This AR Book Lets You Summon Demons With Your Voice


Use the Book of Asmodeus and your smartphone to defeat the 12 demons and bring your deepest desires to life. You’ve stumbled across a mysterious leather-bound book tucked away in the darkest corner of your home’s attic. Despite the overwhelming fear, you reluctantly open the book.

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Augmented Books Are On The Way According To Researchers


Augmented reality (AR) technology adds a whole new dimension to paperback books. You’re several chapters into a captivating novel when a character from an earlier book makes a surprise appearance. Imagine this.

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‘Moss: Book II’ Set for Summer Release Date on Quest 2

Road to VR

Having released to a strong reception on PSVR back at the end of March, Moss: Book II from developer Polyarc is set for release on Quest 2 this Summer. In our review of Moss: Book II on PSVR we scored the game 8.5

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‘Moss: Book II’ Behind-the-scenes – Insights & Artwork from Polyarc

Road to VR

Four years after the original, Polyarc doubled down on its diminutive hero with the recent release of Moss: Book II which takes the tale of Quill to new heights, further cementing the studio’s IP as a staple of VR gaming.

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‘Moss: Book II’ Review – A Refined & Satisfying Sequel That Sticks With What Works

Road to VR

A whopping four years after its opening chapter, Moss: Book II is finally here to continue the story of Quill, a tiny adventurer destined for an epic journey. Quill Book II Details: Available On: PSVR. And animation isn’t the only place where Moss: Book II shines.

‘Paperback Metaverse’ Exhibit Combines Books And AR


This includes ‘Paper Metaverse,’ a unique augmented reality (AR) exhibit by Nick Philip of the art collective Imaginary Foundation that blends cutting-edge technology with paperback books. Visitors scan paperback novels using their smartphones to unlock AR-powered NFTs.

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‘Moss: Book II’ Will Be Bigger Than the Original, Introduce New Progression & Interactions

Road to VR

Moss: Book II , a direct sequel to the lauded original, was finally announced earlier this month. In an interview with the game’s Design Director, Josh Stiksma, we learned that, this time around, the second ‘book’ in the series is set to be thicker indeed.

Moss: Book II Promises A Bigger And Better VR Adventure


Last year developer Polyarc announced Moss: Book II , a direct sequel to the original game that will have players once again teaming up with Quill to take on yet another epic threat. As previously mentioned, Moss: Book II expands Quill’s arsenal of weaponry.

Skyrim VR Looks Even Better As A Comic Book


Thanks to a combination of mods and texture packs, one user has managed to breathe new life into the immersive fantasy experience, transforming it into a colorful M-rated adventure with a comic book-style look-and-feel. VR mods bring the popular VR game to life in a whole new light.

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‘Moss: Book 2’ Coming Next Year, Gameplay Revealed


Today, Polyarc announced a release window for part two of the adventure, Moss: Book 2. Arriving next year on PlayStation VR headsets, Book 2 picks up right where the original game left off. According to the developer, Book 2 will be bigger, longer, and better than the first.

Bookful Expands Its Massive Augmented Reality Library With Mattel’s Thomas & Friends And Barbie


According to Scholastic’s Kids & Family Reading Report , 86% of kids ages 6 – 17 agree that reading is important, though 41% report difficulty finding books they actually like. To cultivate a love of reading and learning, immersive entertainment company Inception created Bookful.

‘Moss: Book II’ Gets Surprise Release on PC VR Headsets Today

Road to VR

Moss: Book II (2022) has finally made its way to PC today, as Polyarc has officially launched the exciting continuation of Quill’s adventures on SteamVR headsets. If you own a PC VR headset, you can jump into Moss: Book II now on Steam , priced at $30.

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This Psychedelic AR Book Cover Is Turning Heads Online


Forget the old phrase “you can’t judge a book by its cover.”. UK-based artist Alexander Ward was shocked to see his AR-enabled cover for Allowah Lani’s book I am love was circulating online. When scanned with a smartphone camera, the books cover opens a 3D portal to a visually-captivating psychedelic cosmos. “It Click this link to open up the AR effect (Facebook app required) and point the camera towards the book cover image designed by Alexander.

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The New Metaverse Book

Charlie Fink

Sneak peek at my new book! Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Business /business Media /media technology

Must Read AR/VR Books in 2020


Reading AR/VR books is one of the best ways to keep in touch with the evolution of immersive technologies. These books are great reading material for content creators, developers, as well as people who want to stay in the loop. What Are the Current Trends in AR/VR Books?

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‘Ready Player One’ Book Sequel ‘Ready Player Two’ Arrives This November


Penguin Random House imprint Ballantine Books today confirmed that a follow-up to Ernest Cline’s breakout hit Ready Player One will be arriving on store shelves this November. The book spent 100 weeks on the New York Times’ iconic bestsellers list.

Banned Books Every Climate Nerd Should Read

GizModo VR

Banned and heavily challenged books are all the rage these days… at least for school districts in states like Florida and Texas. An April 2022 report from PEN America , a nonprofit that works to defend expression in literature, found that the number of banned books is on the rise.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro vs. Galaxy Book Pro 360: All the differences

Digital Trends

Samsung has announced two laptops: The Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360. Computing Galaxy Book Galaxy Book Pro Galaxy Book Pro 360 SamsungThey're similar, but there are some important distinctions to know about too.

