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Report: Facebook Working On New Oculus Quest With Improved Design & Controls


Bloomberg reports Facebook is working on a new, more comfortable Oculus Quest. Bloomberg is reporting that Facebook is currently working on a new Oculus Quest headset featuring a lighter physical design and faster refresh rates, resulting in a significantly more comfortable in-headset experience.

New Doom VR Mod Releasing Soon For Oculus Quest


A new app is in development that will allow users to play Doom 64 in VR on the Oculus Quest, in a similar fashion to mods like Lambda1VR for Half-Life and Quake2Quest for Quake 2. QuestZDoom will be the latest Oculus Quest mod that ports a classic game into VR with 6DoF.

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Analysis: ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Adds Nearly 1 Million VR Users to Steam in Record Gain

Road to VR

The launch of Half-Life: Alyx saw nearly 1 million additional monthly-connected headsets over the prior month, a leap that nearly tripled the previous largest monthly gain.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.05.04): VR usage rises, Mozilla creates an open metaverse, and more!

The Ghost Howls

While in Italy we get ready for the “Phase 2” of the lockdown, I write the best AR/VR news of the week just for you! Top news of the week. Image by Road To VR). VR adoption is increasing, but beware of the virus.

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Mickey Mouse AR Game Brings New Disney Attraction To Your Living Room


Customize your own racetrack and hit the pavement as Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy.

The Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition Arrives June 8 On YouTube & IGN


E3 may be gone but that won’t stop us! The Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition arrives on your screens on June 8, 2020 (final time TBA). And this year we’re going big.

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How Will AR Transform Advertising?

AR Insider

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Are Human-Sized Hamster Balls The Future Of VR?


Eight360’s omnidirectional sphere promises a whole new level of immersion. Thanks to the diligent work of a New Zealand based company called Eight360 , you may soon be jumping into VR through a device called the NOVA, or as CEO Terry Miller calls it, “the crazy spinning ball of death”.

Half-Life: Alyx Catapults VR Headsets On Steam To 2 Million Users


In April, the percentage of Steam users with a VR headset increased from 1.29% to 1.91%, likely thanks to the success of Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx. That’s an increase of roughly 50%- relatively enormous growth. Last month, Valve changed the way Steam reports VR users.

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Oculus Quest Successor Reportedly Being Readied with Faster Refresh Rate, New Controllers

Road to VR

Oculus is reportedly readying a Quest successor which will iterate on the existing headset with a smaller form-factor, faster refresh rate, and new controllers. Rather than an outright Quest 2, it seems Oculus may be aiming first for a Quest S.

Finland celebrated May Day by throwing a massive VR concert


May Day is a real cause for celebration in Finland, but since the country is practicing social distancing in hopes of slowing the spread of coronavirus, many in-person celebrations had to be put on hold.

VR Exoskeleton Offers Affordable Leg Tracking & Haptic Feedback


Because VR teleportation is so 2016. VR has come a long way over since launch of the Oculus DK1. Over the past five years we’ve seen numerous advancements in immersive technology that have helped open the doors to a wide range of possibilities.

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Zen Universe Is A Hyper-Realistic VR Tourism App Coming This Month To PC VR


Virtual reality is a great platform for video games and staying active without leaving the house, but it also has immense potential for virtual tourism and that’s where Zen Universe hopes to plan its flag.

David & Goliath-inspired Battle Game ‘DAVIGO’ Begins Public Alpha

Road to VR

DAVIGO, the indie VR game where players battle in a duel of scales, has officially opened its public alpha, bringing it one step closer to its Early Access launch on Steam.

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3 AR Games to Try During Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic is causing everyone to stay at home, pick up new hobbies, and learn something new. AR games have seen a spike in popularity as new users learn about the technology. Some games like Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite have gotten mainstream recognition.

Little Witch Academia VR: Broom Racing Soars Onto Oculus Quest Late 2020


“Don’t pay any attention to them. They’re gonna eat our dust.”.

