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Feelreal VR Smell Mask Costs $299, Kickstarter Next Week With Discount


Virtual reality is about to get a whole lot more smelly. Feelreal VR this week revealed pricing and plans for its long-in-development smell sensor for current headsets. The device will retail for $299.

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Oculus Brings More Lifelike Avatars to Rift & Go in ‘Expressive Avatars’ Update

Road to VR

Oculus is today launching their ‘Expressive Avatars’ update on Rift and mobile VR; it’s a significant step up in realism thanks to a few additions including cleverly simulated eye models, lipsync, and even microexpressions.

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Nat Martin Wants To Change The Way You Interact With AR Environments


Nat Martin and his team have created an AR controller that is sparking a lot of interest with big tech companies.

Microsoft Remote Assist Now Available for Android in Preview

Next Reality AR

Just weeks after revealing plans to port one of its most vital augmented reality products from HoloLens to the smartphone world, Microsoft has finally opened the mobile software floodgates to the public.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey To Support Nintendo Labo VR


Okay, someone may need to pinch me. It appears I’m dreaming. Nintendo just announced that two of its biggest Switch games will get support for its Labo VR headset later this month. One is Super Mario Odyssey and the other is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Leaked Steam Page for Valve Index Headset Points to June 15th Release Date

Road to VR

Last week’s teaser reveal of the Valve Index headset came with very little information save for a single picture of the bottom of the headset with a tagline “Upgrade your experience. May 2019.”

Raising Awareness Of Human Trafficking Through VR


Radical Empathy Education Foundation teaches you how to spot a victim of human trafficking. Human trafficking is an often-overlooked crime that has a devastating impact on millions of people all across the globe.

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Hands-On: No Man’s Sky VR Is A World Of Limitless Possibilities


No Man’s Sky was first released for PlayStation 4 in August of 2016. A few months later the PSVR headset came out and ever since then it has felt like only a matter of time before Hello Games’ ambitious space exploration epic gets support for the immersive realm of VR.

Here’s Every Game With Support for PSVR Aim

Road to VR

Sony’s PSVR Aim controller launched back in 2017 with Farpoint , but has since grown to support nearly two dozen games in total. Here’s a handy list of every game with support for PSVR Aim. PSVR Aim is an optional PSVR gun controller which is supported only by specific games.

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Oculus Introduces Next Generation Of VR Avatars With ‘Expressive Avatars’ Update


More lifelike avatars and a new avatar editor arrive on Oculus Rift & Go headsets. Since launching in December of 2016, Oculus Avatars has brought a much-needed sense of humanity to the Oculus platform, allowing users to interact with one another on a personal level while in VR.

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Marvel Continues Its Augmented Reality Rampage with Iron Man Robot for 'Avengers: Endgame'

Next Reality AR

Already a dominant force at the box office, Marvel Studios appears intent on establishing itself as the ruler of augmented reality media as well.

Hands-On: Blood & Truth Is Shaping Up To Be A True PSVR Blockbuster


We have played Blood & Truth a lot over the last couple of years. In fact, this is our fifth hands-on preview of the game (here is one , two , three , and four ).

New Multiplayer ‘Star Trek’ VR Game Rolls Out to Dave & Buster’s Nationwide

Road to VR

Star Trek makes a great basis for multiplayer VR— Star Trek: Bridge Crew proved that much when it launched for consumers back in 2017.

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Short Doc Shows How VR Is Changing The Lives Of The Terminally Ill


NASA teams with TrinityKids Care to take sick children to space using VR technology. We’ve heard all about how immersive technology is changing the lives of the terminally ill, allowing them to escape the confines and limitations of their afflictions and travel to new worlds.

Magic Leap Adds More AT&T Retail Stores, Reveals Game of Thrones Fan Swag

Next Reality AR

The Game of Thrones premiere is fast approaching, and along with it, Magic Leap has begun to unveil some of the fan-centric swag associated with its immersive experience based on the hit TV series.

Virtual Reality is officially a fad. I am out

The Ghost Howls

I work in virtual reality since 2014, when I have fallen in love with this technology after having tried an Oculus DK2.

Oculus Launches ASW 2.0 with Positional Timewarp to Reduce Latency, Improve Performance

Road to VR

Oculus today released ASW 2.0, an upgrade to the company’s ‘Asynchronous Spacewarp’ technology which is designed to smooth out the visuals inside the headset to compensate for performance fluctuations and to keep latency low for a comfortable experience.

Five Incredible Fan-Made VR Games You Can Play Right Now


If you want something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself. I think it’s fair to say most of us are familiar with the concept behind fan-made video games.

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Puma's QR Code-Covered Sneakers Put Augmented Reality at Center of Design, with Mixed Results

Next Reality AR

We've seen a variety of AR experiences related to athletic footwear over the years, but Puma is betting sneakerheads will buy into a version of interactive design where sneakers are the augmented reality experience The shoemaker launched the LQD Cell (pronounced "liquid cell") Origin AR as a limited release on Thursday. The sneaker is the first of a series that will see several successors over the summer, packed with technology targeted at the wearer's comfort.

