Virtual Reality Leader to Showcase Aquatronics Simulator at WorldSkills 2015

EON Reality

EON Reality and Festo Didactic are launching a Virtual Reality Aquatronics simulator at WorldSkills São Paulo 2015. EON Reality And Festo Aquatronics Virtual Reality Simulator Debuting At WorldSkills São Paulo 2015. The post Virtual Reality Leader to Showcase Aquatronics Simulator at WorldSkills 2015 appeared first on EON Reality.

Football (Soccer) training and experiences with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Tech at Soccerex 2015!

EON Reality

The post Football (Soccer) training and experiences with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Tech at Soccerex 2015! Join us tomorrow for the final day of Soccerex Global in Manchester, UK, and discover the place where athletes are using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tech to take their game to the next level. EON Reality will be at booth 175, where we will be showing how Virtual and Augmented Reality can impact the world of football.


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Leap Motion + VR 2015: A Look at the Year Ahead


In 2015, we’re building on this momentum with new resources for developers, while advancing support for several key VR platforms. In this post, I’d like to reflect on the year that we just left behind, and what’s coming in 2015.

Welcome to the 2015 3D Jam!


We’ve also switched up the 2015 competition with two tracks: AR/VR and Open. The post Welcome to the 2015 3D Jam! On your mark, get set, GO! This morning, our second annual 3D Jam kicks off with developers around the world competing for over $75,000 in cash and prizes – building brand new experiences for virtual reality, desktop, mobile, and beyond. Submissions are now open at jam/leapmotion3djam.

Interactive 360-Degree Videos Are Now Live on YouTube

Next Reality VR

There's a reason that YouTube continues to be the most popular video sharing site on the planet—ever since its purchase by Google, they've always made sure to load YouTube up with extra features to keep it ahead of the pack. Starting today, users can now upload full 360-degree interactive videos to YouTube. If you've ever used the Photo Sphere feature on Nexus devices, or the virtual reality mode on Google's Street View app, you're already familiar with the interface.

VR Trauma and 3D Design @ LA Hacks 2015


3D design always gets us excited at Leap Motion, and this experimental Autodesk Maya 2015 integration made a big impression. The post VR Trauma and 3D Design @ LA Hacks 2015 appeared first on Leap Motion Blog. This weekend, Team Leap Motion made the trip from San Francisco to join over 1500 students at the Pauley Pavilion for LA Hacks. Amidst the sleeping bags, Red Bulls, and bleary-eyed jam sessions, we watched as hundreds of hacks came to life.

Jason Giambi may be retired from the MLB but EON Sports VR changed the game

EON Reality

“The Strike Zone awareness simulation is unparalleled in baseball today,” said Giambi. “I I can’t imagine what the game would have looked like if we had this technology when I broke into the league in the mid-90’s. Many kids live in cold weather climates where they can’t get out on the diamond every day. This solution allows hitters around the world to practice real-life applications and situations wherever they are.”.

When Virtual Reality Collides with Reality, It’s Surreal In.


When Virtual Reality Collides with Reality, It’s Surreal In 1962, cinematographer Morton Heilig patented his Sensorama Stimulator —a bulky virtual-reality machine that showed 3-D films on a personal display while pumping in smells, sounds, and the sensation of wind. Heilig was never able to popularize the sensory-immersive Sensorama; it remains a curious footnote in the history of virtual reality. But a small startup based in a Portland, Oregon, garage could have better luck.

Samsung Gear VR 2015 Model Now $60

Road to VR

If you’ve got a compatible Samsung phone, here’s a deal worth considering: the 2015 Gear VR headset can be bought brand new for $60. Launched last year as the first ‘consumer’ version of the Gear VR headset, the 2015 model is still a perfectly viable choice compared to the 2016 Gear VR model released last month, provided you’ve got one of the compatible Samsung smartphones: Note 5, S6 Edge+, S6, S6 Edge, S7, and S7 Edge.

The Best Encoding Settings For Your 4k 360 3D VR Videos + FREE Encoding Tool


One of the most time consuming and frustrating tasks we encountered during our first 360 3D video productions was finding the optimal encoding settings for each of the currently available VR headsets. Each platform supports different resolutions, frame rates, codecs, and bitrates.

Tools 64

How Not To Suck At VR

VR Playhouse

(and other fun facts) by Derin Turner. Over the past year, we have been hard at work here at VR Playhouse, experimenting with virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, astral-projecto-realities. Some things have worked, others not so much. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve gone on spiritual journeys to rediscover ourselves and the meaning of life. We’ve broken a lot of things. All thanks to the wondrous world of VR. And through all of this, we have learned a lot.

The Value of Virtual Tragedy

VR Playhouse

The concept of presence, of being virtually and magically transported to a place, real or imagined, and having the feeling of truly being there, has always been and will continue to be, one of the chief selling points of virtual reality. But that concept of presence, and the value that VR gives to it, becomes much more complex when we're talking about a place and an experience that no one would want to be present for.

