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XR Education in 2021


VR is for games and AR is for industry, right? That’s probably the biggest broad-strokes argument that a person could make about extended reality and remain arguably correct. However, there are myriad other use cases and XR education is one of the most promising.

Will 75% of Businesses Adopt AR in Two Years?

AR Insider

To validate AR's role as a shopping utility, Facebook released a report filled with consumer survey data and revenue projections. We're featuring it for this week's Data Dive, including takeaways and strategic implications for 'camera commerce.'. The post Will 75% of Businesses Adopt AR in Two Years?

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Facebook reveals Ray-Ban Stories smartglasses

The Ghost Howls

Facebook and Ray-Ban have just revealed Ray-Ban Stories, their smartglasses that you can use to record photos and videos to share on social media. Specifications. Content of a box of Ray-Ban Stories (Image by Ray-Ban).

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There’s An AR Easter Egg Hidden In Apple’s New Event Invite


Apple’s latest iPhone event may still be a week away, but you can play with this new AR effect right now. Apple today confirmed the official date for its upcoming September event.

Apple 355

Are You Still Watching? How to Create Engaging Presentations for Virtual Learning

Speaker: Richard Goring, Director at BrightCarbon

Remote meetings are here to stay - and so is the Zoom fatigue that many experience. The importance of compelling content is more apparent than ever. In this webinar, learn how PowerPoint provides terrific tools to create the kind of dynamic visual content you need to capture your remote audience’s attention. Come along to this masterclass packed with live demonstrations of how to create compelling presentations for successful meetings in a virtual and hybrid environment. In this webinar, you will learn how to: Create dynamic visuals that support persuasive stories to engage your audience Develop professional-looking designs for presentations and other content Become a PowerPoint legend with techniques to make effective presentations quickly and easily June 30th, 2022 at 9:30 am PDT, 12:30 pm EDT, 5:30 pm GMT

Facebook & Ray-Ban Launch $300 Stories Glasses, a Hybrid Between Snap Spectacles & Bose Frames

Road to VR

Facebook and Ray-Ban today unveiled Stories, a new line of tech-forward glasses the companies hope will pave the way for a future of smart and stylish AR devices.

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The XR Week Peek (2021.09.06): A week full of VR events, Chinese headsets are on the rise, and more!

The Ghost Howls

This week came with two great pieces of news for me. The first one is that the bond between me and VRrOOm has become a bit more official , and we’ll keep innovating the virtual events sector together for a while.

China 353

Free Roam VR Game ‘Eye Of The Temple’ Coming Next Month


Explore a jungle temple riddled with deadly traps and complex puzzles in a full-body VR experience inspired by classic adventure films.

Facebook’s Ray-Ban Smartglasses Get Their Big Reveal on Thursday

Road to VR

Facebook and Ray-Ban are collaborating on what promises to be a pair of smartglasses, something that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in July would “let you do some pretty neat things.”

5 VR Apps for Exploring the World


Since the spring of 2020, we have learned that all our vacation plans can be delayed indefinitely. Also, there are places that we can only dream of visiting. Now, thanks to VR apps for exploring the world, traveling to the most distant landmarks is possible for anyone.

Who C.A.R.E.S.!? How Learning Got Its Bad Rap & What We Can Do About It

Speaker: Treion Muller, Chief Strategy Officer at ELB Learning

Since when has learning and development become such a negative experience with learners? Treion Muller, Chief Strategy Officer for ELB Learning, will introduce a new learning framework called the C.A.R.E.S Learning Effectiveness Model.

PlayStation Studios acquiring Firesprite: Tip of the gaming tech spear


This week the folks announced they’d acquired a very interesting game developer studio. They are Firesprite, the creators of a few games that’ve been key to the introduction of PlayStation 4 and virtual reality elements in PlayStation’s newest consoles.

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Facebook’s Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Don’t Support AR, And That’s Okay


Capture photos and videos, listen to music, and take calls with the new Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses.

AR 322

‘I Expect You To Die 2’ Surpasses $1M in Revenue Less than a Week After Launch

Road to VR

I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar (2021) launched in late August across all major VR headsets, bringing fans of the original game a fresh taste of spy-flavored puzzles and adventure.

Oculus 247

VR Pride For Everyone: The Potential of VR Technology to Foster LGBTQ+ Community Building


LGBTQ+ Pride has come a long way since its beginnings in the 1970s. As awareness of the LGBTQ+ community continues to increase and evolve, it is more and more apparent that technology will be a major tool for increased visibility.

The Key to Getting the Best Out of Video-Based Practice & Coaching

Speaker: Micah Eppler, Account Executive for Rehearsal of eLearning Brothers

Join Micah Eppler from eLearning Brothers to see hands-on examples of how organizations are transforming outcomes with video-based training strategies.

