You Can Now Demo ‘Synth Riders’ for Free on Quest via App Lab

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Now that Facebook has released App Lab , its unmoderated outlet for Quest apps, more studios are taking advantage of the ability to easily publish their demos for direct download, and Synth Riders just joined its ranks. News Bits synth riders demo synth riders quest synth riders vr

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Free Oculus Quest Demo For Vanishing Grace Promises A Compelling Narrative Adventure


There’s a free demo for an Oculus Quest game named Vanishing Grace available on SideQuest right now, and it promises much more than your usual tech demo fare. Diary notes from Grace help explain some of what you’ll discover, but the demo leaves plenty left to investigate.


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Niantic Shows Off Mixed Reality ‘Pokémon GO’ Demo Powered By HoloLens


While not intended for consumer use, the demo teased an exciting future for the immensely popular location-based multiplayer AR game, during which we see Hanke wearing a Microsoft HoloLens headset while exploring a Japanese garden filled with various Pokémon characters.

Niantic Previews the Future of AR Gaming with Codename: Urban Legends Demo

Next Reality AR

This week, the company revealed Codename: Urban Legends, a demo game built with the Niantic Real World Platform that showcases action-packed, multi-player mobile gameplay achieved through low-latency 5G connectivity via edge servers.

?Iron Man VR? Likely to Get a PSVR Demo Ahead of July Release Date

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There is also likely to be an Iron Man VR demo released ahead of the game’s launch. Back in March, Gematsu reported on an Iron Man VR DemoDemo listing that appeared in the PlayStation Store.

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Iron Man VR Gets Free PSVR Demo Today, PSVR/Move Bundles Announced


You can today with a free demo. A post on the PlayStation Blog confirms that the anticipated PSVR exclusive will be getting a demo on the PlayStation Store today. If you download the demo you’ll also get access to the Molten Lava Armor skin in the full game.

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Boneworks Resurrects Classic Oculus Tuscany Demo As Sandbox Environment


Stress Level Zero resurrected the classic Oculus Tuscany demo from the days of Oculus Rift development kits and launched it as a sandbox environment for Boneworks. The post Boneworks Resurrects Classic Oculus Tuscany Demo As Sandbox Environment appeared first on UploadVR.

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Free Oculus Quest Demo For Survival Horror Game Terminus Is One To Watch


The Terminus free Oculus Quest demo is definitely worth a look. The free Oculus Quest demo — also available on SideQuest — launched this week and offers a very early look at the game in an Alpha state. I definitely recommend checking the demo out for yourself, then.

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Elixir Is Facebook?s Free Oculus Quest Hand-Tracking Demo Game, Out Now


Elixir is a free hand-tracking demo game for Oculus Quest developed by Magnopus and Facebook Reality Labs. I just played through the entire short demo experience in about 10 minutes — it’s basically a very simply puzzle game.

PSVR Gets ‘Demo Disc 3’ Showcasing 9 VR Titles

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PlayStation VR Demo Disc 3 is now available on the PlayStation Store, including demos for nine hit VR titles. Like the previous two demo discs, the third installment is free of charge. It’s been quite a while since Demo Disc 2 was released, launching on the store in November 2017. The post PSVR Gets ‘Demo Disc 3’ Showcasing 9 VR Titles appeared first on Road to VR.

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More Amazing Oculus Quest Hand-Tracking Demos Show Yo-Yos & Nightmares


Yet more amazing Oculus Quest hand-tracking demos have surfaced online over the past week. Last week we covered a bunch of new demos from developer Daniel Beauchamp, who showcased Quest hand-tracking used for finger skating and more.

PSVR 2019 ‘Demo Disc’ Includes Nine Kick-Ass Titles


Since 2016, in a move that can only be described as past meeting present, Sony has been channeling the spirit of late 1990’s, early 2000’s gaming with the release of two different Playstation VR ‘demo discs.’ Now, at the start of yet another year of VR gaming, the company has confirmed the arrival of its third collection of snackable demos available free to PSVR all users. How about a SteamVR ‘Demo Bundle’ including bite-size samples of Budget Cuts, GORN, Skyrim VR, and Pavlov VR ?

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New PlayStation VR Demo Disc Available as a Free Download Starting Today

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There are those who said the era of the demo disc had come to an end. Alas, Sony is set to release a second VR demo disc to give players a fresh taste of some of the top and upcoming PlayStation VR content. While the PlayStation VR Demo Disc 2 will come included with the new GT Sport and Skyrim PSVR bundles, it’ll also be available to download for free starting today. Sony confirmed to UploadVR the listing of demos on the new disc: Job Simulator (2016).

