Microsoft Kills One of Its Best Windows 10 Update Loopholes

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As Microsoft continues to roll out its latest Windows 10 version 2004 update to consumers and businesses, it seems like it’s taking away some key perks of having a non-home version of the OS, mainly the ability to delay major updates. if its broken please fix it microsoft windows 10 windows windows 10 version 2004

Mystery of Glowing Cosmic 'Eye' Finally Solved

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In 2004, astronomers spotted a unique celestial feature that, when observed in ultraviolet, bore the appearance of a glowing eye staring directly back at Earth.


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Microsoft Will Axe Control Panel From Windows 10, We're Calling It Now

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After moving the Fresh Start feature in the latest version, 2004, and reducing the number of days Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, and Education users can manually delay updates, the company is now experimenting with… Read more. Microsoft seems to be getting a kick out seeing users struggle to find Windows 10 features these days.

LeEco’s scattershot US debut is one huge risk-take


Founded in 2004, the Chinese behemoth – previously known as Letv – is already one of the largest online video companies in its home country, but is also building what it describes as a “Le Ecosystem” that runs from smartphones through internet-enabled … Continue reading. You can be forgiven for never having heard of LeEco before, at least if you’re in the US.

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DecaGear PC VR Headset Promises Face & Hip-tracking, 4.6MP Per-eye, and 2021 Launch

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Recently emerging out stealth, Singapore based Deca has revealed an ambitious PC VR headset called DecaGear.

Doom 3 VR Mod Coming To Oculus Quest

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This month he believes he can bring over 2004’s Doom 3. The developer behind a series of mods bringing classic PC games to standalone VR on Oculus Quest is taking on the task of porting Doom 3.

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Half-Life: Alyx Releases 10am Pacific On March 23, Pre-load Begins Friday


The title is a prequel to Half-Life 2, originally released in 2004, and will see you play as Alyx Vance in City 17, fighting against the Combine. Valve announced that Half-Life: Alyx will release at 10am Pacific time next Monday, March 23. Users will be able to pre-load the game in advance of its release, beginning this Friday, March 20th. After a long wait for VR fans (and an even longer wait for Half-Life fans), Valve’s flagship game Half-Life: Alyx will finally release next week.

FORM’s Premium Goggles Introduce AR To The Swimming Pool


I competed in two Olympic Games: 2004 and 2012,” added Scott Dickens, Director of Strategic Partnerships at FORM. “At The $199 wearable tracks your performance and displays key information via a see-through overlay. Since the introduction of devices such as the Fitbit back in 2009 and the Apple Watch in 2014, the smart wearables market has gone from fantasy to reality, offering consumers a brand new, more convenient method for connecting with their digital lives.

‘Jesus VR’ Claims First Ever Feature-length VR Film, to Preview at Venice Film Festival

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Like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ (2004), Jesus VR was filmed in Matera, Italy under the direction of Passion executive producer Enzo Sisti. Father William Fulco, a religious adviser on the 2004 depiction of the life and death of Jesus, also signed on as to consult for Jesus VR. Jesus VR: The Story of Christ , an upcoming feature-length 360 film, is getting its first public preview at this year’s Venice Film Festival.

Valve Makes All ‘Half-Life’ Games Free to Play Until ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Launches in March

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Although Alyx is set before the events of Half-Life 2 (2004), Valve has said that players will be better off having played the Half-Life 2 series before Alyx , for reasons that will become apparent in the game. In celebration of the upcoming launch of Half-Life: Alyx , the studio’s first full VR title, Valve is making all games in the Half-Life series free to play until Alyx’s release in March.

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Digitizing Retail Loyalty Programs & Stores with RFID tags

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Loyalty cards embedded with RFID tags have been around since at least 2004 and I am surprised that solutions built around this technology haven’t gained wider adoption. [.]. The post Digitizing Retail Loyalty Programs & Stores with RFID tags appeared first on Immersive Authority. Digital Transformation futurology loyalty retail rfid smartshopping

NASA’s 360 Livestream Of Final Cassini Orbiter Mission Scores Emmy Nom


By 2004, the revolutionary spacecraft was in orbit around Saturn, providing researchers back on Earth with the first comprehensive data of the planet, its rings, and its moons ever collected. And the award for most impressive 360-degree live stream of an unmanned interplanetary spacecraft goes to… 20 years ago, The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory launched the Cassini orbiter into space.

‘Pistol Whip’ Gets Dieselpunk-inspired Level in New ‘Dark Skies’ Update

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Like many of the game’s other levels, ‘Dark Skies’ takes inspiration from a few works of fiction, namely the airship scene in Ninja Gaiden, The Rocketeer (1991), Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004), and Captain America: The First Avenger (2011). Pistol Whip (2019) , the VR rhythm-shooter from Cloudhead Games, just got a new dielselpunk-inspired update, available now on Oculus Quest and SteamVR-compatible headsets.

