Apple Plans Ahead


The futuristic ad takes place in September 2011. 24 years ago Apple ran this advertisement predicting a tablet based voice assistant. With yesterday’s announcement of Siri , they missed their prediction by only one month (out of 24 years.)

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Beware the funny hair… its a tech cult giveaway


Matt Novak, in Smithsonian’s Paleofuture blog , draws some interesting contrasts between Jaron Lanier’s 1991 Omni Magazine interview and his current book: “ You Are Not A Gadget: A Manifesto. ” 1990s virtual reality as seen in The Carousel of Progress (photo by Matt Novak).

Seeing the Eye in a New Light


There’s been an enormous resurgence of DIY HMDs in the VR hacker community recently, some quite impressive. Understanding how the eye works is the key to these inventions. I found a really instructive 70 year old nugget which gives HMD designers the real lowdown.

Platypus Headsets?


The Science Channel interviews Jaron Lanier who shows off some wide field of view headsets from the late 80’s. Jaron feels like a platypus when wearing one of these JumboTrons. The narrator’s conclusion (and Jaron’s as well): The state of the art in VR hasn’t progressed too much further. . (A A tip of the hat to Aphradonis over at for finding this little gem!). The post Platypus Headsets? appeared first on V-Rtifacts.

Old Meets New as App Transforms Vinyl Records into Augmented Reality Sculptures

Next Reality AR

Despite the rise of music streaming, the experience of immersing oneself in the artwork and lyrics of old school albums is alive again, as sales of vinyl records and CDs have outpaced digital downloads for the first time since 2011.

Ultrahaptics Acquires Leap Motion for a Reported $30M

Road to VR

Since its founding in 2011, Leap Motion has garnered over $94 million in outside funding. Leap Motion, the pioneer in optical hand-tracking, has been acquired by Ultrahaptics, the enterprise-focused immersive haptics company.

Kitely add stats to login screen

Hypergrid Business

Since it first launched in early 2011, Kitely has been the only major grid not to publish its stats, instead providing them by email to Hypergrid Business on request.


Amazon to Begin Selling VR Apps Through New HTC Partnership

Road to VR

The company began running its own Android app store in 2011 to capture revenue from Google’s Play app store and to reduce the company’s reliance on Google for its own ‘Fire’ tablets.

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Oculus Launchpad winning VR experience "I Am A Man" is a historical walk in the shoes of those who struggled for our civil rights.

Cats and VR

President Obama met former members of the strike in 2011. I Am A Man VR Experience Trailer from Derek Ham on Vimeo. I Am a Man! is a declaration of civil rights used as a personal statement and as a declaration of independence against oppression.

Face an active shooter with HTC Vive


From the Columbine High School Massacre to the 2011 Seal Beach shooting ( deadliest mass killing in Orange County History), San Bernardino terrorist attack and recent Orlando nightclub shooting, we need to be prepared to do much more than “duck and cover.”

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Disney Researchers Introduce ‘MotionStick’ AR Puppeteering


Disney Researchers build off an idea from 2011 to develop a new way to puppeteer digital characters in augmented reality.

The ‘Wolfe’ External GPU Aims to Make Macbooks VR Ready

Road to VR

Right now, the team claim The Wolfe is compatible with the following Apple computers: MacBook Air 11-inch, Mid 2011–2015. MacBook Air 13-inch, Mid 2011–2015. MacBook Pro 13-inch, Early 2011–2015. MacBook Pro 15-inch, Early 2011–2015. Mac mini, Mid 2011–2015.

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Scope AR Secures $9.7M Series A to Develop AR Training & Remote Assistance Tools

Road to VR

Founded in 2011 and is based in San Francisco with offices in Edmonton, Scope AR has previously worked with companies dealing in aerospace, consumer packaged goods, and manufacturing, including the likes of Lockheed Martin, Unilever, and Prince Castle.

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New ‘Ready Player One’ Trailer Invites You to a World of Pure Imagination

Road to VR

Ready Player One , the 2011 novel by Ernest Cline, is getting turned into a movie by none other than Steven Spielberg, who is directing the film. As the movie’s March 2018 release date approaches, a new trailer, ‘Come With Me’ debuted today.

‘The Lost Bear’ to Launch on Oculus Rift Before Christmas

Road to VR

The studio says in their Rift support announcement that one of their biggest inspirations is Playdead’s hit indie side-scrollers Limbo (2011) and Inside (2016).

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HTC Teases More AAA VR Content on the Way

Road to VR

One of the biggest VR stories at E3 2017 was that Bethesda’s Fallout 4 (2015) , Doom (2016) , and Skyrim (2011) are all coming to VR this year.

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Rockstar to Bring ‘L.A. Noire’ to HTC Vive With Cases “rebuilt specifically for virtual reality”

Road to VR

Noire (2011), the hit neo-noire adventure game for PC and console, is coming to VR in a series of cases taken from the original game that Rockstar says are being “rebuilt specifically for virtual reality.”

‘Beat Saber’ is Now the Highest Rated Title on Steam – VR or Otherwise

Road to VR

Even at this early stage of development, it’s already won over the VR community enough to place it just above Valve’s Portal 2 (2011).

‘Ready Player One’ Movie Gets First Full Trailer, Book Sequel in the Works

Road to VR

Ready Player One , the 2011 novel by Ernest Cline, is getting turned into a movie by none other than Steven Spielberg. As the movie’s March 2018 release date approaches, the first full trailer debuted today. Cline has also confirmed work on a sequel to the novel.

