You Should Definitely Buy A PSVR This Black Friday


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VR MMO OrbusVR Developer “Definitely Looking Into” Oculus Quest Port


The developer of OrbusVR stated on Twitter that they are “ definitely looking into Oculus Quest support “ OrbusVR is the first true VR MMO, currently available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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Playful CEO: PSVR Exclusive Star Child ‘Definitely Not’ Cancelled


The mysterious side-scrolling game Star Child is “definitely not” cancelled, according to Playful CEO Paul Bettner. ” Tagged with: news , paul bettner , playful , PSVR , Star Child Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Playful CEO: PSVR Exclusive Star Child ‘Definitely Not’ Cancelled appeared first on UploadVR.

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Writing for VR: The Definitive Guide to VR Storytelling


Whether we’ve pushed our stakes and urgency to the point where subtext is now actually being spoken or we’re definitively writing to the mystery of those unspoken things, you want to be focused on the communication of subtext. It’s not so definitive that it squashes alternate understandings.

‘Allison Road’ is Officially Revived With VR Support “Definitely” Planned


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Valve is definitely making its own headsets, leaks prove


Valve, best known for the Steam game distribution platform and Half-Life titles, has a rather unusual approach when it comes to hardware. At times it partners with hardware manufacturers and at times it makes its own.

The Definitive Breakdown of the Absolute Best VR Games From E3 2016


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Pokemon Go or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying About The Definition And Love Augmented Reality


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The Definitive BrainXchange Guide to Adopting Wearables, AR and VR in Enterprise


The post The Definitive BrainXchange Guide to Adopting Wearables, AR and VR in Enterprise appeared first on BrainXchange. Introduction. In 2015, the newly-formed BrainXchange put together the first-ever event devoted to the business and industrial use of wearable technologies. Back then, the team was taking a risk on a category of technology that seemed promising only if you read between the lines of the numerous articles talking about “Glassholes” and fitness trackers.

The Top 15 Virtual Reality Experiences You Should Definitely Check Out via @TheWrap.


The Top 15 Virtual Reality Experiences You Should Definitely Check Out via @TheWrap [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) July 25, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

Football (Soccer) training and experiences with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Tech at Soccerex 2015!

EON Reality

Join us tomorrow for the final day of Soccerex Global in Manchester, UK, and discover the place where athletes are using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tech to take their game to the next level.

SIF: Pico Neo and HP Reverb hands on

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It is not a super-innovative headset like the Valve Index , but it gets the job done for the most part and then it shines for its visual definition. At Sandbox Immersive Festival , I have been able to try some interesting VR storytelling experiences.

Acer Collaborates With Starbreeze To Develop StarVR


Acer is an excellent, experienced and prominent hardware partner that will accelerate us in realizing and producing a high-definition, high-fidelity VR headset. ”. “

Smart Glasses? It’s all about perspective.


While there were various attempts to realize such device over the past decades, Google definitely has the prerogative of raising the awareness of the general public for this technology. Wikipedia defines smart glasses as a wearable computer that adds information to what the wearer sees.

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3 Reasons Oculus Quest Might Be the Right Headset for Your Business


It is definitely a good fit for a subset of users that need a more powerful, mobile, standalone headset. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg revealed at F8 Conference the new Oculus Quest will begin shipping this month (May 2019).

Naked Tech for a Plastic-Free World

Tech Trends VR

A while back the company opened the first such shop in Milan , which was a resounding success and convinced them there was definitely an appetite among consumers for this seemingly radical alternative to traditional, over-packaged cosmetics.

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Coming To A Theater Near You: The Greatest Startup You Never Heard Of

Charlie Fink

Marc Porat: I definitely do not consider myself the star of the movie. The documentary feature General Magic, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2018, will be released to theaters on Friday, May 10.

Cyberith announces 2nd gen Virtualizer, still thinks about its backers

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Our company is entirely financed by revenues since years and the market is definitely growing, as many companies and corporations start to more seriously incorporate VR into their businesses and processes. The Cyberith Virtualizer.

Could Sony’s Next Headset Finally Crack the VR Gaming Market?

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Whatever solution they settle upon in the end, however, Sony definitely isn’t ready to give up on consumer VR, and to be honest, I wouldn’t bet against them being first to the post in getting there. If anybody can do it, it’s probably Sony.

