The XR Week Peek (2021.10.19): HTC launches Vive Flow, Magic Leap 2 announced, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Magic Leap). Magic Leap 2 has been teased. Magic Leap is back: CEO Peggy Johnson has just unveiled in a post on the company blog the Magic Leap 2 , the new version of the AR glasses from the company in Florida.

US Navy Using Magic Leap Headsets To Keep Soldiers Combat-Ready At Sea


The Magic Leap One AR headset enters the US Military training program. A new AR training tool developed by Magic Leap Horizons will use Magic Leap One AR headset to deliver various AR military training scenarios to the US Navy. Magic Leap Horizons originally developed TRACER as part of the US Army’s Augmented Reality Dismounted Soldier Training (ARDST) project.


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The XR Week Peek (2021.04.26): Magic Leap 2 coming in 2022, Quest gets Air Link and new Avatars, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Magic Leap). Magic Leap 2 is coming in Q1 2022. Even if most of this roundup will be about Oculus, I have decided to put another brand on top of it and it is Magic Leap. augmented reality virtual reality week peek magic leap oculus quest

Magic Leap One Available For Purchase, Starting At $2,295


Magic Leap’s computer vision headset is now on sale in cities across the U.S. startup Magic Leap unveiled its long-awaited mixed reality headset, a secretive device five years and $2.44B USD in the making. This morning that same headset, now referred to as the Magic Leap One Creator Edition , became available for purchase in the U.S. Magic Leap One Creator Edition features a variety of out-of-the-box core applications to get creators off and running.

Magic Leap One Motion Controller Appears in FCC Filing, Suggesting 2018 Launch

Road to VR

Magic Leap One, the long-awaited AR headset from the secretive titular Florida startup, appears to be on its way to its supposed 2018 release date, as the headset’s motion controller, dubbed Control, has just hit the FCC for testing. When we first heard about Control at the headset’s unveiling late last year, we were told the motion controller featured a touchpad, a trigger, a single button, and both haptic feedback and something called “force control.”

To the Dismay of Its Audience, Magic Leap Livestream Dodges Key Questions

Road to VR

Years of Magic Leap’s hype-building seems for many to be turning from excitement to disappointment, as the company continues to evangelize its AR headset with little attempt to demonstrate what it’s actually like to use it. Since the beginning, Magic Leap has been a masterful tease. Captured by Road to VR, image courtesy Magic Leap. Captured by Road to VR, image courtesy Magic Leap. There’s also haptics in the controller.

Our First Interview With Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz


I had an interesting conversation with Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz on Oct. During the second day of the event Magic Leap hosted a 3-hour keynote which revealed, among other things, a plan to support two controllers with Magic Leap One in 2019. But it’s a long road still ahead, and I guess I’m wondering what can you say about Magic Leap’s ability to be there for the long haul for devs. We didn’t build it just to do Magic Leap One.

Magic Leap Layoffs, Alyx Mods Roll Out & Win Pixel Ripped 1995 – VRecap


The top VR stories this week include: Magic Leap’s major team cuts, Half-Life: Alyx’s mods now rolling out, VR Ears absolutely smashing its goals in its Kickstarter & plenty of great releases!

Magic Leap Explained: All We Know About The AR Headset


If you’ve had a passing interest in the technology landscape over the past four years, chances are you’ve heard mention of something called Magic Leap. But there’s one question that we’ve constantly had on our minds over the past few years: what actually is Magic Leap? With long-awaited launch of the Magic Leap One Creator Edition now upon us, we’re finally able to answer that question. What Is Magic Leap One?

Magic Leap Highlights Award-Winning Augmented Reality Apps Revealed at Reality Virtually Hackathon

Next Reality AR

With Magic Leap One approaching six months since launch, Magic Leap is fully focused on building a content ecosystem and developer community. Now, Magic Leap has released a highlight reel that gives the public a peek at the fruits of their endeavor. Taking advantage of spatial audio, eye tracking, hand tracking, haptics, real-world response, and other features of Magic Leap One, 20 development teams.

Magic Leap on sale starting from $2295, ships only in the US

The Ghost Howls

After a lot of words, flying whales, rock throwing guys and a lot of debates, Magic Leap has been released. Anyway, Magic Leap One will still be $700 cheaper than HoloLens … not that bad. So, around €2000 for these space glasses… (Image by Magic Leap). Magic Leap instead gives you a standard one year warranty. Regarding the controller, the specs are: Haptics. LRA Haptic Device. Finally, the day has come.

The XR Week Peek (2020.04.27): Magic Leap’s new course, Fortnite rocks with concerts and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Magic Leap). Magic Leap pivots to enterprise, lays off 1,000 employes. With a long post on Magic Leap’s blog, in the end Rony Abovitz has admitted that the company is not going that well, and has announced a new course, that should eventually lead to Magic Leap 2.

Jake Rubin talks HaptX gloves and the future of haptics

The Ghost Howls

One of the most interesting announcements of last week has been the release of the HaptX Gloves DK2 , one of the most interesting haptic gloves for VR. I am very intrigued by these gloves that can provide quasi-realistic haptic sensations to the hands of the user s and that have been praised by all XR journalists. There are several other companies developing haptic peripherals for VR and AR, but what sets us apart is our focus on realistic, true-contact haptic sensation.

