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The Simple Guide to Four Major VR Headsets Launching This Spring

Road to VR

If you’ve been paying attention to the VR space at all in 2019, you’ve likely noticed the increasing buzz, no doubt thanks to four major VR headsets set to launch over the course of the next few months. Here’s the quick breakdown of what we know. Oculus Quest. Image courtesy Oculus.

The Future of Fashion: Magic Leap One Street-Style As You Never Imagined


Mainstreaming XR Wearables Starts with Styling for Inclusion. The old adage “seeing is believing” certainly checks out, but to believe in something, an idea, a notion, has one seeing it proven over and over again.

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How to Use the Oculus Go for Sales & Marketing Presentations


How to Use the Oculus Go for Sales & Marketing Presentations. We’ve already established that Virtual Reality (VR) is great for sales and marketing presentations. It’s immersive, interactive and memorable. It transports viewers through sight and sounds in an incomparable way.

Next-Generation Video Compression Enables 360 VR Streams Over 5G Networks


Known worldwide for its contributions to the MPEG format — the compression technology used in MP3 audio files and MP4 videos — Germany’s Fraunhofer has recently turned its attention to the next frontier in media: virtual reality. After unveiling affordable VR headset microdisplay hardware last year, the company is now showing off next-generation video compression software using the new MPEG-OMAF standard, the first VR specification enabling 360-degree videos to stream over 5G networks.

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Be a cute VR-tuber with Virtual Cast!

The Ghost Howls

One of the most interesting people that I have met at Vive Ecosystem Conference has been Naoki Yamaguchi (?? ??), the CVO (Chief Virtual Officer) of Japanese startup Virtual Cast. Virtual Cast is a solution that lets you be a Vtuber , that is a Virtual youtuber.

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Hands-On: Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs Reinvents the Franchise for Mobile, but Smartglasses Are Its Destiny

Next Reality AR

Finland-based Rovio, one of the pioneers of mobile gaming, is now ready to break new ground in augmented reality with its Angry Birds franchise.

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UploadVR Announces The First Ever E3 VR Showcase


I love E3. It’s a heck of a lot of work, incredibly stressful and relentlessly tiring, but nothing beats the big moments. You know the ones I’m talking about; the surprise reveals and unexpected trailers. They keep me coming back for more. It’s time VR got in on that action.

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Wolves In The Walls review: one of the best storytelling VR content I have ever tried

The Ghost Howls

Today I have been able to have a preview of “Wolves In the Walls” by Fable Studio , and I have been truly AMAZED by it. Disclaimer: if you go on, you may find mild spoilers).

Home Decor App Houzz Expands Augmented Reality Catalog to Include Virtual Floor Tile

Next Reality AR

Apps that can display virtual furniture in the home are one of the most popular applications of mobile AR today, but Houzz has decided to raise the stakes with its latest update. On Tuesday, the company rolled out a floor tile AR feature to its iOS and Android apps.

Shutterstock’s New AR Feature Lets You Preview Wall Art Before Purchasing


‘View in Room’ mode opens up access to Shutterstock’s massive image library in AR.

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Myst Creator’s Firmament Needs Final Push To Clear Kickstarter Goal


The company behind genre-defining atmospheric puzzle adventure games Myst and Riven, as well as the VR-optional spiritual successor Obduction, have until Friday to clear their Kickstarter goal. Spokane-based Cyan Worlds, Inc.

HitMotion: Reloaded is the first Mixed Reality fitness game for the Vive Focus Plus

The Ghost Howls

I am incredibly proud to announce that our game “HitMotion: Reloaded” has been officially released and is now available on Viveport M! It is the first true game of us of New Technology Walkers and we are so happy to have launched it.

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Snapchat Celebrates Earth Day with Sobering Augmented Reality Look at Rising Sea Levels

Next Reality AR

In an effort to raise awareness regarding the impact of emissions on the environment, Snap has partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme to use augmented reality to show how much ocean levels will rise over the next 80 years.

Childish Gambino Launches Multiplayer AR App


Explore an AR cave and dance with holograms in this bizarre musical experience. Fans of Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) are in for a treat today as the prolific hip-hop/R&B artist releases his new app PHARO AR.

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A Closer Look At What Microsoft’s SeeingVR Offers The Visually Impaired


Microsoft Reseach, in partnership with Cornell University, developed a range of techniques to make virtual reality accessible to the visually impaired. VR is a heavily visual medium. Most VR apps and games assume the user has full visual ability.

