Cinematic VR production – Constructive Critique paper.

RealVision VR

A document on observations based on Youtube snippets of upcoming Cinematic VR movies under production by JauntVR. Disclaimer: This document is for educational purposes only and is based off observations from a less than ideal evaluation platform (screen grabs from a youtube video). Any insights gleaned should be taken as seed ideas only, to extrapolate and learn from. Credit to JauntVR for their pioneering work underway, in the field of Cinematic VR production.

Magic Leap Shows Prototype Headset Progress Since 2014

Road to VR

At a sponsored GDC 2018 session, the still mysterious augmented reality company Magic Leap has revealed how their prototype hardware has evolved from 2014 to present day. ” Magic Leap “The Bench” Prototype from 2014 – Photo: Road to VR. ” The ‘Cheese Head’ 2014 Magic Leap prototype Photo: Road to VR. The post Magic Leap Shows Prototype Headset Progress Since 2014 appeared first on Road to VR.


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The 6th Stage of Grief


Parody! – In under four minutes all 5100 /r/oculus posts are neatly summed up. Godwin’s law kicks in big time! The post The 6th Stage of Grief appeared first on V-Rtifacts. Head Mounted Displays Psychology VR Companies VR Now Godwin's Law Helmet HMD Oculus Parody

Why Sell Out? Oculus -> Facebook


A lot of people are fuming over today’s announcement that Facebook would be buying Palmer Luckey’s Oculus. Palmer and company produced two mainstream marketed development kit head mounted displays which became darlings of the grassroots VR/Gamer community.

Virtual Reality (1991) – “Many Believe It Will Revolutionize The Way We Live”


ABC Primetime covers the VR scene in Sept. Although this news report conflates computer animation footage with Virtual Reality, it also features interviews with Jon Waldern, Fred Brooks, Howard Rheingold, Mike McGreevey, and C L Dodgson (virtually, of course.) With the advantage of hindsight, it’s interesting to see which predictions from 23 years ago have panned out and which are way out in left field.

W-Industries Unscripted


W-Industries (Virtuality) always seemed to have a PR person riding herd on any video material that was released about the company or products. Everything the public saw was tightly scripted and edited. But… here’s a 1992 video from inside the factory that’s more of a home movie cum operations tutorial. We are guided through some of the guts of the Series 1000, the pre-play systems, and the assembly area.

Game Industry Job Postings Are Decreasing, But VR Jobs Are Up 400% Since 2014


The number of jobs posted for game developers has declined 65 percent since 2014, according to an analysis by the job search site Indeed. Searches for game designer jobs has remained relatively constant since 2014. And after a decline in 2014, job growth for esports has steadily increased, up 40 percent overall. But since 2014, AR/VR has seen job growth both at traditional game companies and at technology companies too.

Viral Image Claiming to Show a Helicopter De-Icing Texas Wind Turbines Is From Winter 2014 in Sweden

GizModo VR

In the midst of a record cold snap where Texas’ grid has failed to meet demand, misinformation is running rampant. Among the most pernicious memes propagating online are that Texas’ wind turbines have frozen and that that has led to the blackout. Read more.

Sweden 114

Oculus Chief Scientist VR Industry Predictions: From 2014 to.


Oculus Chief Scientist VR Industry Predictions: From 2014 to Now It may only be two years old, but Oculus’ Connect developer conference has already established some cherished traditions. Many look forward to John Carmack’s annual assault on developer’s brains with an information overload, but Chief Scientist Michael Abrash’s own talk, which usually follows the primary keynote, is also not to be missed.

Ring goes mobile with a trio of car security gadgets

Digital Trends

News Smart Home 2014 Mazda Mazda6 Grand Touring Amazon Devices Event 2020 Ring Ring Car Alarm Ring Car Connect smart homeRing wants to keep you and your possessions safe whether at home or on the road. A trio of new car-focused gadgets gives smart security to your vehicle.

