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Hands-on: Pico ‘VR Glasses’ Prototype is the Most Impressive VR Viewer Yet

Road to VR

This week at CES 2020, Pico quietly revealed a prototype headset which its calling the Pico VR Glasses.

CES 2020: VRgineers Military-Grade VR Headset Already In Use By US Air Force


The professional headset boasts an 8K resolution, built-in VirtualLink, and an AR add-on module.

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Panasonic VR glasses are a steampunk dream for 5G


Panasonic HDR-capable UHD VR glasses shown this week at CES 2020 showed the world that such devices needn’t look like a boxy nightmare.

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NextMind Unveils $400 Brain-Computer Interface Developer Kit

Road to VR

NextMind , a Paris-based brain-computer interface (BCI) startup, debuted a $400 neural interface dev kit at CES this week, something the company intends to release to developers in the first half of 2020.

The XR Week Peek (2020.01.16): CES is coming, Abrash predicts AR to substitute smartphones in 2040 and more!

The Ghost Howls

This is the first roundup of news of this new year, and to signal a change with the past, I’ve changed the name from “VR Week Peek” to “XR Week Peek”, because, hey, I like talking about all immersive technologies and not only Virtual Reality.

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Mastercard Develops Mobile AR App to Explain Rewards & Benefits to Cardholders

Next Reality AR

It's a good sign for any emerging technology when one of the leaders of an industry adopts it. So when Mastercard, a brand so recognizable that it dropped its name from its logo at CES last year, decides to develop a mobile augmented reality app, the moment is a milestone for the AR industry.

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JBD Shows Micro LED Display for AR/VR with Absurd 3,000,000 Nits Brightness

Road to VR

This week at CES 2020, China-based Jade Bird Display (JBD) revealed its latest portfolio of micro LED displays which the company is positioning as an ideal fit for AR and VR devices.

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Stereopsia report / 1: hands-on with Presenz, Antilatency, full-body on Quest and more!

The Ghost Howls

One month ago, I’ve participated in the Stereopsia event in Bruxelles (Belgium) to perform a talk about how to organize an event in virtual reality. I realized that I have never described to you my experience there, so let me write a cool summary for you all!

Explore the Grueling Wartime Trenches of Golden Globe Winning Movie '1917' via Web-Based AR Experience

Next Reality AR

Filmed in what appears to be a single continuous shot, war film 1917 is now the front-runner to conquer the Best Picture category of the Academy Awards after bringing home the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture in the drama category.

19 Upcoming Valve Index And SteamVR Games We Can’t Wait To Play In 2020


It’s a new year and there are a heap of upcoming Valve Index games to look forward to. Valve’s premium VR headset emerged as arguably the best device on the market in 2019.

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Oculus Cinema Takeover Is How The Modern Moviegoing Experience Should Be


A 40-foot holoscreen and projection mapping turned the Los Angeles Theater into a 4D spectacle for one special evening. .

‘Job Simulator’ Goes Platinum, Selling Over 1 Million Copies to Date

Road to VR

Owlchemy Labs has something to celebrate, as the Google-owned VR studio announced that its tongue-in-cheek parody simulator game Job Simulator (2016) has officially broken the one million unit sales mark.

Oculus launches new defy reality campaign in partnership with NBA on TNT

Cats and VR

Oculus launches new defy reality campaign in partnership with NBA on TNT Longtime gamer D'Angelo Russell takes his first steps into virtual reality with @Oculus. Join the mayhem as he explores Beat Saber, Racquet NX and the potential of VR. You can do almost anything with this technology.”

UploadVR CES 2020: Best Of Show And People’s Choice Award


CES 2020 is coming to an end. We’ve been in Las Vegas, NV all week trying out cutting-edge hardware and software demos from companies all over the world trying to push the boundaries of VR and AR technology.

CES 2020: Panasonic Unveils World’s First Ultra HD VR Eyeglasses


The lightweight VR glasses offer HDR visuals without the dreaded “screen-door” effect. With CES 2020 set to kick-off tomorrow morning, companies are already hard at work promoting the groundbreaking technology that will soon be available to demo at the annual consumer electronics showcase.

