Feel VR From Your Head To Your Toes Using These Haptic Sneakers


This month marked the launch of DropLabs’ EP 01 Triple Black , an updated version of the companies previously-released EP 01 haptic sneaker. ” No doubt these haptic kicks would pair nicely with a wide range of existing VR games and experiences.

Haptic 428

HaptX Launches True-Contact Haptic Gloves For VR And Robotics


HaptX delivers an intuitive wearable haptic device to meet the demanding quality requirements of enterprise customers. Each glove features more than 130 points of tactile feedback , promising far more realistic interactions than those offered by standard vibration and force feedback haptics.

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VR Haptic Feedback Wearable Feelbelt Lets You “Feel” The Entire Frequency Spectrum


Haptic feedback is an awesome addition to any VR experience, whether it be the feeling of two swords clashing in Blade & Sorcery or the rumble of a violent explosion in Half-Life: Alyx. Here you can adjust the volume and haptics, and access data such as your current battery life.

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HTC Vive Focus 3 Review


HTC’s latest all-in-one VR headset features a number of big improvements for an equally big price tag. Image Credit: HTC. That’s due to the new magnesium alloy chassis; the Focus 3 is 20% lighter than HTC’s previous Focus headset. Image Credit: HTC.

HTC 386

VR Exoskeleton Offers Affordable Leg Tracking & Haptic Feedback


The exoskeletal devices also feature haptic feedback technology capable of delivering detailed physical sensations, whether it be a bullet hitting your leg or the feel of different terrain and conditions, such as moving water or high winds. Because VR teleportation is so 2016.

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Developing Better Haptics With Interhaptics


When you think about “haptics,” particularly in the sense of extended reality , you probably think about hardware and wearables that let you interact with and feel your environment. Haptics require hardware but they also require software. Haptics for Everyone.

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PhD Student Uses $25,000 Robot to Apply Realistic Haptic Feedback to Vive Controls


Haptics hardware Encounter Haptics haptic feedback htc vive Scott Devin

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Tactical Haptics ‘Reactive Grip’ VR Controllers Are Now Production Ready


Tactical Haptics today announced the new production-ready design for their haptic VR controllers which adapt the shape of their grip to make using virtual objects feel more real. Location-based experiences have higher budgets for hardware to create a more immersive experience than consumer VR, whereas training experiences often need better haptic feedback to accurately represent the real life object they’re training for.

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Hands-on: Experiencing Shock & Awe with Teslasuit’s Electro-stimulation Haptics

Road to VR

Teslasuit is a London-based company that makes an enterprise-focused haptic suit like none other I’ve experienced thus far. Although it wasn’t painful, it certainly got my attention in a way that even the most aggressive haptic motor-based suit never has.

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Feelreal Wants to Add Smell & Haptics to Your VR Headset, Kickstarter Coming Soon

Road to VR

You might have caught a glimpse of the Feelreal mask prototype when it made headlines back at GDC 2015 , the smell-o-vision add-on for VR headsets that promised to bring plenty of scents to your nostrils and haptics to your face. The unit also incorporates a few haptic devices including an ultrasonic ionizing system for water mist, micro-heaters for heat sensation, micro-coolers for wind, and haptic motors for vibration.

Haptic 191

Tactical Haptics Wins Additional Funding For Their VR Feedback Controller


The two combined efficiently provide an experience so close to reality it’s frightening but, as it currently exists, there’s a limiting factor when it comes to achieving the highest degree of realism: haptic feedback. A lack of haptic or physical feedback is not to say the experience is significantly dulled in anyway, it just speaks toward another layer of interaction that could be more readily available for VR in the future.

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RGB Haptics Helps Unity Developers Add Great Haptics To Their VR Games


RGB Haptics is a new Unity package which enables developers to easily add high quality haptics to their VR apps and games. RGB Haptics was developed by a Seattle based startup called RGB Schemes, which develops VR games and developer tools. The startup was inspired by seeing Nintendo’s use of haptics for its “HD Rumble” feature for the Switch. RGB Haptics is available on the Unity Asset Store for $29.99. Haptics developer haptic feedback unit

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Hands-on with TEGway’s VR Thermal Haptics Dev Kit, Launching in March

Road to VR

Korea-based TEGway , developers of a haptic accessory which generates hot and cold temperatures with impressively low latency, plans to launch a wearable VR thermal haptic dev kit aim in March. Forehead mounted thermal haptic modules | Photo by Road to VR.

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Microsoft’s ‘Haptic Links’ Bring A New Level Of Realism To VR


Could one of these intuitive prototypes deliver the immersive haptic feedback users have been clamoring for? . By using what Microsoft refers to as ‘Haptic Links,’ VR users are able to engage in realistic two-handed interactions and objects thanks to technology capable of providing different variations of force between the motion controllers. Users “make a gesture which moves the controllers into proper positions in turn haptically rendering the object via stiffness.

