Facebook Instant Articles Now Support 360 Videos and Photos


Now Facebook is also letting publishers post 360 videos and photos to Instant Articles. Facebook’s Instant Articles is the latest format that displays publisher’s content in a faster loading, ad-light version of Facebook when accessed by users on mobile devices.

Top 10 Articles


” The post Top 10 Articles appeared first on VR World. In today’s edition of Top 10, we take a stroll the virtual information lane during May Day and see what’s interesting around the globe. Flying Cars, Electric Trucks and Human Face in VR. How Kuku Robots Create The New Tesla Model 3… [link] news/35523/leaked-images- reveal-tesla-model-3- production-robots/.

NY Times’ New AR Article Captures Lakeith Stanfield’s Balancing Act


As part of its “Great Performers” series The New York Times debuted a new AR article featuring Get Out actor Lakeith Stanfield performing a balancing act. Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post NY Times’ New AR Article Captures Lakeith Stanfield’s Balancing Act appeared first on UploadVR. The AR content seems to work seamlessly on a recent iPhone or iPad with the NY Times app installed.

8 Ways to Annotate Readings, Websites and Online Articles with Examples


For more resources, check out my article, Critical Reading with Digital Devices , posted on ESL Library. “Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.” ” – John Locke.

HTC Vive Cosmos slated for Q3 2019, it will feature some surprises

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Fasten your seatbelts and read this article. I will tell more in a future summary article about my experience there, but for now, just let me tell you that among the fantastic people that I met, there have been the guys and the girls at HTC’s headquarters in Taipei.

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All the best AR and VR news from CES 2019

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More on this news on Road To VR: article 1 , article 2 ). More on this news on Road To VR’s article 1 and article 2 and on Upload VR’s article 1 and article 2 ). More on this on Road To VR article 1 and article 2 ).

All you need to know about the Vive Cosmos

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My personal review hero, Ben Lang of Road To VR, comes to our rescue for this: in this fantastic article , he claims that he has spotted a new Qualcomm prototype exposed at CES , as a prototype manufactured by Acer and Quanta. Best articles virtual reality ces 2019 vive cosmos vr

The Surprising Brilliance of ‘Vacation Simulator’s’ VR Paintbrush Tech

Road to VR

Guest Article by Peter Galbraith & Zi Ye. Read more guest articles contributed by experts and insiders in AR and VR. Feature Guest Article News VR Design VR Development owlchemy labs Peter Galbraith vacation simulator Zi Ye

Eido Inoue tells us everything we need to know about HADO and location based augmented reality

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Well, after that article, I discovered that the CTO of MeLeap , the company behind HADO, is one of my readers! :O augmented reality Best articles interviews AR business hado japan lbar

Top 11 useful 360 photo articles of VeeR


With the goal of introducing the 360 VR medium into more people's daily lives, VeeR has picked 11 most useful articles for 360 photography. Whether you are a first-time amateur or a professional photographer, you will learn something new from these articles.

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Google’s Experiment With Web-Based Augmented Reality


Their latest breakthrough is called Article. According to a blog post published by Ali and Carpenter earlier this week: Article is a 3D model viewer that works for all browsers. In essence, Article wants to make sharing AR models as simple and addictive as posting GIFs and JPEGs.

Designing ‘Virtual Virtual Reality’, One of Mobile VR’s Most Immersive Games Yet

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This guest article by Mitch Mastroni, Interaction Designer at Tender Claws, the studio behind the game, explores how the game achieved significant immersion even on more restrictive mobile VR headsets. Guest Article by Mitch Mastroni.

Hands-on: Oculus Rift S is a Better, Easier to Use Rift (with a Few Tradeoffs)

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For a detailed look at specifications and features, see our article about the Rift S announcement here. Feature hardware preview News Oculus Rift Oculus Rift S VR Headset oculus rift s article oculus rift s hands on oculus rift s preview oculus rift s review

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Cloudhead Games – Lessons Learned From Five Years of VR Locomotion Experiments

Road to VR

Guest Article by Paul White and Antony Stevens. Feature Guest Article VR Development VR Locomotion antony stevens cloudhead games paul white vr development vr locomotion

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Exclusive: Designing Single-handed Shortcuts for VR & AR

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Guest Article by Barrett Fox & Martin Schubert. AR Design Feature Guest Article News VR Design ar design leap motion vr designFor new computing technologies to realize their full potential they need new user interfaces.

How to create a WebVR experience using Unity

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Well, just some days after that article, I’ve been proved wrong. Yesterday, I was reading an article on VentureBeat about the importance of WebXR. Best articles tutorials virtual reality gamedev mozilla unity vr webvr webxr

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Exclusive: Cloudhead Games Goes In-depth with Knuckles EV2 & Predecessors

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Guest Article by Denny Unger. Feature Guest Article News VR Controllers cloudhead games denny unger knuckles knuckles ev2 knuckles ev2 unboxing knuckles ev2 video

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HTC Vive Pro first impressions: should you buy it?

