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VR Film Places Entire Audience Into A Shared Immersive Experience


Parallux will unveil a captivating new shared XR technology at Tribeca Immersive.

HoloLens 2 Hits the Ground as the U.S. Army’s Own AR “combat multiplier”

Road to VR

Microsoft won a decisive $480 million defense contract with the U.S. Army late last year to bring the company’s AR hardware platform to the battlefield. Now CNBC has gone hand-on with the modified headset based on the enterprise-focused HoloLens 2.

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Boneworks Feels Like The First Next Generation VR Game


Boneworks from Stress Level Zero feels like the first game of PC VR’s second generation. The small team based in Los Angeles previously developed Duck Season and Hover Junkers. In Boneworks, they are applying years of refinement to physics, locomotion and object handling systems.

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The Magic of Microsoft's HoloLens 2 Hand Interaction on Display in Mixed Reality Toolkit v2 Demo Video

Next Reality AR

Describing how and why the HoloLens 2 is so much better than the original is helpful, but seeing it is even better. Back in February, I had a chance to test the HoloLens 2 for a couple of extended periods, and I was very impressed.

Worlds Largest Earth Day Event Will Use VR & AR To Empower People Across The Globe


Immersive storytelling will have you looking at environmental issues in an impactful new way. 2019 will be an important year for Earth Day. Climate change, ocean pollution, and animal extinction are rising at a rapid pace.

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Facebook Will Offer VR Livestream of F8 Keynote on Go & Gear VR

Road to VR

Facebook for the first time will offer a special VR livestream of the keynote presentation at the company’s upcoming F8 2019 developer conference.

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USA Today Builds Latest Augmented Reality Story Around the World's Tallest Skyscrapers

Next Reality AR

While The New York Times' augmented reality section has largely been dormant in 2019 (so far), USA Today has continued to crank out AR news stories.

Our First Look At The US Army’s Controversial HoloLens AR Headset


According to CNBC, this modified version of the HoloLens 2 will be used on and off the battlefield. During November of last year, it was reported that Microsoft would be entering a $479M contract with the United States military to supply the Army with 100,000 modified HoloLens headsets.

Acer Announces New OJO Headset with Higher Res, Open-ear Audio, & IPD Adjustment

Road to VR

Today during a press conference in New York, Acer announced an upgraded version of its OJO Windows VR headset which includes a higher resolution, open-ear audio, and an IPD adjustment.

Watch The First Full Trailer For Star Wars: Vader Immortal For Rift + Quest


At long last, we have our first real glimpse of Star Wars: Vader Immortal Episode 1. The first proper glimpse of the game was revealed at the Star Wars Celebration event in Chicago today.

US Military Shows Off Modified HoloLens 2 Augmented Reality System

Next Reality AR

New images reveal that Microsoft is already well underway in fulfilling its $480 million contract to provide augmented reality headsets to the US Army.

Report: XR Health and Safety Training

Tech Trends VR

Why extended Reality (xR) is an Effective Tool for Environmental Health and Safety Training: A Brain Science Analysis. A critical function in nearly all industrial and manufacturing settings is to provide high-quality and effective training in environmental health and safety (EHS).

Stress Level Zero Teases Actual Level From VR Physics Game ‘Boneworks’


Our first look at Boneworks’ up-to-date gameplay is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Last month Stress Level Zero dropped the first look of their upcoming VR sandbox physics game, Boneworks.

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Patrick Stewart Stars In First Trailer For Oculus Quest’s Shadow Point


Back at GDC in March we were introduced to Shadow Point , the latest from Esper developer Coatsink. As with a lot of Quest games, though, gameplay footage is being kept under wraps. Today we can show you a bit more of it with this first trailer.

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AT&T Begins Selling Magic Leap One Nationwide Online, Debuts Commercial Promoting DirectTV Now

Next Reality AR

The era of AT&T and Magic Leap has quietly entered a new phase that ramps up the mainstreaming of the cutting edge augmented reality device.

‘Star Wars Vader Immortal’ Confirmed for Oculus Rift, New Trailer Revealed

Road to VR

Today during the Star Wars celebration event, a panel of creators developing the upcoming Star Wars Vader Immortal confirmed that the experience will be coming to the Oculus Rift, in addition to Quest which was previously confirmed.

