PSVR Gets ‘Demo Disc 3’ Showcasing 9 VR Titles

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PlayStation VR Demo Disc 3 is now available on the PlayStation Store, including demos for nine hit VR titles. Like the previous two demo discs, the third installment is free of charge.

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New PlayStation VR Demo Disc Available as a Free Download Starting Today

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There are those who said the era of the demo disc had come to an end. Alas, Sony is set to release a second VR demo disc to give players a fresh taste of some of the top and upcoming PlayStation VR content.

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Magic Leap Reveals Developer Demo, Confirms NVIDIA TX2 Hardware

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The headset also has a 6DOF controller, but it isn’t shown in this demo. The blue grid in the demo shows the headset’s perception of the user’s room, and Magic Leap said during the session that this geometry mesh is updated continuously.

PSVR 2019 ‘Demo Disc’ Includes Nine Kick-Ass Titles


Since 2016, in a move that can only be described as past meeting present, Sony has been channeling the spirit of late 1990’s, early 2000’s gaming with the release of two different Playstation VR ‘demo discs.’ If you’ve somehow never played Superhot VR, now’s your chance.

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Sony Explains Huge Per-Region PSVR Demo Disc Content Differences

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Responding to public reaction to the news that PlayStation VR buyers will receive far less content on their packed-in demo disc depending on where they live, Sony has responded with some sound reasoning to explain things. US PlayStation VR Demo Disc Contents: Allumette – Penrose.

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Magic Leap Promises to Show a Real Demo and Share Specs Next Week

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So we’re not exactly holding our breath for the next session of Magic Leap Live, but the company claimed today that it plans to share “some” specs, and do an actual demo of the Magic Leap headset. AR Headset Magic Leap News magic leap magic leap demo magic leap specs

Watch HoloLens 2 ‘Spatial’ Remote Collaboration Demo from MWC 2019

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Like all on-stage HoloLens demos to date, footage was captured with an external camera which included mixed reality & depth-sensing hardware to better visually demonstrate how a user can interact with virtual objects in their physical environment.

PSVR Demo Collection 3 Doesn’t Include Any New Games


Good news: PSVR Demo Collection 3 is real! Yesterday we reported on a rumor that a third demo compilation was in the works for Sony’s headset. Only Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Superhot VR are the genuinely new demos. Experiences Gaming demo demo disc PSVR

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Oculus is Now Offering Free Demos of ‘MARVEL Powers United VR’ at Select Retail Locations

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Oculus is now giving free demos of MARVEL Powers United VR, the upcoming super hero adventure for Rift, across its many partner retail locations. If you’ve had a chance to try out Rift in a store lately, you might just be able to secure a demo for Powers United at the same location.

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4 Dev Demos Showing Off Apple’s New ARKit Tracking

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The post 4 Dev Demos Showing Off Apple’s New ARKit Tracking appeared first on Road to VR. Apple AR AR Development ARKit Augmented Reality News apple ar apple arkit apple augmented reality arkit demo

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Microsoft Now Hosts Free HoloLens Demos Across US & Canada

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Microsoft Stores across the US and Canada are now hosting free HoloLens demos, so you can finally see what the hubbub is all about. At the time of this writing, no online sign-up sheet is available specific to HoloLens demos, only a list of participating stores.

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Watch: ILMxLab’s Star Wars Real-Time Ray-Tracing Demo on Unreal Engine is Stunning

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Today, we were treated to a live stage demo using Unreal Engine, Nvidia RTX, and ILMxLAB’s Star Wars assets. The post Watch: ILMxLab’s Star Wars Real-Time Ray-Tracing Demo on Unreal Engine is Stunning appeared first on Road to VR.

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In Vegas? HTC is Offering Public Vive Pro Demos Through Thursday

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The official HTC Vive Twitter account has posted a reminder of their public invitation to anyone looking for a Vive Pro demo , with a “daily open house” from 4–6pm through Thursday at the Wynn’s Alsace Ballroom.

