Magic Leap Shows Prototype Headset Progress Since 2014

Road to VR

At a sponsored GDC 2018 session, the still mysterious augmented reality company Magic Leap has revealed how their prototype hardware has evolved from 2014 to present day. ” Magic Leap “The Bench” Prototype from 2014 – Photo: Road to VR.

Bookshelf: Sex, Drugs and Tessellation


Hot off the press is Ben Delaney’s authoritative new book, Sex, Drugs, and Tessellation which collects 6 years of wisdom from Ben’s CyberEdge Journal , the go-to virtual reality publication from 1991 through 1996.

Cinematic VR production – Constructive Critique paper.

RealVision VR

A document on observations based on Youtube snippets of upcoming Cinematic VR movies under production by JauntVR. Disclaimer: This document is for educational purposes only and is based off observations from a less than ideal evaluation platform (screen grabs from a youtube video). Any insights gleaned should be taken as seed ideas only, to extrapolate and learn from. Credit to JauntVR for their pioneering work underway, in the field of Cinematic VR production.

Virtual Reality (1991) – “Many Believe It Will Revolutionize The Way We Live”


ABC Primetime covers the VR scene in Sept. Although this news report conflates computer animation footage with Virtual Reality, it also features interviews with Jon Waldern, Fred Brooks, Howard Rheingold, Mike McGreevey, and C L Dodgson (virtually, of course.)

W-Industries Unscripted


W-Industries (Virtuality) always seemed to have a PR person riding herd on any video material that was released about the company or products. Everything the public saw was tightly scripted and edited.

The Realism Of 3D Movies


Speechless!! The post The Realism Of 3D Movies appeared first on V-Rtifacts. And All That Hype Cybersex In the Movies Stereoscopic 3D 3D Speechless


The 6th Stage of Grief


Parody! – In under four minutes all 5100 /r/oculus posts are neatly summed up. Godwin’s law kicks in big time! The post The 6th Stage of Grief appeared first on V-Rtifacts. Head Mounted Displays Psychology VR Companies VR Now Godwin's Law Helmet HMD Oculus Parody

Oculus Chief Scientist VR Industry Predictions: From 2014 to.


Oculus Chief Scientist VR Industry Predictions: From 2014 to Now It may only be two years old, but Oculus’ Connect developer conference has already established some cherished traditions.

Game Industry Job Postings Are Decreasing, But VR Jobs Are Up 400% Since 2014


The number of jobs posted for game developers has declined 65 percent since 2014, according to an analysis by the job search site Indeed. Searches for game designer jobs has remained relatively constant since 2014.

A Brief History of Virtual Reality at CES

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CES 2013 / 2014: The Early Years. The following year at CES 2014, Oculus had to share the immersive technology limelight with a slew of new startups who had appeared in the wake of Oculus’ success.

Layar Founders Hope to Buy Back Company in Blippar Asset Sale

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But now, with Blippar's story nearly at an end, a surprise twist has entered the company's story — the founders of Layar, which was sold to Blippar in 2014, are one of the bidders for Blippar's assets.


You’re Taking Me for ARide

Tech Trends VR

Jarvish was founded in 2014 by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts Click To Tweet. The company was founded in 2014 by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts and members of the former Advance Technology Division (ATD) team at Foxconn.

Oculus’ Jason Rubin Now Overseeing AR/VR Content & Partnerships at Facebook

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Jason Rubin joined Oculus in 2014 and has been a key figure in guiding the company’s content investments and strategy. Rubin brought significant games industry experience to Oculus when he joined in 2014.

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Facebook Expands to Enable 360 Photos in News Feeds


billion in 2014. Earlier last week, Oculus announced a handful of new changes to Gear VR , its mobile headset for Samsung phones, along with one big new Facebook feature created with virtual reality (VR) in mind: the arrival of 360-degree photo capability in Facebook’s News Feed.

Facebook’s future may lie in Virtual Reality


Ever wondered what Facebook has in store after its acquisition of Oculus Rift in 2014? Last week during the Oculus Connect 3 Conference, Mark Zuckerberg introduced the future of Facebook messaging.