Magic Leap is Giving Away 500 AR Headsets as Part of Epic’s $100M Unreal MegaGrants

Road to VR

At Unreal Engine Build: Detroit 2019, Magic Leap today announced that the company will be giving away 500 Magic Leap One Creator Edition AR headsets as part of the recently unveiled Epic MegaGrants.

Shutterstock Gives Customers the Ability to Preview Photos in Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

Don't look now, but stock photo mega-site Shutterstock may have the most extensive library of augmented reality content available.

Drawalong AR Turns YouTube Art Tutorials Into Augmented Tracing Paper


Google’s latest experiment brings YouTube tutorials to life using AR. If you’ve ever watched an art tutorial on YouTube, you know the struggle of trying to follow along with an artist while simultaneously working on your own work.

Hands-On: Zed Is An Atmospheric Puzzler About Repairing A Fractured Mind


The mind is a tricky thing, and when it begins to fade, it can be a heartbreaking and extremely difficult thing to deal with. But what would happen if you could step into the mind and assist in finding seemingly lost memories?

Oculus Explains Why It Doesn’t Think the Time is Right for ‘Rift 2’ or ‘Rift Pro’

Road to VR

With last month’s announcement of the Rift S , it became clear that Oculus was not ready to deliver a ‘Rift 2’, and instead opted to focus on making the existing Rift experience easier to use , rather than pleasing enthusiasts looking for a next generation experience.

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Magic Leap Deepens Funding from Telecom Industry with $280 Million from Japan's NTT Docomo

Next Reality AR

Magic Leap's business strategy for bringing augmented reality to the mainstream has become even clearer via its latest funding round. On Friday, the company announced that it has secured $280 million in funding from NTT Docomo, the largest wireless provider in Japan.

Flooding An Office In Mixed Reality Looks Pretty Terrifying


Using the Vive Focus Plus to alter real-world environments. Imagine your standing in your bedroom, office, or any other comfortable interior of your choosing.

Thanos Should Be Terrified Of Brie Larson’s Beat Saber Skills


If you thought Thanos was in trouble after watching Captain Marvel last month, wait until you see Brie Larson’s Beat Saber skills. Carol Danvers herself appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to promote Avengers: Endgame (which is great, by the way!).

Cat Simulator ‘Konrad the Kitten’ 2.0 Update Brings More Gameplay (and cats)

Road to VR

Virtual pets have seen quite the revival since consumer VR took off nearly three years ago. As an early entrant back in 2016, Konrad the Kitten took some of the much beloved game mechanics from the classic hand-held digital pet Tamagotchi and imbued them into a friendly little kitty named Konrad.

Google & Childish Gambino Follow Up Pixel Playground Hit with Pharos AR App

Next Reality AR

Google is going all in with Childish Gambino as its musical champion for augmented reality, as the duo has now dropped its second AR collaboration of the year.

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Grassroots Student Initiative Brings XR To The Midwest


The future of XR technology is now in the hands of the young and ambitious.

Introducing Superhot VR: Arcade Edition, Out Now At VR Arcades


One of VR’s most popular and best games is finally getting an arcade version. Superhot VR: Arcade Edition launched today for VR arcades across the globe. This isn’t a brand new Superhot game with new levels but instead a remixed version of the original classic.

‘Beat Saber’ on Quest Will be Fully Featured at Launch, Use Identical Tracking Logic

Road to VR

Beat Saber developer Beat Games confirmed to Road to VR that the game will include all official features, modes, and music when it launches with Quest this Spring.

Celebrate Earth Day at this extended reality festival

Hypergrid Business

If you haven’t done enough this week to honor our planet you can get some belated Earth Day action this weekend at the annual EarthXConference in Dallas, Texas — and, if you can’t get there in person, streaming online and on its YouTube channel.

EXCLUSIVE: Dreamlike VR Experience ‘The Key’ Set To Debut At Tribeca Film Fest


Anna has no memory of her past, but she continues to dream about a mysterious key. Anna is having trouble remembering her past. She dreams about it every night, however, the details are unclear.

PS Plus Sale Discounts 20 PSVR Games Until April 30th


Today Sony unveiled a huge sale on the PSN Store that discounts nearly 300 different digital games across PS4, PSVR, and PS3. If you filter the list down to just PSVR games it totals out to exactly 20. The catch here is that this sale is only for PS Plus subscribers.

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