Toward Truly Glasses-sized AR: First Look at DigiLens’ AR HUD Reference Headset

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DigiLens , a developer of transparent waveguide display technology, is creating a reference headset aimed at wide FOV AR with hand-tracking, dubbed AR HUD. DigiLens says its in the process of demoing the AR HUD reference headset to potential partners.

Qualcomm’s 845 VRDK Reference Headset Boasts Eye-tracking, High Res, & High Framerate

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Qualcomm today revealed a new ‘VRDK’ standalone reference headset based on their Snapdragon 845 chip. The reference design—which serves as a blueprint for Qualcomm customers who may want to build their own VR headsets based on the design—boasts an impressive set of specifications.

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DisplayLink Showing 60GHz Wireless Adapter Reference Design for Oculus Rift

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Connectivity company DisplayLink is showing a reference design for a 60GHz Oculus Rift wireless adapter at CES 2019. DisplayLink created the DisplayLink XR wireless adapter reference design that would go on to become the Vive Wireless Adapter.

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Half-Life VR References Found In DOTA 2 Update – Report


But, ahead of any such reveal, more apparent references to the game have been uncovered. Tagged with: Half-Life VR , valve Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Half-Life VR References Found In DOTA 2 Update – Report appeared first on UploadVR.

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Samsung Mobile VR Reference Headset Revealed With Eye-tracking

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Not to be left out of the reference design fun (with Intel, Qualcomm, and more already offering headset blueprints for others to build upon), Samsung has revealed its VR headset reference design.

Nvidia Trademarks Reference ‘VR2’, ‘VR+’ And More


Tagged with: nvidia Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Nvidia Trademarks Reference ‘VR2’, ‘VR+’ And More appeared first on UploadVR. Recent trademarks from GPU group Nvidia suggest some new VR announcements could be on the way. The trademarks, filed in May and uncovered by Reddit user elev8dity , apply to various logos around the term VR including VR, VR+, VR2 and VR2+.

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Intel Scraps Plans to Launch Project Alloy Reference Headset, Pursuing Other VR R&D

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Intel is scrapping plans to launch the Project Alloy headset as an open reference design, citing lack of partner interest. The post Intel Scraps Plans to Launch Project Alloy Reference Headset, Pursuing Other VR R&D appeared first on Road to VR.

Companies Can Soon Make Vive Wave Headsets Based on Qualcomm’s New VR Reference Design

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Qualcomm today announced their Snapdragon 845 Virtual Reality Development Kit (VRDK) reference headset will have support for Vive Wave, HTC’s open API which allows a large range of third-party headsets and peripherals access to a common platform.

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CES 2019: DisplayLink Showing Wireless Adapter Reference Design For Oculus Rift


At CES 2019 DisplayLink is showing off a reference design for a wireless adapter for the Oculus Rift. Hopefully at least one manufacturer takes on DisplayLink’s reference design. Tagged with: CES , ces 2019 , DisplayLink , oculus rift , wireless vr Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post CES 2019: DisplayLink Showing Wireless Adapter Reference Design For Oculus Rift appeared first on UploadVR.

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HTC Vive & Lenovo Standalone Headsets to be Based on Qualcomm Reference Design, Components Detailed

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Now however we’re getting a little more clarity about the hardware: both will be built around Qualcomm’s VR headset reference design. Qualcomm’s VRDK reference design | Image courtesy Qualcomm.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App Includes Reference To Oculus VR


This parameter specifically refers to Oculus , not VR, but HTC’s Head of Vive Studios Joel Breton recently told us that Rockstar Games was “not done” with VR , which may suggest that if RDR2 does come to VR, HTC Vive users would not be left out. Tagged with: Red Dead Redemption 2 , Rockstar Games Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App Includes Reference To Oculus VR appeared first on UploadVR.