Free Apex Construct Demo Finally Comes To Steam


The Swedish studio today launched a free demo for the game on Steam. To mark the demo’s launch, the game is also 50% off on Steam this week, available for $14.99. This demo arrives shortly after Fast Travel revealed Apex Construct sold the best on PSVR. PSVR has had a demo since May of last year which may have helped sales. If you’re yet to play Apex Construct we definitely recommend giving the demo a shot.

Microsoft to Debut HoloLens 2 Livestream Video Series with Demos, Updates, & Developer Info

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To build hype for the HoloLens 2 among developers, Microsoft is borrowing a page out of Magic Leap's playbook. Starting on March 12, Microsoft will livestream a six-part series of talk shows, dubbed The Realities Show, that will examine various aspects of the next-generation HoloLens.

Where to Try Vive, PSVR, Rift, Touch, Gear VR, and Daydream for Free

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Luckily, it’s easy to find yourself a free demo of any VR major system out there. Find an HTC Vive Demo Location. Find an Oculus Rift and Touch Demo Location. Oculus has a healthy smattering of demo locations across the US in many Best Buy and Microsoft stores.

Here’s the Star Wars VR Demo Apple Showed During Their Keynote

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John Knoll, chief creative officer at Industrial Light & Magic, presented a mixed reality Star Wars themed live demo of VR content created on Mac and played on the Vive. The post Here’s the Star Wars VR Demo Apple Showed During Their Keynote appeared first on Road to VR.

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NVIDIA PhysX Demo Shows Rigid Body Physics Interactions on a Massive Scale

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Previous GPU rigid body solutions had some trade-offs that NVIDIA says you won’t have to make with the demo, which no longer sacrifice PhysX features like joints. The company says they’ll be releasing the bulldozer demo to the public.

‘Astro Bot Rescue Mission’ to Get Free Demo Next Week on PSVR

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Starting next week, you’ll be able to find out why when a free demo lands on the PlayStation Store. The post ‘Astro Bot Rescue Mission’ to Get Free Demo Next Week on PSVR appeared first on Road to VR.

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‘Apex Construct’ Gets Free PSVR Demo, Now Available on US PSN Store

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Sadly, demos aren’t really the norm for VR games, making it tough to know if that tantalizingly polished-looking game really works as well as it looks in trailers. The post ‘Apex Construct’ Gets Free PSVR Demo, Now Available on US PSN Store appeared first on Road to VR.

PSVR Adventure Eden Tomorrow Getting Free Demo This Month


The developer’s official website confirms that a demo for the PSVR game is coming this month. There’s no final date or details of what the demo will entail, but we’re intrigued. Remember Soulpix’s Eden Tomorrow?

Twilio & Magic Leap Deliver First Live Demo of Avatar Chat Communications App

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During one of the stage presentations, Twilio co-founder and CEO, Jeff Lawson, walked on staging wearing the Magic Leap One to introduce the first live demo of the company's new Avatar Chat app.

This VR Archery Demo Uses Vive Trackers For Realistic Handling


But we bet it’d feel even better with this Vive Tracker demo. Tagged with: VR Archery Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post This VR Archery Demo Uses Vive Trackers For Realistic Handling appeared first on UploadVR. VR will make Hawkeyes of us all.

North American PS VR Demo Disc Upgrades to 18 Games, UK Only Has 8


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PSVR Demo Disc 3 Incoming With Astro Bot, Superhot, More – Report


It looks like PSVR demo disc 3 is on the way. That is according to Ostrog , which claims to have spotted an ESRB listing for ‘PSVR Demo Compilation 3’ We couldn’t find the listing ourselves but the site apparently took a screenshot that you can see below. There were rumors of a new demo disc late last year but, when we asked Sony about it, the company told us it didn’t comment on rumor and speculation.

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Valve Reveals Latest Knuckles Dev Kit & New ‘Moondust’ Tech Demo

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That changed this week as Valve offered up a major information dump, showcasing the latest Knuckles dev kit with a significant design overhaul, alongside a new tech demo designed to demonstrate what the controllers are capable of.

Magic Leap Unveils Two New Demos Showing How Spatial Computing Works

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Following the much talked about demo called "Dodge," the new demos (actually, tutorials), shot directly through the device, are called "Drive" and "Measure" and deliver two new valuable looks at exactly how the Magic Leap system works.

