HTC Says Watching ‘Ready Player One’ Boosts VR Purchase Intent in China

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HTC China President Alvin Wang Graylin tweeted recently that Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One (2018) is projected to have a “significantly positive impact” on VR adoption in China this year. Image courtesy HTC.

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HTC Helps Establish the ‘Industry of Virtual Reality Alliance’ in China


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HTC’s New Vive Focus Headset Locker Aims to Put VR at the Forefront of Education in China

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HTC has been making inroads into the education system in China with its startup VIVEDU , which centers around both University-level and K-12 education programs using HTC Vive and now HTC Vive Focus, the company’s 6DOF standalone VR headset. Image courtesy HTC.

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Oculus Go Launches in China Under Xiaomi Branding

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Oculus previously announced earlier this year that Oculus Go , the company’s 3DOF standalone headset, would officially launch in 23 consumer markets, although China would be receiving its own version with Xiaomi branding.

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HTC Launching Standalone Vive Exclusively In China


Standalone HTC Vive headsets appear to be all the rage lately based on several reveals made by HTC over the past couple of months. This makes sense, as while Viveport usually takes a backseat to Steam for most US & EU VR-users, the HTC platform plays a much bigger role in China.

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My first taste of Virtual Reality in China

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Hello everyone from Qingdao, China! This is my first article written from China and I have to say that I’m very very excited. I have to say that China is a lot different from what I had imagined and I guess that the only way to really understand it is coming here.

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HTC Brings VR to Hotel Guests in China


HTC has partnered with IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) to bring HTC Vive VR systems to select hotels in China. Launched on October 31, IHG is the first international hotel group in China to provide guests with VR amenities, including in-room experiences.

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HTC Announces $1.5 Billion VR Investment Fund and Research Institute in China


HTC is making yet more moves in China today, announcing a partnership with the Shenzhen Municipal Government to kick off two new initiatives. The first of these is a new China VR Research Institute. Tagged with: china , htc , investment fund , Shenzhen.

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Vive Focus Standalone VR Headset Launches in China

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Vive Focus, HTC’s first standalone VR headset, has officially launched in China. Based on HTC’s new mobile VR platform, which includes a mobile version of the Viveport content store, the headset debuts with more than 40 apps. image courtesy HTC.

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First Official HTC Vive VR Cafe Opens in Shenzhen, China


Alvin Wang Graylin, HTC Vive’s Regional President in China, revealed on Twitter the first Vive VR Cafe opened in Shenzhen last Friday. Previously, we reported on HTC ‘s huge initiative that would have them powering potentially thousands of VR arcades.

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HTC Partners With China’s Massive State Cellular Carrier to “boost mass VR adoption”

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HTC and China Mobile Communications Corporation today jointly announced a partnership to “accelerate the proliferation of 5G infrastructure and devices in China.” ” Further, China Mobile, the country’s massive state-owned mobile phone carrier, will help HTC push its VR devices into more retail channels. The announcement today with China Mobile takes HTC another step toward that vision. ” Image courtesy HTC.

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HTC’s Alvin Graylin on What’s Happening in China & VR

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Alvin Wang Graylin is the China President of Vive at HTC, and I had a chance to talk with him at CES this year about what’s happening in China. The post HTC’s Alvin Graylin on What’s Happening in China & VR appeared first on Road to VR.

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HTC Gets Bullish on Vive’s Future in China, Setting Up 10,000+ ‘Experience Sites’ This Year


The best way to sell people on VR is to show it to them, and HTC is going to be doing just that in China. The post HTC Gets Bullish on Vive’s Future in China, Setting Up 10,000+ ‘Experience Sites’ This Year appeared first on UploadVR.

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HTC Partners to Stream VR Games to Vive in China, Cutting VR-Ready PCs Out of the Equation

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Oculus and HTC have already reduced the prices of their respective headsets, with the Oculus Rift now selling for $500 and HTC Vive for $600. This comes as a part of a larger trend by HTC to make Vive usership less financially daunting.

