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Analysis: Monthly Connected VR Headsets on Steam Have Grown Exponentially

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Over 150 Global Game Jam 2019 Games Have VR Support


The world’s largest game jam, the Global Game Jam, had its 2019 session this past weekend from January 25th – 27th 2019.

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AR Drone Technology That Can Help Save Lives


First responders will be able to use drones equipped with augmented reality technology to better deal with emergency situations. .

Magic Leap Highlights Award-Winning Augmented Reality Apps Revealed at Reality Virtually Hackathon

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With Magic Leap One approaching six months since launch, Magic Leap is fully focused on building a content ecosystem and developer community. The company's latest endeavor in engaging developers was sponsorship of the Reality Virtually Hackathon, which took place Jan.

VR Headset Growth on Steam Makes Biggest Leap Yet, Eclipses Linux Steam Users

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It appears that the 2018 holiday shopping season was one of the best ever for PC VR headsets. The latest data released today from Valve shows VR making its single biggest leap yet, on a path toward 1 million monthly-connected headsets.

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Will Nintendo Make a Play for VR?

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The games giant joins VRM Consortium in Japan as an observer, but does that mean they’re closer to entering the immersive space? As early as 2016, former Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima had already hinted that the company was “looking into” VR.

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Newly Revealed Microsoft Patent Points Towards HoloLens 2


Microsoft is set to announce their HoloLens 2 in February. Do these patents show the future of Microsoft’s AR device? There’s currently a lot of discussion surrounding Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, which is rumored to be making its unveiling at Mobile World Congress in February.

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VR Cameras Now on International Space Station to Capture Space Walks & Missions

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Last month, TIME and Felix & Paul Studios launched VR cameras to the International Space Station (ISS) in a new project to bring viewers an intimate look aboard one of the most exclusive places in human existence.

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Making VR Stand Up

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Virtual laughs can mean big bucks, and Sansar is announcing a host of new live comedy acts to draw in the crowds. Linden Lab has just announced a host of new collaborations designed to attract paying punters to its live events platform, which they launched last year.

Eating Real Food In VR With Marshmallow Laser Feast’s ‘Sweet Dreams’


The experimental location-based VR studio serves up a delicious tale of desire at Sundance. With location-based VR more prevalent than ever, developers have quickly begun searching for fresh new ideas to help set their own experiences apart from a growing pool of competitors.

Sneakerheads Can Use This Augmented Reality App to See How Those New Kicks Look on Their Feet

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Move over, cosmetics companies. The athletic footwear industry wants to be able to give their customers the opportunity to try on products in augmented reality as well.

Saab to Further Develop VR Rocket Launcher Simulator

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Saab, a global defense and security company (and former parent company of the car manufacturer of the same name), says that it will further develop a VR experience designed to demonstrate a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher offered by the company.

Start A VR Band With EXA’s Multiplayer Music Update


PC VR headset owners can start a band in VR with music-making app EXA: The Infinite Instrument. The added multiplayer functionality in a new Early Access build gives players the ability to share music-making sessions with others around the world.

Poppy Makes You Question Reality In RYOT’s Latest AR Piece


One of music’s strangest acts invades Sundance with an even stranger AR experience. It’s fitting that YouTube darling Poppy is at the center of an interactive AR piece that ends with you questioning your own reality.

Augmented Reality App Maker Houzz Reveals Major Data Breach

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In the realm of internet security, it's becoming clear that augmented reality is not immune to the increasing wave data breaches plaguing users. On Friday, furniture retailer Houzz, an early adopter of ARKit, revealed details of a data breach that occurred in December 2018.

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Magic Leap’s AI ‘Mica’ Won’t Turn Off Your Lights, Play Your Music, or Give Directions

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Magic Leap today released a blogpost detailing more motivation behind building Mica, the company’s upcoming AI announced at Leap Con last year.

Facebook: Oculus Go “Contributed To Revenue Growth”, But Also To Marketing Costs


Facebook this week hosted their Q4 2018 earnings call , reporting their finances for the quarter. During the call Facebook Chief Financial Officer (CFO) David Wehner stated: Payments & Other Fees revenue was $274 million, up 42%.

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Scientists Use Yawning To Study Social Presence In VR


New research by UBC highlights the similarities and differences in the way people interact in VR versus the real world. Contagious yawning is a well-documented phenomenon in which people – and even some non-human animals – yawn reflexively when they detect a nearby yawn.

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The legends of the ROCKY franchise now live in free CREED: Rise to Glory update

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If you ever dreamed of fighting or putting on the gloves as the Italian Stallion himself, CREED: Rise to Glory brings some of the most legendary figures of the ROCKY franchise to the game’s Freeplay and PvP roster across all VR platforms in its latest free content update.

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Ubisoft’s VR Shooter ‘Space Junkies’ Comes to 100+ Arcades Ahead of Launch

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Ubisoft today announced in a blogpost that a special arcade edition of their upcoming VR shooter Space Junkies has rolled out to “100+ arcades” around the world.

