VR in 2016: HTC’s $799 Vive Brings Belief To VR Skeptics


The HTC Vive should not exist. For a troubled company that’s spent much of the past few years making losses instead of profits, the niche and expensive VR market is the last place HTC is going to make a quick buck. Take the recent announcement that HTC helped establish a $1.5

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IMAX Virtual Reality Coming in Q4 2016


The Starbreeze VR headset, built by ACER, expands on the 100-110 degree FOV from the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift to a full 210-degree field of view. The resulting screen door effect from my experience is similar to the existing headsets from Oculus and HTC, albeit over a much wider field of view.

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VR Headset Sales for 2016 - Who wins?


Sales numbers are in for the first generation of VR headsets as 2016 comes to a close. With sales figures in, who wins most VR headset sales for 2016? Despite PSVR only arriving in October of this year, PSVR is clearly ahead of the other big players the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

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PlayStation VR Release Date Leaked Fall 2016


Oculus Rift starts to ship next month starting on March 28 with pre-orders for the HTC Vive at the end of this month. Hardware HTC HTC Vive Oculus Rift Playstation VR Virtual Reality Virtual Reality News

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VR at PAX West 2016: What’s There and How to Find It

Road to VR

Seattle’s annual PAX West 2016 gaming convention starts tomorrow with VR once again expected to have a significant presence. To make things easier for VR-inclined PAX attendees, we’ve compiled a list of where you can experience VR at PAX West 2016. HTC Vive). HTC Vive).

The 2016 Virtual Reality Headset Shopping Guide


Buying a virtual reality headset in 2016 is difficult, especially if you haven’t gotten hands-on time with the various systems. Superior visual fidelity — your eyes will see more detail — sets Rift apart from PlayStation VR while ease of use (just place a sensor on your desk and put on the headset to enter VR) sets it apart from the HTC Vive. . HTC Vive. Read More: Best HTC Vive Games.

Watch: Latest Unity VR Editor Shown Off at Unite, Releasing in 2016

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At Unite 2016, Principal Designer Timoni West once again demonstrated live on stage (accompanied by Principal Engineer Amir Ebrahimi) Unity’s progress on EVR, this time using the HTC Vive.

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Analyst: Despite Slow 2016, VR Still Forecast To Reach $14B In Software Sales By 2020


Market researcher SuperData scaled back its virtual reality forecast for 2016, particularly after a disappointing launch of the PlayStation VR headsets. But it still believes that consumer VR software could grow from $407 million in revenue in 2016 to $14 billion by 2020.

Field in View: My VR Highlights Of 2016


Last December the VR community was left guessing as to when the Oculs Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR would really release, and 12 lightning-fast months later we have them all and a new headset from Google to boot. Fallout 4 ‘s HTC Vive support was incredibly exciting, but we really haven’t seen much of it since it was announced at Bethesda’s E3 showing. Tagged with: 2016 , highlights , PS VR , rift , Vive , VR. What a year, huh?

Forecast: PlayStation VR Sales Downgraded for 2016


According to the retail analyst, PlayStation VR will sell roughly 745k PlayStation VR units in 2016 (their previous estimate was 2.6 During Black Friday, we saw a number of deals for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. SuperData slashes PSVR sales estimate to 750k worldwide.

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Steam 2016 Autumn Sale Discounts Nearly 300 VR Supported Titles

Road to VR

The Steam Autumn sale is once again upon us, and this time around this time Valve have flagged close to a whopping 300 VR titles for discounts, including games that support both the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and OSVR. SEE ALSO Save $100 on HTC Vive During Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

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Save $100 on HTC Vive During Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Road to VR

Beginning on November 24th, HTC will give $100 off purchases of the Vive system, while stocks last. Software deals during the Black Friday weekend will also be available through HTC’s own VR app store, Viveport.

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VR in 2016: PlayStation VR And The Mainstream Dream


People see PS VR as a bright hope for the industry in 2016 and 2017. It’s going to take a lot on Sony’s part to convince the masses to adopt VR; did it do enough in 2016? Just weeks ago we had learned that the HTC Vive would be an astonishing $799, crushing hopes of mainstream adoption, while the Oculus Rift had come out at $599 a few months before that. VR isn’t the only big risk Sony is taking in 2016.

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Early ‘Fallout 4 VR’ Build Shown at E3 2016 Leaves Mixed Impressions

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Bethesda surprised everyone at this year’s pre-E3 press conference when they announced to the crowd that VR demos of Fallout 4 (coming to HTC Vive in 2017), and what’s shaping up to be a VR tech demo of Doom, would be available afterwards for press to try out.

HTC Announces Layoffs Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Road to VR

HTC has confirmed that it’s laying off staff in order to streamline its business amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. An HTC spokesperson confirmed this with Road to VR, citing a direct impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Funding from HTC for VR Education Platform 'Engage'.

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PlayStation VR E3 2016 Line-up Includes Psychonauts and Rez: Infinite

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Sony’s PlayStation VR launch is rapidly approaching this October and, with Oculus and HTC’s VR headsets launched and in users’ hands, the industry is looking to Sony in October as they provide the least costly way in to immersive gaming.

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The Crazy VR World of China Joy 2016


Worldwide shipments of VR hardware is set to skyrocket in 2016, with some estimates pointing at volumes of 9.6 billion in 2016, according to IDC. Most of that hardware growth will be fueled by key products from Samsung, Sony, HTC, Oculus and Google.

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Virtual Reality Took Over The E3 2016 After Party Scene


Most people seem to consider 2016 the “year of VR” and it certainly seems to be living up to that reputation. So far this year, two incredibly powerful virtual reality headsets have been released (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) and a third is on the way in October (Playstation VR).

