December, 2019

Styly Is An Ambitious VR/AR Creation Platform You Can Try Now


At its busiest times, Tokyo’s iconic Shibuya crossing can see over 1,000 shoppers, business people and tourists scramble over the road. The lights go green and the tarmac morphs into a frenzy of hurried walkers and starry-eyed marvellers.

Teslasuit Introduces Pulse-Tracking VR Gloves With Exoskeletal Design


Force feedback technology and an array of electrodes allow users to ‘feel’ objects in VR. Teslasuit today announced the latest addition to its growing line-up of VR-focused haptic accessories, the Teslasuit Glove.

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HyperloopTT Uses Magic Leap to Show How Elon Musk's Futuristic Vision of Transport Will Work in the US

Next Reality AR

While Elon Musk is in Los Angeles showing off the future of personal transport via the Cybertruck, another, unaffiliated group is taking one of his most popular ideas to market, with augmented reality as a key part of the plan.

Oculus Quest Sells Out at Major Retailers, Availability Slips into Late February

Road to VR

If you’re looking to pick up an Oculus Quest after the holiday rush, you may be more than a bit disappointed to find out that online retailers across the board have listed it as ‘back ordered’, with Oculus US quoting an earliest delivery date well into February.

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Oculus Quest hands tracking review: an impressive first step towards natural UX

The Ghost Howls

Last week, Oculus rolled out the runtime v12 of the Oculus Quest , which took various features to the standalone headset, and among them, there is hands-tracking support. I was very curious to try it, and yesterday, as soon as I could, I gave it a look.

AR Telepresence App Spatial Debuts on Magic Leap via Enterprise Suite

Next Reality AR

After stealing the show at the HoloLens 2 launch and starring in Qualcomm's unveiling the Snapdragon XR2, holographic video conferencing app Spatial has landed a leading role in Magic Leap's second act with the enterprise segment.

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China Announces New Regulations To Combat Fake News Created Using Deepfake Technology


Beginning 2020, videos created using VR and AI technology will need to be identified as such.

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High Fidelity is basically shutting down

Hypergrid Business

High Fidelity, a virtual world platform from Second Life founder Philip Rosedale. Image courtesy High Fidelity.).

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Road to VR’s 2019 Game of the Year Awards

Road to VR

Every year is the biggest year for virtual reality. It seems more developers are delving into VR to explore the medium, hone their techniques and find out what works and what doesn’t.

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Viveport Streaming review and comparison with Oculus Link

The Ghost Howls

Finally I have been able to try Viveport Streaming , the solution that lets you use your Vive Focus Plus to play PC VR games via Wi-Fi streaming. I made various tests and so I can not only review it, but also compare it with its competitor solution, the Oculus Link. Are you intrigued?

Hands-On: Spotify Premium on Magic Leap One Is Futuristic, But Not Quite the iPod of AR

Next Reality AR

Back when I worked in the music industry, I never imagined there would be a day that I'd be able to sit in a room surrounded by virtual album covers while listening to beats, but that day is really here.

Oculus SDK Drops Support For Samsung Gear VR


Recent versions of the Oculus Mobile SDK drop support for the Samsung Gear VR mobile headset. This means that if developers want to continue to support Gear VR in their future app updates, they won’t be able to leverage new Oculus SDK features or bug fixes.

Official Oculus Link Cable Now Available, But Is It Worth The $80 Price Tag?


Oculus promises its 16-foot fiber optic cable will provide the ideal PC VR experience on Quest. Last month, Oculus began rolling out the beta for Oculus Link , an exciting piece of software that allows Oculus Quest users to enjoy high-end PC VR games and experiences on their standalone headsets.

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Litho’s Futuristic AR Controller now Available for $200

Peter Graham

Earlier this year British startup Litho revealed its hardware idea for controlling and manipulating digital objects in the real world, an elegant device which sits between your index and middle fingers.

The 10 Best SteamVR Games of 2019

Road to VR

Thanks to Steam’s hardware agnostic approach, it’s become the defacto repository of all things PC VR (excluding Oculus exclusives, of course).

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HTC launches “Viveport Streaming” to give wireless streaming to Wave standalone headsets

The Ghost Howls

Some months ago, HTC announced “Viveport Streaming” , a solution to wirelessly stream PC VR games to Vive Wave standalone headsets. Today, this solution gets finally launched, giving all Vive Focus Plus owners the possibility to play PC VR games via Wi-Fi. Viveport Streaming.