Hands-On: Iron Man VR Really Nails The Sensation Of Flight


Iron Man VR was a huge surprise announcement last week when it was first debuted during the PlayStation State of Play stream. The game is in development by Camouflaj ( Republique VR ) and is slated for release exclusively on PSVR later this year.

‘Super Mario Odyssey’ & ‘Zelda Breath of the Wild’ to Support Switch VR Kit

Road to VR

In a surprise move today, Nintendo announced that blockbuster titles Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda Breath of the Wild will get support for the Switch VR Labo Kit. Nintendo announced the Nintendo Labo: VR Kit for Switch back in March.

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Five Emotionally Draining VR Films


Beacause who doesn’t love crying in a VR headset? VR technology has proven an effective tool in nearly every field it’s been tested in. This is especially true for the entertainment industry, impacting everything from gaming to filmmaking.

SK Telecom Rolls Out Magic Leap In-Stores in South Korea, Announces Harry Potter & League of Legends AR Partnerships

Next Reality AR

The partnership between Magic Leap and leading South Korean wireless carrier SK Telecom took on an added importance earlier this week as the company unveiled the world's first nationwide 5G network.

Could Sony’s Next Headset Finally Crack the VR Gaming Market?

Tech Trends VR

If anybody can do it, it’s probably Sony. Ever since the Playstation was first launched – if, like myself, you’re old enough to remember it, you may pause a moment here to consider your own age and mortality – Sony has been in the business of reinventing gaming.

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Hands-on: Oculus Quest is Ready and Able to Handle ‘Beat Saber’s’ Highest Difficulty

Road to VR

Beyond being a great VR game, Beat Saber has inadvertently turned out to be an excellent benchmark of controller tracking performance, and thus a great test for the upcoming Oculus Quest standalone headset, the first from the company to feature inside-out tracking.

Location-Based Star Trek VR Experience Now Available At Dave & Busters


Save the U.S.S. Enterprise in this intense LBE with multiple endings. The U.S.S. Enterprise is in deep trouble.

‘Lightsaber Battle’ Confirmed For Vader Immortal On Quest


‘A panel at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration will detail “breakthroughs” with “lightsaber battle” in Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series. The panel will be streamed live at 11:30 am Pacific time on April 12.

Valve teases the Vive Index: it may feature hands tracking and next-gen experience

The Ghost Howls

Valve has finally teased its upcoming headset: the Valve Index. As always in the typical Valve style, it has not made it with some big reveal during an event, but it has just opened a dedicated page on its website, that you can access here. The image teased by Valve on its website.

Mod Saber is No More, New ‘Beat Saber’ Mod Solution Coming Soon

Road to VR

Mods that enable custom songs in Beat Saber are unofficial and community-made, so every time the game is updated, mods inevitably break—that’s the same song and dance users have dealt with for some time (and probably will well into the future).

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Vader Immortal Will Bring ‘Lightsaber Battle’ To The Oculus Quest


ILMxLAB teases lightsaber game mechanics in their upcoming Star Wars VR series.

Here’s How You Set Up Guardian On Rift S And Oculus Quest, And What Happens After


The lastest Public Test Channel release of the Oculus PC software adds driver and software support for the upcoming Oculus Rift S headset. By looking at the code, we can see the new Guardian setup process- as well as what happens after.

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VEC 2019: Hands-on with the Vive Focus Plus, the mysterious Shadow VR and more!

The Ghost Howls

In this chapter about my experience at VEC , I will give you my hands-on impressions about some gadgets I’ve tried there. Unluckily, I have been so busy with the presentation and the networking, that I have been able only to try only few things… next time I will try to organize my time better!

Latest Oculus Update Brings Hidden Rift S Tutorial App

Road to VR

Oculus Rift S doesn’t have a launch date yet, although it seems the most recent Oculus software update has brought along with it a few day-one essentials for prospective Rift S owners.

Our Favorite April Fools Day VR Announcements


Four years later and these mock VR devices still have us scratching our heads. Happy April Fools Day! If you’re reading this the day of publication, kudos to you for venturing onto the internet during one of the most untrustworthy days of the year.

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Report: Valve Index Dev Video Apparently Reveals Render Resolution And Refresh Rate


The apparent contents of the SteamVR Settings panel opened by a developer seemingly using the Valve Index headset could reveal the headset’s resolution and refresh rate. Just to note, this isn’t an April fools- at least we’re pretty sure.

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VEC 2019 review: my experience at the Vive Ecosystem Conference

The Ghost Howls

One week ago, I have attended the Vive Ecosystem Conference in Shenzhen, China. It is a very important event for VR, but since it is in China, many famous Western VR journalists are not going there because of the big distance and so there is a little mystery about how this event actually is.

VR Locomotion Controller ‘3DRudder’ for PSVR Delayed Until June, Priced at $120

Road to VR

3DRudder, the foot-controlled VR locomotion peripheral, has been officially available for PC VR users for around two years now, although the Marseille, France-based company has been working in the meantime to refine their design and also bring it to PSVR too.