Oculus To Demo High Budget Rift Exclusives ‘Stormland’ & ‘Defector’ At PAX South


PAX is a collection of gaming festivals held each year since 2004. Facebook announced that it will host demos of its upcoming high budget Oculus Rift exclusives Stormland and Defector at PAX South 2019. PAX South is held in San Antonio, Texas. This year it will take place on January 18th-20th. Oculus has had a presence at at least one PAX event per year since 2013. Both titles are funded by Oculus Studios- Facebook’s VR content division. Stormland.

NVIDIA Posts First DirectX 12 Ultimate Driver Set, Enables GPU Hardware Scheduling

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The software groundwork for this has been laid in the latest version of Windows 10, version 2004, and now is being enabled in GPU drivers for the first time. shipping in Win10 2004), and as alluded to by the name, it allows GPUs to more directly manage their VRAM. NVIDIA sends word this morning that the company has posted their first DirectX 12 Ultimate-compliant driver.

Editorial: Oculus Quest 2’s $299 Price Is Just The Beginning For Facebook

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For a company founded in 2004, Facebook has some catching up to do to match the scale and reach of existing tech giants. Facebook’s aggressive $299 starting price for Oculus Quest 2 shouldn’t be a surprise.

Best VR Escape Room Games

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While early flash games like Crimson Room, created by Toshimitsu Takagi back in 2004, have had a significant impact on the popularity of escape room games, the puzzle like concept has taken on its own life in almost all forms of entertainment over the last decades.

Unity Is Creating VR Ads For A New Film In The Saw Horror Franchise


Arriving in theaters on October 27th this year, Jigsaw is the 8th film in the Saw franchise which was born back in 2004. Various industries are regularly embracing VR’s potential to expand their business and film has been heavily active in a variety of ways. In addition to several tie-in VR experiences we’ve seen, the dawn of immersive VR ads are now a thing as well.

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‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Release Date Set for March 23rd, New Screenshots Revealed

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The company announced the game in November 2019 with a trailer (below), promising a “full-length game built from the ground up for virtual reality:” The game is set between the events of the original Half-Life (1998) and Half-Life 2 (2004). Half-Life: Alyx finally has a release date and it’s March 23rd. The most anticipated VR game to date is now just one month and ten days away, and Valve has released some new screenshots to whet your appetite.

AMD Publishes First Beta Driver With Windows 10 Hardware GPU Scheduling Support

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shipping in Win10 2004). Following last week’s release of NVIDIA’s first Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling-enabled video card driver, AMD this week has stepped up to the plate to do the same. The Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.5.1

Oculus Reveals Multiplayer VR Shooter ‘Killing Floor: Incursion’ Designed for Touch

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Tripwire Interactive first created the original Killing Floor as an Unreal Tournament 2004 mod, and has since seen several iterations across a number of devices. Oculus today announced Killing Floor: Incursion, a Touch-enabled cooperative VR shooter from the makers of the Killing Floor franchise, Tripwire Interactive.

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‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Trailer Revealed, Release Date Set for March 2020

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Half-Life: Alyx is set between the events of the original Half-Life (1998) and Half-Life 2 (2004). . Valve today announced Half-Life: Alyx a “full-length VR entry in the award winning series.” ” A new trailer gives the first glimpse of the game, and Valve has also revealed the Half-Life: Alyx release date, price, and headset compatibility. . Half-Life: Alyx is one of three VR games that the famed developer has been quietly toiling away on for the last several years.

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Surgeon Chooses VR Over Sedatives For Patients


After purchasing a rudimentary virtual reality Spiderman game for his son back in 2004, Vazquez saw potential in how distracted his son became while playing and began using the same game in his upper gastrointestinal endoscopies procedures. A surgeon in Mexico City is ditching painkillers by bringing virtual reality into the operating room. Is virtual reality a powerful enough experience to distract humans from pain? Dr. Jose Luis Mosso Vazquez seems to think so.

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Sony is Bringing PS2 Classics ‘Gungrave’ & ‘Zone of the Enders’ to PSVR, Teaser Trailers Here

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Blueside announced the game, now developed by Iggymob , as a VR exclusive based on its PS2 predecessor, although is said to go beyond the sequel Gungrave: Overdose (2004). Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is upon us, and Sony has today shown off some a few brand new teaser trailers at its PlayStation keynote. Among them were two PS2-era franchises getting new life on PlayStation VR: Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner and Gungrave. Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner.

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Vimeo 360 is a Revolution for Immersive Storytellers—Here’s How


Since 2004, Vimeo has fought to preserve its identity as a home for high-end, artistic content. Vimeo 360 is here, and it’s more than just 360 video functionality. It’s a big day for VR and 360 video. In addition to Facebook launching a dedicated VR app for Samsung Gear VR , high-end video platform Vimeo has announced Vimeo 360.

Oculus Announces ‘Wilson’s Heart’, a Twilight Zone-style Psychological Thriller for Touch

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Rosario Dawnson , known for her work in the Sin City and Clerks franchises, joins Alfred Molina , known for reprising the role of Doc Ock in Spiderman 2 (2004) and much more. Oculus today announced a new exclusive, Wilson’s Heart , a first-person psychological thriller slated to arrive on Oculus Home in 2017. The game uses Oculus Touch controller so you can examine clues and manipulate in-game objects naturally.