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Best articles reviews virtual reality htc vive htc vive pro professional review vive pro vr

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Exploring Methods for Conveying Object Weight in Virtual Reality

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Guest Article by B-Reel. Feature VR Design VR Development b-reel guest article resistance feedback resistive feedback simulate object mass simulate vr weight vr design weight in virtual reality weight in vr

Achieve your fitness goals with your very own personal trainer in Virtual Reality! (Partnered Post)

Enter VR

articles Featured Cris Miranda virtual reality fitness virtual reality personal trainer vr combat sports vr fight school vr fitness vr personal trainerI’m Cris Miranda, the producer of the Enter VR podcast and i’m excited to announce my new venture as a virtual reality.

You can now buy and sell High Fidelity currency

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Articles VR & AR High FidelityOne of the shops at High Fidelity’s Avatar Island. Image courtesy High Fidelity.). High Fidelity , the new virtual world platform started by Linden Lab founder Philip Rosedale, now allows its users to convert its virtual currency to real-world cash.

VR shows value in enterprises

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Articles News VR & AR VR Intelligence(Image courtesy VR Intelligence.). Survey: Enterprise Companies Seeing Strong Return on Investment in VR & AR.

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Educators open free resource shop on OSgrid

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Articles Metaverse News Educator Commons OSGridThe Educator Commons store on OSgrid’s Wright Plaza. Image by Maria Korolov.).

New York Times Hitchhikes on NASA's Mission to Mars via Augmented Reality

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The article also features a 3D model of the InSight lander, which will. In the latest installment in its burgeoning augmented reality journalism practice, The New York Times is bringing its readers closer to Mars and NASA's latest spacecraft set to travel to the red planet.

Augmented Reality Reporting from NY Times Shows That Military Perpetrated Syria Chemical Attack

Next Reality AR

In the article, "How We Created a Virtual Crime Scene to Investigate Syria's Chemical Attack", readers (using the NY Times app for iOS or Android) can place the 3D model of the detonation scene in their physical environment and walk around the remains of a chlorine bomb.

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Step inside Artwork in Virtual Reality


My monthly column for the brilliant VR Focus continued in January with an article looking at a special subset of VR art apps that allow you to actually step inside works of art. To read the full article on the VR Focus site, click here.

New York Times Leads Readers on an AR Journey Through the Cave That Trapped the Thai Soccer Team

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When viewed through the NY Times app for iOS or Android on ARKit or ARCore-compatible devices, the article presents a black wall with life-sized cutouts depicting the various openings the boys, their coach, and their rescuers encountered throughout.

Practical ways to integrate high-end VR


September sees the launch of a series of guest articles I am writing for VR Focus. I'll be writing one article a month for them and the content will be fresh features not found here on VirtualiTeach. To read the article in full on the VR Focus site, click here


Taking the plunge with high-end VR


September sees the launch of a series of guest articles I am writing for VR Focus. I'll be writing one article a month for them and the content will be fresh features not found here on VirtualiTeach. To read the article in full on the VR Focus site, click here


Virtual Reality in Schools: One important Consideration.

RealVision VR

This article will focus (pun unintended) on one aspect of VR in Schools… that NO extensive study or best practices guide has touched on yet, that of stereoscopic imagery, vergence-accommodation coupled with mechanical inconsistencies that VR HMDs might have on young kids being introduced to VR.

An Interesting Infographic Gives Glimpses into the Possible Future of VR Technology


I’m not going to unpack all of it in this article but take a look at the whole infographic below. The infographic sites an article by Wareable that recounts some of Michael Abrash’s visions for the future.

10 Key Benefits of VR in Education


To make up for this I decided to offer them an article which I had intended on publishing here on my own site. Head on over to VR Focus to view the graphic and read my accompanying article which adds a little detail to each of the 10 concepts.

Creator Portal Confirms Magic Leap One Runs on Nvidia Tegra Chip

Next Reality AR

An article titled "NVIDIA Tegra Graphics Debugger" appears to confirm that Magic Leap One (or ML1 for short) will contain an Nvidia Tegra processor.

The Top 10 VR Edu Apps of 2018


To read the article on the VR Focus website, click on the logo below. To access the archives of all my articles for VR Focus, click here My December column for VR Focus was a top ten list of educational VR apps for 2018.

Oculus Details New Functionality in Audio SDK – Near-field 3D Audio and Volumetric Sound Sources

Road to VR

In a new series of articles on the official Oculus Developer Blog, the company is offering an overview of additions to the Oculus Audio SDK, specifically new techniques for near-field 3D audio and volumetric sound source rendering.

Oculus 245

Get ready for a new era of personalized entertainment

TechCrunch VR

Concretely, it means that your digital footprint, personal preferences and context unlock alternative features in the content itself, be it a news article, live video or a hit series on your streaming service. Jarno M. Koponen. Contributor. Jarno M.

Oculus Quest: Unboxing, Pairing, Developer Mode and Mirror/Casting Videos


You can also check out our article on why you should consider the headset for your VR projects. Oculus Quest: Unboxing, Pairing, and Mirror/Casting Videos. The new Oculus Quest VR headset has been released and a member of our marketing team put together a series of fun videos.

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