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CES 2019: New Qualcomm Reference Headset Could Hint At Vive Cosmos Specs


At CES 2019 Qualcomm was showing off a new VR headset reference design with dual 2160×2160 LCD displays. Interestingly, the headset was being powered by a smartphone reference device via a USB-C cable. The Vive Focus standalone is based off Qualcomm’s VR835 reference design and licences Qualcomm’s positional tracking technology. Does that feature remind you of anything? Earlier this week, HTC announced Vive Cosmos at their pre-CES special press event.

Samsung Reveals 4K ExynosVR Standalone Reference Design With Eye-Tracking


The company showcased its new standalone reference design, the ExynosVR III , at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai last week. The reference design looks like it’s armed with cameras on the front, likely used for inside-out positional tracking. This Korean company confirmed it is implementing eye-tracking into the reference design. All-in-one VR headsets are set to become a reality by the end of the year, and Samsung has finally revealed its take on the concept.

Benchmarking Snapdragon 845 And Testing A New Qualcomm Reference Headset


Last week, Qualcomm invited me onsite to benchmark their latest Snapdragon 845 SoC and platform. This new Snapdragon 845 was originally unveiled at the company’s big event in Maui late last year. With the new Snapdragon 845 there are many improvements to the GPU performance, with a focus on VR and AR applications. The new Snapdragon 845 brings a completely new generation of GPU architecture into play while still remaining on the 10nm process node.

Qualcomm Reveals Reference Design For Eye-Tracked Standalone VR Headset


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Oculus Medium 1.2.2 Adds Video Playback And Reference Mesh Editing


Users can now convert reference meshes into sculptable clay, for example, meaning they can import OBJ and FBX files with vertex color and texture mapping and then edit them within Medium itself as if they’d been created there from scratch. Elsewhere, users will now be able to decrease the resolution on layers and reference meshes now support textures. New Features: Convert reference meshes to sculptable clay. Reference Mesh import now supports textures.

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All The Pop Culture References In The ‘Ready Player One’ Trailer


Just a quick rundown of what is sure to be just a fraction of the amazing references that will be present in the film. The post All The Pop Culture References In The ‘Ready Player One’ Trailer appeared first on VRScout.

CES 2018: TPCast Announces Updated Plus Models, Mixed Reality Reference Design


Instead of making these adapters itself, however, the company is this time creating a reference design that others will be able to base their own solutions off of using TPCast’s technology. Bad news if you picked up a TPCast wireless VR adapter in the past few weeks: an improved edition is already on the way. Today at CES 2018 TPCast announced a new family of products named TPCast Plus.

Microsoft’s 6DOF Controllers Are A Reference Design, Not A Product


She explained that the controllers revealed Microsoft’s Build Conference last May were a reference design and not, in fact, a product in itself. “The motion controller is a reference design,” Steer-Mobley said. We still have a lot to learn about Microsoft’s six degrees of freedom (6DOF) controllers for its Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets, including going hands-on with them for ourselves.

High Res Intel Project Alloy Photos Glimpse IPD Adjustment, Sensors, and More

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Since announcing Project Alloy, a self-contained VR headset reference platform built with RealSense technology, Intel has released high resolution renders of the device providing an up close view of ports, buttons, and sensors.

New Smartphone-tethered Qualcomm Headset Has 2x the Pixels of Vive Pro

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This week at CES 2019 Qualcomm is showing off a new VR reference headset sporting impressive new displays that may well define the next wave of VR headsets. In many cases though, the essential foundation of the reference design can be felt in the end product.

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TPCast to Support Windows Mixed Reality with ‘Universal’ Wireless VR Module

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With the intention to transition into an OEM business model, TPCast is creating a reference design to support all WMR headset manufacturers. TPCast intends to licence their patented wireless technology by offering an OEM reference design.

