Cal Hacks 2014: Voice-Commanded Virtual Reality and Musical Data


The post Cal Hacks 2014: Voice-Commanded Virtual Reality and Musical Data appeared first on Leap Motion Blog. It’s no secret that for many developers in our community, midnight is the hour when the hacking gets good.

Magic Leap Shows Prototype Headset Progress Since 2014

Road to VR

At a sponsored GDC 2018 session, the still mysterious augmented reality company Magic Leap has revealed how their prototype hardware has evolved from 2014 to present day. ” Magic Leap “The Bench” Prototype from 2014 – Photo: Road to VR. ” The ‘Cheese Head’ 2014 Magic Leap prototype Photo: Road to VR. The post Magic Leap Shows Prototype Headset Progress Since 2014 appeared first on Road to VR.


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Meet the 3D Jam Top 20!


Happy holidays! Today we’re thrilled to announce the top 20 semi-finalists for the Leap Motion 3D Jam: Presented by IndieCade – our six-week global competition for $75,000 in cash and prizes.

LeapJS Widgets: A New Library for 3D Web Design


Who said Unity developers have all the fun ? From building virtual hands in Three.js to browser-based virtual reality , we’re also developing new tools to enable truly 3D interaction on the web.

Unity 36

Cinematic VR production – Constructive Critique paper.

RealVision VR

A document on observations based on Youtube snippets of upcoming Cinematic VR movies under production by JauntVR. Disclaimer: This document is for educational purposes only and is based off observations from a less than ideal evaluation platform (screen grabs from a youtube video). Any insights gleaned should be taken as seed ideas only, to extrapolate and learn from. Credit to JauntVR for their pioneering work underway, in the field of Cinematic VR production.

150+ New Demos: Cast Your Vote for Community Favorite!


After six weeks of heated competition, the 3D Jam closed with 150+ final submissions from developers in more than 40 countries around the globe. Now the first round of judging is underway – and you can vote for your favorites!

Sony 36

Who Will Win the Leap Motion 3D Jam? 7 Early Submissions


This weekend, we saw 50+ early submissions to the Leap Motion 3D Jam! To celebrate the milestone, we’re hosting a live Let’s Play tomorrow at 4pm PST on Twitch TV – where you can join developers, gamers, and tech lovers to offer your commentary on these early contenders for jam supremacy.

New Videos: Getting Started with Unity, VR, and UX/UI


It’s been a busy month on the Leap Motion Twitch TV channel! With our 3D Jam Let’s Play! coming up on Wednesday, we thought we’d highlight our recent tutorial and Q&A sessions, which are now available on YouTube.

Unity 36

#3DJam: Mega Creature Smash!


Ever feel like destroying everything around you? As developers push to release their early builds for today’s 3D Jam milestone, we thought we’d spotlight one of our earliest #ScreenshotSaturday submitters.

#3DJam: The Blind Leading the Blind… in VR!


One of the great appeals of motion control is that it gives us an enormous feeling of power and control over our digital environment. But what if someone took that control away from you?

Chad 36

Building the 3D Web with Mozilla + Leap Motion


How pervasive will virtual reality be? VR has the power to fundamentally transform the way we learn, play, share and even browse the web.

Bending Music and Spacetime with Leap Motion + VR


Ever wondered how a subatomic particle feels as it accelerates through the supercollider on the road to annihilation? From the developer behind Kyoto and Lotus , Collider is a new audiovisual experience that takes you on a journey through a psychedelic vortex of light and sound.

Hacking the Fourth Wall at IndieCade


San Francisco is a city fueled by the Cloud, both literally and figuratively. Karl, you’re great – the bearded mystic that keeps a spring in our step and a song in our hearts – but distance makes the heart grow fonder!)

Leap Motion 3D Jam: Presented by IndieCade


Developers, start your engines! Starting on October 19th, Leap Motion and IndieCade are kicking off a six-week global competition for developers to build innovative experiences for desktop, virtual reality, and beyond.

Inside Leap Motion: 5 Hands-On Tips for Developing in VR


From gaming to big data, virtual reality gives us the chance to build and explore whole new worlds beyond the screen. As we developed demos and prototypes with the Oculus Rift internally, several UX insights sprung forth.

Meteorite that hit Earth in 2014 confirmed to be from outside our solar system

Mashable VR

military has confirmed, years after the impact, that a meteorite that hit earth in 2014 was interstellar in origin. The meteorite's 2014 impact predates 2017's Oumuamua , which some believed to be extraterrestrial in origin. The U.S.

Data 83

Newsletter 51 – #WWYL? How Hardware Hacks can Change the World


Congratulations to all the developers who hacked and coded their way to glory at this weekend’s PennApps Spring 2014. February 21–23, 2014 – Austin, TX. What do 3D printers and analog clocks have in common?

Look and Reach into Another Layer of Reality


Experimental headsets are changing how we see the world, either by creating the virtual worlds of our imaginations, like the Oculus Rift, or adding ghostly layers on top of the real world, like Google Glass.

Newsletter 56 – Futuristic car concepts and gamifying physical therapy


What if casual gaming could help people suffering from physical injuries recover faster? This week on Developer Labs, see how two LEAP.AXLR8R teams are gamifying physical therapy to help victims of conditions ranging from stroke to lazy eye.

3D App Design and Easy Finger Indexing with OpenSpace3D


Hello again! I’m Bastien Bourineau, project manager and lead developer at OpenSpace3D, and I’m back to introduce the new OpenSpace3D release with improved Leap Motion support – including how we got around the perennial indexing issue.

