20 Most-Read ARPost Articles of 2020


From the most anticipated VR games in 2020, and reviews of various XR headsets, to the benefits of VR in banking, and AR in the toy industry, these are the 20 stories ARPost readers clicked on the most in 2020. Augmented Reality And Hearables: Where The Two Technologies Meet.

Facebook Instant Articles Now Support 360 Videos and Photos


Now Facebook is also letting publishers post 360 videos and photos to Instant Articles. Facebook’s Instant Articles is the latest format that displays publisher’s content in a faster loading, ad-light version of Facebook when accessed by users on mobile devices. Each Instant Article can contain multiple 360 photos and videos that you can explore, share, and comment on in the context of a story. Over a year ago Facebook launched 360 videos in the Newsfeed.


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Innovative Headset Manufacturer IMMY Enters Article 9 Foreclosure, Auctions Assets


Unfortunately, we recently received news that IMMY has entered Article 9 Foreclosure and is auctioning off assets including patents and equipment. An email circulated on October 2 announced that IMMY had entered “Article 9 Foreclosure” and would be auctioning off assets.

The dangers of clickbait articles that explore VR

Virtual Perceptions

Let’s talk about the misleading PC Gamer article. ’ The article doesn’t expand much further on this, as it then touches on how competitors can’t match the price of the Quest 2’s consumer version because Facebook’s backing is so large. .

Data 56

This Bot Clicking Ads on Climate Articles Shows the News Is Broken

GizModo VR

articles click fraud environment software deception misinformation tega brain internet fraud operating systems internet bot consumer fraud sam lavigne social media climate change denial online advertisingWatching Synthetic Messenger is a somewhat dissociative experience.

E3 organizer apologizes after sharing article about ‘games for women’

Digital Trends

The ESA account took down the post for "perpetuating a harmful stereotype" about female gamers. Gaming News breaking twitter E3 Games

Facebook Will Finally Tell Your Aunt That Article Is From 3 Months Ago

GizModo VR

Raise your hand if you sometimes forget to look at the publication date of an article before you breathlessly share it with a friend? that article was published in 1659 facebook old news


Facebook will try to make sure you've read an article before you share it

Mashable VR

On Monday, Facebook announced it will start testing a new feature that will nudge users to actually read an article before they share it. If you try to share a news article link that you haven't opened, Facebook will show a prompt encouraging you to open it and read it.


NY Times’ New AR Article Captures Lakeith Stanfield’s Balancing Act


As part of its “Great Performers” series The New York Times debuted a new AR article featuring Get Out actor Lakeith Stanfield performing a balancing act. Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post NY Times’ New AR Article Captures Lakeith Stanfield’s Balancing Act appeared first on UploadVR. The AR content seems to work seamlessly on a recent iPhone or iPad with the NY Times app installed.

8 Ways to Annotate Readings, Websites and Online Articles with Examples

Teacher Reboot Camp

For more resources, check out my article, Critical Reading with Digital Devices , posted on ESL Library. “Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.” ” – John Locke. One of the most important skills for our digital learners is inspecting the information they consume with a critical eye. The challenge is to turn this into a habit students do outside the classroom.

Twitter and Facebook restrict sharing of disputed 'NY Post' article ahead of election

Mashable VR

Facebook and Twitter restricted the spread of a disputed New York Post article on Wednesday. Twitter is actively blocking users from both tweeting and direct messaging the article link. Facebook, for its part , is "reducing [the article's] distribution" for the time being.

It's Finally In this article! VR Omni-Directional Treadmill… and it's Insane!


Hello! Currently I have my early evaluation of the KatWalk C, the to start with and only Buyer amount and priced VR omni-directional treadmill. perfectly in fact its substantially extra … Source.

How to create an audio version of any too-long-to-read article

Mashable VR

If you find reading long articles and features challenging, why not convert them to audio so you can listen to the content at a time and pace that suits you? article in a matter of minutes.

Study 52

Twitter to Roll Out Prompt Warning You to Read the Dang Article

GizModo VR

Twitter is rolling out its system that warns its users that they’re huge dumbasses who might want to consider reading the goddamn article first, the company announced on Thursday. Basically, this is the 2020 equivalent of Microsoft Clippy asking “Are you sure you want to do that?” Read more. posting twitter social media technology apps media

Top 10 Articles


” The post Top 10 Articles appeared first on VR World. In today’s edition of Top 10, we take a stroll the virtual information lane during May Day and see what’s interesting around the globe. Flying Cars, Electric Trucks and Human Face in VR. How Kuku Robots Create The New Tesla Model 3… [link] news/35523/leaked-images- reveal-tesla-model-3- production-robots/.

19 Most-Read ARPost Articles of 2019


From security and privacy risks of VR and AR, to how journalists are using immersive technologies for next-level news, to how XR is revolutionizing various industries, these are the 19 stories ARPost readers clicked on the most in 2019: 19.

AR 87

Twitter will ask everyone if they read an article before they retweet it

Mashable VR

Sure it is, but if you haven't actually read the article, you may be retweeting nonsense, or — even worse — completely false information. To combat this, Twitter started testing a new feature in June, asking users whether they had actually read an article before retweeting it. During the test period, Twitter says it found that people opened articles 40 percent more often after seeing the prompt. See a cool headline, retweet it. Easy, right?


These bendable hangers can hang any article of clothing — Future Blink

Mashable VR

Hangio' hangers are made from durable materials that can mold to fit your clothes and keep them from being stretched out or slipping off. Read more. More about Tech , Mashable Video , Clothing , Eco Friendly , and Future Blink. Tech Mashable Video Clothing Eco Friendly Future Blink

Video 75

All you need to know on Oculus Connect 6: the most important news in one single article!