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Get Ready for a VRevelation

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Jesus comes across as a dude you’d definitely invite over to your party Click To Tweet. For one, there’s the fact that as a Brit you definitely can’t get Monty Python’s Life of Brian references out of your head when watching any film about Jesus.

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Should You Build Your Own VR or Outsource to an Agency?


You’ll definitely want a professional end-user experience though, so if all you have is a low-end consumer grade 360 camera, you’ll either need to upgrade to a $500+ camera or outsource to an agency.

All you need to know on HoloLens 2

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This is a great image definition: consider that for instance the Vive Pro has only 16 PPD. Today, at MWC 2019, Alex Kipman went on stage together with Satya Nadella and Julia White to announce the new HoloLens 2.

Noctvrnal: audio in AR/VR is 51% of the experience

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Being on the crossroads between three male-dominated industries (tech, entertainment, and audio) definitely isn’t easy.

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Magic Leap’s John Gaeta talks about the future of cinema, storytelling and mixed reality

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It’s definitely a choice. The definition of the MagicVerse: it is a mixed reality world-scale metaverse using different technologies. Definition of Magicverse. One of the best moments ever at View Conference 2018 , has been when I was able to interview John Gaeta.

Taking a Virtual Spin Around The Solar System

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There is definitely a growing trend towards space-based VR experiences Click To Tweet. A French company is creating beautiful educational space simulations in VR.

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‘Vacation Simulator’ Launches Today on PSVR

Road to VR

Job Simulator (2016), the popular simulator parody game from Owlchemy Labs, served up a sequel on PC VR headsets back in April—its more laid-back cousin Vacation Simulator (2019). Starting today, users on PSVR can get into fun too, and just in time for the summer vacation season.

Get ‘Obduction’ for Free on PC VR from Now Until June 1st

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It definitely reflects the studio’s brand of visually stunning environments mixed with cerebral puzzles, although it did suffer from somewhat of a rocky launch—in part due to high hardware requirements at the time.

One call to change my life, and another to redefine Spatial Computing

Robert Scoble

More on the definition in a bit. In our first newsletter, we lay out our definition of Spatial Computing. We want to know what you think about our definition? Irena Cronin called me last year.

Immersing Yourself in the Beautiful Game

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The process uses volumetric capture whereby footage is recorded from 38 5K ultra-high-definition cameras that includes height, width and depth of data to produce what are called voxels (pixels with volume).

Training Your Brain Muscles with VR

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I would definitely encourage you to try Sense Arena – you have to try it to believe it,” said Boston Bruins David Pastrnak. Sense Arena’s portable VR Hockey Training kit was a big hit at CES 2019.

Hands-on: Acer Windows Mixed Reality Dev Kit & Datascape

Next Reality VR

There were definitely some cool announcements, just not in. One thing that I got more and more excited about as we got closer and closer to the Microsoft Build 2017 developers conference was finally learning about the new Acer Windows Mixed Reality head-mounted displays (HMD).

The Sharing Economy among various P2P Services in the Digital Economy

Immersive Authority

The term “sharing economy” gets thrown around quite often and I was trying to make sense of the definition, and the types of service providers [.].

Oculus Rift Pre-Orders Coming Soon


CES 2016 runs from January 6 - 9, 2016 which is in any definition " soon after new year" Feeling more excited yet? With top VR Devices set to ship next year with the likes of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. Fans and tech geeks are getting pretty darned excited.

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How Mixed Reality Will Bring Us Industry 4.0

Tech Trends VR

More sectors are realizing the potential of immersive technology to dramatically maximize efficiency and profits.

‘Budget Cuts’ Studio Announces VR Gardening Sim ‘Garden of the Sea’

Road to VR

There’s no definite Early Access launch date yet, although Neat Corp maintains in the game’s Steam store page that it should be “soon.” Neat Corporation, the studio behind stealth VR game Budget Cuts (2018), just unveiled their next project.

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VR Bites

Had a blast playing it and I would definitely return to the game for another Soccer match. Let’s play Rec Room VR today! I tried out their newest game mode called Soccer Shield. It’s a lot of fun because you need to score and defend by using a shield.

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VR Bites

It’s definitely one of the best games I have played in VR for a while. Experience Soul Keeper, the first ever AAA RPG for Virtual Reality, in first person. More immersive than ever, taking full advantage of HTC Vive’s room scale VR, you can literally be a spell fighter.