You Should Definitely Buy A PSVR This Black Friday


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Writing for VR: The Definitive Guide to VR Storytelling


Whether we’ve pushed our stakes and urgency to the point where subtext is now actually being spoken or we’re definitively writing to the mystery of those unspoken things, you want to be focused on the communication of subtext. It’s not so definitive that it squashes alternate understandings.

Playful CEO: PSVR Exclusive Star Child ‘Definitely Not’ Cancelled


The mysterious side-scrolling game Star Child is “definitely not” cancelled, according to Playful CEO Paul Bettner. ” Tagged with: news , paul bettner , playful , PSVR , Star Child Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Playful CEO: PSVR Exclusive Star Child ‘Definitely Not’ Cancelled appeared first on UploadVR.

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Valve is definitely making its own headsets, leaks prove


Valve, best known for the Steam game distribution platform and Half-Life titles, has a rather unusual approach when it comes to hardware. At times it partners with hardware manufacturers and at times it makes its own.

‘Allison Road’ is Officially Revived With VR Support “Definitely” Planned


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Oculus Definitely Doesn’t Recommend These Rift Roomscale Add-Ons (But It Does Really)


A note at the bottom, though, says that these are definitely not recommendations, even if it is a list of products it thinks would be good to use with your Rift. By definition, that’s a recommendation, but for legal reasons, this is not a recommendation, okay?

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The Top 15 Virtual Reality Experiences You Should Definitely Check Out via @TheWrap.


The Top 15 Virtual Reality Experiences You Should Definitely Check Out via @TheWrap [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) July 25, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

Pokemon Go or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying About The Definition And Love Augmented Reality


AR Editorials featured ar augmented reality google Magic Leap Meta microsoft hololens niantic pokemon go

The Definitive BrainXchange Guide to Adopting Wearables, AR and VR in Enterprise


The post The Definitive BrainXchange Guide to Adopting Wearables, AR and VR in Enterprise appeared first on BrainXchange. Introduction. In 2015, the newly-formed BrainXchange put together the first-ever event devoted to the business and industrial use of wearable technologies. Back then, the team was taking a risk on a category of technology that seemed promising only if you read between the lines of the numerous articles talking about “Glassholes” and fitness trackers.

Acer Collaborates With Starbreeze To Develop StarVR


Acer is an excellent, experienced and prominent hardware partner that will accelerate us in realizing and producing a high-definition, high-fidelity VR headset. ”. “

Smart Glasses? It’s all about perspective.


While there were various attempts to realize such device over the past decades, Google definitely has the prerogative of raising the awareness of the general public for this technology. Wikipedia defines smart glasses as a wearable computer that adds information to what the wearer sees.

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Training Your Brain Muscles with VR

Tech Trends VR

I would definitely encourage you to try Sense Arena – you have to try it to believe it,” said Boston Bruins David Pastrnak. Sense Arena’s portable VR Hockey Training kit was a big hit at CES 2019.

Get Ready for a VRevelation

Tech Trends VR

Jesus comes across as a dude you’d definitely invite over to your party Click To Tweet. For one, there’s the fact that as a Brit you definitely can’t get Monty Python’s Life of Brian references out of your head when watching any film about Jesus.

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‘Beat Saber’ Wins Sony’s Best PSVR Experience of 2018

Road to VR

If you’re looking to launch your anger at a more definite target, you can always check out Road to VR’s 2018 Game of the Year Awards too.

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Taking a Virtual Spin Around The Solar System

Tech Trends VR

There is definitely a growing trend towards space-based VR experiences Click To Tweet. A French company is creating beautiful educational space simulations in VR.

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Moving Virtual Objects Like a Jedi

Tech Trends VR

. These are definitely the VR powers you’re looking for…. It was only a matter of time.

Hands-on: Acer Windows Mixed Reality Dev Kit & Datascape

Next Reality VR

There were definitely some cool announcements, just not in. One thing that I got more and more excited about as we got closer and closer to the Microsoft Build 2017 developers conference was finally learning about the new Acer Windows Mixed Reality head-mounted displays (HMD).

The Sharing Economy among various P2P Services in the Digital Economy

Immersive Authority

The term “sharing economy” gets thrown around quite often and I was trying to make sense of the definition, and the types of service providers [.].

How Mixed Reality Will Bring Us Industry 4.0

Tech Trends VR

More sectors are realizing the potential of immersive technology to dramatically maximize efficiency and profits.

Report: Microsoft Holding a HoloLens 2 Press Event Next Month

Road to VR

It definitely crossed our mind that the upcoming press event could be the moment when Microsoft finally takes the wraps off of HoloLens 2, especially with the original unit being inexplicably out of stock now for weeks on end.


VR Bites

Had a blast playing it and I would definitely return to the game for another Soccer match. Let’s play Rec Room VR today! I tried out their newest game mode called Soccer Shield. It’s a lot of fun because you need to score and defend by using a shield.

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VR Bites

It’s definitely one of the best games I have played in VR for a while. Experience Soul Keeper, the first ever AAA RPG for Virtual Reality, in first person. More immersive than ever, taking full advantage of HTC Vive’s room scale VR, you can literally be a spell fighter.

