Google Earth Lets You Explore the Planet in Virtual Reality


Google Earth is now available for the HTC Vive. If you have access to a Vive, try Google Earth VR for yourself before reading any further. Toward the end of the three minute introduction to Google Earth, you move slowly away from the surface until you’re out in space, standing face to face with with the world and a message appears. I spoke with Product Manager Mike Podwal and Lead Engineer Dominik Kaeser about all that went into Google Earth.

Google Helps Preserve Endangered Historical Sites in VR


Google assists CyArk in saving our heritage by preserving the wonders of the world in VR. In an effort to help capture and preserve endangered historical sites around the world for future generations to enjoy, Google has teamed up with 3D laser-scanning non-profit CyArk to virtually catalogue the world’s most at-risk historical wonders. Open Heritage is the first time Google will be adding 3D historical sites to Arts & Culture, as well as its first foray into VR content.

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Google Partners With CyArk to 3D Scan the World’s Historical Sites, Provide Open Access to Data

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Google has partnered with CyArk , the non-profit studio behind VR app MasterWorks: Journey Through History (2018), to expand CyArk’s mission to 3D laser-scan the world’s historical sites and provide open access to the data. Called the Open Heritage Project, Google and CyArk aim to preserve the historical sites digitally for future generations in case disaster strikes. Google and CyArk are making the source data of the models available to anyone interested.

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‘Rez Infinite’ is Coming to Google Daydream Later This Year

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With few details, developer Enhance Games has announced that Rez Infinite (2016) will launch on Google Daydream “later this year.” ” Enhance games had a surprise launch of Rez Infinite on PC this week , bringing the remake of the famed 2001 Rez to the platform following the game’s initial 2016 launch on PS4. Well, if have your hands on Google’s Daydream headset, you’re in luck, as Rez Infinite is due to launch for the platform later this year.

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AR Time Capsule Explores The Hidden History Of The September 11th Attacks


On the morning of September 11th, 2001, a series of terrorist attacks were conducted against the United States, resulting in nearly 3,000 deaths, 25,000 injuries, and numerous long-term health consequences. ReplayAR shines a spotlight on Ground Zero in honor of 9/11.

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Google Launches Earth VR on HTC Vive, A Breathtaking New Way to Know Our Planet

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Today Google launches Earth VR for the HTC Vive for free, giving us a whole new perspective on the world. I remember, back in 2001, how amazed I was to see Google Earth for the first time. Google Earth made the world tangible in a way we’d never known it. 15 years later, in Google’s San Francisco office, I felt that same magic. The company has done an impressive job of bringing Google Earth to VR.

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Facebook steps into cloud gaming — and another feud with Apple

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Their approach is different than what Microsoft or Google has built but Facebook highlights a shared central challenge: dealing with Apple. Apple was initially slow to provide a path forward for cloud gaming apps from Google and Microsoft, which had previously been outlawed on the App Store.

Augmented Reality May Be The Future, But It Still Has Major Limitations

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The company was originally founded as a startup within Google to explore the creation of new kinds of entertainment at the intersection of location, social, and emerging mobile devices. Niantic was spun out as an independent company in 2015 with backing from investors such as Google, Nintendo, and The Pokémon Company. He was vice president of Google’s Geo division (overseeing projects including Maps and Street View) for seven years before founding Niantic.

Classic Game Moon Patrol Reimagined As An AR Experience


In anticipation of the Intellivision Amico launch, Intellivision is giving us a sneak peek as to what to expect with their new app, Amico Club, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Intellivision Amico: remixing retro gaming and AR.

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Former President Of ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Dev Has A New VR Company

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We have no idea what to expect from the scale of these headsets; they could be anything from new Google Cardboard-like kits all the way up to new SteamVR-supported devices, or anywhere in between. Benzies oversaw production of practically every GTA game since 2001’s iconic Grand Theft Auto III , including DLC content and spin-off games.

The Best 360º Cameras: VR Professionals Weigh-In


I’m also a huge fan of all of the Google Jump cameras [such as the Yi Halo]. It functions reliably and the Google Jump stitching platform is truly game-changing. We’re huge fans of stereo at 30 Ninjas, and Google Jump’s stitching is the best around. Google’s Jump cloud-stitch back-end would allow us to get material back quickly. Filmed 360° video for MTV, Showtime, Ford, Google, Estée Lauder, P&G, and more. Stereoscopic (3D): Yi Halo (Google Jump 2)?—?this

Temple Run: CyArk Taps GPUs to Capture Visual Records of World Heritage Sites

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When the Taliban blew up two 1,700-year-old statues of the Buddha in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, in 2001, preservationists around the world were shocked, perhaps none more so than Ben Kacyra. To jumpstart things, CyArk, in conjunction with Google — which has provided cloud computing resources, funding and technical support — has released a virtual tour of the ancient city of Bagan , in central Myanmar, that shows off what’s possible.

The IKEA of AR: Making Content Effortlessly, with EON Reality’s Dan Lejerskar

XR for Business Podcast

Then we had a hard landing 2001. We’ve been self-funded since 2001 as a company. Small companies like Google, and eventually people like Facebook and others, and create this revolution. And then we had crash 2001 and then we had another crash in 2007.

The IKEA of AR: Making Content Effortlessly, with EON Reality's Dan Lejerskar

XR for Business Podcast

Then we had a hard landing 2001. We've been self-funded since 2001 as a company. Small companies like Google, and eventually people like Facebook and others, and create this revolution. And then we had crash 2001 and then we had another crash in 2007. Then we had a hard landing 2001. It's been said on this show before; XR doesn't have a technology problem, it has an adoption problem.

GamesBeat Summit Conversations On The Metaverse, AR’s Future, and Hollywood Envy

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Hollywood gave us “Hal” in [2001: A Space Odyssey] in the 1970s and we got the TRS-80. Even Gary Whitta, the screenwriter for the blockbuster film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, said in an interview with Jamil Moledina of Google that games have carried the flag of creativity. We just hosted our third annual GamesBeat Summit at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, Calif.

A Brief History of VR


In 2001, SAS Cube created the first PC based cubic room that then led to the development of Virtools VR pack, a library pack add-on. After its 2007 release of google Street View, in 2010, google introduced stereoscopic 3D mode for Street View. Over the past few years, the buzz surrounding VR has reached an all-time high.

40 essential LGBTQ films to stream this Pride Month

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Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001) Hedwig and the Angry Inch is always best enjoyed on the stage. How to watch: Love, Simon is available for rent or purchase on Amazon Prime Video , iTunes , YouTube , and Google Play.