The Great Bubble


2013 has brought much excitement to the VR world, especially the perception of great breakthroughs in Head Mounted Display products. Can we take a deep breath, then hold up a distant mirror to the cautionary history of VR from 1993-1998.

Vintage VR-4 Head Mounted Display Teardown


Here’s a much more detailed tear down of the Virtual Research VR-4 Head Mounted Display, done by one of the engineers at VR sometime in 1994. He shows us how to remove the back light inverter and the main PCB. ‘Scuse the vintage VHS EP mode recording. I was trying to save on video tape costs; a 6 hour tape cost $1.50! Click here to view the embedded video. The post Vintage VR-4 Head Mounted Display Teardown appeared first on V-Rtifacts.

Digital VR Rehab


For years, therapists would attempt to treat smokers and alcoholics using real-life triggers. Let addicts see a lighter or an empty bottle, or even a photo of something smoking or drinking related, to trigger cravings, then teach them coping strategies. It was limited because patients could tell they were in a lab and their new found coping skills were not always transferrable to the real world. Enter Virtual Reality: Click here to view the embedded video.

Meta Shuts Down Amidst Patent Infringement Lawsuit & Asset Liquidation

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Founded in 2012, the company ran a successful Kickstarter in 2013 for an early AR development headset.

New Google Glass for Enterprise Emerges in FCC Listing

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First introduced in its Explorer Edition in 2013, it now appears a second gen Enterprise Edition has passed FCC certification. It’s been over a year since Google launched its Glass Enterprise Edition , something the company called “a new chapter” for the device.

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Niantic’s ‘Ingress Prime’ Brings A Sci-fi Twist To Location-Based AR Gaming


Join pick a side and join the battle for control of previous Exotic Matter in this modern revival of the 2013 location-based AR game.

Airbus Launches HoloLens App to Train Future Airline Crews


Airbus, a Microsoft HoloLens partner, developed the software for its A350 XWB line of planes, which first took to the skies in 2013. The Japanese airliner purchased 31 A350s in 2013 and will be the first to take advantage of the software. Jet engineering is going holographic.

Mindfield Games Make Their Debut with Ambitious Virtual Reality Adventure P.O.L.L.E.N - OnlySP


One such company, Finland's Mindfield Games, embarked on their journey to release their first game, Pollen, for VR back in 2013, and their work is now coming to fruition

uSens Raises $20 Million To Pursue Inside-Out Tracking Technology


uSens was founded in 2013 and is working on inside-out position and hand tracking technologies. AR/VR startup uSens completed a series A round of fundraising to the tune of $20 million. The post uSens Raises $20 Million To Pursue Inside-Out Tracking Technology appeared first on UploadVR.

Disney Animation Studios to Debut Its First VR Short Film Next Month

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The film will be directed by Jeff Gibson, who has worked as a lightning artist at Disney Animation Studios since 2013.

‘Border Patrol’ Aims to Bring the ‘Papers, Please’ Experience to VR, Demo Now Available

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Border Patrol is an upcoming first-person virtual reality take on Papers, Please (2013), putting you in the shoes of a booth operator at an AI travel border who must accept or deny entry to robots trying to enter the region.

Manufacturing 4.0: Checking In with Expert Peggy Gulick of AGCO


Where others saw challenges, Peggy and her team saw opportunities to turn a device that was then (2013) struggling to find a purpose […].

‘PAYDAY 2’ Getting Full VR Compatibility with ‘PAYDAY VR’, Beta Later This Year

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The company’s studio, Overkill Software, is behind Payday 2 (2013) , a well regarded FPS that focused on four-player co-op action.

‘Payday 2 VR’ Exits Beta, Now Available as Free DLC to Main Game

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Payday 2 (2013) , Overkill’s 4-player bank heist co-op shooter, has offered a VR mode in beta for the past few months, but now it’s off the beta branch and pushed out as a free DLC to the main game.