Haptic 220

RGB Haptics Helps Unity Developers Add Great Haptics To Their VR Games


RGB Haptics is a new Unity package which enables developers to easily add high quality haptics to their VR apps and games. RGB Haptics was developed by a Seattle based startup called RGB Schemes, which develops VR games and developer tools. The startup was inspired by seeing Nintendo’s use of haptics for its “HD Rumble” feature for the Switch. RGB Haptics is available on the Unity Asset Store for $29.99. Haptics developer haptic feedback unit

Haptic 101

SIGGRAPH 2019 Conference Will Feature Four World-Premiere VR/AR Experiences


Magic Leap, Disney, and Epic Games are bringing their A-game to the annual tech conference. Experiences making their world-debut include A Kite’s Tale by Walt Disney Animation Studios (VR Theatre), Undersea by Magic Leap (Immersive Pavilion), II Divino: Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling in VR by Epic Games, and Mary and the Monster: Chapter One by Parallux and New York University’s Future Reality Lab. . “If

Researchers Electrically Stimulate Muscles in Haptic Designed for Hands-free AR Input

Road to VR

Researchers at The Human Computer Interaction Lab at Hasso-Plattner-Institut in Potsdam, Germany, published a video recently showing a novel solution to the problem of wearable haptics for augmented reality. Both HoloLens and the upcoming Magic Leap One include a physical controller; HoloLens has a simple ‘clicker’ and ML One has a 6DoF controller.

Haptic 128

Enterprise Wearable & Immersive Tech 2018: Magic Leap, Exosuits and VR Training, Training, Training


Magic Leap finally dropped to mixed reviews and BrainXchange published its Definitive Guide to Adopting Wearables, AR and VR in Enterprise. After years of secrecy and hype, Magic Leap finally released its first developer kit in August for $2,295. At its first developer conference in October, the company spoke of a few upcoming enterprise-facing apps; and in November, Magic Leap announced a creator fund to encourage designers to develop apps for the Magic Leap One.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.07.28): Valve Index is now available immediately, Oculus and Magic Leap update their devices and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Magic Leap has just rolled an important update. Magic Leap this week has rolled an important Update to LuminOS , adding important features: There is now full hands tracking, and the user can see the mesh of his/her hand. This is very important… since it enables the use of Magic Leap inside LBAR installations and in enterprise settings (collaborations of users in a factory, for instance). I wish you’re having some nice vacations!

Hands-On With Warner Bros. Batman-Themed Backseat Immersive Experience


The two-day event was packed with both VR & AR technologies, including a brief, but engaging live activation version of Magic Leap’s Game of Thrones: The Dead Must Die , as well as several smaller, but equally interesting offerings, such as a unique two-person Whack-A-Mole-type experience designed to demonstrate the effects of visual latency in VR. News 5G AT&T SHAPE Backseat Immersive Experience Batman BMW Game of Thrones Intel Magic Leap Warner Bros

Unlocking the Magic of XR With Your Voice

Tech Trends VR

Clarke’s Third Law (the one that states that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic), just try a HoloLens 2 experience where you can just tell holograms what to do. And in that hybrid reality we will experience an entirely new type of magic.

Going (Literally) Hands-on With Manus Prime Haptic Gloves

Peter Graham

One of the biggest names in the VR data glove field is Manus VR, and VRFocus recently got to test its new flagship product, Manus Prime Haptic. In its current line-up the company has four products for various use cases, starting with the entry-level Manus Prime One for basic finger tracking, the Manus Prime Xsens; designed for integration into an Xsens motion capture suit, the OptiTrack Hybrid Gloves for use with Optitrack systems and finally the Manus Prime Haptic.

Mixing Realities, True Haptics And Photorealistic Humans: 5 Big Takeaways From Michael Abrash’s OC5 Keynote


His talk then included a look at the future of aspects like display, audio and haptics alongside estimations of when we’d get our hands on improved versions of each. One of the best bits of Abrash’s talk was a video showcasing Reality Labs’ very early work with haptic gloves that can provide realistic resistance when grabbing objects.

Haptic 197

Leading Hand-tracking Company Ultraleap Raises $82 Million Investment

Road to VR

Ultraleap, a leading company focused on hand-tracking interfaces, this week announced it has secured a £60 million (~$82 million) Series D investment, with the goal of expanding its hand-tracking and mid-air haptic tech in the XR space and beyond.

Dress for Success: Talking Headsets and Haptic Suits with Skarred Ghost Antony Vitillo

XR for Business Podcast

From headsets to haptic suits, there is going to be a lot of accessories and apparel in XR to chose from, including some that expand senses you didn’t even know were XR-compatible. You’ve got things like haptic suits, haptic gloves. You can have haptic feedback.

