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These are the Nominees for VR Bound’s First VR Awards


Leap Motion. Interactive VR Media/Film of the Year : 5TH WALL – ‘The Mummy’ Zero Gravity Stunt VR Experience. As we reported last February , VR Bound- along with sponsors, including AMD and HP- are organizing the inaugural VR awards in London on September 23rd. VR Bound announced the shortlisted nominees for the awards’ twelve categories earlier this weekm and you can see them below. VR Headset of the Year : HTC Vive. Oculus Rift. Razer OSVR. Sony PlayStation VR.

Meet Waba: A Squishy VR Friend Available Now On Oculus And Steam


I still had the attitude from my film days where it’s like you make this perfect jewel and then drop it on the world,” Edwon wrote in an email. ” It was called “Puni” then, meaning “squishy” in Japanese, and used a DK2 with the Leap Motion sensor to let you “touch” the creature with your fingers. You can meet Waba now on Steam or Oculus for $5 — compatibility is listed for Vive, Rift and Windows Mixed Reality with tracked motion controllers.

The 2016 Proto Awards: See Who Took Home VR’s Biggest Honors


Blocks – Leap Motion. The Martian VR Experience – Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Innovation Lab, RSA Films, The Virtual Reality Company. Virtual Reality does not have many comprehensive award shows, but the Proto Awards just might be the closest thing the industry currently has to The Oscars many of the VR scene’s most elite designers and personalities gathered toghether at the AVALON theater in Hollywood for one purpose: to name the most impressive experiences of the year.

HTC Vive announces 6 DOF controllers for Vive Focus and teases hand tracking for Vive Pro

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This is cool because without having to add external hardware like Leap Motion , all Vive Pro users will be able to use their hands inside VR experiences to interact with the VR environment. Lazily copying the press release, the content is this one: The Vive Studio’s film, 7 Miracles, which just won the Spirit of Raindance: VR Film of the Festival Award, is the world’s first feature-length cinematic VR experience.

Hands-On: Ralph Breaks VR Reveals Family-Friendly Formula For The VOID


The VOID employs Leap Motion hand tracking during part of the experience to help with the embodiment of colorful “Netizens.” 2019 could be a record-breaker at the box office for Disney with Captain Marvel, Avengers and Spider-Man films lined up one after another. The films will draw a global audience alongside other highly anticipated animated sequels, including Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2.

Social Dynamics in AltSpaceVR After the Consumer Launch of VR

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We also talk about some of the social dynamics that occur when they mix together the full range of interaction fidelity between hand-tracked Vive, Leap Motion hands in the Rift, and just the head rotation of the Gear VR. Bruce said that one of his personal highlights was having meeting Reggie when he did a comedy and music set in VR, and I had a chance to interview Reggie about his VR film at Sundance where I discovered that he’s a huge VR geek.

We tried the Ghostbusters VR experience and it was awesome


The rebooted Ghostbusters film doesn't release until 15 July, but Ghostbusters: Dimension is open to the public now. Dimension is a mixed reality add-on to a multi-story Ghostbusters exhibition with Madame Tussaud's trademark wax statues of the cast and some fun, lifelike projections of your favorite ghosts from the films. However, Jensen mentioned plans to incorporate full-body tracking, or at least hand tracking via Leap Motion, as they continue to upgrade the experience.

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Sign Language In VR ‘Worth Exploring’ As Hand Tracking Improves

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Recent implementations like Ultraleap (previously known as Leap Motion), HoloLens , and the Valve Index VR controllers recognize some of the movement of all five fingers with hardware priced to appeal to businesses or consumers. Facebook, for example, shows reluctance to deploy features like eye tracking that could enable huge leaps in comfort and visual detail in VR, but which might not yet be reliable or fast enough to work all the time.

The High-end VR Room of the Future Looks Like This


Imagine the same touch and motion-based actions we’re used to on mobile phones, only happening in the air with our hands while we’re in VR. Future solutions will get rid of clunky wired headsets and move onto glasses that can project a high-definition image onto the eye, a la Magic Leap, and eventually contact lenses that contain tiny screens. Neural plugins: The Matrix (film). Total Recall (film). Avatar (film).

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2016’s Proto Award Winners Revealed, Tilt Brush Receives Top Honour

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Blocks – Leap Motion. The Martian VR Experience – Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Innovation Lab, RSA Films, The Virtual Reality Company. SEE ALSO Hands On: The Martian VR Experience is a Triumph in Motion. The annual Proto Awards, set up to highlight and honour the best and brightest the VR industry has to offer, is over for another year, with Google’s Tilt Brush walking away as the overall winner. But who else made the grade?

Building an XR Vocabulary for Businesses, with XR Bootcamp’s Ferhan Ozkan

XR for Business Podcast

And we actually tried to tackle this problem with the help of major headset manufacturers - Oculus, HTC, Leap Motion, Intel -- and they supported us to create VR/AR labs around the world. They were approaching to their advertisement agency, their usual film producer, production agency to create VR/AR experiences. Code is a big part of what makes XR work, of course.

CAD Experiment: Disassemble a Spherical Robot in VR


Motion control opens up exciting possibilities for manipulating 3D designs , with VR adding a whole new dimension to the mix. I got my Leap Motion Controller at the start of 2014, and quickly went about making demos. Aside from this, my major work with Leap Motion is my game Robot Chess , a relatively simple game which allows you to use your hands to pick up and move around chess pieces as you play against a robotic AI opponent.