Launching the #CPUOverload Project: Testing Every x86 Desktop Processor since 2010

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One of the most visited parts of the AnandTech website is our benchmark database, Bench. Over the last decade we've placed as much benchmark data as we can in there for every sample we can get our hands on.

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U.S. government requests for Google user data up 510% since 2010, report says

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Read more. More about Google , Privacy , Tech , Cybersecurity , and Big Tech Companies. Google Privacy Tech Cybersecurity Big Tech Companies


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The UN’s 2020 biodiversity report is ugly, but there’s still hope

Digital Trends

The United Nations new report on biodiversity finds none of the targets set in 2010 have been met. News biodiversity climate change COVID-19 United Nations


Niantic Shows Off Mixed Reality ‘Pokémon GO’ Demo Powered By HoloLens


Founded in 2010, the company has since risen to become one of the leading providers of AAA location-based AR content, thanks in large part to its powerful real-world AR platform. .

The Suzuki CS-1X Is the “World’s First” Motorcycle Built Using AR


RYCA Motors first entered the custom bike race back in 2010 with the CS-1, a specialized motorcycle kit designed to convert the Suzuki LS650 Savage from cruiser to cafe racer. Early investors can use an AR-enhanced app to customize their limited edition cafe racer.

10 Years Later, Christopher Nolan's Inception Remains Magnificent

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Somehow, 2010's Inception has suddenly become topical again—an idea that seems like it was mysteriously planted in our minds by Leonardo DiCaprio himself.

A Lab Accident Likely Led to a Woman's Death From Brain-Destroying Prions 9 Years Later

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A lab accident in 2010 likely led to a woman’s untimely death nearly a decade later, according to doctors in France.

AR 101?—?A brief summary (Part 1)


Augmented Reality Trends (Part 2) Brief history Some important AR facts: 60s : Engineer Ivan Sutherland, created the SketchPad project, a system based on what is now known as computer graphics, and created a see-through to present 3D graphics (Krevelen, 2010)(Jaimini, 2016). Source AR 101?—?A

House Democrats' Climate Plan Is Finally Here, Doesn't Totally Suck

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If implemented, it says it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 37% below 2010… Read more. Democrats unveiled a 500-page plan to address the climate crisis on Tuesday morning.


BP Worries a Green Coronavirus Recovery Could Kill Its Business

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That’s especially true these days for BP, the London-based multinational fossil fuel corporation most notorious for causing the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. Oil giants are coming to terms with their impending doom.


Wiz Khalifa Concert Coming to ‘Oculus Venues’ Today, May 6th

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Among hits such as ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ and ‘See You Again’, Wiz is most well-known for his debut single ‘Black and Yellow’ , which nabbed him number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list in 2010.

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#834 XR Ethics: Eye Tracking Privacy Risks + HoloLens History with Avi Bar-Zeev

Voices of VR

Avi Bar-Zeev has been involved with immersive technologies for over 27 years, including working on the very first prototypes of Microsoft’s HoloLens back in 2010. Podcast Archive

USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 State of the Ecosystem Review: Where Does 20Gbps USB Stand in 2020?

Anand Tech

However, USB has made rapid strides in the last decade in terms of supported bandwidth - From a top speed of 5 Gbps in 2010, the ecosystem moved to devices supporting 10 Gbps in 2015.

Netflix reveals the first trailer for its 'Unsolved Mysteries' reboot

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The original Unsolved Mysteries aired in 1987 and continued through a series of disconnected reboots until 2010, but Netflix is bringing back the documentary show for a 2020 reboot.

Explore 40 Years of VR In Film In This 360-Degree Video


Inception (2010). Tron Legacy (2010). Though VR is really only just now taking a firm hold in its various markets, virtual reality has been a concept flirted with for many years in our favorite science fiction books, movies, and television series. Rishi Kaneria , a filmmaker and video essayist, has taken to the 360-degree video format to create a visual essay on VR in the film industry.

Meet the McElroys: How podcasting's 'first family' can help you find your voice

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Maybe you've heard the chart-topping podcast these three lovable goofballs started in 2010, My Brother, My Brother and Me. There are a lot of entry points to the McElroy brothers universe; almost as many as there are to the Marvel equivalent.

YouTube Launches 4K 360-Degree Live Streaming


YouTube first began support of 4K video uploads back in 2010, growing the video platform into the largest library of 4K videos online. There was one thing missing though — the ability to live stream in 4K. Now YouTube is taking it all one step further with the launch of 4K live streaming for both 360-degree videos and standard videos. It’s a bonus to have the ability to livestream in 4K, especially as more and more creators get their hands on reasonably priced consumer 4K cameras.

Microsoft Files Patent For VR Mat With Haptic Feedback And Pressure Sensors


Despite receiving mixed reviews upon its 2010 release and eventually being discontinued in 2017, the device managed to develop a dedicated cult following among hackers and indie developers. Could Microsoft’s high-tech floormat be the future of at-home 4D entertainment?

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Get Two Months Of Viveport Infinity For Free With A Rift Or Rift S


Gabe Gurwin is a journalist who has been covering the video game and VR industries since 2010. The Oculus Quest is certainly the talk of the town right now, but if you have an Oculus Rift or Rift S, you can participate in an impressive new deal, too. The big surprise, however, is that the deal comes courtesy of Viveport.

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Netflix drops eerie teaser for new post-apocalyptic thriller 'Alice in Borderland'

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The series, which looks like a fast-paced mixture of Lost and Battle Royale , is based on a Japanese manga by Haro Aso that ran for six years between 2010 to 2016.