Rube Goldberg-style Puzzler ‘Gadgeteer’ Gets Free Beta Demo on Steam

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Physics-based puzzler Gadgeteer has launched a free beta demo on Steam alongside a contest to see who can build the coolest chain reaction. The post Rube Goldberg-style Puzzler ‘Gadgeteer’ Gets Free Beta Demo on Steam appeared first on Road to VR.

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Oculus Re-Focuses Best Buy Rift Demos On Larger Markets


Oculus is pulling demo stations for its Rift virtual reality headsets form certain Best Buy stores. Yes, Oculus is removing its demo stations from certain Best Buys across the United States. Oculus first started running these demos in May with 48 locations.

5 Impressive VR Companies From ViveX Batch Two Demo Day


This week we went to an HTC-hosted Demo Day for the second batch of ViveX funded VR and AR companies. Bonus Entry: Invrse Reality – This one is just a bonus entry because the demo I tried was entirely embargoed and I can’t actually talk about it.

Panono Cardboard Demo

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Visit New York, the Queen, a wedding or go base flying with the Cardboard Demo of Panono. WP-Appbox: Panono Cardboard Demo (Free, Google Play) →. Please note that you will need a Cardboard to use the App.

OTOY Demos Lightfield Streaming From the Cloud

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The demo itself was not as flashy as the worlds of opportunity it could represent. The post OTOY Demos Lightfield Streaming From the Cloud appeared first on Road to VR.

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New Magic Leap Images Appear as Saudi Prince Gets Demo from CEO Rony Abovitz

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Last month, Magic Leap used GDC to launch its SDK, hold a number of private parties at a special "Magic Leap House," and even give a few select attendees private, apparently NDA-locked demos.

PlayStation VR Sees the Return of the Demo Disc with 8 VR Games to Try in the Box

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PlayStation VR arrives on October 13th, and with the promise of over 50 titles arriving by the end of year , Sony is sensibly providing demos of some of the key titles as a launch showcase. A demo disc in 2016?

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Magic Leap Releases Helio Experiments Demos, Finally Gives Us the Infamous AR Whale

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That early video made such an impression that when the Magic Leap One finally made it to the public, some immediately referenced the fact that Magic Leap's promise of next level augmented reality left out that long-awaited whale demo. You want whales? Ok, you'll get whales!

PSVR MOBA ‘Megalith’ Free Demo Lets You Migrate Progress to Full Version

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Megalith (2018) , the first-person PSVR battle arena from Disruptive Games , now boasts a free demo that gives you a good chance to try out all of the game’s Titans before plonking down the cash for the full game.

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Astro Bot: Rescue Mission To Get Free PSVR Demo This Month


Today, Sony announced on the PS blog in celebration of PSVR’s upcoming 2nd birthday that they’re releasing a free demo for Astro Bot that will hit the PSN Store on October 16th — that’s exactly one week away. Gaming PSVR Astro Bot Astro Bot: Rescue Mission demo

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Microsoft Japan Concept Video Demos How HoloLens Will Help Pilot the Drone Ships of the Future

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Although the HoloLens is still primarily the domain of developers and researchers, the device is nevertheless on the cutting edge of showing us what will be possible with augmented reality in the coming years.

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Oculus Connect 3 Will Feature At Least These 38 Virtual Reality Demos


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Watch Will.I.Am Demo this VR Turret Simulator


made his away around the demo room floor, stopping at a prominently placed turret contraption to take it for a spin. Demo this VR Turret Simulator appeared first on VRScout. Flying high under a bomber and blasting fools out of the air is the name of the game.

Leap Motion Shares Amazing Demo of Augmented Reality Table Tennis with AI Opponent

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As seen in demo videos shared by Leap Motion, the physics in the game are highly realistic as the virtual ball bounces off the.

Exclusive: Meta 2 AR Demos Revealed in Full

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During a recent visit to the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters to catch the latest improvements to the headset, I got to see a selection of demo content which Meta has allowed Road to VR to capture and share in full for the first time. Meta 2 Evolving Brain Demo.

Toyota Demo Points To Rising Commitment In VR By Major Brands


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