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Star Wars Baby Yoda Unofficially Comes to Magic Leap via This Developer Experiment

Next Reality AR

The first season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian may be over, but the love for its biggest star, Baby Yoda, persists.

VRSkater Is A VR Skateboarding Game That Looks Like It Might Work


Move over Tony Hawk: Ride (for anyone that remembers that tragic mess); there’s a new immersive skateboarding game in town. And VRSkater looks like it could be quite good. Our stomachs churn just at the very thought of a VR skateboarding game, but Deficit Games is bravely taking on the task.

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Oculus Quest, Oculus Link, And Valve Index Are Bringing VR Into The Mainstream


Oculus Quest continues to sell out, backorders pushed to mid-February. VR technology has absolutely dominated the 2019 holiday season as numerous major retailers—both physical and online—continue to sell out of 64GB and 128GB Oculus Quest headsets. .

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Twin Peaks VR to launch this Friday the 13th

Cats and VR

The Twin Peaks VR experience will launch on December 13th, and the trailer is now available below. The VR experience, priced at $9.99, will be available for Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift-S, HTC Vive and HTC Vive Cosmos. Oculus Quest and Playstation VR versions will debut in the coming next year.

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PSVR Support for ‘Dreams’ to Arrive Post-launch, Early Access Pricing Ends This Week

Road to VR

Media Molecule today announced that its creation-focused game Dreams is leaving Early Access soon, with its EA pricing coming to a close on December 8th. However the studio says the full version isn’t actually coming in December.

How to develop a mixed reality experience on the Vive Focus

The Ghost Howls

Ho ho ho! Christmas is coming and it is time for me to make a gift to the whole XR community , letting everyone create augmented and mixed reality experiences for the Vive Focus (Plus or the original one)!

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This Viral Instagram Augmented Reality Filter Will Tell You Which Disney Character You Really Are

Next Reality AR

One Instagram creator's augmented reality homage to Disney's deep bench of animated characters has earned him fifteen minutes of fame.

Cyber Monday Oculus Quest And Rift Game Deals Go Live


Black Friday might finally be over, but yet more Cyber Monday Oculus Quest and Rift deals have just gone live. As with its Black Friday deals , Facebook has put on a bunch of Cyber Monday software bundles that are only available today.

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The 2020 Sundance Film Festival Is Absolutely Stacked With Experimental Immersive Media


New Frontier returns with 32 new groundbreaking projects from 21 countries. Over the past several years, the legendary Sundance Film Festival has transformed from a high-profile celebration of independent film into a haven for bleeding-edge multimedia projects.

How AR and VR Are Creating Ripples in the Healthcare Industry


Though AR and VR are still in their infancy days, they have already begun to leave their mark in the healthcare industry. These immersive technologies are bringing about transformational change in the workings of the healthcare sector.

‘Paper Beast’ Now Launching Q1 2020, New Gameplay Trailer Here

Road to VR

Paper Beast, the surreal wildlife simulation from the creator behind cult classic platformer Another World (1991) , was originally slated to arrive on PSVR sometime this year.

How to setup Oculus Link and solve some of its common problems

The Ghost Howls

These days, I am experimenting a lot with Oculus Quest because of its new amazing features. One of these is the Oculus Link, that lets you connect your Quest to your PC and use it as a PC VR headset.

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Dior Returns to Instagram AR with Virtual Makeup Effect to Promote Holiday Collection

Next Reality AR

The cosmetics brands are among the earliest adopters of augmented reality, using virtual try-on tools to preview shades of makeup before buying.

Official 5 Meter Oculus Link Cable Now Available (Except In Europe)


Facebook’s first party Oculus Link cable is now available to purchase for $79 in the following countries: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan. It’s currently listed as ‘Coming Soon’ in Europe.

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Report: Valve Will Follow Up Half-Life: Alyx With Left 4 Dead VR


Valve News Networks provides new updates on Half-Life: Alyx and the potential L4D VR game. According to new information uncovered by Valve News Network while data-mining SteamVR, Valve is currently in development of a Left 4 Dead VR spinoff.

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