Sony Working on Minority Report Style VR Glove


Given this patent application was back in 2014, perhaps Sony is keeping this under wraps? Many people would love to be Tom Cruise. Many others would like to experience technology in some of his movies such as the AR/VR device in the Minority Report.

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All you need to know on Azure Kinect

The Ghost Howls

You all know that I am a big fan of the Kinect.

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Magic Leap demo is exactly what the AR startup didn’t need


This company suggested that they had tech nearly ready for a broad scale release back in 2014, but now, hear near the end of 2017, they still don’t really have a product that can be purchased.

Facebook Files Patent For VR Finger Tracking AI Armband


Leap Motion shipped a finger tracking kit for the Oculus DK2 all the way back in 2014, but the tracking quality left a lot to be desired. Facebook filed a patent application for an armband which performs finger tracking by reading electrical signals inside the user’s wrist.

Facebook & ZeniMax Settle Major Legal Dispute Over VR Intellectual Property

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ZeniMax took Oculus to court after its acquisition by Facebook in 2014. Although we don’t expect to see bad blood wash off so quickly, at very least Oculus has extracted one of the most serious thorns in their side since the company was acquired by Facebook back in 2014.

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Sherwin-Williams AR App Takes Hassle Out of Choosing Paint Colors


In 2014, the Dutch company AkzoNobel launched the world’s first AR painting app called Visualizer and won a major technology prize at the 2014 UK IT Industry Awards for it. Explore over 1,500 paint options for your walls. .

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Study Finds Female & Male Students Prefer Different VR Instructors


Guido Makransky, Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen, has been actively studying the benefits of VR technology in the education sector since 2014, conducting numerous studies that tested hundreds of highschool and university students’ cognitive and emotional learning processes.

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Where is VR/AR and Education Now?


In March 2014 Facebook bought Oculus and the current wave of interest in VR and AR was reborn. Of the 25+ venture-backed VR/AR education companies that launched since 2014, over ten cater to K-12 teachers, providing interactive tools, learning software, augmented books, and lesson plans aligned to Common Core standards. Companies including zSpace, Nearpod and Upskill were all founded before 2014, but began receiving much larger venture funding in recent years.

‘Elite Dangerous’ to See Overhaul in ‘Beyond’ Update, Open Beta Begins January 25th

Road to VR

Frontier Developments today announced an open beta test for the upcoming update to the third season of Elite Dangerous (2014), the open-universe space simulator for VR and non-VR players.

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Updates on the Decentralized Metaverse: WebXR, A-Frame, & ‘Supermedium’

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It’s been a long journey to the official launch of WebVR, and here’s some of the previous conversations about WebVR since the beginning of the podcast in May 2014. #13: 13: Vlad Vukicevic at SVVR 2014. #40: 40: Tony Parisi at SVVR 2014. #81:

‘Serenity VR’ Fan Project Lets You Step Aboard The Most Famous Firefly-class Ship

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Starting out in 2014, Tabar originally designed Serenity for the Oculus Rift DK2. Serenity, the firefly-class spaceship from cult TV show Firefly (2002) and film Serenity (2005), is now full explorable in VR.

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Virtual Reality in Schools: One important Consideration.

RealVision VR

But, possibly being the first 4 year old to step into Virtual reality back in 2014, I had to make sure I was doing everything possible within my understanding, to cause no unintentional harm to those young, developing eyeballs.

Reflecting on AltspaceVR’s Technical Achievements & Social VR Lessons Learned

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September 2014 – #90: Cymatic Bruce on Virtual Social Spaces in AltSpace VR. AltspaceVR held its final official Good Bye gathering on Thursday, August 3rd after announcing last week that they had run out of money and their investors decided to not invest any more.

Exploring the Titanic in Virtual Reality

Tech Trends VR

Immersive VR Education was founded by husband-wife team – David (CEO) and Sandra (COO) Whelan in 2014, where they proceeded to create a virtual learning platform called ENGAGE for universities and corporate educators. A new game lets you dive deep into the infamous ship’s history.