LG Giving Away Free Virtual Reality Headset with Purchase of a New G3

Next Reality VR

With 2015's generation of flagship smartphones fast approaching, LG is turning to virtual reality to clear its G3 inventory. VR for G3 is a Google Cardboard-inspired virtual reality headset that was custom fit to encase the phone and uses a pair of lenses to create stereoscopic imagery. The headset will utilize existing Google Cardboard software, which is navigated by using a neodymium magnet switch that works with the device's gyroscope.

A 360 photo album, two new VR demos and my report from Burning Man 2015

Enter VR

The post A 360 photo album, two new VR demos and my report from Burning Man 2015 appeared first on Enter VR. Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA Hi there! For those who don’t want to read, let’s get the. Blogs burning man EnterVR Virtual Reality Virtual reality and psychedelics

‘Tis the season for SIDEKIQ in the NFL

EON Reality

Just in time for the 2015 Football season to kickoff, teams from the NFL are investing in SIDEKIQ , the virtual reality football-simulator software, for training their QB’s. EON Sports VR developed SIDEKIQ which simulates the speed of an NFL game, allowing the user to tailor a virtual game to their perspective. Jay Crawford says players can gain endless reps in a day without punishing hits on the Quarterback. This is a real learning tool I feel will change the future of the NFL.”.

Tampa 60

Cereal in The Age of Virtual Reality

VR Playhouse

So Kellog's announced that they're going to be rolling out limited-edition cereal boxes that will include build-your-own VR viewers, akin to Google's DIY device, Cardboard. They'll have their own app too, with 360° videos that will reportedly include first-person rides on a mountain bike and a wingsuit. All of which is pretty cool.

Experience and Configure Your Dream Car? – Now You Can, with Augmented Reality!

EON Reality

Use EON Reality’s Augmented Reality technology to display and experience a car in full-scale. With our innovative AR applications , you can now experience high-end cars , such as Formula 1 cars, right in your driveway, garage, living room, or in a dealership showroom by using only a smartphone or a tablet. Through the app, users can select the model of the car they are viewing and select different options such as paint color, interior, and other accessories.

Hands-on: New and Improved 2016 Samsung Gear VR vs. 2015 Model

Road to VR

Our pal Ritchie Djamhur explores the differences compared to the 2015 model. Comparing the 2016 Gear VR to the 2015 version , Ritchie highlights notable improvements in the video above. The post Hands-on: New and Improved 2016 Samsung Gear VR vs. 2015 Model appeared first on Road to VR. Mobile VR Samsung Gear VR Videos gear vr 2015 gear vr 2016 gear vr comparison Ritchie Djamhur samsung gear vr

The very best virtual fact match we performed at GDC 2015


Videos bomb Game Developers Conference (Conference Series) gdc 2015 keep talking and nobody explodes Technology the verge verge video games Virtual RealityKeep Chatting and No one Explodes is the to start with recreation from Steel Crate Video games.

Impacting the future of Life Sciences and Healthcare with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

EON Reality

Join us for #ELSAHS15 on May 28th at EON Reality’s European Headquarters in Manchester, UK. Recent developments in 3D Virtual and Augmented Reality have stimulated innovation and creativity within healthcare training and education. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have taken safety and hands-on learning to the clinical level.

Travel to Egypt with EON Experience VR, Our Virtual Reality Knowledge Transfer Library

EON Reality

Stop dreaming about going to Egypt; this app will take you there! Maybe not physically, but virtually. Visit nine locations of Egypt in fully immersive, 360 degree environments, including The Valley of the Kings and the Temple at Luxor! Immerse yourself and experience the new Egypt 360 application available for download on your mobile device on EON Experience VR. There are nine spheres placed in order.

Egypt 60

The Birth of a Virtual Reality Camera Rig


When we first got seriously interested in virtual reality several months ago, we noticed that there was hardly any video content available. Now we know why; because filming in VR is very, very complicated! The main problem is that there are no off-the-shelve camera rigs available that film on all sides at the same time in stereoscopic 3D.

Google’s Cardboard Camera App Makes Anyone a VR Photographer

Wired VR

Google's new app for Android lets anyone shoot immersive photos that have depth when viewed in Google Cardboard. The post Google's Cardboard Camera App Makes Anyone a VR Photographer appeared first on WIRED. Business Apps cameras google virtual reality VR

Adventures in storytelling, part III

VR Playhouse

Part III: SWAG, or Scientific, Wildly­ Aimed Guesses by Dylan Southard There’s always been a kind of implied power dynamic that exists in visual storytelling, a power that the storyteller is meant to have over his or her audience. And it’s more or less defined by the frame in which the story plays out. Because there’s always a frame. And the existence of that frame means that the storyteller has the ability to locate the components of his or her story in the space that the frame prescribes.

VR Interface Design and the Future of Hybrid Reality


Sci-fi movie interfaces are often breathtaking ways to tell a story, but the next generation of AR/VR interfaces will be clearer and easier to use – with a lot less visual clutter. This week, motion designer Mike Alger released an 18-minute video that digs into the cutting edge of VR interface design using the Leap Motion Controller and Oculus Rift. As humans, we can use our existing instincts and ways of seeing the world to our advantage.