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Researchers Show Off TouchVR Palm And Finger Haptic Feedback Device


Current-generation VR controllers are fairly limited in enabling users to “feel” virtual objects; bow strings vibrate with haptic shivers, while guns kick back as they fire bullets. There’s no need to hold another controller, as hands are tracked with a Leap Motion hand sensor and HTC Vive Pro VR system. Ultrahaptics sends vibration sensations through the air to your fingers, while haptic armbands and other vibrating wearables have been deployed in at least limited tests.

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HapTech is Aiming its Electromagnetic Haptics at Military VR Training

Road to VR

The company recently demonstrated how their haptic tech can scale all the way up to the Browning M2, a mounted.50 HapTech makes an electromagnetic recoil system which is the foundation of its StrikerVR haptic guns which are designed as peripherals for high-end VR attractions. Combined with an HTC Vive Pro, also tracked with OptiTrack, attendees of the conference fired the simulated weapon in virtual reality at targets flying through the air.

Haptic 121

The XR Week Peek (2021.10.19): HTC launches Vive Flow, Magic Leap 2 announced, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by HTC). HTC launches Vive Flow headset for relaxation, priced at $499. After endless teasings and leaks, in the end, HTC has finally unveiled its headset: called Vive Flow, it is a lightweight device for media consumption. Or some haptic accessories?).

Microsoft Shows Off Haptic VR Controller, Simulates Grabbing With Thumb & Two Fingers


Microsoft Research showed off a new haptic VR controller which simulates grabbing small objects with the thumb and first two fingers, delivering rich haptic feedback. The two fingers rest against linear actuators (also used in the Oculus Touch and HTC Vive controllers) to give targeted haptic feedback. The innovations here are in the application of force sensors and haptics, not related to tracking. Microsoft haptic controller microsoft research vr controllers

Haptic 189

Tactical Haptics Adapts Prototype Haptic Controller for Oculus Touch

Road to VR

Tactical Haptics , creators of the ‘Reactive Grip’ haptic technology have adapted their latest prototype for use with the Oculus Touch VR controllers. Reactive Grip is a novel haptic feedback technology that’s unlike anything you’ll find in modern day controllers which by and large rely on ERM motors or linear actuators to provide a rumbling sensation. Haptics News Oculus Touch VR Controllers haptic feedback oculus touch reactive grip tactical haptic

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Haptic Surgery Platform FundamentalVR Increases Authenticity With Eye-Tracking


Now with HTC’s Vive Pro Eye, though, you can quickly glance at your desired option out of the corner of your eye and then look back. The team wants to build a versatile platform that works with practically any kind of haptic tech, but it’s at the mercy of those breakthroughs, to some extent. “There’s five or six really interesting companies working on haptic technology right now,” Vincent says.

‘HairTouch’ VR Controller Lets You Pet A Virtual Cat Because Why Not?


This might be the strangest haptic feedback device we’ve seen yet. News HairTouch HTC HTC Vive HTC Vive Pro National Taiwan University Virtual Cat VR Controller VR Haptics

The ‘Army Of The Dead’ VR Game Is A Horrifically Good Time


Teaming up with five other players, you’ll take on the role of a gun-for-hire and embark on a dangerous rescue mission brought to life via a combination of VR technology, motion tracking, and haptic feedback, including a motorized taco truck complete with immersive haptic flooring.

Microsoft Research Demonstrates VR Controller Prototypes With Unique Haptic Technology

Road to VR

Microsoft Research has devised two novel methods for more realistic haptic feedback on virtual reality controllers. Haptic feedback in general-purpose controllers has been limited to vibration feedback since the introduction of the Rumble Pak for the Nintendo 64 in 1997. Linear actuators tend to offer more haptic ‘detail’ and responsiveness, as can be found in Apple’s ‘Taptic Engine’, the HTC Vive controllers, an the Oculus Touch controllers.

Haptic 158

Full-Body VR Haptic HoloSuit Shipping This November


Offered in multiple versions, the wearable haptic controller uses a considerable array of sensors to control VR apps, and promises to start shipping this November. The most complex version of the HoloSuit, HoloSuit Pro, includes 36 total sensors, nine haptic feedback devices, and six firing buttons. A less complex version just called HoloSuit cuts the sensor count to 26 and comes with either a jacket or jersey, preserving the haptics and buttons. Haptics HoloSuit

Haptic 159

Unity Plugin Aims to Streamline Haptics for VR Developers

Road to VR

RGB Haptics is a new Unity-based tool that aims to make it easier for developers to create and implement haptic effects in VR games. Haptics are important in games in general, but especially in VR—because the medium gives players significantly more agency than non-VR, haptics are critical for helping the player understand what’s happening to them and how they can interact with the world. Used correctly, haptics make VR games more playable and immersive.

Haptic 106

Hands-on: HaptX Glove Delivers Impressively Detailed Micro-pneumatic Haptics, Force Feedback

Road to VR

The company formerly known as AxonVR , which has raised more than $5 million in venture capital, is rebranding to HaptX, and revealing a feature prototype of a VR glove which uses micro-pneumatics for detailed haptics and force feedback to the fingers. Meeting with HaptX co-founder Jake Rubin in Silicon Valley earlier this month, I got to try the latest prototype of the company’s wild-looking haptic VR glove—a monstrous piece of equipment hooked up to some massive cabling.

