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Redefining Commercial Experiences In 2020 For VR & AR Consumers


Immersive storytelling could be the future of brand marketing. Social media platforms are optimized for every pixel and millisecond of content.

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How to Start Your Own Career in Virtual Reality


There’s no denying that virtual reality technology , more commonly referred to as VR, is one of the most promising technologies out there, and it’s taking the world by storm. From the gaming and entertainment industry to 3D modeling and social networking, VR is finding its way into every market.

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Facebook’s Chief Researcher: ‘When The Next Generation of VR Shows Up, It Will Be Because We Did It’


Facebook’s chief VR researcher revealed his belief that the tech giant will be the company to deliver next generation VR. In an interview with The Information he also warned that AR glasses could be as much as 10 years away from wide appeal.

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Teslasuit Introduces Pulse-Tracking VR Gloves With Exoskeletal Design


Force feedback technology and an array of electrodes allow users to ‘feel’ objects in VR. Teslasuit today announced the latest addition to its growing line-up of VR-focused haptic accessories, the Teslasuit Glove.

How to get started with Oculus Quest hands tracking SDK in Unity

The Ghost Howls

Welcome to 2020! I want to start this year and this decade (that will be pervaded by immersive technologies) with an amazing tutorial about how you can get started with Oculus Quest hands tracking SDK and create in Unity fantastic VR experiences with natural interactions!

USA Today Deepens Story on Afghanistan War with AR Experience

Next Reality AR

The augmented reality team at USA Today closed out a prolific year of immersive storytelling with a hard-hitting companion piece exploring the controversial conflict in Afghanistan.

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Feelreal VR Scent Mask Hits Roadblock Amidst Crackdown on Flavored Vaping Products

Road to VR

Although the Feelreal scent mask for virtual reality isn’t a nicotine vaping system or e-cigarette, it does vaporize aromatic liquids for user inhalation, which according to the company puts it in same FDA certification bracket as those devices.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.12.29): VR adoption is increasing, Teslasuit launches its haptic gloves and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Happy Holidays and have a fantastic new year you all! I wish you a wonderful 2020!

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Hands-On: Spotify Premium on Magic Leap One Is Futuristic, But Not Quite the iPod of AR

Next Reality AR

Back when I worked in the music industry, I never imagined there would be a day that I'd be able to sit in a room surrounded by virtual album covers while listening to beats, but that day is really here.

19 Upcoming PSVR Games We Can’t Wait To Play In 2020


Looking for upcoming PSVR games to play in 2020? Look no further. Sony’s first VR headset is entering what’s likely to be its twilight year, given that the PS5 is set for release this holiday season.

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‘Boneworks’ Outpaces ‘Beat Saber’ to 100K Units, Earns $3 Million in First Week

Road to VR

Action-physics adventure game Boneworks released earlier this month to a strong reception despite little formal marketing. The title surpassed 100,000 players in its first week, reeling in an impressive $3 million in revenue despite being available on just one of several key VR platforms.

The Potato 4K is the worst VR headset of 2019

The Ghost Howls

It’s the last day of 2019, and it’s time for every website to give awards about the best VR game, the best VR headset and whatever category that comes to the mind of the journalists.

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This Viral Instagram Augmented Reality Filter Will Tell You Which Disney Character You Really Are

Next Reality AR

One Instagram creator's augmented reality homage to Disney's deep bench of animated characters has earned him fifteen minutes of fame.

HTC Vive Cosmos Receives $100 Discount For A Limited Time


HTC is starting off the new year with a discount on their Vive Cosmos VR headset, bringing the price down $100 from $700 to $600 for a limited time only. Celebrate the New Year with $100 off #HTCVIVECOSMOS from 1/1 – 1/10. link]. Offer also available at participating retailers.

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With New Headsets & Big Games in 2019, VR is Poised for an Even Better 2020

Road to VR

After a slow start, 2019 rounded out to be an undeniably strong year for consumer VR, setting up a springboard into a big 2020. Here’s an overview of the major happenings in VR over the last year, and a glimpse of what will come in 2020. 5 Major New Headsets and What They Mean for the Market.

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Five Incredible Looking VR Games Coming In 2020


From the return of a historic franchise to ambitious new originals, 2020 is shaping up to be one hell of a year for VR gaming. 2019 was one hell of a year for VR hardware.