Get Access to the Closed Beta of Our VR AppFactory


You have shot some amazing 360º video content, but how will you distribute it to your audience and the different VR headsets? Of course you can upload it to YouTube , VRideo , or even Facebook , which all support 360º video, but traditional video platforms are not always the best option. Sometimes you want a branded application that supports all of the pro features that make VR even more compelling than just plain 360º video, like support for stereoscopic 3D and spatial audio.

Video 50

Repetition, Revision and Gaming the Storytelling System

VR Playhouse

Recently, I was up late at night watching Jackass 2. You should know that I consider this to be an important part of my job at VR Playhouse. In one of the film’s stunts, the team had built a full pipe that they were trying to ride using what looked like a tiny, two-stroke pocket bike. The sequence mainly consisted of riders falling, over and over, taking their trademarked joy in their own pain.

Virtual Reality Journalism: Empathy through Technology


In his fourteenth book The News: A User’s Manual , Swiss writer and philosopher Alain de Botton uses several vivid examples to show how news affects human mentality. One of his main critiques of modern news is that it fails to establish a strong enough connection between the reader/viewer and the people the news is about. “ ISIS Fighters Enter Syrian City of Palmyra “ The above headline is a recent random one I took from the New York Times.

PSV Eindhoven in 360 3D


This weekend the Dutch soccer team PSV won the Eredivisie championship duel and we were there to capture this powerful moment in VR! Three days before the championship match between PSV and SC Heerenveen we received a call with the request to film the ceremony in 360 3D. Obviously we jumped on this exciting project! Organizing a championship ceremony is a massive logistical challenge, and last-minute we had to be squeezed into it.

Top 360 Degree Cameras available for Virtual Reality

Immersive Authority

Announced at IFA Berlin in September 2015, this 360-degree action camera with 4K resolution is a successor to Kodak’s existing SP360 HD spherical action camera. Announced in September 2015, Odyssey is a high-end rig with 16 Hero 4 Black cameras that is priced at $15000. Virtual Reality is the latest technology which is betting to change our lives as the quality improves and prices become more affordable. Here’s some of the top Virtual Reality cameras you should consider.

Google Jump Camera Design: An In-Depth Look


During the Google I/O conference at the end of May, Google announced Jump ; a revolutionary step in the world of 360 3D content! The idea has three parts: Camera: an open-source 360 3D camera design using 16 synchronized GoPro HERO4 action cams. Assembler: computer vision algorithms running on powerful Google servers which seamlessly stitch the 16 images and compute the 3D effect.

Leap Motion 3D Jam 2.0 Launches on Sept. 28th!


For 3D Jam 2015, teams will compete in two tracks – Open and AR/VR. Entries will be accepted until November 9th, 2015 at 11:59:59 pm PST. We’ve come a long way since we first launched the Leap Motion Controller two years ago. Today, we’re marking the occasion by announcing our second annual 3D Jam! For six weeks, starting on Sept. 28th, developers around the world will build innovative experiences for virtual reality, desktop, mobile, and beyond.

DIY Holograms

Immersive Authority

Interested in making your own Star Wars style holograms similar to the hologram R2D2 projects in Episode 4: A New Hope? There’s 2 methods. Smartphone Hack. This is the easiest. You just need to create a plastic pyramid that is hollow at the top. Place it upside down on your phone screen and playback a special version of the video that reflects of each side of the pyramid. Instructions to create this hologram: Video you can test with this solution: Video projection onto a veil of mist/fog.

Is Cinematic VR really Virtual Reality?

RealVision VR

Above, is the by-the-book definition of Virtual Reality. Thus, by default, VR is associated with a polygon rendered world, that inserts the audience or participant in and gives them tools to interact with this world. One camp of VR professionals believe this leaves no scope for mere ‘spherical video’ whether 4k or 8k or however ‘realistic’ to be called VR, even if said video is a faithful recording and visual representation of the real world or an imaginary one.

Report: Chinese Hack of Federal Employment Database, Disclosed in 2015, Was a Disaster for the CIA

GizModo VR

China’s efforts to purge its government of CIA moles has been aided significantly by a massive database of personnel information stolen from the U.S. government nearly a decade ago, as well as other hacked or leaked data sets, Foreign Policy reported on Monday. Read more.

Reaching into 3D Data, Exploring CAD Designs, Virtual Meetings, and More


VR has the power to transform our lives and connect us in new ways, while hand tracking lets you reach beyond the digital divide and take control. As part of our 3D Jam spotlight series, here are 17 utility demos that let you reach into a sea of data and extract its insights, explore a CAD prototype before committing it to a 3D printer, meet with people from around the world, and more. 3DUI: Three Dimensional User Interfaces. “A A user interface is like a joke.

Data 42

Google’s 360-Degree Views Drop You in the Middle of Symphonies and Plays

Wired VR

A new Google initiative puts you on-stage at the most famous theaters in the world. The post Google's 360-Degree Views Drop You in the Middle of Symphonies and Plays appeared first on WIRED. Business google Video virtual reality VR