Tilt Brush Behind One Of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions Of 2018


A few weeks after painting in the program, he transformed his 3D sketches into the prototype for one of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions of 2018. “It Selling out orders as quickly as he could manufacture them, Solgaard and his Carry-On Closet caught the eye of Time Magazine, which reached out for an interview about the product. The post Tilt Brush Behind One Of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions Of 2018 appeared first on VRScout. News Google Tilt Brush Time Magazine VR

ELLE Brings Augmented Reality To Magazine Cover


Elle Magazine is looking to bring some of Hollywood’s favorite women to life on the cover — and all you need is your iPhone. ELLE is the first Hearst Magazine brand to partner with HuffPost RYOT, with more brands scheduled for 2016 and 2017. The hope for the November AR covers is to deepen the magazine media experience and increase engagement with readers. The post ELLE Brings Augmented Reality To Magazine Cover appeared first on VRScout.


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'Time' magazine changes its name to say one thing: VOTE

Mashable VR

More about Time , Time Magazine , Shepard Fairey , 2020 Election , and Culture. Time Time Magazine Shepard Fairey 2020 Election CultureRead more.


Scribd adds hundreds of magazines to its subscription service

Mashable VR

Scribd is expanding its magazine offering in a big way. On Tuesday, the company announced that it's adding hundreds of new magazine titles to its reading subscription service, including Harper’s Magazine, AFAR, OUT, The Knot Weddings Magazine, Food & Travel, and Wine Enthusiast.

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HTC Introduces Vivepaper: A VR Magazine Stand


While donning the Vive headset you scan a booklet and watch a virtual magazine come to life, loading 360° photos and videos, 3D models, 2D content, and audio just by touching a piece of paper. “With Vivepaper, we will enable the millions of books, magazines, newspapers and periodicals that have existed throughout history to come alive in the virtual world” says Alvin W. The post HTC Introduces Vivepaper: A VR Magazine Stand appeared first on VRScout.

HTC 189

The VRScout Report – AR Magazines, NFL Refs in VR, & Eye Implants


The NFL uses VR to train referees for football season, MLB expands VR content, Sports Illustrated cover features AR, W Magazine uses AR to bring Katy Perry image to life, eye implant platform wants to power continuous AR, now you show off your real-life DJ skills in VR, and the investment & funding wrapup… 1. AUGMENTED MAGAZINE COVERS…IS THIS GOING TO BE A THING? come to life is nothing new—but we’ve been seeing a spate of AR magazine covers lately.

Time Magazine Takes Readers on an Augmented Reality Tour of Amazon Rainforest

Next Reality AR

Prior to this year, Time primarily relied on image markers in the magazine to trigger its special augmented reality features In 2019, though, the venerable media entity has embraced the markerless tracking provided by ARKit and ARCore via the new Time Immersive app, and a new feature on the Amazon rainforest stands in as its latest example of AR storytelling.

Marvel's 'Avengers — Infinity War' Leads Debut Issue of Moviebill's AR Magazine at Regal Movie Theaters

Next Reality AR

Riding the coattails of one of the biggest movies this year, the first edition of the new Moviebill augmented reality magazine will be available at Regal Cinema theaters nationwide this weekend alongside the release Avengers: Infinity War. Moviegoers will be able to scan the cover and pages within the magazine with the Regal Cinemas mobile app for iOS and Android to reveal AR content.

Il Nuovo Calcio, the first sports magazine in Italy to embrace AR


Starting from issue #336 of February 2021, the Italian sports magazine “ Il Nuovo Calcio ” embraces AR in order to offer additional content in conjunction with the printed magazine. link] What an AR sports magazine can offer? ar vr magazine augmented-reality sports

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'Atlanta' Actor Lakeith Stanfield Walks an Augmented Reality Tightrope for New York Times Magazine

Next Reality AR

The New York Times has made a habit of publishing augmented reality stories throughout 2018, and now the media giant's magazine is getting into the act, too. As a tie-in to its annual "Great Performers" issue, which recognizes the top thespians of the year in the eyes of Times critics A.O. Scott and Wesley Morris, a new augmented reality experience is now available through the NY Times app for iPhones and iPads.

