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Oculus Patents ‘Directional Beam’ Wireless PC VR Solution


With the release of the TPCast wireless adapter (for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive), and now the official HTC Vive Wireless Adapter , many have been wondering whether Oculus are working on a 1st party wireless solution for Rift, or whether they plan to incorporate wireless in the future version of Rift.

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Moving Beyond VR Games

Tech Trends VR

How immersive technologies like Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality bring real-world benefits to us all. Companies big and small are using Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality solutions to solve pain points, save money, connect people and make workflows more collaborative Click To Tweet.

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Hands-on: HaptX’s VR Glove is the Closest I’ve Come to Touching the Virtual World

Road to VR

HaptX, a company building a VR glove offering impressively detailed haptic feedback as well as force feedback, is steadily improving.

Pokémon GO's New Ability to Track Steps in Background Is First Step Forward for Niantic's AR Cloud Platform

Next Reality AR

Niantic's most successful app, Pokémon GO, has become the first app to integrate the company's Real World Platform, the developer's AR cloud technology that enables multiplayer AR, persistent content, and occlusion with physical objects. you say to yourself.

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No Headset? A VR Space Like Star Trek’s “Holodeck” May Soon Become Reality


Light Field Lab promises the next generation of AR/VR with their headgear-free holographic system.

Vive Studios Boss: ‘If VR Is Relegated To A Gaming Console, Everybody Loses’


Joel Breton, GM of HTC’s Vive Studios division, thinks that VR companies need to start looking beyond gaming in order to succeed.

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Oculus Patents Wireless Relay Tech for VR Headsets

Road to VR

In a patent issued this week to Oculus, the company describes a wireless relay system designed to prevent loss of signal even when a user is out of range of the primary transmitter and receiver.

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More Trending

Queen’s University Announces Dedicated VR Medical Training Center


The Canadian university announces plans for new medical training center composed entirely of VR simulations.

Red Dead Redemption 2 On PSVR With Cinematic Mode Is A Wild Ride


Earlier this year I wrote about breathtaking it was to don a PSVR headset and stare down massive colossi in Shadow of the Colossus when its remaster released on PS4 in February.

China’s Jiangxi Province Promises to Invest $460 Million in AR/VR

Road to VR

Aiming to become a hub for AR and VR development, the government of China’s Jiangxi province says it plans to raise funds totalling $460 million to be invested into AR and VR companies.

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Ghostbusters World AR Game Arrives as Halloween Treat & We Dive into Its Location-Based Tricks

Next Reality AR

Because timing is everything, the latest entry in the location-based augmented reality gaming sweepstakes, Ghostbusters World, has arrived just in time for Halloween.

Hand & Finger Tracking Coming Soon To The HTC Vive Pro


HTC reveals native hand/finger tracking for Vive Pro alongside 6DoF functionality for Vive Focus. It looks as though the front-facing cameras on your Vive Pro will finally begin seeing some use as HTC reveals plans to launch native support for hand and finger tracking on their high-end PC VR headset.

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Rogan Is A Visually Striking Take On Thief In VR


Unknightly might need to watch it’s back; there’s a new Thief wannabe in town. Rogan: The Thief in the Castle is a visually striking new Oculus Rift and HTC Vive game on the way from Smilegate Entertainment. As the name suggests, the game’s set within the confines of a giant castle.

HTC Plans to Bring Hand & Finger Tracking to Vive Pro

Road to VR

Today at the the World Conference on VR Industry in China, HTC announced plans to bring hand & finger tracking to Vive Pro via the headset’s front-facing cameras.

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View Conference 2018: What does holophonic, ambisonic and spatialized audio mean?

The Ghost Howls

Today at View Conference 2018 I attended a very interesting workshop by Gianni Ricciardi and Matteo Milani about immersive sound. I absolutely wanted to attend it, because I know that audio is very important for immersion in virtual reality , but I have a great lack of knowledge in that field.

The Best VR Experiences From Raindance Film Festival 2018


This year’s festival in London showcased a bold range of pioneering VR content. Here are some of our favorites. Raindance is a well-established and highly-respected independent film festival, but it isn’t a particularly flashy one.

The Future Of Virtual Reality Is Wireless


In recent months we’ve been talking about some new definitions and marketing terms that are coming into more popular use — “wireless” and “standalone” VR. While we’ve seen hints of it in 2018, next year is when the technology will really take off.

Fraunhofer Shows Off Compact VR Headset Prototype Using 4 OLED Microdisplays

Road to VR

Fraunhofer , Europe’s largest application-oriented R&D organization, recently unveiled a new VR headset prototype at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Munich this past week that aims to reduce the size and weight of VR headsets by using high-resolution microdisplays.

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Get Ready for a VRevelation

Tech Trends VR

Is this the miracle VR has been waiting for? Tech Trends checked out the world’s first feature length immersive film at its London premiere.