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Explore 40 Years of VR In Film In This 360-Degree Video


Source Code (2011). Ready Player One , a popular 2011 novel by Ernest Cline, has a film adaptation on the way directed by the one and only Steven Spielberg.

Google Closes The Door On Its ‘Spotlight Stories’ VR Film Studio


billion USD acquisition of the mobile phone company in 2011. Pour one out in remembrance of Google’s Oscar nominated, Emmy award-winning platform.

Avination, a significant OpenSim grid, officially shuts down

Hypergrid Business

Kitely began checking permissions on region exports in 2011, and in 2014 Spellscape donated code to check permissions on inventory exports. It started in 2011, when crooks used stolen credit card numbers to buy $126,000 worth of in-world currency. (Image courtesy Avination.).

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Road to VR Partners with Eurogamer Parent Company Gamer Network

Road to VR

Launched in 2011 by Ben Lang and Paul James, Road to VR has established itself as the most senior and leading independent source of news about the rapidly growing VR industry.

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‘Sword Art Online’ Producer Takes Lead in New VR Manga Game ‘TOKYO CHRONOS’, Kickstarter Launches Today

Road to VR

– Expelled from Paradise (2015) , Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (2011), and Blassreiter (2005). Japanese VR studio MyDearest and Los Angeles-based Sekai Project are launching a Kickstarter campaign today to fund the development of a new VR manga game.

Gorillaz Debut Latest Album with Impressive 360 Music Video, How to Watch in Any VR Headset

Road to VR

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‘Doom VFR’ is Coming with Classic ‘Doom’ Maps, Gameplay Video Here

Road to VR

Unlike Skyrim VR for PSVR, which is a VR port of the 2011 title, the new VR Doom game is a built from the ground-up for VR headsets, and features a unique story line. Doom VRF , id Software’s upcoming standalone VR game, is nearly here, coming December 1st for PSVR and HTC Vive.

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‘L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files’ to Launch on HTC Vive December 15th, Pre-orders Now Available

Road to VR

Noire (2011) was delayed last month to much chagrin. Rockstar Games’ partial VR port of L.A. The game, which promises to deliver 7 of the original’s case files in all of their immersive glory, is now officially coming to HTC Vive December 15th.

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AR From an Architect’s Perspective, Spatial Computing, & Leap Motion’s North Star AR HMD

Road to VR

CELL – October 4, 2011. Bossarica – Neon Sign – February 21, 2011. Keiichi Matsuda went from being a dystopian filmmaker to becoming the Vice President of Design at hand-tracking company Leap Motion.

Apple Reportedly Could Have Over 1,000 Engineers Working on AR in Israel

Road to VR

Some of Apple’s most significant R&D projects take place in Israel, having been invested in the region since 2011, following the purchase of Israeli flash memory producer Anobit.

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Gorillaz’ Music Video Breaks Record as Most Successful 360 Music Video Debut

Road to VR

Returning with their first full album since 2011’s The Fall, British virtual band Gorillaz continues to innovate in its production techniques.

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The Biggest PSVR Releases Of The Week 11/12/17


The full entirety of Bethesda’s legendary 2011 RPG has been retooled for PSVR, with the entire world now available to explore inside your headset. Just one new release this week but, well, when that release is Skyrim in VR, you don’t really need to worry about much else, do you?

Walmart Is Selling A $30 SteamVR Headset And $80 Standalone


Stunningly, the GPU in the chipset is actually an overclocked variant of that used on the iPhone 4S back in 2011. US retail giant Walmart is selling a range of ultra low price VR headsets. SteamVR Headsets. Three models of the SteamVR headset are listed. A 960×1080 per eye model for $20 , a 1280×1440 per eye model for $30 , and a 1440×1440 per eye model with IPD adjustment for $45. Like most other PC VR headsets they connect to your PC via HDMI and USB.

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Duke Nukem 3D Is Getting The VR Treatment Via A Fan-Made Mod


It’s about as close to Duke in VR as we’re ever likely to get after the disastrous release of 2011’s Duke Nukem Forever. Duke Nukem’s biggest rival, Serious Sam, has embraced VR with open, overly-muscular arms, but where is Duke’s own VR game?

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Investors Poured a Record $2 Billion into VR/AR in 2017, But Early Stage Funding Slowed

Road to VR

The total number of companies raising venture capital during 2017 outpaced 2016, but the average deal size declined sharply by 35%, according to Greenlight Insights’ annual year-end analysis of individual venture capital deals dating back to 2011.

Xbox Game Studios Has (inadvertently?) Acquired Heaps of VR Development Talent

Road to VR

Mojang isn’t a exactly a household name, but the game the studio developed certainly is— Minecraft (2011).

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InstaVR Interviews: Dr. Tarsem Singh Cooner, Senior Lecturer in Social Work at University of Birmingham, UK


In 2011 Tarsem was awarded a Birmingham University Teaching Fellowship in recognition of his wide ranging and significant interventions in learning and teaching across the institution. InstaVR Interviews: Meet the VR Practitioners.

HTC Invests $5 Million in VR Game Developer Steel Wool Studios

Road to VR

The studio was formed in 2011 by Pixar and LucasArts alumni. Steel Wool Studios has picked up a $5 million investment from HTC.

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