7Invensun reveals high-quality eye-tracking VR accessory for only $149

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Last week at a dedicated Vive X event, Chinese company 7Invensun has presented one of the most interesting eye tracking accessories to date. 7Invensun is one of the worldwide leaders for what concerns eye tracking. virtual reality eye tracking

FOVE Debuts Latest Design for Eye Tracking VR Headset

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FOVE, the company behind the eponymous eye-tracking VR headset, today announced that they will be showing off a new industrial design at both Comic-Con and SIGGRAPH 2016 where attendees will have a chance to demo the new headset design themselves.

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7Invensun is a Chinese company that wants to disrupt the VR eye tracking sector

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Eye tracking is, in my opinion, a technology that will disrupt completely the VR ecosystem , exactly as room-scale did with the first HTC Vive. All VR interfaces will change with the introduction of eye tracking, becoming more intuitive.

7Invensun aGlass DK II unboxing, setup and review: a great dev kit for eye tracking in VR

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In China I met the company 7Invensun , that is a worldwide leader for what concerns eye tracking. Being them very kind, they gave me as a gift an aGlass DK II eye tracking add on for HTC Vive and I used it to experiment with eye tracking interfaces.

FOVE Launches Pre-Orders For Eye-Tracking VR Headset FOVE 0, Starting at $549

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It’s been a long road for FOVE , the creators of the eye-tracking VR headset that hit Kickstarter last summer, but today the company launches pre-orders for their first commercially available product, the FOVE 0. Display: WQHD OLED (2560 x 1440) 1280 x 1440 per eye.

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Gaining Behavioural Insight with Eye-Tracking VR Tech

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Companies can now track where a users’ gaze wanders and use that data to design fine-tuned experiences. Eye-tracking technology is gaining in scope and popularity as immersive virtual experiences become more widely used Click To Tweet.

Magic Leap Launches Developer SDK, Confirms Eye-tracking, Room-scanning, and More

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Announced with support for both Unity and Unreal, the Lumin SDK exposes the capabilities of the Magic Leap One headset to developers who can use it to begin building augmented reality experiences for the platform. Eye tracking. Gesture and hand tracking.

Varjo Launches VR-1 with Retina-quality Fixed-foveated Display & Eye-tracking, Priced at $6,000

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The VR-1 also includes custom-made eye-tracking which the company claims delivers “unmatched precision and accuracy” in a stereo eye-tracking solution. SteamVR Tracking 2.0 Varjo today announced the launch of its VR-1 headset.

Hands-On With Rewind’s Eye-Tracking Shooter, ‘Project Falcon’ for FOVE 0


When the UK-based VR studio, Rewind, asked me if I wanted to come and see a demo of its eye-tracking tech demo for the upcoming FOVE 0 headset, I was intrigued. A circular reticle follows closely behind me eyes, with machine gun fire spouting out from where it’s aiming.

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New Unity Plug-In Claims To Boost Visual Clarity Inside Vive Pro Eye


Vive Pro Eye’s eye-tracking technology already employs foveated rendering to provide visually richer VR experiences. Digital imaging company Almalence just announced the Digital Lens for Vive Pro Eye.

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Vive Developer Jam 2020: Three Days, Late Nights & Eye Tracking Dedication

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Each team had two HTC Vive Pro Eye’s to play with – the company’s latest enterprise-focused headset – meaning eye-tracking needed to feature in some way. 2nd Place – Munch Mania – A roomscale videogame which used the lip tracking module.

‘Sword Art Online’ Experience Comes to FOVE 0

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The SAO experience was created to welcome new users and teach them how to use Fove 0, the first commercially available VR headset with integrated eye-tracking. Looking at her right in the eye will elicit a smile, but ignore her and she’ll get upset.

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Varjo Promises “Human-Eye” Resolution With VR-1 Headset


Varjo’s professional-grade headset features retina-grade resolution and eye-tracking functionality. Varjo is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in VR fidelity,” spoke Timoni West, Director of XR Research at Unity Technologies.

LooxidVR is a virtual reality headset that can analyze your emotions

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When I wrote my post about CES 2018 , I briefly talked about a headset called LooxidVR, able to “read the emotions” of the user by employing a combination of EEG sensors and eye tracking. Headset connected to the PC for analysis of eye and brain data (Image by Looxid Labs).

BinaryVR Begins Shipping First Dev Kit For Facial Tracking Solution


While tech giants continue to invest in and acquire eye-tracking firms like Eye Tribe , BinaryVR is pushing on with its facial tracking solution for VR. Developer kits cost $349 and also come with a Unity plugin SDK.

WorldViz Integrates Windows VR, Avatars Into Vizard 6


Vizard isn’t a game development engine like Unreal or Unity but instead a scientific-grade platform designed to create VR applications with a range of headsets and peripherals such as eye-tracking cameras or hand-tracking gloves.

Developers Begin Exploring Magic Leap SDK


Edgar Martín-Blas, CEO of Virtual Voyagers , told VRScout he’s been excited about the capabilities of eye-tracking, hand-tracking, nine hand gesture recognition, and “the possibility of controlling the content with a mobile app.”.

Be a cute VR-tuber with Virtual Cast!

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It already offers support for eye and lip tracking. Is it true that you already have eye tracking and full body tracking support? Yes, Virtual Cast supports eye tracking by VIVE Pro Eye and full body tracking with up to 7 VIVE Trackers.

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5 Talks You Won’t Want to Miss at VRDC This Week


Get in on the ground floor with this talk from Martz, who will tell you how to get to grips with the new platform including working with Google VR SDKs for Android, Unity, and Unreal. Applications of Eye Tracking in Virtual Reality.