The Ghost Howls

But now, in this article, it is time to go deeper. I read (and watched) lots of materials about the Oculus Connect 6, and it is time for me to merge all this info into a super-big-fat-article with all you need to know on the Oculus Connect 6 , so that all of you in the communities can stay informed on what has happened without reading more than 60 articles as I did!

Oculus 236

Top Five Articles You Should Read This Thursday


” The post Top Five Articles You Should Read This Thursday appeared first on VR World. Welcome to this week’s edition of Top Five Thursday. What’s new around the globe: Sky is the limit for the upcoming drone with a 100 megapixel camera! link] and-hasselblad-team-for-a-100- megapixel-camera-drone- 25483279/.

'Censored' New York Post Article Has Been Shared Only. 470,000 Times on Facebook

GizModo VR

This week, Republicans got their most coveted pre-election prize: smoking-gun evidence that Facebook and Twitter are depriving them of their God-given right to say whatever they want on Facebook and Twitter, as the Founding Fathers intended. It’s the moment they’ve all been waiting for.

Top 11 useful 360 photo articles of VeeR


With the goal of introducing the 360 VR medium into more people's daily lives, VeeR has picked 11 most useful articles for 360 photography. Whether you are a first-time amateur or a professional photographer, you will learn something new from these articles. With the recent launch of 360 photo hosting service, thousands of panoramic photographers have shared their amazing works with us.

Tips 23

How to build your passthrough AR app for Oculus Quest in Unity

The Ghost Howls

And share this article with your peers so that also all of them can experiment with Passthrough APIs, too! augmented reality Best articles tutorials AR oculus quest

Unity 401

Pico Neo 3 Pro full review: a very solid device

The Ghost Howls

As usual, I have also created a video version of this article, and in it, I describe to you all the main features of this headset , from the visuals to the comfort, not to mention the headset and controllers’ tracking. Best articles reviews virtual reality China pico

China 320

Pico Neo 3 new specs and photos revealed!

The Ghost Howls

And don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to get more articles like this straight in your inbox!). Best articles virtual reality pico neo 3

China 398

Exclusive hands-on with Huawei VR glasses 6DOF devkit (with FXG’s Nikk Mitchell)

The Ghost Howls

Its CEO is the amazing Nikk Mitchell , a very active and passionate VR guy: he’s a friend of mine, and he’s also one of my Patrons, and so it came natural for us to collaborate for this article, to inform all of you of the community about what Huawei is doing in VR.

China 371

Exclusive interview and footage about “Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual”!

The Ghost Howls

If you, like me, were a fan of LucasArts’ point-and-click adventures and are excited for this game, then I’m sure you will love this article, because here you will discover a lot of interesting info about the game! Best articles interviews virtual reality gaming sam & max

Behind the scenes of the VR concert Welcome To The Other Side

The Ghost Howls

it is a model we took from a dedicated store (UPDATE: in a previous version of the article, I have written we got the model from Ubisoft, but this is not true. Best articles success virtual reality concert event vrchat

Italy 426

Oculus Quest Pro Leak: Promo Videos Show Possible Headset Design

Upload VR

We may well have an Oculus Quest Pro leak that gives us our first look at the headset from possibly leaked promotional videos ahead of Facebook Connect this week.

Oculus 113

How I got started with virtual reality (and you can, too)

The Ghost Howls

I started with some really mediocre articles, but again, for some weird reasons, people started reading me. I so started investing more time on my blog, and learning from the articles of other “real journalists” how I should have written my posts.

My predictions for augmented reality in 2021

The Ghost Howls

While I was writing this article, I’ve found on Road To VR a new rumor from Bloomberg about the fact that even Apple may be building a headset of this kind : a lightweight VR visor with passthrough AR functionalities that could be released next year.

After The Fall: Vertigo On Campaign, Co-Op And Post-Launch

Upload VR

It’s After The Fall time on Upload Access, and we’re kicking things off with an exclusive new interview for the upcoming shooter. We sit down with Vertigo Games community manager, TamTu Bui, to talk about what to expect from the upcoming cooperative shooter.

My predictions for virtual reality in 2021

The Ghost Howls

Best articles virtual reality 2021 predictionsLet’s be honest: no one made correct predictions for 2020. The global pandemic has changed the rules for everything, and the situation is so confusing and so rapidly evolving that any prediction for 2021 is completely unreliable, too.

Standalone 5G headsets are coming in 2021

The Ghost Howls

augmented reality Best articles virtual reality ARIn the XR communities, the hype for the Qualcomm XR2 reference design is high, because it will bring many innovations to standalone XR headsets : better graphics, eye tracking, passthrough vision, AI, and much more.

Varjo Teases ‘Varjo For All’ Message Ahead Of New Reveal

Upload VR

Ahead of an announcement this Thursday, high-end headset maker Varjo is teasing the message ‘Varjo For All’ That phrase was hidden in a teaser video the company posted on its Twitter account this week.

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Facebook To Hire 10,000 Across The EU In Metaverse Push

Upload VR

Facebook today announced plans to hire 10,000 people across the European Union over the next five years to work on its take on the metaverse. The social networking giant announced as much in a new blog post authored by Nick Clegg, VP Global Affairs, and Javier Olivan, VP Central Products.

Mojo Vision: AR contact lenses are coming far sooner than you think

The Ghost Howls

Discover this and many other intriguing details in this article that summarizes the interview I had with Steve Sinclair, SVP Product & Marketing at Mojo Vision! augmented reality Best articles interviews AR contact lenses mojo vision

AR 398