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Spatial’s Collaborative AR Platform Turns Any Room Into A 3D Workspace


Cross-reality collaboration arrives as Spatial reveals holographic teleportation through augmented reality. Spatial , a team of 3D Design and AR/VR experts based out of New York and San Francisco, today unveiled their cross-reality collaboration platform after two long years in stealth.

Former Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe Departs Facebook


Oculus co-founder Brendan Iribe, the company’s first and only CEO, is parting ways with parent company Facebook. In a post on Facebook Iribe noted he would be taking his “first real break” in over 20 years, though didn’t provide a reason for his departure.

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HTC Announces 6DOF Controller Tracking Add-on for Vive Focus

Road to VR

HTC today announced a 6DOF controller tracking add-on for Vive Focus which brings 6DOF controller tracking to the device. The add-on, which includes a pair of controllers, is being released as a development kit.

Moschino & H&M Harness the Power of Magic Leap One to Intro Augmented Reality to the Fashion World

Next Reality AR

Magic Leap has already entered the realm of entertainment and enterprise, but on now it has blazed its way into a new augmented reality frontier: fashion.

View Conference 2018: National Film Board of Canada offers us interesting VR storytelling tips

The Ghost Howls

Today I’ve attended my first lecture at View Conference : the Masterclass “Artist-Driven Immersive Work” by Eloi Champagne and Martin Viau, of the National Film Board of Canada.

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Oculus Confirms It’s Still Working On A ‘Future Version Of Rift’


An Oculus representative reaffirmed to us the words of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckberg from last month’s OC5 VR developer conference in saying today the company is still “planning a future version of Rift.”

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‘3DNesVR’ Brings Nintendo Classics to VR, Demo Now Available on Steam

Road to VR

3DNesVR is an emulator tool that runs Nintendo Entertainment System games in VR, letting you play the ’80s and ’90s classic titles that made the console a world-wide phenomenon. Created by Geod Studios and first launched on

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Samsung Announces Improved HMD Odyssey Plus


The latest edition of Samsung’s Odyssey VR headset promises better visuals and a more comfortable fit.

Snapchat AR Lenses Jump from Mobile to Desktop with Snap Camera App

Next Reality AR

For the entirety of its existence, Snapchat has lived on mobile, but in its quest to lead the augmented reality industry, the company is now bringing those mobile AR experiences to desktops.

OTOY Partners With Light Field Lab On Holodeck Display Tech


Los Angeles-based rendering company OTOY is teaming up with startup Light Field Lab to build a pipeline for holographic content creation and display.

Samsung Odyssey+ Windows VR Headset Revealed with “Anti-SDE” Display

Road to VR

Back in August we uncovered what appeared to be an updated version of Samsung’s Odyssey Windows VR headset. Now a listing on Samsung’s official website confirms the Odyssey+ and its price, suggesting that a launch is soon at hand.

‘Oculus Launch Pad’ Is Silently Populating The VR Content Pool


As a little-known initiative, Oculus is actively funneling in talent with the promise of training, tools and other resources that developers — new and old — can use to build projects for the Oculus platform as well as for the greater VR ecosystem.

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Magic Leap Updates Create App, Reveals Behind the Scenes Development at Magic Leap Studios

Next Reality AR

Among all the new Magic Leap app announcements made at the recent L.E.A.P. conference, an update to one of the company's major in-house apps went mostly unnoticed: Create 1.1.

Hands-On: Ace Combat 7 Is A Blockbuster Experience For PSVR


It’s pretty obvious that Ace Combat 7 is shaping up to be another Gran Turismo Sport situation ; excellent VR support for an excellent game that’s stretched just a little too thin.

Oculus Co-founder Departs Facebook Amidst Rumor of Rift 2 Cancellation

Road to VR

Oculus co-founder Brendan Iribe is leaving Facebook. Citing “a source close to the matter,” a report from TechCrunch indicates his departure is related to the cancellation of a Rift 2 headset, though Facebook has denied that element of the report.

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Instant Musician Turns Your iPhone Into An AR Piano Instructor


Learn how to play piano using just your iPhone and a crisp one dollar bill. . Instant Musician, previously only being available as a Microsoft HoloLens app, has now made its way to iOS, offering users a way to learn proper piano skills using their smart phones. .

View Conference 2018: Baobab Studios talks about the development of “Crow: The Legend”

The Ghost Howls

Yesterday I’ve listened to a talk by Kane Lee regarding the VR animated short movie “Crow: The Legend” that Baobab Studio is going to release. The plot of the movie is: The carefree forest animals imagine spring will last forever.

Oculus Teases Positionally Aware TimeWarp for Quest


Maintaining full framerate in VR is so crucial that VR companies have developed special driver-level techniques to compensate when frames are dropped.

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