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Terminus, Upcoming Oculus Quest Title, Starts Kickstarter March 17 Alongside Prologue Demo


We first wrote about a very early version of the in-development Oculus Quest title Terminus back in January, when a free gameplay demo launched on SideQuest. The initial alpha demo from January sees you explore Paris after an invasion has swept that city.

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Joy Way Launches Free Demos For Change Ranger And Brain vs Zombies


VR developer Joy Way, previously known as PlatformaVR has two new SteamVR demos for you to check out, and they look pretty intriguing. The post Joy Way Launches Free Demos For Change Ranger And Brain vs Zombies appeared first on UploadVR.

PSVR Demo Collection 3 Doesn’t Include Any New Games


Good news: PSVR Demo Collection 3 is real! Yesterday we reported on a rumor that a third demo compilation was in the works for Sony’s headset. Demos include Headmaster, Resident Evil 7 biohazard Teaser Demo: The Kitchen, Job Simulator, Moss, The Persistence, Thumper and Battlezone. Only Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Superhot VR are the genuinely new demos. To be fair to Sony these demos are likely going to be bundled in with newly-bought PSVR headsets.

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Free Apex Construct Demo Finally Comes To Steam


The Swedish studio today launched a free demo for the game on Steam. To mark the demo’s launch, the game is also 50% off on Steam this week, available for $14.99. This demo arrives shortly after Fast Travel revealed Apex Construct sold the best on PSVR. PSVR has had a demo since May of last year which may have helped sales. If you’re yet to play Apex Construct we definitely recommend giving the demo a shot.

North American PS VR Demo Disc Upgrades to 18 Games, UK Only Has 8


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‘Blood & Truth’ Free Demo Lands on PSVR Today

Road to VR

The post ‘Blood & Truth’ Free Demo Lands on PSVR Today appeared first on Road to VR. News Bits PSVR Game VR Game blood & truth blood & truth vr blood and truth blood and truth demo blood and truth free demo blood and truth vr london studioIf you were skeptical about the $40 price tag on Sony’s latest PSVR exclusive, Blood & Truth (2019), the company has some good news: you can now play a healthy slice of the game for free starting today.

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Indie VR Gem ‘COMPOUND’ Gets Fresh Demo Following a Year of Content Updates

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Developer Bevan McKechnie says the game’s demo has been recently updated allowing new players to get a glimpse of the changes. The post Indie VR Gem ‘COMPOUND’ Gets Fresh Demo Following a Year of Content Updates appeared first on Road to VR.

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Creepy Free Oculus Quest Demo! Terminus Gameplay


The post Creepy Free Oculus Quest Demo! Terminus Gameplay appeared first on UploadVR. VR Oculus Quest horror Terminus gameplay

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Sony Explains Huge Per-Region PSVR Demo Disc Content Differences

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Responding to public reaction to the news that PlayStation VR buyers will receive far less content on their packed-in demo disc depending on where they live, Sony has responded with some sound reasoning to explain things. More specifically, that depending on which region you bought it in, you may well get less for your money, in particular in terms of the packed in demo disc Sony is shipping with every unit. US PlayStation VR Demo Disc Contents: Allumette – Penrose.

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4 Dev Demos Showing Off Apple’s New ARKit Tracking

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Developer Cody Brown hacked together a quick demo using Overwatch assets as a ‘hello world’ test of ARKit running on an iPhone 6S: Apple’s keynote included a couple of impressive live demonstrations of screen-based AR on the stage, including a sneak peek at an Unreal-powered experience from developer Wingnut AR : Perhaps the most impressive aspect of that demo was that it was running on an iPad, using the single camera on the back of the device for tracking.

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Magic Leap Reveals Developer Demo, Confirms NVIDIA TX2 Hardware

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The headset also has a 6DOF controller, but it isn’t shown in this demo. The blue grid in the demo shows the headset’s perception of the user’s room, and Magic Leap said during the session that this geometry mesh is updated continuously. The post Magic Leap Reveals Developer Demo, Confirms NVIDIA TX2 Hardware appeared first on Road to VR. AR Headset Magic Leap News magic leap magic leap demo magic leap hardware magic leap livestream magic leap nvidia

Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition Now Live With Several VR Demos

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In this digital event PC gamers from around the world can gather around their monitors to watch livestreams from developers of upcoming games, engage with creators directly in AMA sessions and message boards, and try out a laundry list of exciting demos for games before they release.