XR Talks: The Story Behind Ray-Ban Stories

AR Insider

Facebook's long-awaited smart glasses are here. And though they don't pack the AR punch that many had hoped, they're a key stepping stone to fully-actualized AR glasses. We unpack reviews and rationale for this week's XR Talks.

AR 115

The 2021 Venice Film Festival Invades ‘VRChat’


Explore 37 groundbreaking projects from 21 countries, 35 custom-made worlds, and five live events hosted in VRChat. The Venice Film Festival is back with yet another selection of genre-defying VR projects from some of the most exciting creators in the field.

‘The Matrix 4’ Teaser Lets You Choose Between the Red & Blue Pill

Road to VR

The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth installment of The Matrix films, just got its first set of teaser trailers that offer a peek at what’s coming to the silver screens in December 2021.

Why Do You Need to Integrate VR and AR in Your B2B Sales Cycle?


Are you ready for the revolution taking place in B2B sales ? We’re talking about VR and AR. If you’ve only mildly heard of these two terms, know that you’re missing out on something big. These two technologies fall within the digital umbrella of something called “immersive tech.”

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Immersing the Curious Mind in VR: Why You’re Missing Out on Proven ROI!

Speaker: John Blackmon, eLearning Brothers CTO, CenarioVR® Creator

Join John Blackmon, eLearning Brothers CTO and creator of the award-winning VR course builder CenarioVR®, to find out why organizations choose immersive learning and how they've used innovative approaches.

What’s the Revenue Opportunity in “Camera Commerce?’

AR Insider

Immersive shopping is proving to have experiential impact for consumers and revenue impact for brands. Otherwise known as 'camera commerce' this is the topic of the latest ARtillery Intelligence report, which we excerpt for AR Insider readers.

AR 114

Track & Hunt Big Trophy Animals In This VR Hunting Simulator


Explore an open hunting ground filled with various wildlife using a variety of real-world weapons and essential equipment. Arriving next year on PC VR headsets, Virtual Hunter is an upcoming VR FPS that will have you exploring the wilderness in search of various wildlife to hunt.

‘Sniper Elite VR’ Update Brings Custom Difficulty, New Comfort Options & More

Road to VR

Rebellion’s Sniper Elite VR (2021) has offered up some satisfying sniping with a bevy of comfort and gameplay options to boot. Now the studio is dialing in even further with a new update for Quest, PSVR, PC VR that promises more customization to the sniping experience.

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Airlines warn risks from 5G are too big to ignore, but is it all hot air?

Digital Trends

Airline industry groups are going to the FCC with dire warnings about the danger of the C-band 5G rollout. We dig into if there's real cause for concern. Mobile 5G C-band

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Everyone Wins! How Games Can Improve Learning Outcomes Across Multiple Generations

Speaker: Stephen Baer, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Game Agency

Nearly 70% of American adults play video games. Stephen Baer, Chief Creative Officer at The Game Agency, will discuss each generation’s unique learning styles and identify game types that appeal to each one and improve your learning outcomes.

What’s the Revenue Opportunity in AR Enabling Tech?

AR Insider

How much is being spent on software that helps brands and media companies create and distribute AR experiences? Our latest 'Behind the Numbers' installment dives into mobile AR enabling tech. The post What’s the Revenue Opportunity in AR Enabling Tech? appeared first on AR Insider.

5 Free VR Games On Oculus Quest 2 – September 2021


Soar above Hogwarts, experiment with Passthrough API, and race other players for real-world money in these free games and apps for Quest. Thanks to VR platforms such as the Oculus App Lab and SideQuest, the Oculus Quest has amassed a sizable catalog of games and apps available 100% free of charge.

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Quest 2 Sees Its First Loss in Share on Steam But It’s Hardly Done Growing

Road to VR

Since the launch of Quest 2 the headset has steadily taken over as the leading PC VR device used on SteamVR, now accounting for about one-third of all headsets being used on the platform.

Survey 197

James Webb Space Telescope is about to supercharge our hunt for exoplanets

Digital Trends

The James Webb Space Telescope is set to launch in the coming months, and when it does, it will completely revolutionize how we hunt for habitable planets. Features exoplanets James Webb Space Telescope space

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How Digital Transformation will Bend the Curve of the Linear Economy Toward the Circular

Speaker: Bruce Armstrong Taylor, Co-Founder & Managing Director of SmartNations Foundation, Jimmy Jia, Venture Partner at Pi Labs, Fabienne Durand, Senior Advisor to the SmartNations Foundation, & Roger Strukhoff, Executive Director of the Tau Institute

The Carbon Zero, Circular Economy, is easily the most profoundly important result of digital transformation. Industry 4.0 has a massively cumulative impact on dematerialization (in all forms) and resultant decarbonization (both emissions and embodied) throughout the economy. Join panelists Bruce Armstrong Taylor, Jimmy Jia, Fabienne Durand, and their moderator Roger Strukhoff as they discuss how bending the carbon/GHG heavy linear economy to the circular is one of the hidden benefits of digital disruption.