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Report: Jaunt in Talks to Sell Cinematic VR Business as It Moves Towards AR

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Founded in 2013, and exiting out of stealth in 2014, Jaunt previously focused on producing high-quality 360 video in the hundreds, as well as a professional-grade 360 camera dubbed Jaunt One (formerly NEO).

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New Video Reveals More Giant Bosses of ‘Astro Bot Rescue Mission‘

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Developed exclusively for PSVR, Astro Bot Rescue Mission sees a reprisal of the little bots that were first introduced in The Playroom (2013) and later in The Playroom VR (2016).

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Witness The Discovery Of The God Particle In AR


Higgs the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics. NYT app simulates a Higgs particle reaction using AR technology. Since its initial development during the mid 1960’s, the Large Hadron Collider has remained one of the most impressive scientific and technological achievements in human history.

Oculus Share Shuts Down, Ending An EraGoodbye, Oculus.


August 2013 was a different time for VR. That period between August and December 2013 Oculus raised $75 million to continue its VR ambitions. Oculus Share Shuts Down, Ending An Era Goodbye, Oculus Share.

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Here’s Each Of The 180+ Cars You Can Race In VR In Project Cars 2


Project Cars 2 is gearing up for its September 22nd release date, promising to be one of the most fully featured racing simulations for VR headsets yet. Developer Slightly Mad Studios has sparred no detail in bringing a realistic driving experience to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and that includes an exhaustive list of drivable cars, revealed today. Below is every car you can expect to get behind the wheel of when the game launches on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in two months’ time.

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AltspaceVR CEO Eric Romo Joins Facebook’s Social VR Team

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Romo, who founded AltspaceVR in January 2013, will be moving to the role of Director of Product at Facebooks’s Social VR team, the group behind Facebook Spaces. Eric Romo, co-founder and CEO of AltspaceVR , is joining Facebook’s Social VR team.

Director of ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ is Making a Live-Action VR Horror Series, Releasing Halloween 2017

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AltspaceVR founder wants to make virtual reality as accessible.


Founded in 2013, the Redwood City, Calif.-based AltspaceVR founder wants to make virtual reality as accessible as the web Eric Romo and his cofounders at AltspaceVR want to make virtual reality as pervasive and accessible as the worldwide web.

Exclusive: Meta 2 AR Demos Revealed in Full

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Like Rift DK1 in 2013, Meta 2 isn’t perfect in 2016, but it could play an equally important role in the development of consumer augmented reality. Outside of a few demonstrations at tradeshows, Meta has only give glimpses of the content on its impressive AR headset dev kit in short clips.

Virtuix Omni VR Treadmill to Get ‘Arizona Sunshine’ Support, Partners with HTC

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” Arizona Sunshine [ our review ] is one of SteamVR’s top rated games, and soon it’ll be compatible with the Virtuix Omni , a VR treadmill which got its start after a successful 2013 Kickstarter. Virtuix got its start in 2013 with a Kickstarter campaign that raised $1.1

Report: Apple Nearly Acquired Leap Motion but the Deal Fell Through

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According to a report from Business Insider , earlier this year Apple was on the verge of acquiring Leap Motion, but the deal fell through days before it was expected to close.

VR Quiz Game ‘Go Guess’ Uses Google 360 Captures to Make You Guess Where You Are

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Like its 2D forebears such as GeoGuessr (2013) , Go Guess tasks you with investigating the captures by hunting for clues. Go Guess (2018) is a new interactive VR quiz game from developers Oblix that tosses you into Google 360 captures and makes you to guess where you are. The twist?

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Media Molecule’s ‘Dreams’ Confirmed to Support PSVR at Launch

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Wargaming to Develop ‘World of Tanks VR’ for VR Arcades

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Wargaming —the company behind free-to-play titles World of Tanks (2010), World of Warplanes (2013) , and World of Warships (2015) —has announced development of a new title, World of Tanks VR , under development for deployment into VR arcades.

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Experiencing Epic Storytelling in VR

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Now, Connely has turned his attention to the immersive storytelling space, having founded Blackthorn Media in 2013. Entertainment industry heavyweights partner up to bring Renaissance plot to room-scale VR. Michael Conelly is a prolific visual effects designer.