Criterion Games’ “best Oculus game you’ve ever played” Has Been Cancelled


At the 2014 iteration of the industry’s biggest event studio General Manager Matt Webster revealed an early look at an incredibly ambitious multi-vehicle racing game at publisher EA’s press conference.

Psychological VR Thriller ‘Blind’ Coming to Rift, Vive and PSVR – Teaser Trailer Here

Road to VR

Blind was inspired by Tiny Bull Studios’ prototype PC game Come to See My House, which won The Best Game award at the Turin, Italy jam site for the 2014 Global Game Jam. Blind is an upcoming psychological thriller that puts you in a world of darkness.

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AntVR Launches ‘Mix’ AR Headset Kickstarter, Promising a 96-degree FOV for $500

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AntVR has come a long way since it launched their first Kickstarter back in May 2014, which garnered over $260,000 to realize what at the time was positioned as a competitor to the Oculus Rift DK2.

Oculus Demos Minecraft for Gear VR, Complete with a Side of Nausea

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Since its purchase by Microsoft in 2014, Minecraft has regularly been pushed to new platforms such as Windows 10, Wii U, and Fire TV. In that spirit, Microsoft-owned Mojang has been developing virtual- and augmented-reality versions of the blocky sandbox game.

Psychological VR Thriller ‘Blind’ to Launch on PSVR, Rift & Vive September 18th

Road to VR

Initially conceived during the 2014 Global Game Jam, Blind has come a long way for the Turin, Italy-based Tiny Bull Studios. The concept won ‘Best Game’ of the 2014 Turin Game Jam, owing to its innovative echolocation mechanic.

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‘Astro Bot’ Ranked 6th Best PS4 Game of 2018, #1 PSVR Game of All Time

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Looking at all PS4 games ever , Astro Bot ranks #23, alongside titles like Monster Hunter: World (2018) and Fez (2014). PSVR exclusive ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission has been making waves among critics and players alike since its release at the beginning of the month.

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A Year in Tech: 2018 Recap

Tech Trends VR

New research by Public Health England (PHE) has found a 70% rise in the number of deaths of epilepsy patients between 2001 and 2014. A look back at some of the most exciting moments & innovations Tech Trends covered in 2018! Cryptocurrency.

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Pre-orders for the Fove 0 eye-tracking VR headset go live November 2


Fove, a Startup Battlefield alum from Disrupt SF 2014, will begin taking pre-orders for the eye-tracking headset, now officially called the Fove 0, at 8 am PST on November 2. The first consumer VR headset to integrate eye-tracking is about ready for primetime.

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Facebook Paid How Much for Oculus? $3 Billion


Back in March 2014, Facebook announced they were purchasing Oculus VR for a reputed $2 Billion, which is $2,000,000,000. That is a lot of zeros indeed and made many people rich at Oculus.

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ANTVR to Launch New Kickstarter to Fund a Hybrid AR/VR Headset

Road to VR

The company, which launched their first Kickstarter back in May 2014, raked in over $260,000 to realize their wireless VR headset.

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Dexmo exoskeleton VR gloves inches to a final product


Back in 2014, before the first commercial VR headsets hit the market, Chinese company Dexta Robotics was already asking the hard questions: how do you implement user input and interaction without breaking the illusion of an immersive virtual reality world.

Disney to Develop New “Top Secret” VR Short Film Following Success of ‘Cycles’

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Starting in 2014, Disney’s Accelerator started backing around 10 companies each year, offering financial investment and a mentorship program at the company’s creative campus in LA.

Magic Leap Promises to Show a Real Demo and Share Specs Next Week

Road to VR

SEE ALSO Magic Leap Shows Prototype Headset Progress Since 2014.

‘Gang Beasts’ PSVR Support to Come in Subsequent Update Following PS4 Launch Next Week

Road to VR

Gang Beasts (2014) , the multiplayer brawler made famous on PC, is finally heading to PlayStation 4 next week.

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