AI Murder Machine Kicks Air Force Pilot's Ass in DARPA's Simulated Dogfight Contest

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Anyone remember the 2005 sci-fi movie Stealth ? have we learned nothing from the 2005 military sci fi movie stealth usaf airplanes darpa air force war autonomous weapons us military semi autonomous weapons technology heron

Donald Glover and Phoebe Waller-Bridge Are Mr. and Mrs. Smith in a New Series for Amazon

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In a move straight out of our fanfic dreams, Fleabag ’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Childish Gambino himself Donald Glover will executive produce and star in a new series based on the 2005 movie Mr. and Mrs Smith for Amazon Prime.

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Leaked Capcom Documents Point to ‘Resident Evil 4’ VR Coming to Oculus Headsets

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Considering the original game was first released on consoles in 2005 and then later remastered in 2011, the Quest platform is a likely bet; Facebook has also largely abandoned PC VR in the wake of Quest 2, its latest standalone VR headset.

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Ex-Apple Engineer Says U.S. Government May Have Built a Top-Secret Geiger Counter Out of an iPod

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Back in 2005, before the iPhone, Apple purportedly helped a U.S. Department of Energy contractor modify a 5th-generation iPod to secretly record and store data.

Constantine Was Rated R Mostly Because It Was Moody

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Constantine , the 2005 Keanu Reeves - starring adaptation of the Vertigo Comic, had a rough go of it at first.

What Apple's Rumored Big Change Could Mean for the Future of the Mac

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Apple’s Mac computers have gone through just two major CPU architecture transitions in their entire history: moving from Motorola 68k to PowerPC processors in 1994, and then switching from PowerPC to Intel x86 chips in 2005.

The Timey-Wimey History of Doctor Who's Time War

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Those five words have hung over Doctor Who ever since it was revived in 2005: an earth-shattering conflict that saw the Doctor’s people, the Time Lords, pitted against the Daleks. The Last Great Time War.

Augmented Reality Disappeared From Gartner’s Hype Cycle – What’s Next?


Since 2005, enthusiasts have been following AR’s journey up and down the curve. Augmented reality evolution in the Gartner Hype Cycle from 2005 until 2020. Augmented reality evolution in the Gartner Hype Cycle from 2005 until 2020. In the AR industry, this news left some open-mouthed: augmented reality is officially out of Gartner’s Hype Cycle.

Online Meme Becomes (Virtual) Reality With ‘Banana For Scale’ Game


According to Know Your Meme , the first known use of what would later become the ‘banana for scale’ meme was all the way back in 2005.

15 years ago, the Xbox 360 launched in the desert. It was a wild event.

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22, 2005, as Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 at a blockbuster "Zero Hour" event in the Mojave Desert. "Everyone here who wants a 360 will be able to leave with a 360.".

Action Thriller Movie The Ascent To Host Premiere In VR With AltspaceVR


The Ascent stars Shayne Ward, who won the second series of the X-Factor in UK in 2005 (how’s that for a career change). In light of the ongoing global pandemic, an upcoming action thriller movie, ‘The Ascent’, will host its premiere entirely in VR using Altspace.

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'The Office' fansite that the cast and writers actually obsessed over

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In 2005, when The Office was struggling to escape the shadow of the British version, establish a fanbase, and earn ratings worthy of future season renewals, the cast members, writers, and showrunners turned to the internet for help.

RUMOR: ‘Resident Evil 4’ Heading To Oculus VR Headsets May 2021


This includes an official VR port of Capcom’s 2005 hit survival horror game Resident Evil 4. A new leak hints at a VR port of Capcom’s legendary 3rd-person shooter horror game.

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Ex-Apple engineer recounts helping defense contractor build a secret iPod

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In a Monday blog post , he recounted in detail how, back in 2005, he helped two non-Apple software engineers create a custom iPod operating system that would allow a functioning 5th generation iPod to operate mysterious hardware hidden inside. When is an iPod not really an iPod?