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Instagram Creators Launch Filters for Harry Potter, Pokémon & Simpsons Characters in Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

The developer who gained notoriety for his What Disney Are You? augmented reality filter on Instagram is striking again while the iron is hot.

Artist Recreates Iconic ‘Into The Spider-Verse’ Scene With VR Using Quill


An artist has posted a video showing his recreation of the famous ‘leap of faith’ scene from the 2018 movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The animation recreating the scene was completed using Facebook’s creation tool Quill, available on the Oculus Rift.

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‘Superhot VR’ Grossed Over $2 Million in Only 1 Week This Holiday Season

Road to VR

We knew Superhot VR (2017) was doing extremely well when Superhot Team announced the VR adaptation had generated more revenue than the original PC game back in April.

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Australian Skeleton Racer Turns To VR For Winter Olympic Training


Immersive technology opens up new possibilities for athletes lacking access to professional training centers.

Inaugural Impact Reality Summit Taking Place in Seattle Next Week

Peter Graham

While all eyes might be on Las Vegas next week for the annual CES technology event there’s plenty of other shows going on. Vulcan Productions and Kaleidoscope their inaugural Impact Reality Summit in Seattle, WA, focused on promoting immersive storytelling with a powerful impact. .

Vader Immortal Lightsaber Dojo Arcade VR Experience Now Available In Six Locations


ILMxLAB announced that a Star Wars arcade VR experience based around the Lightsaber Dojo sections of Vader Immortal opened at six locations in the United States last month. The arcade experience is produced in collaboration with location-based VR company Nomadic.

MasterpieceVR Launches ‘Studio’ Suite for Sculpting & Animating Models in VR

Road to VR

MasterpieceVR recently released its latest set of VR creation tools which aim to get artists quickly sculpting and animating characters by hand from the comfort of their VR headsets.

Discover What Disney, Pokémon, And Sailor Moon Character You Are With Instagram AR Face Filters


Olaf, Zubat, Tuxedo Mask. In that order. . Over the past few weeks a new wave of augmented reality face filters have gone viral on Instagram, as everyone from everyday users to A-list celebrities shares their hilarious—sometimes heart-warming results with the masses. .

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BeBop Sensors to Showcase Oculus Quest Compatible Forte Data Glove at CES 2020

Peter Graham

BeBop Sensors has been demonstrating its latest Forte Data Glove iteration at technology show CES for the past several years and next week’s event is no different. What has changed is the addition of greater hardware support including Oculus Quest and glove features, with haptics now available.

17 Upcoming Oculus Quest Games We Can’t Wait To Play In 2020


We’re officially in 2020 and there are plenty of upcoming Oculus Quest games to be excited about. 2019 was an amazing year Facebook’s incredibly popular standalone VR headset. Some fantastic original games were propped up with a slew of ports from other headsets.

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Microsoft’s VR Maker Tool ‘SharePoint Spaces’ to Launch in First Half of 2020

Road to VR

Back at Microsoft’s annual SharePoint Virtual Summit in May 2018, the company announced it was getting ready to ship a new VR maker tool set called Spaces for SharePoint, the web-based collaborative platform for enterprise customers.

NEON leaked: Samsung’s artificial human revealed in part


Samsung Core R3 and the system called NEON Artificial Human from STAR Labs were revealed today in brief thanks to some newly-public USPTO documents.

VRFocus’ Most Anticipated VR Games Coming in 2020

Peter Graham

It has been quite an incredible year for virtual reality (VR) fans. Headsets like Oculus Quest, Valve Index and Vive Cosmos have arrived while developers have continually surpassed the quality of content available. So now it’s time to look ahead and into 2020.

Doctor Who Oculus Quest Port Pushed Back To Late January


Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time originally hit PC VR and PSVR headsets in November 2019. At that time, developer Maze Theory had planned to bring it to Oculus Quest in December. You’ve probably noticed that didn’t happen. But, fear not, you shouldn’t have too much longer to wait.

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‘Quill Theater’ Brings Incredible Immersive Artwork & Stories to Quest

Road to VR

Oculus quietly released Quill Theater on Quest last month as a way to bring immersive art and animations made in VR to more of its VR userbase.