Valve Releases Beta OpenVR Support For Unity’s New XR Plugin System


Valve released a beta OpenVR package for the Unity game engine’s new XR plugin system. Unity is used to make the majority of VR games. When the Unity 2019.3

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Hologate Wants Its New VR Arcade Hygiene Standards to Inspire Confidence in a Wary Public

Road to VR

As businesses begin to reopen, it’s becoming more and more clear that the out-of-home entertainment industry needs to adapt in a major way if it wants to move forward.

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Resonai CEO Emil Alon Shares How Augmented Reality Will Transform the Modern Workforce


There is no better time to leverage augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Essential workers are continuing to do awe-inspiring work amidst this global crisis. Companies, too, must step up and do their part to support the workforce.

A Beginner’s Guide To Echo Arena On Oculus Quest


Learn how to dominate the arena ahead of next weeks open beta. Ready at Dawn’s fast-paced VR sports experience will soon arrive on Oculus Quest headsets in open beta, meaning a whole new wave of standalone players are about to try their hand in the arena for the first time.

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VR Dev Releases Custom Oculus Rift S Flip Hinge Modding Guide For Developers


Ever since the ill-fated LG SteamVR headset debuted a handy flip-up feature in its design, we’ve wanted to see one in practically every VR headset. This interesting mod makes that a reality on the Oculus Rift S, but only for a certain set of users.

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Index Still Backordered Globally, Valve Making “every possible effort” to Catch Up

Road to VR

Like other headsets, the Valve Index has been in high demand but limited supply due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While we’ve seen stock of Oculus Quest and Rift starting to return over the last week or so, Index is still backordered globally.

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Can AR Help Real Estate Agents Socially Distance?

AR Insider

“Trendline” is AR Insider’s series that examines trends and events in spatial computing, and their strategic implications. For an indexed library of spatial computing insights, data, reports and multimedia, subscribe to ARtillery PRO.

Five VR Games Perfect For Celebrating Star Wars Day


The Force is strong with these Lucasfilm-based immersive experiences. Today is May 4th, otherwise known as Star Wars Day, an annual commemoration of George Lucas’ legendary franchise celebrated across the globe.

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Sony VR Patent Reveals Work On Face Tracking


A US patent granted to Sony reveals research on VR face tracking, a vital technology for the future of multiplayer and social VR.

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Combat Sandbox ‘Blade & Sorcery’ is Getting a Major Update Soon

Road to VR

Blade and Sorcery , the physics-based combat sandbox, isn’t out of Early Access on PC VR just yet, however developers WarpFrog are getting ready to release a major update to the game soon, which includes a new map, weapons, armor, and magical effects.

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Oculus Quest v2 leak tips sleeker VR headset with big change inside


Facebook is readying a new Oculus Quest standalone VR headset, potentially trimming weight and bulk of the head-worn display, though COVID-19 may have pulled the rug out from under the release roadmap.

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Chinese Elle Debuts ‘Hetero-Dimensional’ Virtual Idols In Massive 16-Page Spread


Chinese subsidiary of Elle Magazine targets Gen-Z readers with science and technology inspired fashion. Modern media is currently being infiltrated by a wave of synthetic personalities tailor-made to appeal to the growing number of tech-savvy youngsters.

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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Will Get New Content


Good news for those of you that haven’t hit your zombie-killing quota for the year; The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is getting new content. Developer Skydance Interactive confirmed as much in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit following the launch of the game on PSVR this week.

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Oculus Exclusive ‘Star Wars Vader Immortal’ Coming to PSVR This Summer

Road to VR

Admit it. You’ve been wanting to try out the Oculus exclusive series Star Wars Vader Immortal since it first came to Rift and Quest last year. Now ILMxLAB says it’s preparing to bring the award-winning narrative adventure series to PSVR.

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ARtillery Briefs: How Do Consumers Really Feel About VR?

AR Insider

ARtillery Briefs is a video series that outlines the top trends we’re tracking, including takeaways from recent reports and market forecasts. See the most recent episode below, including narrative takeaways and embedded video.