March, 2018

How 'Ready Player One' Used Microsoft's HoloLens to Help Build Its VR Cinematic Universe

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A funny thing happened on the way to the release of the virtual reality epic Ready Player One — augmented reality grabbed a major piece of the spotlight. Specifically, Microsoft's HoloLens.

Researchers Exploit Natural Quirk of Human Vision for Hidden Redirected Walking in VR

Road to VR

Researches from Stony Brook University, NVIDIA, and Adobe have devised a system which hides so-called ‘redirected walking’ techniques using saccades, natural eye movements which act like a momentary blindspot.

Neurogaming’s 2nd Generation Arcade Is Military Grade


I was recently invited to New York to check out the demo VR space for Neurogaming. The company behind World of Tanks (Wargaming) formed Neurogaming to work on VR arcades in partnership with a venture funding group called VRTech.

Learning to DJ with Virtual Reality

Tech Trends VR

The crossover between fun and training might well bring about the killer VR app we’ve all been waiting for. “We

Kim Jong Un Visits China: Tries Virtual Reality


Kim Jong Un experiences new realities outside North Korea. Overnight, North Korean and Chinese media confirmed a meeting took place between the countries’ leaders, Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping at the Chinese Beijing capital.

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Indie publisher Mastiff has a VR roadmap that includes military action and thai horror!

Cats and VR

A few of you out there may be familiar with the Heavy Fire series, a military on rails shooter that made appearances on the Wii, PS3, and XBox 360. Well during the Mastiff GDC press event it was revealed that Heavy Fire is returning and this time with a VR spin.

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Dev Report: Microsoft's First HoloLens Update in Over a Year Now Available in Preview, Hints at Big Plans for 2018

Next Reality AR

After more than a year and a half of silence, the rumors have morphed into reality: Microsoft has finally released an update for the HoloLens. And with that update comes a collection of new features that hint at big plans for the HoloLens this year.

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Bigscreen Opens Up Alpha Testing For Gear VR Shared Room Streaming


As of the time of this writing Bigscreen is only available on PC VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows VR platform, but that’s all about to change. Starting today, Bigscreen is starting its Alpha Testing signup phase for the Samsung Gear VR mobile version of Bigscreen.

How VR and AI Will Supercharge Learning

Tech Trends VR

We are getting to a tipping point where the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technologies will transform the way we teach and learn beyond recognition. What does this mean for educators, and the rest of us? “It

Volkswagen Will Train 10,000 Employees Using VR This Year


The Volkswagen Group will use an augmented reality hub to train employees across the globe. ????????????In In 2013, Volkswagen demonstrated a new process by which service workers could use augmented reality to service a vehicle.

HTC Vive Pro first impressions: should you buy it?

The Ghost Howls

Thanks to my magical encounter with Mr. Alvin Wang Graylin , I’ve been very lucky t o be able to try the new Vive Pro for some minutes and I’m here to describe you my first impressions with the latest device made by the Chinese virtual reality company. So, how is it? Should you buy it?

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Meet the 8-Year-Old ARKit Developer Who Just Uploaded Her First Augmented Reality App to Apple's App Store

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While you were busy browsing Instagram, composing tweets, or chasing Snapchat updates, an eight-year-old ARKit developer was hard at work on her first step toward taking over the tech world via augmented reality.

New Jersey Utility Uses Augmented Reality to Visualise Underground Infrastructure

Road to VR

vGIS, a new geographic information system (GIS) visualisation platform from the Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) partner Meemim , is being used to view underground infrastructure while wearing Microsoft Hololens.

Jurassic World Alive Is Basically Pokemon Go Meets Dinosaurs


Ever since Pokemon Go’s runaway success, the trend of “Take X thing and make it like Pokemon Go” is becoming more and more popular.

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How Science Can Help Build Immersive Products

Tech Trends VR

Revolutionary tech industry concepts such as Lean Startup and Agile Software development are underpinned by the age-old scientific methodology. I spent 25 years in the “Ivory Towers” of academia leading my own brain science of human learning and performance laboratory.

‘Ready Player One’ Actors Filmed OASIS Scenes In VR


Spielberg immerses his cast in a virtual set while filming certain VR scenes. It turns out VR played a more integral role in Spielberg’s upcoming Ready Player One film than we previously thought.

ARK Park brought me closer to how I felt watching the original Jurassic Park than buying a $15 ticket to see Jurassic World. 

Cats and VR

ARK Park is now available on HTC Vive PSVR, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets and I think it is an incredible experience for anyone who loves Dinosaurs.

NY Times Brings Readers Closer to Bowie's Freaky Costumes in Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

Continuing with its new paradigm of using augmented reality to cover the news, The New York Times has published a feature story that takes a peek into the late David Bowie's eclectic wardrobe of on-stage outfits.

