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Editorial: Apple Vision Pro is a mix of innovation, and year-2016 VR, for a hefty price. But…

The Ghost Howls

If we exclude the 3D memory thing, all the rest are use cases that we can date to 2016 maybe. 2016 or 2023? Header image by Apple) The post Editorial: Apple Vision Pro is a mix of innovation, and year-2016 VR, for a hefty price. The headset is strongly focused on 2D media consumption: watching movies, series, and sports shows.

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UploadVR’s 2016 Game of the Year Winners

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Last week we announced a comprehensive list of nominees for our 2016 Game of the Year Awards. Tagged with: 2016 , arizona sunshine , Daydream , game of the year , gaming , gear , onward , PS VR , rift , RIGS , superhot , unspoken , uploadvr , Vive , VR games. What are your picks for some of the best games and experiences this year?

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What the U.S. Should Have Learned From the 2016 Election

GizModo VR

Years after revelations regarding Russian interference in 2016 started to come to light, the tiresome odes to “Soviet Russian tradecraft” ought to leave us wondering what’s changed. Read more.

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Community Download: Who ‘Won’ Virtual Reality In 2016?

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

2016 was, in many ways, a mind-destroying procession of events that would each have been an appropriate plot point for a time travel movie: “we have to go back in time and stop [insert any 2016 pop-culture moment here] or the future is doomed!” In 2016, virtual reality officially arrived.

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Winning VR Experiences from the 2016 Proto Awards


Last night, the VR community gathered in LA for the 2016 Proto Awards. This list of winners from the 2016 Protos is a great start. 2016 Proto Award Winners. The post Winning VR Experiences from the 2016 Proto Awards appeared first on VRScout. It has been. AltspaceVR. Best Social Experience. AltspaceVR. Apollo 11 VR.

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Analyst: Despite Slow 2016, VR Still Forecast To Reach $14B In Software Sales By 2020

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Market researcher SuperData scaled back its virtual reality forecast for 2016, particularly after a disappointing launch of the PlayStation VR headsets. But it still believes that consumer VR software could grow from $407 million in revenue in 2016 to $14 billion by 2020. SuperData scaled back its forecast from 2.6

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The Game Awards 2016 to Stream Live in Virtual Reality via NextVR

Road to VR

The Game Awards 2016 is building towards its third year, scheduled for December 1st at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Spiritual successor to the ten-year run of the Spike Video Game Awards, The Game Awards is considered the biggest annual award event for the video game industry, and 2016 promises to be bigger than ever.