Airbus Wants to Replace Skymall With a Digital OLED Magazine That Plays Movies

GizModo VR

There are many reasons for airlines to ditch in-flight magazines, from the cost of printing to the hassle of replacing damaged copies during each stopover. Airbus has proposed a potential alternative: a digital magazine made from… Read more.

SuperWorld ?? Joins CSTM Haus, NFT Magazine and Pollinate for Dynamic AR and NFT Experiences


NFT NYC: A Crypto Art Fair Experience Later in November, SuperWorld will host an immersive digital art experience presented in partnership with NFT Magazine , Pollinate and CSTM Haus at NFT NYC , the leading non-fungible token event of the year!

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Hands-on: HTC’s Vivepaper Uses Camera Hand Tracking To Virtualize Magazines


Newspapers and magazines are no longer the best, fastest way of getting our news and features, and established organisations have thus made the transition to online and diversified into videos, podcasting and more. It digitizes monthly issues of magazines, allowing people to read them from inside VR. Once you’re scanned in and you’ve chosen your magazine, you’ll open up the booklet and use your finger to swipe through pages and select items of interest.

UK Team’s AVR Expertise Featured – Industry 4.0 Magazine

EON Reality

Magazine. Magazine, with a focus on the use of VR and Augmented Reality (AR) in manufacturing, repair and operations. Magazine also asked about EON Reality experience in VR / AR application design in the UK for manufacturing and industry. Magazine appeared first on EON Reality. As enterprise looks towards better IT, the EON Reality UK team were on hand to deliver expertise in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) for Industry 4.0

EON Reality Executive Vice President Anna Lejerskar Featured in Authority Magazine


As a part of their series about “Lessons From Inspirational Women in STEM and Tech,” Authority Magazine writer Fotis Georgiadis chatted with EON Reality’s Executive Vice President, Anna Lejerskar.

Sports Illustrated’s college football preview magazine makes the jump to augmented reality via.


Sports Illustrated’s college football preview magazine makes the jump to augmented reality via @awfulannouncing [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) August 14, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

Katy Perry Comes To Life in W Magazine AR Cover via @VRScout [link]


Katy Perry Comes To Life in W Magazine AR Cover via @VRScout [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) August 13, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

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Adobe campaign aims to amplify diverse voices

Digital Trends

News adobe diversity New York Times Magazine sundance Sundance Film Institute T Magazine“Creativity has the power to unite us, help us cope, inspire us and drive positive change in the world.".

Chinese Elle Debuts ‘Hetero-Dimensional’ Virtual Idols In Massive 16-Page Spread


Chinese subsidiary of Elle Magazine targets Gen-Z readers with science and technology inspired fashion. “Compared with real idols, virtual idols have a more unique business advantage,” states Hearst Magazine International Group in an official release.

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TIME Immersive AR Experience Shines A Spotlight On The Rapidly Shrinking Amazon Rainforest


TIME Magazine is launching a new AR experience called Inside The Amazon: The Dying Forest , marking the second immserive experience to launch on their AR/VR app TIME Immersive , which was made available to all iOS and Android users this past July. Much like how Landing on the Moon celebrated the anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, Inside the Amazon coincides with the release of a TIME Magazine special edition issue that will focus on the current ongoing climate crisis.

Doctor Who Should Get Thrown For a Loop More Often

GizModo VR

doctor who valeyard jodie whittaker clara will yaz tzim sha doctor who magazine doctor s karl time lords dan eve of the daleks fictional cyborgs eighth doctor chris chibnall fictional mutants nick adjani salmon sarah aisling bea dalek the doctor dalek variants first doctor


You can explore the most ambitious VR project in space

Mashable VR

More about Nasa , Mashable Video , Vr , Iss , and Time Magazine. Nasa Mashable Video Vr Iss Time MagazinePaul Raphäel, co-founder and creative director at Felix & Paul Studios, sat down with us to talk about the idea and process behind The ISS Experience. Read more.

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Martin Luther King Jr.’s Iconic ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech Recreated In VR For New Exhibition


Martin Luther King VR Time Time Magazine Time VR top stories VR historyOne of the most seminal moments in history has been recreated in VR for a new exhibition, open from tomorrow. Martin Luther King Jr.’s

How One Doctor Who Fan Brought Color to the Show's Classic Era

GizModo VR

Doctor Who has been on TV long enough to transition through so many evolutions of the medium and survived in spite of some shoddy archiving techniques in the process.