Haptic 153

Oculus Firmware Reveals New Touch Controller, Referencing Improvements To Tracking, Finger Sensing, Haptics


A driver found by a VR developer in Oculus Quest’s firmware reveals new Touch-like VR controllers which may feature improvements to tracking, haptics, and finger sensing. Potential Haptics Improvements.

Haptx Unveils Haptic Gloves So You Can Feel Things In VR


Haptx has been working on its haptic gloves — which give you a sense of touch in virtual reality — for a few years. I used the gloves in a demo with the HTC Vive last week. In the demo, I wore an HTC Vive headset and put on two gloves that were connected by thick wires to a big computer. Tagged with: Haptx Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Haptx Unveils Haptic Gloves So You Can Feel Things In VR appeared first on UploadVR. Haptics Haptx

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bHaptics’ TactSuit Promises Better Actuator-Based Haptics at a Lower Price-Point

Road to VR

Back in the more demure B2B area, only accessible to trade visitors and press, was bHaptics, a Korean startup that recently joined HTC’s Vive X Accelerator Program specializing in actuator-based haptic devices, all of which ideally fit together to create a greater sense of immersion for VR games and experiences. The post bHaptics’ TactSuit Promises Better Actuator-Based Haptics at a Lower Price-Point appeared first on Road to VR.

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Hands-on: 4 Experimental Haptic Feedback Systems at SIGGRAPH 2016

Road to VR

So far, the most you would feel from a modern consumer VR system, like the HTC Vive, is vibration through a controller. Developers, researchers, and companies from around the world presented experimental haptic technologies at SIGGRAPH this week, ranging from novel hardware, to narrative experiences simply enhanced by a few vibrating units on your back. The configuration screen showing different haptic effects.

Haptic 115

Sony Licenses ‘Advanced Haptics Patent Portfolio’ For ‘VR Controllers’


Haptic feedback technology company Immersion Corp signed an agreement with Sony to license their “advanced haptics” patent portfolio. ” Immersion Corp doesn’t actually manufacture the hardware for haptic feedback. The company certifies suitable hardware and licenses its software and more than 3500 issued or pending patents to companies wanting to add haptics to their products.

Haptic 158

Microsoft Shows New Research in Haptics With ‘CLAW’ VR Controller Prototype

Road to VR

As VR display resolutions become more packed with pixels and new controller types such as Valve’s Knuckles dangle tantalizingly in front of us, one thing that often goes overlooked is haptic feedback. There are plenty of companies out there working to help define the first real haptic standard outside of tiny vibration motors seen already in VR motion controllers, and now it appears Microsoft can be counted among them with their newly revealed CLAW controller prototype.

Haptic 133

Hands-on: Reactive Grip Haptic Controller Prototype with Vive Tracker, Touch, and Custom SteamVR Tracking

Road to VR

Tactical Haptics , developers of the Reactive Grip controller, are showing their latest prototypes now with attachments for the Vive Tracker, Oculus Touch, and a custom-built SteamVR Tracking solution. The controller employs a unique solution to haptic feedback which aims to recreate the feeling of friction against objects in your hands rather than just rumble. Tactical Haptics has been in development of their Reactive Grip haptic technology for several years now.

Haptic 147

Oculus Touch Haptics Supported By Steam, Bringing Full Support One Step Closer


When you see the models of the controllers in your hands in VR they might look like HTC Vive controllers. Touch haptics are now supported in the latest SteamVR beta. Longbow in particular makes excellent use of haptic feedback, simulating the feeling of pulling back a bowstring in a very believable way with the HTC Vive controllers. Tagged with: Haptics , oculus touch. hardware Haptics oculus touchIt’s happening.

Haptic 169

Microsoft Research Shows Haptic VR Add-On That Links Motion Controllers


The HTC Vive wands and Oculus Touch controllers do an amazing job of bringing our hands into VR, but they share many issues, including how to handle two-handed objects. However, a new project from Microsoft Research is addressing this issue with Haptic Links. As explained the video above, Haptic Links uses electro-mechanically actuated physical connections that will simulate variable stiffness when holding something like a shotgun. Controllers Hardware Haptic Links

Haptic 137

HTC Vive Flow Review: A Niche Within A Niche

Upload VR

HTC’s Vive Flow is by far the lightest VR headset on the market, but should anyone actually buy it? HTC told us it’s “looking into” iPhone and Laptop support , but there’s no concrete timeline for either. I get why HTC chose the phone approach.

HTC 98

VR Technology Reunites Grieving Mother With Her Deceased Child


The 10-minute clip shows Jang Ji-sung at the center of a large green screen studio wearing an HTC Vive Pro headset and what appears to be a pair of haptic gloves equipped with Vive Trackers. News Haptic Gloves HTC HTC Vive Pro MBC Munhwan Broadcast Corporation Valve Inc.