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Surgery Training Platform ‘Osso VR’ Now Used by 1,000 Surgeons Monthly

Road to VR

The team behind Osso VR , the VR surgical training platform, says that the software is now in use by more than 1,000 surgeons a month around the globe.

Oculus Lands Exclusive Games for VR: A Sign of the Future?

VR Tech News

Another week, another VRTN Spotlight. In the past, I’ve discussed my excitement about what the Oculus Quest could potentially do for VR.

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I Spent a Full Day Working in the Magic Leap One & Discovered the AR Office of the Future

Next Reality AR

Why do you need augmented reality? Because enterprise, they say. And while that's certainly true for a number of disciplines, there's still that mainstream use case hanging out there waiting to be discovered beyond the realm of enterprise and gaming.

Suzanne Borders: BadVR is mixing art and technology to innovate data visualization

The Ghost Howls

For the next two days, I will feature on this blog a long interview I made with Suzanne Borders, the CEO of BadVR.

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With Plans to Launch on PSVR, Social VR App ‘Bigscreen’ Will Support Every Major Headset

Road to VR

Social VR app Bigscreen is planning to launch on PSVR, the company affirmed this week. Though it may not come until late 2019 or early 2020, when it does, Bigscreen will be just about the only app to support every major VR headset.

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Our First Look At Magic Leap’s Experimental Spatial Computing AR Experience


Undersea turns your living room into a dynamically generated coral reef biome. Undersea , a new spatial computing AR experience developed for the Magic Leap One headset, is set to premiere next week at the 46th annual SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference in Los Angeles.

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Suzanne Borders says it all on being a female entrepreneur in XR

The Ghost Howls

Second part of my interview with Suzanne Borders , the CEO of BadVR , a company that mixes technology and creativity to disrupt the data visualization sector. In yesterday’s part , she detailed what BadVR does and why she’s so interested in the Magic Leap One device.

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Amazon Launches ‘Prime Video VR’, Commits to Building up VR Video Library

Road to VR

Amazon today announced the launch of Prime Video VR on Oculus Quest, Go, and Gear VR. In addition to bringing the entire Prime Video catalog onto the headsets, Amazon is also for the first time adding VR content to its Prime Video library.

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Firefox Reality Brings Secure VR Web Browsing To Oculus Quest


Mozilla’s powerful VR browser is finally available for the Oculus Quest.

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Magic Leap Reveals Peek at New 'Undersea' Augmented Reality Experience

Next Reality AR

The Association for Computing Machinery's annual Siggraph conference, taking place next week in Los Angeles, will bring researchers from around the to show off their latest innovations in imaging and display technology.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.07.21): Oculus has sold more than 10M units and wants PSVR games, SparkAR shows its marketing potential and much more!

The Ghost Howls

I have to say that this week in VR has not been that amazing. Maybe it is just that most people are thinking about vacations, but we had no breathtaking announcement or news.

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New Magic Leap Studios ‘Undersea’ Experience Turns Your Living Room into a Coral Reef

Road to VR

Magic Leap Studios plans to debut a new experience for the Magic Leap AR headset at SIGGRAPH next week. The studios promises that Undersea will transform your living room into a serene “photorealistic” coral reef.

NASA Partners With US Navy To Develop AR Displays For Spacesuits


NASA believes the Diver Augmented Vision Device could be the perfect fit for their EVA spacesuit.

Exploring Immersive Technology in Training and Education

Tech Trends VR

An exclusive webinar will explore how VR & AR are Transforming Training, Education & Worker Guidance.

AR Puzzle Game PuzzlAR Makes Jump from Smartphone to Magic Leap One

Next Reality AR

Augmented reality jigsaw puzzle game PuzzlAR: World Tour, formerly only available on mobile devices, has been given a major upgrade via a new version for the Magic Leap One. Back in November 2018, Magic Leap sought to bolster its AR ecosystem by launching the Independent Creator Program.

Oculus Quest Will Support Oculus Go Apps Later This Year

Road to VR

Later this year Oculus Quest is going to get access to a heap of new VR content thanks to support for Oculus Go apps via official emulation.

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YouTube In Search Of North American Channels For VR Creator Lab 2019


Applications are now open for the VR Creator Lab’s hands-on boot camp and mentorship program to create even more immersive content on YouTube.

Exclusive Gameplay: Half-Life VR On Oculus Quest Is Weird And Wonderful


My first VR experience was playing Half-Life 2 in the first Oculus Rift development kit. It was scruffy as heck and playing with a gamepad felt awkward, but it was an undeniably fascinating glimpse of the future.

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Magic Leap's New Overture App & Background Music Service Hope to Bring Music into Your AR Workspace

Next Reality AR

The mystery surrounding Overture, an app that showed up in the Magic Leap World app store along with the latest Lumin software release, has been cleared up. When I first discovered Overture earlier this week, before the official update announcement, I tried using it.

Magic Leap Update Brings Hand Occlusion, Expanded Multiplayer Support & More

Road to VR

Despite securing $280 million from Japan’s largest telecom earlier this summer, we’ve heard surprisingly little from the multi-billion dollar AR startup of late regarding its flagship headset, Magic Leap One.

Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses Now Support Amazon Alexa, DJI Drones


The Alexa built-in certified smart glasses are now available directly through Amazon.

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Fix For Oculus Rift S Static Flash Glitch Rolling Out To Public Test Channel


A firmware fix for the Oculus Rift S “white static flash” glitch is rolling out to the Oculus Public Test Channel today. Since its release in late May, the Rift S has had a bizarre glitch.

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AR Active Users Reach 334 Million

AR Insider

“Behind the Numbers” is AR Insider’s series that examines strategic takeaways from ARtillry Intelligence data. Each post drills down on one topic or chart. Subscribe for access to the full library and other knowledge-building resources.

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Quest & Rift S Update Brings Controller Tracking Improvements

Road to VR

Oculus Quest and Rift S use similar inside-out tracking which relies on cameras on the headsets to not only track the user’s head but also their hands.

Dual-Folding Fan Controller Brings The Sensation Of Weight To VR


German engineers have created a VR controller that gives you the sensation of weight in VR. Haptic feedback from your controllers plays a pretty big role in your VR experience. It adds a physical layer that allows you to feel digital objects in VR (sort of).

Amazon Prime Video Comes To Oculus Quest And Go With Voice Search


Amazon Prime’s video service is now available on Oculus Quest, Oculus Go and even Gear VR. The streaming service joins Netflix, YouTube and other services like Showtime, ESPN and Fox Now in bringing streaming video content to the Quest standalone VR headset.

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Thinking About Creating a Virtual Being? Applications now Open for Grants up to $25,000

Peter Graham

Yesterday saw the launch of the first Virtual Beings Summit in San Francisco, a conference aimed at those interested in the idea of digital humans.

Quest Gets ‘Oculus Venues’, Finally Connecting Quest Users with Oculus Go & Gear VR

Road to VR

While Oculus Quest was devoid of any of Facebook’s social VR applications at launch, Oculus Venues is finally available for the headset.

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The VOID To Open 25 New Location-Based VR Centers Across The U.S. & Europe


One of the biggest names in location-based entertainment makes plans for global expansion.

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Magic Leap Software Update Adds Hand Occlusion, Shared Space Multiplayer


A major software update for the Magic Leap One adds support for hand occlusion and shared space multiplayer. Hand Occlusion. The last update to Magic Leap One added skeletal hand tracking, meaning developers can retrieve the position of each joint in space. Today’s update adds a full hand mesh.