War Thunder Launch game for PSVR

VR Bites

You can definitely add this one to your bucket list of PSVR games. The second world war flight simulator War Thunder was one of the first games that had support for the Oculus Rift.

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Expert View: How Technology is Making Us Rethink the Way We Think

Tech Trends VR

That’s definitely what we are building today with HoloLens” , says Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. Virtual, augmented and mixed reality are changing everything from training to marketing and storytelling. By Daniel Fraga, VR/AR Designer at Somewhere Else innovation agency.

Magic Leap’s John Gaeta talks about the future of cinema, storytelling and mixed reality

The Ghost Howls

It’s definitely a choice. The definition of the MagicVerse: it is a mixed reality world-scale metaverse using different technologies. Definition of Magicverse. One of the best moments ever at View Conference 2018 , has been when I was able to interview John Gaeta.

Feelreal Wants to Add Smell & Haptics to Your VR Headset, Kickstarter Coming Soon

Road to VR

Today the company announced that Feelreal is definitely for real, and coming to consumers via a Kickstarter soon.

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‘Dr. Splorchy Presents: Space Heroes’ is Squanch Games’ new Daydream Exclusive

Road to VR

In partnership with Google, developers Squanch Games have revealed Dr. Splorchy Presents: Space Heroes , the first in a series of exclusive games for the Daydream VR platform. Announced today, the game is playable on the GDC show floor at Google’s booth.

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Media Molecule’s ‘Dreams’ Confirmed to Support PSVR at Launch

Road to VR

Now, the studio reveals, PSVR owners can definitely count on day one support.

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HTC VIVE Pro price revealed as pre-orders open up


The VIVE Pro is HTC’s new high-end VR headset, and we’re finding out today that it definitely has a price to match.

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Virzoom’s horse-riding VR fitness bike gets cheaper, works.


Virzoom’s horse-riding VR fitness bike gets cheaper, works with Galaxy S8 Fitness and VR may seem like an odd mix, but VR games can definitely motivate a fitness routine if you can avoid getting nauseous.

Strengthening Your Muscle Memory With VR Hockey Training


I would definitely encourage you to try Sense Arena – you have to try it to believe it,” said Boston Bruins David Pastrnak. Sense Arena’s portable VR Hockey Training kit was a big hit at CES 2019.

Where are the simple but effective wearables?


While a VR headset is definitely more exciting than a connected wristband, an unassuming wrist-worn device equipped with the right sensors could have tremendous value in the workplace.

LEGO Playgrounds: A Mixed Reality Portal Of Innovation


While the compatible sets definitely add to the fun of Ninjago LEGO Playground, you can play with or without the LEGO sets. Have you ever wanted to jump through a mysterious portal and travel to a brand new universe where you loose all sense of space and time?

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Kittypocalypse now available on the Oculus Store

The Rift Arcade

Now the game is available on the Oculus Store priced £22.99, and it’s definitely worth checking out, with 15 island-based levels to defend, more than 50 weapon upgrades and dozens of ways to shoot, blast and destroy alien kittens as they horde towards your base.

Scaling Up a VR Company: What We Learned

PurplePill VR

However, we already see that camera rental places are stocking OZO’s and will definitely stock other high-end VR cams too once they become available. We started Purple Pill VR with two people and an idea.

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AirMech Command is a Fun Action RTS for the Oculus Rift

VR Bites

Definitely give this one a look █-). OK… so this game took me a bit by surprise… As most of you know the RTS style games are usually not my preferred type of game to play but lately in VR this is starting to change a bit!

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Magic Leap One shipping dev kits with Apple-esque security demands


For as revolutionary as the Magic Leap One headset claims to be, we definitely don’t know enough about it. Even though Magic Leap has given us a few morsels of information about the headset and what it can do, Magic Leap One is still shrouded behind a veil of mystery.

Get Access to the Closed Beta of Our VR AppFactory

PurplePill VR

We were simply not satisfied with the functionality of existing solutions, they were definitely not ready to support cinematic VR in its full glory, which we define as 360º 3D video with realistic spatial audio.

The Birth of a Virtual Reality Camera Rig

PurplePill VR

It’s more fun to look at than watching paint dry, but definitely not any faster. When we first got seriously interested in virtual reality several months ago, we noticed that there was hardly any video content available. Now we know why; because filming in VR is very, very complicated!

Celebrate Halloween Right With Four New VR Experiences From Horror Studio Dark Corner


I’m especially excited about our exclusive release of the Tag Along VR experience, a bloody and beautifully shot haunted house story that will definitely give you goosebumps.”. Let’s take a closer look at four VR experiences you definitely shouldn’t watch while you’re home alone:

Legendary Disney Animator Draws ‘The Little Mermaid’ Live In VR On The Late Late Show


So, yeah, there were definitely some watery eyes in the audience that night. But definitely not from me. I’m not crying. There’s just something in my eye. Late night television appears to be developing a fondness for Tilt Brush.

Oculus Venues reveals World Cup VR plans


Oculus Venues is only a few weeks old (officially at least) but it’s definitely sprinting out of the gate.

AccuWeather has a Gear VR app so you won’t have to look outside


And it’s definitely difficult to watch a tornado wreak havoc without fearing for your safety. Virtual reality is a great way to experience events and places that would be near impossible to experience first hand, like the weather outside.