Facebook’s AR/VR Head Calls for “Big Shift” in How It Deals with User Privacy

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Having been on the outside since 2005 it was impressive to watch their persistence yield a gradual but definitive shift in their reputation.

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'Destroy All Humans!' reboot is campy fun until you feel like a jerk

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Based on the 2005 release of the same name, this deplorable adventure in widespread destruction offers updated graphics and sound, improved gameplay and mechanics, a bonus mission, and enough nostalgia to fuel dozens of mid-aughts expeditions. Destroy All Humans! made me feel like an a **e.

I'm playing video games like a caveman during the pandemic. It rules.

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This year was about 2005 and my middle school friends hated playing with me online, which was like half of how we entertained ourselves. I was awful at Halo 2. Walking into walls, shooting at air, trapped in an interminable die-respawn-die-respawn loop.

‘Half-Life: Alyx’ is the Best Rated PC Game of 2020 & Best Rated Steam VR Game of All Time

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There was a lot riding on Half-Life: Alyx. Not only is it Valve’s first Half-Life game in more than a decade, it is also the studio’s first full fledged VR title. By the measurable reactions from critics and players alike, the game seems to have delivered against the odds.

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Reddit turns 15: The dramatic moments that shaped the internet's front page

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On its best days, Reddit in 2020 is exactly what its founders wished for in 2005: It's the front page of the internet. It may seem like it has been part of the internet landscape forever, but Reddit — which turns 15 Tuesday — is a mere teenager.

15 great Reddit mysteries for the site's 15th birthday

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The site where some of the most devoted, obsessed internet denizens hang out was created on June 23, 2005. Reddit is officially 15. While there are plenty of controversies on the site, it's also good for lots of things: surfacing news, learning weird facts, even soliciting advice.


‘Angry Birds Movie 2 VR’ Studio Raises $2M to Continue Development on AR/VR Games

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XR Games , the studio behind couch co-op VR game The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure (2019), has secured $2 million (£1.5 million) in a recent funding round, which was led by Praetura Ventures alongside existing investor ACT Capital Partners.

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‘Serenity VR’ Fan Project Lets You Step Aboard The Most Famous Firefly-class Ship

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Serenity, the firefly-class spaceship from cult TV show Firefly (2002) and film Serenity (2005), is now full explorable in VR. With many years in the making, Unity developer and 3D environmental artist Kaveh Tabar’s Serenity VR fan project is finally here. Starting out in 2014, Tabar originally designed Serenity for the Oculus Rift DK2.

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Nintendo Enters VR With ‘Mario Kart GP VR’


An official VR remake of the 2005 arcade classic, Mario Kart GP, the experience has players sit in a metal rig similar to a go-kart wearing not only an HTC Vive headset, but two Vive trackers strapped to each wrist. A new VR arcade in Tokyo is bringing Mario Kart & 14 other experiences to lucky residents. Next month we’ll see the opening of Bandai Namco’s flagship virtual reality arcade in Japan, VR Zone Shinjuku.

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'The Karate Kid' cast reuniting over Zoom is the ultimate nostalgia trip

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Gad also pays tribute to the legendary Pat Morita, who received an Oscar nomination for his performance as Mr. Miyagi in the series, and who died in 2005 at age 73. "Fear does not exist in this Zoom, does it? Pain does not exist in this Zoom, does it?

Marvel's Fantastic Four are coming to film again

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Like Spider-Man, Marvel's First Family has had a rocky history in film, with their 2005, 2007, and 2015 films all critically panned. Fourth time's the charm.

AR Glasses You Can Be Seen In

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Vuzix had previously won the award for innovation at CES in 2005 and 2018 (the company was founded in 1997) and repeated the feat at this year’s event, being recognizing for its “outstanding design and engineering”. Vuzix won the award for innovation at CES in 2005 and 2018 and repeated the feat this year Click To Tweet. Are we finally getting closer to affordable, good-looking AR wearables?