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HTC’s Vive Focus Standalone Gets A Release Date And Price For China


While there’s still no word on a western release, HTC’s first standalone VR headset, the Vive Focus, finally has launch details for China. in China, so it’s possible that it could be significantly cheaper if it ever did come to the west.

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Judao is a well established company offering VR education in China

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During my trip to China, I’m visiting various VR startups in Shanghai and Beijing. In China seems that this is not mandatory: being the internal market so big, a company like Judao can be successful even by using the English language very few times.

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HTC Aims to Create a ‘Mobile OpenVR’ in China with Vive Wave VR Platform

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On stage at Vive Developer Conference in Beijing, HTC today unveiled their upcoming standalone VR headset, Vive Focus. Image courtesy HTC. HTC says the Vive Wave VR SDK offers an open interface enabling interoperability between numerous mobile VR headsets and accessories.

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HTC to Launch Standalone Vive Headset in China Tied to Viveport Content Store

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HTC today announced a new variant of its Vive standalone VR headset which is aimed specifically at the Chinese VR market and will tap the company’s Viveport content platform as the official app store for the headset. Graylin, China Regional President of Vive at HTC.

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Langzou VR give us very interesting insights on XR education in China

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This has been possible thanks to the kind support of Mister President and the whole HTC, that introduced me to these companies and let me visit them to discover a lot of things about the Chinese VR ecosystem. In China, at the end of high school, there is a final exam.

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6 Reasons Why China is Leading VR Growth Worldwide


During the Fall, I was invited by Tsinghua, “China’s MIT”, to design a new blend of curriculum for their students. Let’s see how Xiaomi’s latest headset is illustrating the growing leading role of China in the VR industry, and its particularities compared to the Western market.

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Exclusive: HTC Makes Big Play For VR Content Distribution In China


Steiber says that HTC’s vision with Viveport M is to be “platform and device agnostic” but that the app will initially work within the Android ecosystem. Mobile VR has already been taking off in a major way in China, which ranks as the l argest smartphone market in the world.

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Watch HTC Vive’s China President Strut The Catwalk Wearing A Vive Focus


The President of HTC Vive in China recently took to the catwalk of the GQ show during this year’s Shanghai Fashion Week, and strutted his stuff whilst wearing the company’s latest headset, the Vive Focus, over his eyes. As Graylin noted, he was really there to show off a new coat that had been designed inside HTC’s other new VR device, the Vive Pro. HTC Vive VR Industry News

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HTC and Oculus Aren’t Competing, Says Vive’s China President


PlayStation VR is a promising new contender on the scene, but all eyes are still on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift when it comes to VR rivalries. One HTC figurehead doesn’t think we should be looking at it that way, however.

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HTC R&D department shows that VR can already benefit various sectors of our lives

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During my Chinese adventure, in the period that I was leaving Shanghai to go to Chengdu to watch pandas, I had the opportunity to interview via WeChat Qiyong Chen, one of the people leading the Virtual Reality R&D experiments at HTC. Who are you and what do you do in HTC?

Razer Want to Make OSVR the “De Facto” VR Platform in China

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Razer Chief Executive and co-founder Min-Liang Tan has stated his company’s intent to dominate China’s rapidly growing virtual reality market, with new products built around the OSVR platform, tailored to the region launching next month. VR is very hot in China now.”

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4 Things That Make The China VR Market Unique


Goldman Sachs says that China accounted for a third of VR headset sales last year. By some measures, VR has been better received in China than it has even in the West. It could be reasonable to believe that China is poised to dominate the nascent VR industry. A second distinct difference between the VR markets in China and the US is the way consumers experience the technology. It hopes to bring “VR theme parks” to China. VR Industry News china VR Market

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HTC Vive’s China President: ‘Immersive Computing Will Be Your Key Interface’


During CES last month I hiked across Las Vegas to find Alvin Wang Graylin, HTC’s Vive President in China. While the Focus uses those cameras to detect its location, HTC says its Vive Pro cameras will be made available to developers. Update : More information added from HTC about the Vive Pro’s cameras. Tagged with: Alvin Graylin , htc Facebook Twitter Reddit More. VR Industry News Alvin Graylin htc