SIGGRAPH 2017: Neurable Lets You Control A Virtual World With Your Mind


I’ve used my eyes to interact with a virtual world before, but startup Neurable just enhanced that experience by reading my thoughts too. This is combined with eye-tracking technology from German firm SMI, which may have just been acquired by Apple.

All the best AR VR news from CES 2020

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As for the partnerships, the most intriguing one is the one with my friends at 7Invensun , one of the worldwide leading companies in eye-tracking technologies. I guess nReal will experiment with eye-tracking for a new version of the headset, maybe targeted at the enterprise market.

The XR Week Peek (2020.06.01): HP Reverb G2 launched, Qualcomm goes bullish on 5G and Wi-fi 6 and more!

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The Reverb was already a very good headset (as you can read in my hands-on impressions ) with good comfort and an astonishing resolution, but it had some problems with the display (mura, red smearing) and with the controllers (classical mediocre WMR tracking). Unity launches MARS tools.

LYNX Has Raised $2 Million for Its R-1 Headset, and Other Background on the XR Newcomer

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The Qualcomm XR SDK includes core functionality like inside-out head tracking and the ability to run applications on a headset without writing a new application framework from scratch.

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Hands-On: Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 Is A Serious Improvement, Pre-Orders Now Shipping


The addition of eye-tracking injects a new layer of interactivity to the user experience. EYE-TRACKING AND VOICE COMMAND. Eye-tracking technology was an important feature for Microsoft as they wanted to ensure the headset offered users a fluid hands-free experience.

Varjo VR-1 Shows Us Virtual Reality Through High-Res Lenses


The main screen of the unit, what Varjo calls the “Context screen,” is the same resolution as the Vive Pro and the upcoming Oculus Quest , 1440×1600 per eye. Built in Unity software, this is a more modern home than the one I saw in June 2017.

Monthly Round-Up: The Biggest VR And AR News From May 2020


Watch: Sony Reveals Research On Next-Gen Finger-Tracked VR Controllers. Oculus Quest Hand-Tracking Gets Full Release, Official Games Coming Soon. Exclusive Interviews: ‘Waltz’ And ‘Curious Tale’ Devs Discuss Quest Hand Tracking Updates.

My predictions for virtual reality in 2020

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In the end, I still believe in the old predictions of Unity CEO John Riccitiello: Look at this graph shown by Mr. Riccitiello in 2017: the purple line is the one of the analysts, while the white one is the one forecasted by him.

NVIDIA talks about RTX 2080 graphics cards and virtual reality

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What about Unity, instead? Will it be available also for Unity developers? In the previous link, there is, in fact, a reference saying that both Unreal Engine and Unity will implement DXR APIs. When NVIDIA announced the RTX 2080 graphics cards , I was there.

Varjo Secures $6.7M Investment, First Batch of “Human Eye-Resolution” VR Prototypes Shipping to Partners Soon

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million from the Finnish business development group Tekes to continue development on their “human eye-resolution” display for VR headsets. Called the ‘Bionic’ display, Varjo also includes stereo eye-tracking for supposed foveated rendering.

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Manus Brings Your Entire Body Into VR With its Polygon System

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That’s lead to motion controllers, eye tracking and hand tracking but full-body tracking has stopped and started due to the complexities of this process. Like other full-body tracking solutions such as CloudGate Studios’ version for Island 359 , Manus Polygon utilises Vive Trackers on the feet, waist and hands. Another key part of Manus Polygon is the networked object tracking feature.

Leap Motion’s North Star is the DK1 of AR: hands-on preview and how to buy it!

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The device also exploits Leap Motion hands tracking and offers a completely natural interface all based on hands interactions. AugmentedReality #xr #vr #wearable #unity #spatialcomputing pic.twitter.com/h2KAkgXWQq — Noah Zerkin (@noazark) February 15, 2019.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.11.18): Magic Leap may be in trouble, Carmack leaving Oculus and much more!

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The super-interesting eye tracking device Droolon F1 by 7Invensun is now in preorder on Taobao , with Amazon listing coming soon. I can’t wait to use this device, that for only $150 can give eye tracking functionalities to all Vive headsets (including Focus).

Boneworks Feels Like The First Next Generation VR Game


With Boneworks, we want to show gamers and developers that a VR player controller can exist that maintains all action/adventure genre staples while adding incredible agency due to precise tracked controllers.

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Looxid Link review: analyze your mind in VR!

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Or better, imagine a scary enemy that can smell your fear, so you must stay cool or he will find you (yes, I’m thinking about you, Jeff of Half-Life: Alyx); You can create new interfaces mixing this with eye-tracking.

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VR Analytics for Playtesting & Optimization with Cognitive VR

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Their SceneExplorer tool translates the 3D geometry from a Unity or Unreal experience into a WebGL mesh that can be shared within a web browser.

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Redefining Commercial Experiences In 2020 For VR & AR Consumers


At the Digital Entertainment World Expo this year, Tony Parisi, Head of AR/VR Ad Innovation at Unity, listed the following formats from most to least effective across mediums: Live event content activation (as most effective) VR/MR experiences AR apps AR ad Mobile video.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.03.02): XR2 shows the future of standalones, F8 and GDC canceled and much more!

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HTC Vive releases Cosmos Elite, two models of Vive Pro Eye and creates some confusion. At the same time, HTC has also changed the offering for its Vive Pro Eye professional headset, that now comes in two different packages: Vive Pro Eye Office and Vive Pro Eye Office Arena Bundle.