‘RaceRoom’ Racing Sim Gets Initial Rift and Vive Support Through SteamVR

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It has a colourful history, having been originally developed by the SimBin, famous for classic racing sims such as GT Legends (2005) and GTR (2005). RaceRoom Racing Experience has received a major update that introduces Vive and Rift support through SteamVR. The update also includes a number of improvements and adds new content to this often underappreciated racing sim.

‘Sin City’ Director Robert Rodriquez to Debut VR Action Series ‘The Limit’ This Summer

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Robert Rodriguez, the director of films such as Sin City (2005) , Planet Terror (2007), and the Spy Kids franchise, just wrapped production on a newly announced VR action series with The Fast and the Furious franchise actress Michelle Rodriguez.

New VR ‘Star Wars’ Series Slated to Launch on Oculus Quest Next Year, Trailer Here

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The story is said to take place between Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005) and Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977). ILMxLAB, the immersive media wing of Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), today revealed at Oculus Connect 5 that they’re producing a series of Star Wars VR experiences for Oculus Quest , the company’s upcoming high-end standalone VR headset.

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AR Glasses You’d Be Happy To Be Caught Dead In


Vuzix had previously won the award for innovation at CES in 2005 and 2018 (the company was founded in 1997) and repeated the feat at this year’s event, being recognizing for its “outstanding design and engineering”. Are we finally getting closer to affordable, good-looking AR wearables? Let’s face it, humans can be, at times, vain and fickle creatures, so the fact that most HMDs tend to make their users look dorky as heck doesn’t really help when it comes to mass market adoption.

Holo-BLSD is a powerful AR tool to teach first-aid procedures and save lives

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I started teaching VR at the university in 2005, and my students had very few chances even to see the VR devices I was talking about during lectures.

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This 3-piece kit adds a professional touch to your video calls

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Even before coronavirus shut everything down, remote work had grown by 159 percent between 2005 and 2017. TL;DR: Upgrade your WFH setup with the Pictar Home-Office Kit for $89.99, a 35% savings as of Sept. The remote workforce is exploding in the United States.

Microsoft Acquires ‘The Mage’s Tale’ Studio inXile Entertainment

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Microsoft also acquired Obsidian Entertainment , the studio behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (2005) , Fallout New Vegas (2010), South Park: The Stick of Truth (2014) and the Pillars of Eternity series. The studio behind first-person VR dungeon crawler The Mage’s Tale (2017) , inXile Entertainment , has been acquired by Microsoft Studios.

‘Sword Art Online’ Producer Takes Lead in New VR Manga Game ‘TOKYO CHRONOS’, Kickstarter Launches Today

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– Expelled from Paradise (2015) , Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (2011), and Blassreiter (2005). Japanese VR studio MyDearest and Los Angeles-based Sekai Project are launching a Kickstarter campaign today to fund the development of a new VR manga game. Dubbed TOKYO CHRONOS , the VR visual novel game is targeting HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR.

Former Microsoft Senior Researcher, Now At Facebook, Recounts Haptics Innovations


Dr Benko had worked at Microsoft since 2005, but moved to Facebook Reality Labs ( formerly Oculus Research) in late 2017. Former Microsoft Senior Researcher Dr. Hrvoje Benko gave a talk entitled ‘The Future of AR Interactions’ at the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) conference in October. This week the talk was uploaded on the ISMAR YouTube channel.

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How To Watch The Gorillaz 360° Music Video On Any VR Headset


They have a rich catalog of award-winning animated music videos, performed live with Madonna via hologram at the 2005 MTV Europe Awards to promote their record Demon Days, and even had augmented reality album art accompany their 2010 release Plastic Beach. The best 360-degree music video you’ve ever seen is now available on every headset. When it comes to embracing new types of media and art, there’s no better music group than the world’s most infamous virtual band, the Gorillaz.

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Facebook’s Andrew Bosworth: “I Want Us To Differentiate Our Products On The Basis Of Privacy”

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Having been on the outside since 2005 it was impressive to watch their persistence yield a gradual but definitive shift in their reputation.