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Game Of Thrones’ Kit Harington Plays An Intolerable VR Character On SNL


Jon Snow can’t keep his mouth shut in this VR-related sketch from last nights SNL. Anyone familiar with video games probably has a story or two about a particularly infuriating NPC (non-playable character) that severely dampened their gaming experience.

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DCS World Update Delivers ‘50% Increase In VR Performance’


The next update to DCS World should bring a “50% increase in VR performance” That’s according to Eagle Dynamics Senior Producer Matt Wagner on the company’s forums. DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) World is a combat flight simulation game.

How to fix controllers buttons not working and menu interactions with Vive Wave SDK 3.0 in Unity

The Ghost Howls

I was porting our Unity game Hit Motion: Reloaded to the new Vive Wave SDK 3.0.2 so that to make it ready for launch on the Vive Focus Plus , when something made me panic: no button on the controllers was working !

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Dent Reality Aims to Bring AR Indoor Directions to Malls, Airports & Retail Stores

Road to VR

Navigating indoors is still a pretty old school experience: you look for a map of shops, bathrooms, and accessibility ramps and follow signs to your desired destination, all the while knowing that the super powered computer in your pocket has lost a core functionality without GPS signal.

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Acer Reveals ‘ConceptD OJO’ 4K Windows VR Headset


4K resolution, a detachable design, and manual IPD adjustment included. Acer has just unveiled its latest Windows Mixed Reality headset, the ConceptD OJO.

VR Game Releases For April 2019


Every month we aim to round up each and every VR game release for you in one single place — this is April’s list. Check the bolded entries for ones we feel are particularly worth your time. With the door closed on March, we’ve just been a solid month of VR content.

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AT&T Begins Selling Magic Leap One Nationwide Online, Debuts Commercial Promoting DirecTV Now

Next Reality AR

The era of AT&T and Magic Leap has quietly entered a new phase that ramps up the mainstreaming of the cutting edge augmented reality device.

New ‘Boneworks’ Gameplay Video Shows off Physics-based Combat

Road to VR

Boneworks is on a mission to redefine VR gameplay with a highly simulated approach to movement, interaction, and combat. Today developer Stress Level Zero showed off one of the game’s first levels in a new video.

Video 193

Vacation Simulator Is An Endlessly-Charming Trip Through A VR Paradise


Trade in your cubicle for a snorkel in this delightful follow-up to the 2016 smash hit. Available now. When Owlchemy labs released its freshmen effort Job Simulator back in 2016, I don’t think the team was fully aware of the impact their deceitfully-simple game would have on the budding VR industry.

Racket: Nx Is Coming To Oculus Quest, Supports Cross-Buy With Rift


Racket: Nx, the game described as “racquetball meets breakout”, is coming to the Oculus Quest standalone VR system. The developers, One Hamsa, filmed a new trailer for Quest in their home country of Israel. They shot it playing outside in the desert and edited in a sci-fi background.

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Snapchat Summons Dragons from Westeros to New York for Game of Thrones AR Promo

Next Reality AR

Spring is here across the US, but, through the lens of Snapchat and augmented reality, winter is coming to New York.

AT&T and Magic Leap Partnership is All About 5G, While Selling a $2,300 Headset Without It

Road to VR

AT&T and Magic Leap formed a partnership last year which looked a lot like the one between Cingular (now merged with AT&T) and Apple which led to the launch of iPhone.

Nintendo Labo VR Includes A Virtual Boy Easter Egg


Immerse yourself in the horror that was 90’s virtual reality. Nintendo Labo VR is set to hit store shelves tomorrow and the reviews so far have been positive overall.

Seeking Dawn PSVR Port Canceled Because ‘Graphics Are Just Not There’


Pour one out for Seeking Dawn’s PSVR support today, folks. After almost a year of uncertainty as well as announcement of a “playable” PSVR build four months ago, Multiverse has officially decided to cancel the planned PSVR port of co-op first-person VR shooter, Seeking Dawn. .

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The team behind Baidu’s first smart speaker is now using AI to make films

TechCrunch VR

The HBO sci-fi blockbuster Westworld has been an inspiring look into what humanlike robots can do for us in the meatspace.