VRgineers to Debut Upgraded “8K” XTAL Ultrawide VR Headset at CES 2020

Road to VR

This week at CES 2020, VRgineers, makers of the enterprise-focused XTAL headset, plan to debut the latest version of their ultrawide FOV headset which will use a 4K display for each eye, which the company calls “8K,” and bring improved lenses and a video passthrough add-on.

VR startup helps users find content

Hypergrid Business

Press release: VIRTUAL REALITY START-UP IMMERSIONN OPENS FOR BUSINESS. New Discovery Engine for Immersive VR Content Launches with ‘Immersive Journalism’ Partnerships with Dagens Nyheter and Euronews.

WATCH: Behind The Scenes On The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Story


A new video from Skydance Interactive has detailed the story elements in their upcoming VR title The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. The game is set to release on PC VR on January 23rd, with a PSVR release and Quest release coming later in the year in Q1 and Q4 respectively.

Handheld Scanners By Artec 3D Scan And Capture The Real World In Seconds


Artec 3D bridges the gap between the Milky Way and the metaverse with instant 3D capture and machine learning algorithms. A quick survey of virtual avatars reveals that multiplayer games with Picasso-like figures are still humanly identifiable through familiar kinetic traits from IRL encounters.

Hands-on: Pico Neo 2 Could Be the Next Best Standalone After Quest

Road to VR

At CES this week, Pico unveiled a pair of its latest standalone VR headsets, Neo 2 and Neo 2 Eye. While the company is targeting enterprise customers in the West, the Neo 2 line is eyeing up the same hardware category as Facebook’s Oculus Quest, and doing a solid job at that.

WebAR Adoption is Going Mainstream in 2020, Here’s Why


One of the most exciting new developments in augmented reality last year has been the growth of WebAR. WebAR refers to augmented reality that can be accessed from a web browser, enabling a much more seamless user journey from scan to experience.

CES 2020 Hands-On: Panasonic ‘VR Eyeglasses’ Tease An Intriguing Vision In Need Of A Platform


I’ve written plenty of words complaining about the shameful state of a VR market heading into 2020 in which Oculus Go is a best seller with its limited interactions and a nearly defunct 3DoF development platform.

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CES 2020: High-End VR Manufacturer Pimax Announces Budget-Friendly VR Headset


Pimax reveals a new lineup of VR headsets, the most affordable of which coming in at under $500. When Pimax announced its state-of-the-art VR headset back in 2017, users were blown away by the 200-degree FOV, 8K resolution, and custom knuckle motion controllers.

Latest NVIDIA GPUs Get Foveated Supersampling Feature for Sharper VR Games

Road to VR

VR gamers running NVIDIA’s newest RTX graphics cards will be able to take advantage of a new ‘Variable Rate Supersampling’ (VRSS) feature designed to increase the sharpness of VR games without reducing performance.

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Charmin puts VR on a toilet, Smells on a sensor, TP on a robot


Charmin has a set of three conceptual designs for CES 2020, including a toilet paper-retrieving robot, a smell sensor, and a VR experience for the WC.

CES 2020: XTAL Enterprise Headset Updated With Dual 4K Panels, Foveated Rendering, $8K Price, And More


At CES 2020 this week, VRgineers announced a new version of its XTAL high-end headset for enterprise priced at $7,890 , including business grade support. The original XTAL was announced back in summer 2018.

Take A Load Off With The Oculus Quest VR Balance Comfort Counterweight


The handy comfort mod has reached its $9,000 Kickstarter goal within 24 hours. Who doesn’t love the Oculus Quest? Facebook’s brilliant standalone device is currently dominating the VR headset market, offering consumers a pain-free immersive experience that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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Hands-on: Experiencing Shock & Awe with Teslasuit’s Electro-stimulation Haptics

Road to VR

Teslasuit is a London-based company that makes an enterprise-focused haptic suit like none other I’ve experienced thus far.

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How Immersive Technology Is Advancing Healthcare


As immersive technology has become more advanced with time, it has had an increasing role in medicine. Virtual and augmented reality technology have both been responsible for particular advancements in the healthcare industry, and not just in medicine.

CES 2020 VR And AR News Roundup: Everything You Might Have Missed


As always, we’re starting off the new year with CES 2020 ( official website ) week, which has traditionally been one of the biggest weeks of the year for VR and AR.

Nintendo President Says The Company Is Exploring New Ways To Use AR


With Labo VR having proved a success, Nintendo is now eyeing augmented reality as its next venture.

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