Google to Feature High-resolution VR OLED Display for Wide FOV Headsets at SID 2018

Road to VR

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Gorgeous VR Train Sim Rolling Line Gets Release Date, New Trailer


We like to refer to lots of third-person VR games as ‘train set VR’ here at UploadVR, but Rolling Line takes that definition very seriously. Rolling Line is the latest game from Gaugepunk Games, the team that brought you Frontier VR and Echo Grotto.

Immersive Tech Transforming Learning

Tech Trends VR

Experiential learning enabled by technologies such as VR and AR are set to disrupt education as we know it, but what will the future of learning actually look like? Photography by Tom Atkinson @R3Digital.

CNN VR App Brings News to Oculus Rift


Wolf Blitzer introduces us to the future of news in VR. Just over a year ago CNN dove head first into VR, launching a VR journalism unit and platform dubbed CNNVR. Now the broadcast news network is launching a VR news app just for the Oculus Rift.

HTC Vive Pro headset to be priced at $800 / €879, preorders starting today

The Ghost Howls

A breaking news is coming from the GDC 2018: thanks to Road To VR , we now know the price and the launch date of the Vive Pro.

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Here's What Magic Leap's Creator Portal & Lumin SDK Docs Reveal About How You'll Develop for & Use Magic Leap One

Next Reality AR

Now that we've had a chance to jump into the Lumin SDK documentation at Magic Leap's Creator Portal, we now have much more detail about how the device will function and utilize software than any single piece of content released by Magic Leap to date.

HTC Releases 3 ‘Ready Player One’ VR Experiences in ‘OASIS Beta’, Now Free on Viveport

Road to VR

HTC showed off eight Ready Player One-inspired experiences at the film’s debut event at SXSW. Now, the company has released three of these experiences on Viveport in a single download called Ready Player One: OASIS Beta.

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Google’s New Light Field App Is A Tantalizing Look At VR’s Future


The future of VR content lies with increased resolutions, higher image fidelity, wireless tracking, better form factors, and the removal of any and all other barriers that remind users they’re not actually inside the digital world.

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Seeing the Realities of War Through AR

Tech Trends VR

This iOS Augmented Reality app by the Red Cross shows people what the effects of war would feel like in their home. VR is often called the “ empathy machine ” referring to the medium’s unique ability to make you see things from the perspective of another through sheer power of immersion.

Adobe To Launch AR Features ‘As Fast As We Can,’ Exec Says


The creative software company heats up to augmented and virtual reality. Adobe executive Mark Asher said AR was the company’s “next big step” and they planned to bring AR features “to the market as fast as we can,” in an interview with VRScout.

How to create a WebVR experience using Unity

The Ghost Howls

In my review of Amazon Sumerian I said multiple times that in other game engines, like Unity, it is not possible to create a WebVR experience. Well, just some days after that article, I’ve been proved wrong. Actually it is possible and I’ll explain you how.

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Unity, Unreal Engine & Mozilla Partner with Magic Leap as SDK Rolls Out to Developers

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Following the surprise release of Magic Leap's SDK on Monday, March 19, Unity, Unreal Engine, and Mozilla followed up by announcing official partnerships with the company. "We

Oculus Artist’s ‘Quill’ Shorts Show the Incredible Potential of Illustrating & Animating in VR

Road to VR

Quill , Oculus’ VR painting and drawing tool, recently saw a major update which added animation tools to the software, allowing users to create animated sequences directly in VR. A resident artist at Oculus has taken to the tool to show the incredible potential of drawing and animating in VR.

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How Torn Plans To Be Much More Than Just Another Static VR World


When we pulled back the curtain on Torn, an upcoming VR thriller from Austin, TX-based Aspyr Media that channels the likes of Myst, Black Mirror, and The Twilight Zone as sources of inspiration, we were left with more questions than answers.

Are Publishers Ready to go Virtual?

Tech Trends VR

Will we see a gold rush in the publishing industry as major players move to invest in Immersive Technologies?

Google’s Experiment With Light Fields Show Potential of VR


The stunning seven-minute guided tour is now available on Steam VR. Google is working on ways to create the most realistic sense of presence while in VR.

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Magic Leap One’s field of view: making assumptions from the emulator

The Ghost Howls

At GDC 2018 Magic Leap has announced the release of the Lumin SDK , that is the tools that we should use to develop for this AR glass.

Google Wants Everyone to Try Scribble Art in Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

As part of its ARCore push this week, Google has promoted Just a Line from one-time AR experiment to a full-fledged app. Available now in the Play Store, the dead-simple augmented reality drawing app makes the old Microsoft Paint app look like Adobe Illustrator.

Vive Pro Headset Pre-orders Open at $800 for April 5th Launch, Original Vive Drops to $500

Road to VR

HTC today announced that the Vive Pro headset only (without controllers or base stations) will cost $800 and launch on April 5th; the headset is now available for pre-order. Meanwhile, the original Vive is getting a price cut of $100, down to $500.

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