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NVIDIA’s big news: Cloud XR goes to AWS, Omniverse open beta is starting, and more!

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Today at GTC 2020, NVIDIA has released three very interesting news that we in the XR sector should care about: New enterprise NVIDIA RTX A6000 and NVIDIA A40 graphics card have been released; Cloud XR servers are now available on AWS; Omniverse, the collaboration tool for artists, enters open beta.

Android 11 officially kills Daydream and the dream of smartphone VR


It was, like Thanos, inevitable but some might still get some feels with the revelation that Daydream VR is truly no more. At least not as far as Google is concerned.

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Has Facebook Found VR’s Pricing Sweet Spot?

AR Insider

Data Dive is AR Insider’s weekly dive into select spatial computing figures. Running Mondays, it includes data points and strategic takeaways. For an indexed library of data, reports, and multimedia, subscribe to ARtillery Pro. O ne of Oculus Quest 2’s headlines is its price tag.

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Virtuix Reveals Omni One At-Home VR Treadmill


Virtuix looks to become the “Peloton for gamers” with its latest omni-directional device.

The XR Week Peek (2020.10.05): HP and Canon reveal new XR enterprise headsets, and much more!

The Ghost Howls

It’s that time of the week when I report to you the best news of the week in the AR/VR fields, so fasten your seatbelts and get ready! Top news of the week. Image by HP). HP announces the Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition.

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‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ VR Support Heading into Closed Beta Soon, Sign-ups Now Live

Road to VR

Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) for PC is getting VR headset support sometime around the launch of HP’s upcoming PC VR headset, the HP Reverb G2. Although we still don’t know when, developers Asobo now say VR support is heading into closed beta testing soon.

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The Weather Channel Uses Mixed Reality To Explain The Dangers Of Fire Tornadoes


Meteorologist Jim Cantore steps inside an inferno using the networks Emmy award-winning IMR technology.

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR close beta is now open for sign-ups


For simulator fans, the latest iteration of the well-aged Flight Simulator could be the franchise’s biggest release yet and in more ways than one.

Virtuix Wants You to Invest to Help Launch Its New At-home ‘Omni One’ VR Treadmill

Road to VR

Virtuix has been around for just about as long as Oculus itself, with a 2013 Kickstarter for its landmark VR treadmill Virtuix Omni bringing in over $1 million from backers.

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How Can Mixed Reality Help Your Small Business?


Mixed reality (MR) technology merges real life and virtual reality in real time. Like virtual reality , MR uses headsets or head-mounted displays (HMDs) to display virtual elements in 3D. But unlike VR, mixed reality simulations bring virtual creations to life in a physical space.

The US Army Is Experimenting With AR Goggles For Military Dogs


AR commands will allow handlers to remain out of sight during combat. Earlier this week the United States Army Research Laboratory revealed a groundbreaking new project that could change the way military working dogs (aka war dogs) are deployed on the battlefield.

DDR5 is Coming: First 64GB DDR5-4800 Modules from SK Hynix

Anand Tech

Discussion of the next generation of DDR memory has been aflutter in recent months as manufacturers have been showcasing a wide variety of test vehicles ahead of a full product launch.

Canon Announces MREAL S1, a Portable Enterprise AR Headset for Mobile Workstations

Road to VR

Canon announced a new entry into its AR headset hardware category called MREAL S1. The company’s latest enterprise-focused headset provides passthrough AR and can be strapped to both a head mount for hands-free viewing, or a housing meant for handheld interactions.

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Microsoft’s AR/VR Unity Framework Now Officially Supports Oculus Quest

Upload VR

The latest release of MRTK adds official support for Oculus Quest and can now be managed directly in Unity’s package manager. MRTK (Mixed Reality ToolKit) is Microsoft’s open source framework for spatial input, interactions, and interfaces.

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United Nations To Conduct Annual ‘Global Youth Takeover’ Event Live In VR


Attendees will hear from global influencers before catching a live performance by Pitbull.

Did Nintendo Just Reinvent AR?

AR Insider

“Trendline” is AR Insider’s series that examines trends and events in spatial computing, and their strategic implications. For an indexed library of spatial computing insights, data, reports and multimedia, subscribe to ARtillery PRO. C ould AR’s eventual killer apps deviate from the technology’s common connotations? And could they germinate outside of the AR industry bubble?