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HTC Officially Announces Vive Focus, Its Standalone VR Headset


Today at Vive Developer Conference in Beijing, HTC announced its long-awaited standalone headset, called Vive Focus. At the event, Vive China President Alvin Graylin took the stage to deliver the keynote. News China Hardware HTC HTC Vive Vive Focus

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‘Hotel Transylvania’ VR Rhythm Game Comes to VR Arcades in North America, Europe & China

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Called Hotel Transylvania Popstic , the game is said to be featured at around 500 VR arcades across North America, Europe, and China. If you’re in North America, Europe, or China, check with your local VR arcade to find out if Hotel Transylvania Popstic is on offer.

Vive China Hackathon Reveals VR Sword Fighting Robot And Exoskeletons


Over the past week 18 developers have been going head-to-head in a huge HTC Vive hackathon in Shanghai, China. ManChoose developed a hand-operated medical training experience, winning the Interactive Experience award and their own HTC Vive to go with it.

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An amazing day at HTC Vive, trying SteamVR multiroom, Vive Wireless Adapter and Vive Focus gesture tracking

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Two days ago, I’ve been at HTC Vive Chinese headquarters in Beijing. It has been a really amazing day, where I have been able to try some amazing HTC tech demos (more on this later on! Being in HTC offices, I really wanted to try it.

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HTC Partners With Alibaba Cloud to Tackle VR Bandwidth and Computing Problems


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Vive China President Shares 16 Lessons for a VR-First Future From ‘Ready Player One’

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Graylin is the China President of Vive at HTC leading all aspects of the Vive/VR business in the region. He has had over 22 years of business management experience in the tech industry, including 15 years operating in Greater China.

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HTC Opens First Vive Branded VR Cafe in Shenzhen


If there’s one place that’s leading the charge to make VR accessible to consumers — it’s China. VR in China is steadily going mainstream, thanks to hundreds of dedicated arcades and cafes popping up in major cities across the country. News China HTC HTC Vive Viveport VR Arcades

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HTC Exec: Education will help sell Vive in China

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In addition to Internet cafes and other out-of-home venues, early tech adopters and hardcore gamers, Chinese parents’ focus on education will be a major driver for HTC Vive’s success in that country, HTC‘s head for... Features China HTC HTC Vive

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HTC rumored to spin off VR business as HTC 10 tanks in China


The HTC 10 might in the end suffer the same fate as the HTC One (M7). Of course, it's still too early to tell, but in China, the signs are quite damning. Archive Android China HTC HTC 10 HTC VIVE Phones smartphone virtual reality vr

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Vive China Boss: First Gen VR Was ‘Overhyped’ But Standalone Will ‘Change The Game’


It’s no secret that the first generation of major VR headsets hasn’t performed as well as many analytics companies were hoping, but HTC is betting that its new Vive Focus headset and others like it will mark a turning point for the industry. Speaking to Mobile World Live at Mobile World Congress China last week, Vive China boss Alvin Wang Graylin explained why the first generation of VR tech didn’t go as some predicted.

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On the Hunt for VR’s Killer App with Vive’s China President, Alvin Wang Graylin

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Today we hear from Alvin Wang Graylin, HTC’s China President of Vive. Graylin is the China President of Vive at HTC leading all aspects of the Vive/VR business in the region. Feature HTC HTC Vive Interview VR Design alvin wang graylin htc vive vr killer app

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HTC Introduces Vivepaper: A VR Magazine Stand


Condé Nast China and HTC launch an augmented-VR reading experience. HTC has unveiled Vivepaper , the latest app for the Vive that lets you check out interactive VR from publishers. Graylin, China Regional President of Vive, HTC. “We

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Report: HTC Lays Off 1,500 Employees in Taiwan Manufacturing Division

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HTC is reportedly laying off 1,500 employees in its Taiwan manufacturing division, something Bloomberg’s Taipei bureau chief Samson Ellis reports to be around 22% of HTC employees. billion deal, which saw half of HTC’s smartphone R&D division transferred to Google.

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