New DreamWorks Dragons: Flight Academy VR Experience At Dreamscape


Location-based VR company Dreamscape Immersive is now offering a new experience that ties into the DreamWorks Dragons series, which began with the How To Train Your Dragon movie in 2010.

10 entertainment treasures we miss from the 2000s

Mashable VR

By 2010, access to all of these became assumed in mainstream culture, and entertainment shifted in tandem with technology. Welcome to 2000s Week !

AR Glasses For Diabetics: Magic Leap Considers ?Glucose Monitoring? Eyewear


Since its initial foundation back in 2010, Magic Leap has developed a reputation as one of the most secretive startups within the XR industry. The glasses of the future might watch your glucose levels. According to a patent released last week by the US Patent and Trademark Office, AR startup Magic Leap has begun exploring the concept of smart glasses that can “monitor glucose levels over time” along with other vitals.

LG Calls it Quits, To Close Mobile Phone Business

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LG had been one of the major mobile pioneers in the feature phone market, and also a larger player in the early 2010’s with many notable earlier successes such as the LG G2 or the G3.

Fire Investigators Are Now Using VR Photogrammetry Tech to Assess Damage to Homes

Road to VR

Since its founding in 2010, Matterport’s tech has mostly found a home in the real estate industry, providing their Pro2 3D camera series to real estate agents around the world so they can more accurately capture and show off properties to potential clients. A house fire is a sickening reality, but when it’s finally time to clean up and tally losses, that’s where fire investigators come in.

The 10 best kids' movies on Netflix right now

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Despicable Me (2010). School's out for the summer, and Netflix is here to help. With preventative measures against coronavirus still in place around the world, the pressure is on to keep kids occupied at home without theme parks, vacations, or summer camps.

Valve’s Mike Ambinder To Talk Brain-Computer Interfaces At GDC


The talk is titled “Brain-Computer Interfaces: One Possible Future for How We Play” and happens at 10 am Pacific in Room 2010, West Hall. A talk by Valve’s Mike Ambinder at GDC on March 22 will offer an overview of brain-computer interfaces. If you are attending GDC and staying through Friday, the talk looks like it’ll be a worthwhile one.

AR From an Architect’s Perspective, Spatial Computing, & Leap Motion’s North Star AR HMD

Road to VR

One of the co-founders of Leap Motion reached out to Matsuda to invite him to help creating & influence the future of spatial computing since he has been creating functional and pragmatic spatial computing interfaces in his films since 2010. Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop – January 6, 2010. Augmented City 3D – August 20, 2010. Keiichi Matsuda went from being a dystopian filmmaker to becoming the Vice President of Design at hand-tracking company Leap Motion.

ARtillery Briefs, Episode 42: AR Advertising Case Studies

AR Insider

Mobile Advertising in 2010. So think of it like mobile advertising in 2010: Lots of headroom and opportunity… but also lots more to learn. ARtillery Briefs is a video series that offers insights in under 5 minutes.

World Bank Turns To VR Filmmaking To Fight Global Poverty


Violent conflicts in FCV countries have seen a dramatic spike since the beginning of 2010 with the already fragile landscape becoming more complex. Sparking action against global poverty using the power of VR filmmaking. The numbers are horrific. 3 billion people around the globe are living on less than $2.50 per day, including the 1.2 billion living in extreme poverty, existing on less than $1.25 per day. .

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Xiaomi Reveals $30 Mobile Headset That Looks Like PlayStation VR


Since the founding of China-based Xiaomi in 2010, the company has built its reputation on providing quality technology without charging a fortune and building on that quality with feedback from fans of their Mi (mobile internet) line of gear. With the heavy hitting virtual reality devices carrying fairly stout price tags, many point toward mobile VR as the consumer friendly entry point for those that have yet to try VR.

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BioWare's beloved Mass Effect trilogy is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X

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The newly remastered games, released in 2007, 2010, and 2012, respectively, will take advantage of more recent technology leaps to give all three games higher resolution graphics, better framerates, and improvements to textures, visual effects, character models, and the like. It may be a while before we see a properly new Mass Effect after the unfortunate disaster of 2017's Andromeda , but the series' greatest hits are coming back for more.

Steam Can Now Run Some Major VR Apps Without Microsoft Windows


” According to a blog post detailing the update , the feature works through an update to an effort announced in 2010 called Steam Play. Valve released an update for Steam on Linux that should allow some of the most popular VR games to run on VR-ready computers without Microsoft Windows installed. The new feature could hold enormous potential for Valve to support next generation standalone VR headsets based on Linux or SteamOS.

'ASMR toys' at big box stores may just be fidget toys in disguise

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Since its quiet emergence onto the internet in 2010, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response ( ASMR ) has become a cultural phenomenon and a viable interpersonal community.

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Adam Savage’s Tested VR Now Available Free On Oculus Quest & Go


Since its launch back in 2010, Adam Savage’s Tested, a YouTube channel and website documenting the bizarre creations of Savage and other talented creators, has accumulated a jaw-dropping 4.5M Dive into the world of chainsaw artists, spacesuit designers, and other fascinating creators. subscribers.

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Top 10 TV Shows that Feature Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


Looking for recommendations on what to corona-binge while you’re staying indoors to avoid the virus? We already shared with you the movies we think you should watch that feature augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) here.

Ubisoft Announces ‘Prince of Persia’ VR Escape Room, Heading to 300 Locations This Spring

Road to VR

Coming soon to locations this Spring is a VR escape room experience which will breathe some life into one of Ubisoft’s most classic franchises, Prince of Persia, which hasn’t seen a major entry since 2010’s Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.