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Half-Life: Alyx Highlights Valve’s Powerhouse Physics Engine


Half-Life 2 and its ‘episodes’ used Valve’s new (at the time in 2004) Source game engine. Half-Life: Alyx features polished physics interactions that may represent one of Valve’s not-so-secret weapons. Physics-based interactions have become an expected feature of major VR titles after games such as Boneworks and The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners.

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Half-Life: Alyx is an ‘Ambitious’ Full-Length VR Game Coming March 2020

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Confirming previously leaked details, Half-Life: Alyx will be set between the events of 1998’s Half-Life and Half-Life 2 (2004), where: “Alyx Vance and her father Eli secretly mount the resistance to the brutal occupation of Earth by a mysterious alien race known as The Combine,” the synopsis reads. What a week it’s been for virtual reality (VR) news , or more importantly Half-Life details from Valve.

Spider-Man: Far From Home VR Is Crusty But The Best Place To Web-Swing In VR


It doesn’t have anything like the polish of, say, Marvel Powers United VR but, not unlike the classic Spider-Man 2 from 2004, the swinging is so much fun you can overlook the many technical blemishes. Call it a swing in the right direction; the tie-in VR experience for Spider-Man: Far From Home is far from perfect, but it’s easily the best Spidey VR title to date.

The great Daydream & Gear VR title WANDS wins Best VR Game at the International Mobile Gaming Awards.

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The IMGA is the longest standing and highest regarded mobile games award program started in 2004. The team behind Wands® announced that it has been awarded for Best VR Game in the 13th International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA Global). Held during gaming week in San Francisco, the 13th IMGA ceremony was presented by the Australian host Maude Garrett at Minna Gallery. An exclusive after-party hosted by Youzu followed the event. . “We We are delighted to be awarded Best VR Game by IMGA.

Former Myspace Music CTO Dmitry Shapiro Leaves Google to Found.


And in 2004, Shapiro founded one of the pioneering online video sites called Veoh. Former Myspace Music CTO Dmitry Shapiro Leaves Google to Found Metaverse Startup Former Veoh CEO and Myspace Music CTO Dmitry Shapiro has left Google to work on a mysterious new startup that may be related to virtual or augmented reality. Shapiro left Google last month, Variety has learned, and is now looking to hire talent for his new San Diego-based company GoMeta.

Special Force VR: Infinity War Scheduled for Steam Launch Next Week

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South Korean developer Dragonfly is hoping to break into this market by reimagining an old PC title from 2004, Special Force. There are a growing number of military shooters for virtual reality (VR) headsets, some good, some not so. For 2019 the studio will launch Special Force VR: Infinity War for VR headsets compatible with Steam.

How 3D Spatialized Audio Bottlenecks Virtual Reality VideoAs.


In 2004, your Motorola RAZR would only let you eat cake (play MP3s). How 3D Spatialized Audio Bottlenecks Virtual Reality Video As computational capacity of mobile devices grows, oddly so does the demand for computation. In economics, this is known as Jevon’s Paradox. As mobile SoCs become more efficient and deliver more performance per watt, computation itself becomes less expensive. As computation becomes less expensive, this induces greater demand and more use of computation.

InstaVR Interviews: Antoine Vivet, Founder of Longue-Vue (a division of Manzalab Group)


In 2004, he created the LONGUE-VUE agency, and worked with big companies such as RATP, Orange, the Château de Versailles… Since 2016, Antoine has been working with Manzalab to produce interactive 360° films. InstaVR Interviews: Meet the VR Practitioners. InstaVR Interviews is a blog series where we turn the spotlight on our customers. We find out why they create VR, how they use InstaVR, and what the future of VR will look like.

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Facebook’s Quest to Kill the Smartphone


When Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004, we didn’t have Android or iOS, but the mobile phone market was well established — think Blackberry, Motorola, and Nokia. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is on a quest to kill the smartphone. Apple and Google beat the billionaire social media magnate to creating the smartphone — the dominant platform underpinning the Facebook network.

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Make-A-Wish Grants Incredible Wish Using VR


This was just the tip of the iceberg for the little guy however, as Zayden was also joined by real-life astronaut Leroy Chiao, famous for becoming the first NASA astronaut to vote in a presidential election from space back in 2004. The first wish granted by Make-A-Wish using VR is an intergalactic trip on the ‘Zayden 7’ rocket ship.

A Brief History Of Half-Life, One Of Gaming’s Most Iconic Franchises


In 2004, Valve released their follow-up to Half-Life, Half-Life 2. Prepare yourself for the launch of Half-Life: Alyx with this quick history lesson. After a grueling four-month wait, Half-Life: Alyx launches on VR headsets tomorrow morning, offering VR players what’s being touted as the future of VR gaming. For long-time Half-Life fans, however, the launch of HL:A marks the end of a 13 year wait filled with heartbreak, despair, and disappointment.

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