Your Spooky Doctor Who Premiere Spoiler Discussion Zone Is Here

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doctor who halloween thirteenth doctor television series time lords eighth doctor chris chibnall doctor who magazine john bishop dan doctor s the doctor television shows jodie whittaker twelfth doctor creative works


Doctor Who's Chris Chibnall Wants You to Think All These Weird Flux Asides Aren't Random

GizModo VR

chris chibnall doctor who television shows thirteenth doctor creative works entertainment culture television series marvel studios doctor who magazine bbc america

Doctor Who's Least Threatening Dalek Knockoff Returns in a New Lost Story

GizModo VR

dalek doctor who television shows creative works william hartnell television series galaxy 4 steven vicki doctor who magazine second doctor the doctor doctor who missing episodes first doctor fourth doctor


10 Great Doctor Who Moments From Jodie Whittaker's 13th Doctor

GizModo VR

jodie whittaker thirteenth doctor regeneration chris chibnall space television james doctor s tim shaw the doctor fiction twelfth doctor creative works time lords sonic screwdriver doctor who magazine second doctor first doctor tzim sha


Wizard World Just Sold Its Conventions to Fan Expo

GizModo VR

wizard nerd culture wizard entertainment inc wizard entertainment magazines worldcon funko york san diego comic con fandom fan expo hq fan conventions american culture aman gupta comic book convention multigenre conventions

Doctor Who's Jodie Whittaker Is a Pro at Keeping On-Set Secrets

GizModo VR

jodie whittaker whittaker doctor who thirteenth doctor television series time lords television jodie whitaker the doctor twelfth doctor creative works entertainment culture mandip gill doctor who magazine human interest

Come Sontar-Have a Spoilery Chat About This Week's Doctor Who

GizModo VR

doctor who jodie whittaker pedro pascal entertainment culture dan yaz netflix strax doctor who magazine sontaran junji ito the sontaran stratagem john ridley the poison sky disney

‘Alien: Covenant’ Delivers Gory 360° Video Teaser


The horrifying experience was initially available via Empire Magazine’s limited edition Alien: Covenant virtual reality issue released on Alien Day, April 26th (a nod to planet LV-426). News Alien AMD Empire Magazine Fox FoxNext Movies Regal Cinema Ridley ScottExperience the incredibly graphic birth of a Neomorph alien in this now available 360-degree video.

Invincible's Season 1 Finale Was About the Fight Everyone Should Be Ready For

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invincible finale creative works cory walker jk simmons voyagers mark grayson debbie sandra oh omni nolan debbie damian darkblood clancy brown damian darkblood magazines american television series omni man steven yeun robert kirkman cecil stedman

The new TESLA phone Pi will change the world


Continue reading on AR/VR Journey: Augmented & Virtual Reality Magazine ». This is not just a phone, it is a whole ecosystem. satellite-technology future-technology tesla-phone tesla self-improvement

5 DIY Virtual Reality Projects Include Haptic Glove And Pinball Machine


DIY hardware diy haptic glove how to make magazine maker mask perceptoscope pinball machine testedMany of us remember when the Oculus Rift was a pair of ski goggles with duct tape and dangling wires being shown off on forums. It was a very DIY style project, one which was freely and openly replicated in the early days. The post 5 DIY Virtual Reality Projects Include Haptic Glove And Pinball Machine appeared first on UploadVR.

Haptic 112

One Startup’s Quest to Save Refugees With Virtual Reality


Business Magazine 360 video disaster magazine-24.07 The startup is deploying virtual reality as an empathy machine, capturing the world's most vulnerable in 360-degree misery. The post One Startup's Quest to Save Refugees With Virtual Reality appeared first on WIRED. virtual reality

Is the VR app TRIPP® better than Meditation Practice?


My thoughts about this VR app as a Yoga Teacher (500 RYT) Continue reading on AR/VR Journey: Augmented & Virtual Reality Magazine ». metaverse tripp technology vr vr-experiences