Thu.Sep 12, 2019

HTC Vive Cosmos, maybe the most versatile PC VR headset, launches at $699

The Ghost Howls

Finally, the moment has come: after months of teasing, silence, rumors and spinning heads, the Vive Cosmos has finally been launched! The final price has been revealed: 699$ and so its availability, plus some little surprises! Discover everything with me…. Vive Cosmos. HTC Vive Cosmos (Image by HTC).

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Original HTC Vive ‘Coming Out Of The Market’ With Cosmos Launch


Almost three and a half years after beating Facebook’s Oculus Rift to market with more features, HTC is retiring its original room-scale VR headset — the HTC Vive. The remarkable PC-powered system first shipped in April 2016 for $800 as the result of a partnership between Valve and HTC.

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Hands-on: Vive Cosmos Aims to Reboot the Vive Experience

Road to VR

HTC’s latest VR headset, Vive Cosmos, is just around the corner. This week Road to VR got a preview of the headset ahead of its October 3rd launch. In a meeting at HTC’s Vive office in San Francisco this week, I got to go hands-on with the Vive Cosmos headset.

Time Magazine Takes Readers on an Augmented Reality Tour of Amazon Rainforest

Next Reality AR

Amazon 227

TIME Immersive AR Experience Shines A Spotlight On The Rapidly Shrinking Amazon Rainforest


TIME turns to AR and Jane Goodall to help expose deforestation in Brazil. TIME Turns To AR And Jane Goodall To Explore The Rapidly Shrinking Amazon Rainforest.

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Vive Cosmos Hands-On: Sharp Visuals, But Value Remains Unclear


Earlier this week I visited HTC’s office in San Francisco, CA and finally tried out their upcoming new HTC Vive Cosmos ( official website ) VR headset that launches on October 3, 2019, for $699. Pre-orders are now live.

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Google ARCore Update Brings Changes To ‘Visual Processing In The Cloud‘


Google is updating its augmented reality cloud anchors system which takes camera data from your phone, processes parts of it on their servers, and produces a 3D map of the environment.

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Google ARCore Update Brings More Robust Cloud Anchors for Improved Multiuser AR

Road to VR

ARCore, Google’s developer platform for building augmented reality experiences, is getting an update today that aims to make shared AR experiences quicker and more reliable. Additionally, Google is also rolling out support for Augmented Faces on iOS, the company’s 3D face filter API.

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HTC Vive Cosmos Launches October 3 For $699, Pre-Orders Now Live


HTC’s next PC VR headset is priced at $699. Pre orders are now live, and it will launch globally on October 3.

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Adam Savage’s Tested VR Now Available Free On Oculus Quest & Go


Dive into the world of chainsaw artists, spacesuit designers, and other fascinating creators. Since its launch back in 2010, Adam Savage’s Tested, a YouTube channel and website documenting the bizarre creations of Savage and other talented creators, has accumulated a jaw-dropping 4.5M subscribers.

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iOS 13 Code Confirms Apple AR Glasses & Spatial Interface Launcher


Last week, MacRumors reportedly found references to iPhone-connected AR glasses and a spatial launcher interface for them. This week the final iOS 13 build was released to developers which confirms the report. The confirmation was made by developer Steve Troughton-Smith, who found a ReadMe file explaining how to test AR apps on iOS. The iOS 13 GM also comes with a readme file (!)

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‘Naau: The Lost Eye’ is an Intriguing VR Action-Adventure Title Coming Next Year

Road to VR

Turkey-based indie team Studio Gamebit have been working on their debut VR title Naau: The Lost Eye for over two years, but now it appears the studio is getting closer to the finish line with the release of the game’s official teaser trailer.

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How to Create and Distribute Oculus Quest Apps


Below is a step-by-step guide for authoring, publishing, and distributing an Oculus Quest app. With InstaVR, you can do all of this easily and without coding, making VR apps for the Quest in minutes or hours, not days.

Adam Savage’s ‘Tested VR’ Takes You on a Virtual Tour of Maker Workshops

Road to VR

The Future of Augmented Reality in Autonomous Driving Technology


Everyone in the automotive industry is racing to advance autonomous driving technologies and deploy driverless cars. This year, we’ve seen massive strides thanks to emerging technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Building ‘Avatar as a Service’: A Conversation with Aura

AR Insider

AR Insider Interviews is a series that profiles the biggest innovators in XR. Narratives are based on interviews with subjects, but opinions and analysis are that of AR Insider. See the rest of the series here. .

HTC Vive Cosmos Lands In October Retailing for £699

Peter Graham

In January during the CES 2019 technology event in Las Vegas, HTC Vive announced its next virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), the Vive Cosmos. Today, pre-orders have now gone live, pricing the device at £699 GBP/$699 USD whilst revealing further details for interested customers.

HTC Vive Cosmos VR headset pre-orders now available, first mod revealed


Despite and in spite of its struggles in the smartphone market, HTC has found some light at the end of its dark tunnel thanks to its Vive VR reality platform. It rivals Oculus in the tight VR market and is now trying to gain a lead with the new Cosmos system.

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Hide Under the Covers as Dreadhalls Confirmed for Oculus Quest

Peter Graham

One of the earliest virtual reality (VR) horror titles to get players jumping and screaming was White Door Games’ Dreadhalls, developed for a 2013 VR Jam contest organised by Oculus.

Hulu for Android loses Google Daydream VR headset support


Virtual reality headsets have largely been split into two categories: the expensive gaming models and the inexpensive phone-based headsets.

Steam’s new Store Discovery Update Should Make Finding VR Games Easier

Peter Graham

Steam can offer a treasure trove of videogames, both virtual reality (VR) related and non-VR, but it can be a minefield trying to find the stuff you like. Especially when it comes to Steam’s recommendation sections. All of which Valve is very aware of, releasing a Store Discovery Update today to help rectify the issue.

The AR Show: Making Small, Lightweight Smartglasses

AR Insider

This article examines the latest episode of The AR Show. Based on a new collaboration, episode coverage will join the AR Insider editorial flow including narrative insights and episode audio. See past and future episode coverage here. In this conversation, Paul talks about market evolution and the current state of the art from Vuzix.

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Vivid Vision: Curing Lazy Eye with VR + Leap Motion


Could virtual reality retrain our brains to reverse some types of vision problems? Founded by a former lifelong “lazy eye” sufferer, medical technology firm Vivid Vision has already deployed to hundreds of eye clinics, with startling results in two independent studies.

Virtual Hangout: Meet Up with Friends, Make New Ones in ‘Half + Half,’ Available Now on Oculus Quest and the Rift Platform


Finding the perfect place to hang out can be tricky—both in and out of VR. Now, there’s a new solution to this timeless social dilemma