A Brief History of Virtual Reality at CES

Road to VR

CES 2013 / 2014: The Early Years. The following year at CES 2014, Oculus had to share the immersive technology limelight with a slew of new startups who had appeared in the wake of Oculus’ success. The Oculus Rift Crystal Cove prototype VR headset and tracking camera a shown at CES 2014. The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has served as a good way-point for VR’s progress over the years.

Bookshelf: Sex, Drugs and Tessellation


Hot off the press is Ben Delaney’s authoritative new book, Sex, Drugs, and Tessellation which collects 6 years of wisdom from Ben’s CyberEdge Journal , the go-to virtual reality publication from 1991 through 1996. Ben has always been both a proponent of, and realist about VR, offering insightful market insights and lucid explanations of ofttimes opaque technology. Both students of VR and grizzled veterans will find Ben’s writing to be illuminating.

Trump's New Facebook Ad Uses Protest Photo From Ukraine in 2014, Not U.S. in 2020

GizModo VR

President Donald Trump’s latest Facebook ad campaign uses a photo of protesters clashing with police, and suggests there will be “chaos and violence” if the president isn’t re-elected in November.

Google & Red Bull TV Premier 'The Last Ascent' with Synced AR Experience That Puts Nature in Your Home

Next Reality AR

Now, Google has partnered with Red Bull to launch an AR experience that syncs with The Last Ascent, a documentary film about Canadian climber Will Gadd's 2014 expedition on Mt.

Google 260

The Burning Man Multiverse: The Story of Black Rock City VR in AltSpaceVR

Voices of VR

In 2014, Greg Edwards took photos of all of the work on the Burning Man Playa, and then set out to create a 1:1 scale. Podcast Archive


Eagles Are Filled With Rat Poison

GizModo VR

A new study finds that 82% of dead eagles examined between 2014 and 2018 had detectable levels of rat poison in their systems. Eagles are majestic, beautiful, and full of toxins that we’ve pumped into the environment.

Google & Red Bull Launch AR-Enhanced On-Demand Video Experience


It was back in 2014 that Gadd first discovered the surprising rate at which the ice surrounding Kilimanjaro was melting. Computer vision and AR technology bring Mount Kilimanjaro to life in your living room.

Google 339

Tune In to The Game Awards for Some Late-Breaking Oculus News


Founded in 2014 by media entrepreneur Geoff Keighley, The Game Awards recognizes and upholds creative and technical excellence in the global video game industry.

Layar Founders Hope to Buy Back Company in Blippar Asset Sale

Next Reality AR

But now, with Blippar's story nearly at an end, a surprise twist has entered the company's story — the founders of Layar, which was sold to Blippar in 2014, are one of the bidders for Blippar's assets. After entering the UK's version of bankruptcy last month, Blippar's assets are up for sale, and bidding ended today.


Have You Tried These Virtually Addictive Google Cardboard Apps?


The Google Cardboard App platform has been around since 2014, yet, it is not among the most well-understood technology, hence, few people are hands-on with them.

Report: Nearly 10,000 People at Facebook Are Working on AR & VR

Road to VR

Facebook has been very forward with its intentions to own the space since acquiring Oculus in 2014 for $2 billions. By now, it’s pretty clear Facebook is serious about leading virtual and augmented reality.

#956: Sneak Peak of Raindance Immersive’s 50 hours of VR selections from Oct 28 to Nov 7

Voices of VR

Mária Rakušanová got her start in the VR industry in 2014 when she was a product marketer for the Gear VR at Samsung. Her job. Podcast Archive

J-Pop Superstar Hatsune Miku Is Getting Her Own VR Theme Park


Back in 2014, Miku made her U.S. network television debut on the David Letterman and opened up for pop icon Lady Gaga during a 2014 tour, with Gaga herself tweeting , “My favorite digital pop star Hatsune Miku is opening The ARTPOP Ball from May 6-June 3!