Qualcomm Shows Off Snapdragon VR Reference Platform


The post Qualcomm Shows Off Snapdragon VR Reference Platform appeared first on VRJournal. On Thursday morning in Berlin, Qualcomm Incorporated rolled into IFA 2016 in an attempt to steal the show with a powerful new. Featured VR Industry and Technology Qualcomm

All The Pop Culture References In The ‘Ready Player One’ Trailer via @VRScout.


All The Pop Culture References In The ‘Ready Player One’ Trailer via @VRScout [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) July 28, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

Qualcomm’s New Mobile Tech Unlocks Impressive Inside-Out Tracking

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We got a chance to test that new focus by going hands on with Qualcomm’s latest reference hardware and find impressive inside-out tracking using just the phone’s onboard sensors. From the front of the headset you could see the reference phone’s rear camera sensors.

VR Experiments in Space are Exploring Gravity’s Affect on Hand-Eye Coordination


The French study bears the appropriate acronym GRASP: Gravitational References for Sensimotor Performance. sight or hearing), encoded in different reference frames, in order to coordinate the hand with the visual environment,” according to NASA’s description of the project.

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Architecting for Digital Businesses

Immersive Authority

Digital Transformation General digital business digital reference architecture enterprise architecture roadmap for digital transformationTechnology is advancing at a rapid pace and can be confusing to a business leader who has to keep up with buzzwords and terminology like [.].

How binocular overlap impacts horizontal field of view


The following tables provide a useful reference to see how to percent of binocular overlap impacts the horizontal (and thus also the diagonal) field of view. For those interested, the exact math is below: overlap reference

Mysterious Half-Life VR Code Uncovered In The Lab Update


Found within the code is a reference to something codenamed ‘Shooter’ According to McVicker, the code contains references to known Half-Life characters like Dr. Breen and soldiers and enemies from Half-Life 2’s Combine faction.

Hacking the Oculus Quest: how to show Android Settings, Alarm and more!

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It is curious that even after the launch, those devices keep many references to their previous internal names. Looking at the list of elements installed, many things already belong to the namespace com.oculus.horizon, that I think refers to this social world.

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New Digi-Capital Analytics Platform Relieves Big XR Pain Point

Charlie Fink

Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform, reports and thought leadership are the reference point for the entire XR industry

Report: Valve Will Follow Up Half-Life: Alyx With Left 4 Dead VR


Some of the terms listed include “coach,” “biker,” “jimmy,” “riot_control,” “namvet,” and many other references to the Left 4 Dead franchise. Valve News Networks provides new updates on Half-Life: Alyx and the potential L4D VR game.

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FramesDirect Finally Delivers Prescription Lens Inserts for Magic Leap One Users

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conference, the inserts are from FramesDirect and are officially referred to as the InSpatialRx Prescription Insert. In the last few weeks, the Magic Leap ecosystem has ramped up activity with a number of new releases debuting just before the close of the year.

My predictions for virtual reality in 2020

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The other interesting trend is the one of the Qualcomm XR2 reference design , but I’ll discuss it in the next paragraph. The big innovation for standalone VR headsets, that has been already announced by Qualcomm, is the XR2 reference design.

CES 2019: Qualcomm’s Mystery VR Headset Offers Twice The Pixels Of Vive Pro


Whatever it is, Qualcomm isn’t talking, referring to it as simply a ‘new reference headset.’ ’ The headset will also house what the company refers to as their “sharpest screen yet,” featuring “real RGB displays.”

HTC Vive Cosmos slated for Q3 2019, it will feature some surprises

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Qualcomm new reference design headset plugged into a Snapdragon 855 phone. According to some rumors, this is the reference design the Cosmos is based on. I have some exclusive news on the Vive Cosmos , one of the most awaited headsets of 2019, that I want to share with you.

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‘Medium’ Update Lets You Sculpt in VR With Friends

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Reference Meshes —Import 3D meshes for reference or use our preloaded samples. Color Picker Eyedropper and Palettes —Use the eyedropper to select the exact color you want from a reference image, and explore our new color palettes.

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