Game Industry Job Postings Are Decreasing, But VR Jobs Are Up 400% Since 2014

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

The number of jobs posted for game developers has declined 65 percent since 2014, according to an analysis by the job search site Indeed. Searches for game designer jobs has remained relatively constant since 2014. And after a decline in 2014, job growth for esports has steadily increased, up 40 percent overall. But since 2014, AR/VR has seen job growth both at traditional game companies and at technology companies too.

All Hands on Deck: Explore Your Options with Hand Viewer for Unity


The choice of hand design can fundamentally make or break user experience. As a developer, a hyper-realist render in your trippy space shooter might be an intergalactic buzzkill. Conversely, if your user is playing a general in a WWII bunker, you might want to lean more human than cyborg. Hand Viewer , a brand-new release in our Examples Gallery , gives you an arsenal of onscreen hands to experiment with as you build new desktop experiences with Leap Motion.

Unity 28

The 6th Stage of Grief


Parody! – In under four minutes all 5100 /r/oculus posts are neatly summed up. Godwin’s law kicks in big time! The post The 6th Stage of Grief appeared first on V-Rtifacts. Head Mounted Displays Psychology VR Companies VR Now Godwin's Law Helmet HMD Oculus Parody

Why Sell Out? Oculus -> Facebook


A lot of people are fuming over today’s announcement that Facebook would be buying Palmer Luckey’s Oculus. Palmer and company produced two mainstream marketed development kit head mounted displays which became darlings of the grassroots VR/Gamer community.

Virtual Reality (1991) – “Many Believe It Will Revolutionize The Way We Live”


ABC Primetime covers the VR scene in Sept. Although this news report conflates computer animation footage with Virtual Reality, it also features interviews with Jon Waldern, Fred Brooks, Howard Rheingold, Mike McGreevey, and C L Dodgson (virtually, of course.) With the advantage of hindsight, it’s interesting to see which predictions from 23 years ago have panned out and which are way out in left field.

W-Industries Unscripted


W-Industries (Virtuality) always seemed to have a PR person riding herd on any video material that was released about the company or products. Everything the public saw was tightly scripted and edited. But… here’s a 1992 video from inside the factory that’s more of a home movie cum operations tutorial. We are guided through some of the guts of the Series 1000, the pre-play systems, and the assembly area.

Inside the Leap Motion AXLR8R: 90 Seconds with GetVu


Imagine a fully interactive augmented reality – an extra layer on top of our world that we can see, grab, and control. At the LEAP.AXLR8R, GetVu is exploring the boundaries of augmented reality with a platform that combines computer vision with human vision in a wearable device. With Leap Motion interaction, they envision a future where virtual games, architectural models, and 3D designs can live in the real world.

Inside the Leap Motion AXLR8R: 90 Seconds with Diplopia


Could 3D interfaces make it possible for people with eye problems to see in three dimensions? James Blaha has strabismus or “cross-eye,” which means that his brain ignores input from his non-dominant eye. By creating a game that forces your eyes to work together, he hopes to offer a therapeutic virtual-reality solution that makes it fun for people to overcome their amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus with games.

The Realism Of 3D Movies


Speechless!! The post The Realism Of 3D Movies appeared first on V-Rtifacts. And All That Hype Cybersex In the Movies Stereoscopic 3D 3D Speechless


Viral Image Claiming to Show a Helicopter De-Icing Texas Wind Turbines Is From Winter 2014 in Sweden

GizModo VR

In the midst of a record cold snap where Texas’ grid has failed to meet demand, misinformation is running rampant. Among the most pernicious memes propagating online are that Texas’ wind turbines have frozen and that that has led to the blackout. Read more.

Sweden 114

Oculus Chief Scientist VR Industry Predictions: From 2014 to.


Oculus Chief Scientist VR Industry Predictions: From 2014 to Now It may only be two years old, but Oculus’ Connect developer conference has already established some cherished traditions. Many look forward to John Carmack’s annual assault on developer’s brains with an information overload, but Chief Scientist Michael Abrash’s own talk, which usually follows the primary keynote, is also not to be missed.

Netflix's Oni: The Thunder Gods Tale Trailer Stunningly Animates Japanese Demons and Monsters

GizModo VR

Oni is led by its creator and showrunner, Dice (Daisuke) Tsutsumi, who co-directed The Dam Keeper , an 2014 Academy-Award nominated short film Read more.

Major 10 Digital Fact Video games


Here’s a search at the world’s biggest digital fact video games for hardware this sort of as Oculus Rift, Venture Morpheus, Virtuix Omni and … source.

Video 52

2014: A Year in Virtual Superlatives


We learned so much on the ground with our developer community in 2014. And now, for a bit of inspiration, behold – our 2014 Shortlist of Virtual Superlatives: Most Uncanny Robert Downey Jr. The post 2014: A Year in Virtual Superlatives appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

Tennis Star Feared Extreme Heat at the Tokyo Olympics Could Kill Him

GizModo VR

olympics tennis the olympics environment earth sciences marketa vondrousova humidity physical geography novak djokovic daniil medvedev football atmospheric thermodynamics paula badosa sports heat index ariake heat stroke urban heat island the 2014 australia open

How to Watch Tomorrow's ‘Super Blood Moon’ Eclipse

GizModo VR

eclipse moon lunar observation diana hannikainen units of time eclipses in science solar eclipse of july 22 solar eclipse of march 29 april 2014 lunar eclipse time solar eclipse contemporary history lunar eclipse

Oscar Effects

Digital Trends

Movies & TV Oscar Effects Oscar Effects 2014 Oscar Effects 2015 Oscar Effects 2016 Oscar Effects 2017 Oscar Effects 2018Every year, five films are nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Visual Effects category.