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Google buys Eyefluence, an eye-tracking startupGoogle wanst to.


The eye-tracking interface startup founded in 2013 had raised $21.6M Google buys Eyefluence, an eye-tracking startup Google wanst to know everywhere that you’re looking. Today, Eyefluence announced that it has been acquired by Google.

CCP Studio Behind ‘EVE: Valkyrie’ Acquired by Sumo Digital

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O’Brien joined CCP in 2013 as executive producer of the fledgling Valkyrie, coming from EA’s DICE studio in Stockholm.

Facebook CEO: ‘In Five to Ten Years AR Will Be Where VR is Today’

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Back in March, I made the case for the Meta 2 AR headset being as important of a stepping stone as Oculus’ Rift DK1 was back in 2013: The careful reader of this article’s headline (Meta 2 Could Do for Augmented Reality What Rift DK1 Did for Virtual Reality), will spot a double entendre.

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‘Starfighter Inc.’ Kickstarter Passes 50% Funding

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Lead by industry veteran David Wessman, famous for his work on the classic X-Wing series, developer Impeller Studios has been working on this passion project since 2013. Starfighter Inc. has passed the halfway mark on its crowdfunding campaign , now with 9 days remaining.

Cheeky Airport Security Game ‘TSA Frisky’ to Launch May 17th

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The game, which appears to be a cheeky cross between Papers, Please (2013) and Job Simulator (2016), is slated to arrive on Steam for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows VR Headsets on May 17th.

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High Fidelity & NeoSensory Partner to Launch ‘exoskin’ Haptic Jacket, Coming July 2018

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Sixense Will Refund Its VR Controller Backers, Switch To Enterprise


Sixense pioneered hand controllers for virtual reality applications in 2013, but the company hasn’t been able to produce its Stem consumer product for VR. That gave Sixense the ability to replay its 2,383 Kickstarter backers, who gave the company $604,978 in 2013. Above: Amir Rubin, CEO of Sixense, ran a Kickstarter for a wireless version of his company’s motion-sensing controllers in 2013.

PlayStation VR Sales Disappointing - But Why?


PSVR was supposed to sell much better than the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive since PSVR could leverage the over 50 Million PlayStation 4 consoles sold since 2013. Playstation VR (PSVR) was the next best hope for VR sales. Alas, it was not to be.

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VRgineers to Integrate Leap Motion Hand-tracking into its Wide FOV VRHero Headset

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The Controller has been available since July 2013, although has since seen a major software upgrade in 2016 that has refined its made-for-VR hand-tracking engine.

VR Drama ‘Kiss Me First’ Arrives On Netflix June 29th


Kiss Me First is a loose adaptation of Lottie Moggach’s 2013 YA novel of the same name. Live-action meets CGI in this six-part adaptation of Lottie Moggach’s hit YA novel.

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Magic Leap Could Call its First AR Headset ‘Magic Leap One’

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Magic Leap, the secretive augmented reality startup, might be calling its first device ‘Magic Leap One’, as suggested by a recent trademark filing.

Until Dawn dev Supermassive Games continues to support VR with new game for Google Daydream

Cats and VR

BAFTA-winning independent British developer Supermassive Games is proud to announce Shattered State, an interactive cinematic thriller for Daydream.

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Oculus To Demo High Budget Rift Exclusives ‘Stormland’ & ‘Defector’ At PAX South


Oculus has had a presence at at least one PAX event per year since 2013. Facebook announced that it will host demos of its upcoming high budget Oculus Rift exclusives Stormland and Defector at PAX South 2019. PAX is a collection of gaming festivals held each year since 2004.

Eye Doctors Can Now Prescribe VR Lazy-eye Treatment for Home Use

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Founded by James Blaha in 2013, Vivid Vision (formerly called Diplopia) is a virtual reality treatment for lazy eye disorders—characterized by both eyes not cooperating normally to achieve sharp, binocular vision. Vivid Vision offers a virtual reality based treatment for lazy eye disorders.