Japan 296

Amazon Fails to Stall Unionization Vote in Alabama

GizModo VR

A last-ditch attempt by Amazon to delay a vote on unionization at one of its larger warehouses has failed, paving the way for the first serious effort to organize workers at the tech giant since a failed attempt in Delaware in 2014.

Mars Curiosity rover is embarking on a summer road trip

Digital Trends

It's heading to a new part of Mount Sharp, which it's been exploring since 2014. News Curiosity curiosity rover Mars Mars Curiosity Rover NASA space


A Sick Sous-Vide Has Been Bricked by Mandatory Subscriptions

GizModo VR

The Mellow Sous-Vide machine-made soft, gentle, susurrating waves when it first launched in 2014. Designed to keep and cook foods at a specific temperature, it featured an elegant design and an integrated tub that ensured uniform heating and cooling. Read more. food sous vide consumer tech


Flappy Bird Has Been Revived as an Interactive MacOS Notification

GizModo VR

Flappy Bird hasn’t graced the Apple App Store in years, not since its meteoric rise in popularity back in 2014 before its creator just as swiftly took it offline.

Apple 56

The Biggest Fears About Facebook's Acquisition of Oculus Are Coming True

GizModo VR

When Facebook purchased Oculus back in 2014—two years before the Oculus Rift was released—it wasn’t entirely clear what plans the social media giant had for the fledging virtual reality company.

Rare Wolverine Spotted in Yellowstone for the First Time in Years

GizModo VR

The park released footage this week showing a wolverine tearing through the forest, marking the first on-camera sighting since the camera traps were deployed in 2014. A camera trap set up to catch cougars prowling Yellowstone National Park has captured an even rarer creature. Read more. yellowstone wolverine


#848 DocLab: Humanizing the MH17 Plane Crash from a Ukranian Point of View with VR

Voices of VR

On July 17th, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was a scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that was shot down while flying over.

‘Alien: Isolation’ on Sale for $2 for a Limited Time, One of VR’s First Great Games

Road to VR

Alien: Isolation (2014) was one of the first truly good games to get support for PC VR headsets. If you’re wondering why everyone is still crazy about years later, it’ll only take you $2 to find out.

Gaming 258

Physicists Are Looking for Dark Matter in Tiny, Ancient Black Holes

GizModo VR

On the night of November 23, 2014, a powerful telescope on Mauna Kea in Hawaii was trying to pick out the enigmatic movements of a black hole traveling through space.

Spider-Man 3 May See Jamie Foxx’s Electro Face Tom Holland

GizModo VR

According to the Hollywood Reporter , Jamie Foxx is in talks to reprise his role as Electro from 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for Tom Holland’s next Spider-Man movie. It’s time for a shocking reunion.


Under a White Sky Asks if We Can Fix Nature—or if We Even Should

GizModo VR

In her 2014 Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Sixth Extinction , New Yorker writer Elizabeth Kolbert explored how humanity has driven scores of species to extinction.

FTC Sues Facebook Over Alleged Monopolization – What it Could Mean for Oculus

Road to VR

The former pillar focuses on the company’s purchase of photo sharing site Instagram ($1 billion) and messaging app WhatsApp ($19 billion) in 2012 and 2014 respectively. The United States Federal Trade Commission today announced it has filed a lawsuit with the Washington, D.C.

Oculus 238

Will Wearables Pave the Way For AR?


This traces back to Facebook’s Oculus acquisition in early 2014 that kicked off the current wave of excitement….including One striking realization about spatial computing is that we’re almost seven years into the sector’s current stage.

Zappar’s $40 Consumer-Ready 6DoF XR Headset Just Launched On Kickstarter


Inspired by Google’s cardboard headset, ZapBox was conceived in 2014 as a way to meet consumers where they were at. The ongoing race for affordable mixed reality just got a little faster—Zappar is making sure of it.

Unity 317