Top Investors Discuss VR and AR Strategies and Opportunites at IMMERSE 2016

Road to VR

So, for me, there’s a set of technological things that feel further off in terms of what you might call “high-end AR” compared to what we are seeing in a “high-end VR” experience like an HTC Vive.

2016’s Proto Award Winners Revealed, Tilt Brush Receives Top Honour

Road to VR

SEE ALSO 'Grav|Lab' Lets you Build Incredible Machines with Oculus Touch and HTC Vive. The post 2016’s Proto Award Winners Revealed, Tilt Brush Receives Top Honour appeared first on Road to VR.

First Glimpse of Minecraft Being Played with Oculus Touch at MINECON 2016

Road to VR

The post First Glimpse of Minecraft Being Played with Oculus Touch at MINECON 2016 appeared first on Road to VR. Oculus Rift Games Oculus Touch Oculus Touch Games VR Games minecon 2016 minecraft oculus rift minecraft oculus touch gameplay minecraft vr

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Major Gaming Industry Players Jump into VR at E3 2016

Road to VR

E3 2016 has come to a wrap. Ongoing court cases aside , Bethesda surprised the industry during their E3 press conference by announcing a Doom VR tech demo as well as a full port of Fallout 4 to VR, with the latter coming in 2017 to HTC Vive and Xbox Project Scorpio.

New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 06/05/2016


HTC Vive owners have been enjoying a few back to back weeks overflowing with high quality VR releases for them to enjoy. This week is no different and provides some nice story-driven additions to complement The post New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 06/05/2016 appeared first on UploadVR.

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New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 09/18/16


gaming htc Valve best vr games htc vive new releases Steam VR

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Hands-on: 4 Experimental Haptic Feedback Systems at SIGGRAPH 2016

Road to VR

So far, the most you would feel from a modern consumer VR system, like the HTC Vive, is vibration through a controller. Continue Reading on Page 2 >> The post Hands-on: 4 Experimental Haptic Feedback Systems at SIGGRAPH 2016 appeared first on Road to VR.

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Community Download: Who ‘Won’ Virtual Reality In 2016?


2016 was, in many ways, a mind-destroying procession of events that would each have been an appropriate plot point for a time travel movie: “we have to go back in time and stop [insert any 2016 pop-culture moment here] or the future is doomed!” In 2016, virtual reality officially arrived. Cheerful non-denominational late-December greetings to all of you (see? I know how to be a successful journalist in this day and age).

HTC Launches Dedicated Mobile Platform Viveport M


In mid-October this year, HTC made a few announcements signaling a major push forward with VR content. HTC Vive has finally launched the dedicated mobile content platform Viveport M. HTC is also capitalizing on the shopping craze as Alibaba’s Double 11 event nears.

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2016 CES - Gaming and Virtual Reality Almost Doubles


CES 2016 returns to Las Vegas January 6 – 9 and as always VRCircle will be there reporting on the latest VR Technology. What can VR fans expect from CES 2016? Note however that HTC and its Vive is currently not listed where Oculus and other VR companies are located.

First Official HTC Vive VR Cafe Opens in Shenzhen, China


Alvin Wang Graylin, HTC Vive’s Regional President in China, revealed on Twitter the first Vive VR Cafe opened in Shenzhen last Friday. Previously, we reported on HTC ‘s huge initiative that would have them powering potentially thousands of VR arcades.

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UploadVR’s 2016 Game of the Year Nominations


We saw the release of the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, the PlayStation VR, Google’s Daydream platform, the Oculus Touch controllers, and the continued growth of both the OSVR and Samsung Gear VR platforms. The first (almost) full year of full-scale consumer-grade virtual reality is just about in the books.

E3 2016 - New VR Hardware Announcements


Oculus Rift and HTC Vive consumer versions have been around for a few months now, albeit in limited supply. Oculus will release their Touch controllers in the second half of 2016 and did not announce any new date guidance. E3 was not expected to showcase any new VR hardware.

HTC to Offer Wireless Vive Upgrade Kit, Pre-orders Start Friday

Road to VR

HTC plans to offer a wireless upgrade accessory for the Vive created by TPCAST. Launching in early 2017 with pre-orders starting Friday, HTC claims the device will eliminate the direct connection to the PC without any noticeable difference in latency or gameplay.

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New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 09/25/16


Experiences gaming experiences htc vive new releases Steam VR Viveport

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The 2016 Proto Awards Felt Like an Official Homecoming for the VR Community


With the release of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and (s00n) the PlayStation VR, as well as enthusiastic press from both specialist and mainstream publications, VR is no longer on the verge of emerging. Read More: The Full List of Winners from the 2016 Proto Awards.

The Game Awards 2016 Adds VR Category But Fails To Recognize Any Non-PS VR Titles


The Game Awards 2016 officially revealed its list of nominees today, including a brand new “Best VR Game” category. The PlayStation VR launched last month in mid-October to help kickstart mainstream adoption of this new immersive medium, but the Samsung Gear VR put mobile virtual reality into the hands of consumers almost two full years prior and earlier this year both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive released, although they require beefy PCs to run experiences.

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New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 09/11/16


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Viveland Is HTC’s Huge New VR Arcade for Taiwan


Start saving up quarters and practicing your best lap times in Project CARS ; HTC is making a big push to bring back arcades with VR. Last weekend the company launched Viveland, a new arcade featuring its HTC Vive headset, in the country’s capital of Taipei.

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