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‘The Walking Dead: Onslaught’ Developers Survios Secures $16.7M Funding

Road to VR

Survios, the studio behind VR titles The Walking Dead: Onslaught (2020) , Creed: Rise to Glory (2018) , and Raw Data (2017), has secured another round of financing to the tune of $16.7 million. The news was first reported by Venture Beat.

EA Explains Why Star Wars: Squadrons Doesn’t Have VR Motion Controller Support

Upload VR

Some people might be surprised to find out that Star Wars: Squadrons , the brand new space combat game from EA Motive with full top-to-bottom VR support, does not support VR motion controllers at all. We spoke to the Lead Gameplay Director and Creative Director to find out why.

See The Micro World Of Bugs Brought To Life In VR, Narrated By Natural History Legend David Attenborough


Alchemy Immersive, the Emmy Award-Winning studio behind many of Attenborough’s greatest hits, and Oculus partner to reveal a never-before-seen view of our planets bugs.

Intel Confirms Rocket Lake on Desktop for Q1 2021, with PCIe 4.0

Anand Tech

In a blog post on Medium today, Intel’s John Bonini has confirmed that the company will be launching its next-generation desktop platform in Q1 2021. This is confirmed as Rocket Lake, presumably under Intel’s 11 th Gen Core branding, and will feature PCIe 4.0 support.

NVIDIA to Launch CloudXR Streaming on Amazon’s Cloud Platform Early Next Year

Road to VR

NVIDIA plans to launch its CloudXR service on Amazon Web Services in early 2021, allowing enterprises to stream AR and VR content to tethered and standalone VR headsets.

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Will Esports Be America’s New Pastime?

Charlie Fink

Gamers Watching Gamers Made Twitch a competitor to You Tube and Facebook. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Games /games technology

HTC Vive Pro Secure Offers Security-Focused VR For Government Agencies


Security-focused VR designed specifically for classified environments. HTC this week announced yet another iteration of its HTC Vive Pro, the HTC Vive Pro Secure, a professional-grade VR headset designed for use in classified environments that require “ authority to operate.”

New 5-Part David Attenborough Series Coming To Oculus Quest On October 6

Upload VR

A new 5-part nature series starring David Attenborough is coming to Oculus Quest from October 6, co-produced by Oculus and Alchemy Immersive. The series, split across five episodes, is called Micro Monsters with David Attenborough and will be available through Oculus TV starting tomorrow.

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The Void Co-founder Unveils VR Skydiving Attraction ‘JUMP’, Locations Coming 2021

Road to VR

James Jensen, co-founder and creator of VR attraction The Void, recently unveiled his next VR startup which aims to bring the thrills of wingsuit skydiving to people particularly averse to jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. The company, called JUMP, exited its two-year stint in stealth mode this past weekend.

Western Digital Launches New WD Black NVMe SSDs And Thunderbolt Dock

Anand Tech

Today Western Digital is announcing a major expansion of their WD Black family of gaming-oriented storage products. In a digital event later today on Twitch , Western Digital will introduce their first PCIe Gen4 SSD, a new high-end PCIe Gen3 SSD, and their first Thunderbolt Dock.

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How To Dominate ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ Multiplayer


Our beginner flight guide will have you owning the skies in no time. Star Wars: Squadrons is officially out in the wild and so far players are absolutely loving EA’s space combat game.

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An Overview of the VRARA’s VR/AR Global Summit on XR Technology


The VR/AR Association held its second virtual VR/AR Global Summit last week, concluding Friday afternoon. The first such event took place in June and attracted over 10,000 registrants.

Coatsink, Veteran VR Studio of ‘Jurassic World Aftermath’ and Others, Acquired for up to $85 Million

Road to VR

Veteran VR studio Coatsink, currently in development of Jurassic World Aftermath , has been acquired for $30 million by game publisher Thunderful. Coatsink is a British game studio and publisher founded in 2009.

NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPUs Set to Ship In 2021, Roadmaps BlueField-3&4 By 2023

Anand Tech

Continuing this morning’s run of GTC-related announcements, NVIDIA is offering yet another update on the state of their Data Processing Unit (DPU) project.

Battle An Alien Invader And His Medieval Human Army In ‘Swordsman VR’


The fate of humankind relies on how well you can handle a sword. If you enjoy wielding a hefty battle sword, jabbing thugs in the face through their helmet, and bashing skulls using a giant wooden shield, then you may want to schedule an appointment with a mental health professional.

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