Barnes & Noble unveils budget e-book reader

Digital Trends

Barnes & Noble has just taken the wraps off a budget version of the Nook GlowLight 4, the e-book reader that it launched last December. Mobile News Barnes & Noble e book reader e-book nook glowlight 4e

‘Jupiter Invincible’ Is An AR Comic Book With A Powerful Story


Jupiter Invincible is a comic book that tells the story of an enslaved African-American teenager who possesses the power of immortality which he uses to assist Harriet Tubman in the smuggling of runaway slaves through the underground railroad. For her, this is much more than a comic book. “As

Moss: Book II Graphics Comparison – Quest 2 vs PSVR

Upload VR

Our latest graphics comparison is here looking at the differences between Moss: Book II on Quest 2 and PSVR. Moss: Book II is a follow up and continuation of the fantastic VR platformer Moss , developed by Polyarc and available across all VR platforms.

Color Space Is The Relaxing VR Coloring Book We Need Right Now


While still considered by many to be a children’s activity, psychological studies have identified numerous therapeutic benefits tied to adult coloring books, including stress reduction and mindfulness. Color Space, the VR Coloring Book, is now live for Oculus.

15 Excellent Nerdy Nonfiction Books

GizModo VR

Sometimes you need an actual reference book—or a memoir , an essay collection, an oral history , or something written by an expert. These nerdy nonfiction books are perfect for brushing up on all the incredibly niche parts of the… Read more.


How to read books on a Mac

Digital Trends

Check out how to read books on a Mac using Apple Books and the Kindle app. Apple Computing apple books Book kindle app Mac readTake a work break, look up a reference, or check a manual for instructions.

The best free Kindle books on Amazon Prime

Digital Trends

Whether you're into psychological thrillers or romance, we've got the best books on Prime Reading right here. Buying Guides Mobile Amazon Prime books Best free books on Amazon Prime Best free Kindle books Free Amazon Prime books free Kindle books Prime Reading

‘Ready Player One’ Book Sequel Coming November 24th

Road to VR

Aptly named Ready Player Two , the upcoming book is being published by Penguin Random House subsidiary Ballantine Books. Besides the book’s page count (384) and ISBN, there isn’t any further info on Ready Player Two just yet.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro vs. Book 2 Pro 360 vs. Book 2 360

Digital Trends

Computing Product Galaxy Galaxy Book Laptop Samsung Tablets Windows Windows 11If you're wondering about the differences between the new Windows devices in Samsung's lineup, we have you covered with this guide.

Where to access banned books

Mashable VR

Across the United States, efforts to ban books skyrocketed to unprecedented levels in 2021. A startling number — 729 — of materials were challenged last year, according to the American Library Association , with most of the targeted books featuring Black or LGBTQ characters.

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Book Review: Experience on Demand

Tech Trends VR

Its author – Professor Jeremy Bailenson – is the Director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, and one of the world’s greatest authorities on Virtual Reality, yet this doesn’t come across as an academic book. Yet he writes that as absorbing as books or videogames or television are, they pale next to Virtual Reality: “VR engulfs us (…) it’s the apotheosis of every media fear and fantasy we’ve ever had,” he writes.

“Navigating the Metaverse” Book Review


World is a new book by Cathy Hackl, Dirk Lueth, and Tommaso Di Bartolo. We got an advance copy of the book, and spoke with the authors, as well as the editor John Arkontaky, to learn more about how the book came together. The book also has a hefty index.

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Jack Daniels Turns Their Whiskey Bottle Into An AR Pop-Up Book


The post Jack Daniels Turns Their Whiskey Bottle Into An AR Pop-Up Book appeared first on VRScout. News AR AR Pop-up Book Jack DanielsAR brings the history of the 150-year old whiskey brand to life. Jack Daniels has been offering thirsty patrons their immensely popular brand of Tennessee whiskey for over 150 years, during which time they’ve become the most successful American whiskey distillery in the world.

Razer Book 13 vs. Dell XPS 13

Digital Trends

Can the Razer Book 13 take it down a notch? Computing Dell Dell XPS 13 Laptops Razer Razer Book 13The Dell XPS 13 has spent a few of years at the top of the 13-inch laptop heap.

Razer 80

#BookTok rejoice: TikTok launches official Book Club

Mashable VR

The social media giant is well aware of this popularity, seizing upon that long-embedded love for literature with by launching an official book club on the platform. The TikTok Book Club will be open to everyone, much like #BookTok is, but with an organized structure.

Surface Book 4: Everything about Microsoft’s most powerful 2-in-1 so far

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Microsoft could be working on the Surface Book 4, the company's most powerful Surface yet, and there are lots of rumors to discuss. Computing 2-in-1 Microsoft surface book Surface Book 3 Tablets

Print Books Are Still Outselling eBooks, Study Finds

GizModo VR

According to a study by Statista’s Advertising & Media Outlook, ebook sales are still trailing physical book sales globally, especially during the dog days of the covid-19 pandemic.

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Samsung’s new Galaxy Book Pro took my breath away with how thin it is

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At less than a half an inch thick, the new Samsung Galaxy Book Pro isn't just thin. Computing Galaxy Book Galaxy Book Pro Galaxy Book Pro 360 Galaxy Unpacked Laptops SamsungIt's shockingly thin.

How to read EPUB books on your Kindle

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Books are easier to access than ever thanks to the introduction of e-book readers and e-books. Here's how to easily convert and read EPUB books on your Kindle. Computing How-To Mobile Amazon Epub kindle Tier 4

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