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Hamlet 360 Is A Feature-Length Shakespeare VR Production


It was only a matter of time until we got some Shakespeare in VR. But Commonwealth Shakespeare Company’s Hamlet 360 isn’t quite the debut we were expecting. This is a feature-length adaptation of one of the writer’s definitive plays.

WellTown Is A VR Experience Built For An Entire City


New Zealand’s capital has transformed into an interactive VR city in hopes of enticing tourists and potential residents.

Visit the Ancient Rome in VR with Rome Reborn

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Do you have a passion for ancient history and virtual reality? Then Rome Reborn is for sure a project you should look into. Rome Reborn is an amazing project that goes on since 22 years ago (yikes!) with the purpose of creating a digital reconstruction of ancient Rome.

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‘Budget Cuts’ Team Working on PSVR Version, Oculus Quest a Possibility

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Neat Corporation, the team behind Budget Cuts (2018) , revealed today that they’re currently porting the VR stealth adventure to PSVR. Moreover, if everything goes well, it could be coming to Oculus Quest too.

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Wonderfall Mixes VR And Actual Reality For An Experience You Can Touch


If you ever find yourself in Seattle sometime soon, you ought to take time to visit the Pacific Science Center. It’s got a lot of VR and AR exhibits right now, not least of which is the beta for Wonderfall: Tale of Two Realms.

Kosmos Looks To Establish K-12 School That Exists Entirely In VR


Relax, it’s just rocket science. Students taking classes with Kosmos School can design and launch rockets in VR as a way to study physics and chemistry, but the school hopes that students will soon be able to study all of their coursework in a virtual environment.

The Ghost’s Spotlight: Salsa Virtual, Towards a Perilous Journey

The Ghost Howls

Welcome to a new episode of The Ghost’s Spotlight , where I give you brief opinions and reviews about VR products that I have tried. Today I want to tell you about two indie products that I have tried: Salsa Virtual and Towards a Perilous Journey. Salsa Virtual.

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Vive Cosmos Hits FCC on Its Way to 2019 Launch

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Vive Cosmos, HTC’s upcoming PC VR headset (which is also likely to support tethering to smartphones), has popped up in FCC listings, suggesting that the company is moving rapidly to bring it to market.

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Nintendo Files Patent For Glasses Positional Tracking System


Gaming giant Nintendo filed for a patent for a positional tracking system for glasses. The tracking is used to add a parallax effect to content on a 2D screen so it would appear 3D.

‘Gloomy Eyes’ Is A Dark, But Gorgeous VR Animation With A Ton Of Heart


Colin Farrell narrates this three-part animated adventure from the team at Atlas V. Atlas V , the development team behind AAA VR projects such as Six Years and Battlescar , have returned once again with yet another high-quality immersive experience that pushes VR storytelling in a bold new direction.

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Mosh Pit Simulator gives me hope for VR game development and is the perfect VR game to make "My grandma's first VR experience" viral videos to.

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Mosh Pit Simulator is a hyper-interactive physical VR sandbox set in a world overrun by boneless and brainless humanoids that despite having no brains, still try to lead normal life, even tho they don't know how. So they keep crashing cars, breaking things and being generally goofy.

Out-of-home VR Destination Sandbox VR Closes $68M Series A Financing

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The big investment deals that brought so many VR companies into the limelight have cooled down somewhat over the past two years, although that hasn’t stopped the Hong Kong-born VR destination company Sandbox VR from landing a $68 million Series A funding round.

Sandbox VR Raises $68 Million Series A Led By Andreessen Horowitz


VR startup Sandbox VR raised a $68 million Series A round of investment led by Andreessen Horowitz. A blog post from CEO and co-founder Steve Zhao outlines how he gave the company six months of runway by taking “my entire nest-egg?—?all

‘The Under Presents’: Interactive Live Theater For The Oculus Quest


Tender Claws show off their bizarre new social experience at Sundance 2019. Despite the lack of an actual release date, Oculus’ upcoming 6DoF standalone headset, the Oculus Quest, has found new trouble in garnering large amounts of attention from both industry veterans and consumers alike.

Unreal P.T. review: anxiety and frustration in VR (+ how to download it)

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Do you remember the game P.T. for PlayStation 4 ? Well, I have played it in VR and I really got scared… If you don’t remember what P.T. is, don’t worry, Tony is here to help you. was the playable teaser (P.T.

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PSVR Exclusive ‘StarBlood Arena’ to Go Offline in 6 Months

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If you’re a fan of StarBlood Arena (2017) , the online dogfighting arena exclusive to PSVR, you’re in for some bad news. Sony has decided to put an official expiration date on the title: July 25th, 2019.

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PSVR Exclusive Shooter Starblood Arena Goes Offline In July


Sad news for WhiteMoon Dreams’ PSVR exclusive shooter, Starblood Arena ; it’s shutting down soon. A note on the game’s official PlayStation page confirms the news. Sony is taking multiplayer offline on 25th July 2019.

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