Dress for Success: Talking Headsets and Haptic Suits with Skarred Ghost Antony Vitillo

XR for Business Podcast

From headsets to haptic suits, there is going to be a lot of accessories and apparel in XR to chose from, including some that expand senses you didn't even know were XR-compatible. You've got things like haptic suits, haptic gloves. Let's start at something crazy; haptic suits. Let's talk about haptic suits, and why and where these would be used in any industries. You can have haptic feedback. Alan: The haptics ones also have force feedback.

The High-end VR Room of the Future Looks Like This


To mimic the tactile feedback that you experience in real life, you’ll need sensors and haptics all over your body or at least in significant areas, like the face, hands, and feet. The first hardware generation attempting to solve the body feedback problem will likely use full bodysuits with haptic responses aligned to the VR experience. Haptic feedback, movement speed in VR, and other techniques could add to the weight effect. VR Industry News future Haptics locomotion

PrioVR 219

GDC 2018 VR And AR News Roundup: Everything You Might Have Missed


Half-Life 2 VR Is Getting Haptic Feedback With The Hardlight Suit. Magic Leap’s Design Discussion Reveals Very Few Real Details (Surprise!). Amazing New Leap Motion Concept Videos. Magic Leap One Getting Unreal Engine 4 Support. Live-Tweeting a Magic Leap Talk. Magic Leap Launches Developer SDK Preview, Creator Portal. Magic Leap Teases ‘Cool News’ As ‘Mag!c

Nreal Light Developer Kits Now Available for Pre-order, Starting at $1,200

Road to VR

Like HoloLens or Magic Leap One, it has 6DOF inside-out tracking, but also boasts a relatively wide 52-degree (diagonal) field of view, which is thanks to a ‘birdbath’ optical design which projects imagery from dual 1080p microdisplays; both HoloLens and Magic Leap One use waveguides for their near-eye displays. Controller: 3DOF tracking, touchpad, haptic feedback.

Sony Reveals AR Headset Prototype in New Ghostbusters Location-based Attraction

Road to VR

A few pieces of equipment are also shown, including a curious wrist-mounted affair that may very well be a haptic device. There’s no word on whether the company plans on productizing the AR headset, or creating a developer platform such as Magic Leap One. Ginza Sony Park, the Japanese tech giant’s Tokyo-based hub for Sony brand promotion, is now playing host to a new Ghostbusters -themed multiplayer experience using a newly revealed Sony AR headset prototype.

Sony 170

Oculus CTO John Carmack Talks Immersive Technology On The Joe Rogan Podcast


The CTO explains his skepticism of the technology before diving into the unfulfilled promises made by Magic Leap in regards to their Magic Leap One Creator Edition headset. 1:31:55 ] – Carmack gives his thoughts on omnidirectional treadmills, the physical benefits of VR, and the potential future of haptic feedback accessories. [ The industry legend gives his thoughts on VR, AR, location-based entertainment, and more.

Is Wearability the Next Mobility?

AR Insider

Visually immersive and contextually-aware AR glasses like Magic Leap One and Hololens 2 require optics whose power consumption and heat dissipation necessitate bulky headgear, rather than anything you’d consider “eyewear.”.

Meta Partners With Ultrahaptics And ZeroLight For Touch in AR


Meta is adding another dimension to its augmented reality experiences by incorporating haptic feedback. And competitor Magic Leap revealed its new AR goggles last month and has so far raised $1.9 The Magic Leap One is a “creator edition” of the headset that’s slated to roll out in early 2018 to developers along with software development kits.

The XR Week Peek (2021.02.01): Facebook is very confident in Quest 2 sales, Valve is working on Neural Interfaces, and more!

The Ghost Howls

The 10M mark is a magic number to have a market big enough for AAA studios to enter and create amazing VR content, that in turn will attract more people to VR. HaptX launches DK2 version of its haptic gloves. Haaaappy February, amazing XR community!

Hands-On: Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 Is A Serious Improvement, Pre-Orders Now Shipping


The moment I turned my hand over or closed my fist, the little blue bird would flutter away and move around the room; similar to the Undersea MR experience offered by the Magic Leap One Creator Edition, in which a 3D fish cuddles in the hand of the user. Because the HoloLens 2 is a headset device, there is no haptic feedback other than the physical haptic of your fingers making real contact with each other.

Spatial Beats: Oculus, Google & Snap

AR Insider

Seems like they’re zeroing in on Maps as the sweet spot for XR and tossing everything else, like their Daydream headset, their investment in Magic Leap, Poly, and finally Tilt Brush, overboard. W elcome back to Spatial Beats.

Lyft Patents Show How AR & VR Could Change Ridesharing


Lyft drivers would access this information through an AR headset, such as a Microsoft HoloLens, Google Glass, or Magic Leap, which would place the digital content directly in the view of the Lyft driver, or through an AR enabled smartphone. If you were lucky enough to attend this years CES, then you probably saw Warner Bros backseat Batman experience which takes you on a virtual ride through Gotham City using large screens, projectors, and haptic feedback.

AR 251

Teslasuit Unveils new VR Glove Ahead of CES 2020

Peter Graham

These include haptics on each finger for texture and touch effects, and an exoskeleton providing force feedback; thus allowing grasped digital objects to feel like they’re really there.