Mozilla’s New Demo Proves WebXR Can Match Apps


Recently, Mozilla unveiled ‘Hello WebXR’ , a demo designed to show that WebXR is a viable alternative to store apps. Impressions Of This Demo. The post Mozilla’s New Demo Proves WebXR Can Match Apps appeared first on UploadVR.

Magic Leap Promises to Show a Real Demo and Share Specs Next Week

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Following the company’s last session of ‘Magic Leap Live’, wherein the company had promised that viewers would get to “meet Magic Leap One”—but then offered no substantive details and dodged the audience’s most prominent questions—the company is promising to share specs and offer up an actual demo at next week’s Magic Leap Live session. The post Magic Leap Promises to Show a Real Demo and Share Specs Next Week appeared first on Road to VR.

Meet Epic Games’ Metahumans In VR With Amazing Free Demo

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You can download ETR’s demo for free here (it requires a PC VR headset) or watch our gameplay below. ETR also documents the work they put into the demo in this video here. Metahumans VR Demo In Action.

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Smash Drums Demo Adding More Songs Soon

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Rocking rhythm game Smash Drums will add two more songs to its demo on Oculus Quest soon. You can grab the demo for the drumming game on App Lab with the developer planning to add two new songs to the demo soon.

Oculus Connect 3 Will Feature At Least These 38 Virtual Reality Demos


Events 3 connect connect 3 convention demos events Oculus Connect touch

PSVR Demo Disc 3 Incoming With Astro Bot, Superhot, More – Report


It looks like PSVR demo disc 3 is on the way. That is according to Ostrog , which claims to have spotted an ESRB listing for ‘PSVR Demo Compilation 3’ We couldn’t find the listing ourselves but the site apparently took a screenshot that you can see below. There were rumors of a new demo disc late last year but, when we asked Sony about it, the company told us it didn’t comment on rumor and speculation.

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Oculus Re-Focuses Best Buy Rift Demos On Larger Markets


Oculus is pulling demo stations for its Rift virtual reality headsets form certain Best Buy stores. Yes, Oculus is removing its demo stations from certain Best Buys across the United States. “We’re making some seasonal changes and prioritizing demos at hundreds of Best Buy locations in larger markets,” the statement reads. Oculus first started running these demos in May with 48 locations. Tagged with: best buy , demo , oculus , rift , startegy.

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Microsoft Now Hosts Free HoloLens Demos Across US & Canada

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Microsoft Stores across the US and Canada are now hosting free HoloLens demos, so you can finally see what the hubbub is all about. Appointments, a Microsoft phone operator told Road to VR , aren’t necessarily required in some cases, although this depends on the location, so it’s best to confirm beforehand to double-check that both a demo unit and demo slot is available.

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Willy Wonka-Style Tour Of Valve HQ Includes Half-Life: Alyx Demo


The one hour visit will include a VR demo, tour, and meet-and-greet at the companies’ home-base in Bellevue, Washington. The post Willy Wonka-Style Tour Of Valve HQ Includes Half-Life: Alyx Demo appeared first on VRScout.

VR Fitness Experience Viro Move Demo Now Available For PC VR


Viro Move, a new VR fitness experience , now has a downloadable demo on the Steam store for you to try out. However, in the new demo launch trailer, we’ve got our first look at a new mode that will have you quickly switch between shooting targets, boxing and slashing blocks – all in a single level, while getting your blood pumping. The game currently has no release date, but you can download the demo now for the Index, Rift, Windows MR and HTC Vive on Steam.

Interview And Demo With The $8,000 Military-Grade Dual 4K XTAL VR Headset At CES 2020


For more information read here or watch the interview and demo above. The post Interview And Demo With The $8,000 Military-Grade Dual 4K XTAL VR Headset At CES 2020 appeared first on UploadVR.

Watch Will.I.Am Demo this VR Turret Simulator


made his away around the demo room floor, stopping at a prominently placed turret contraption to take it for a spin. Demo this VR Turret Simulator appeared first on VRScout. Flying high under a bomber and blasting fools out of the air is the name of the game. VR On The Lot , a virtual reality industry conference at Paramount Pictures Studio, included a packed schedule of top Hollywood talent and executives addressing the future of entertainment and VR.