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Why is Augmented Reality Taking Such a Long Time to Gain Popularity?


Here’s a thought-provoking statistic: 70% of Snapchat users (almost 130 million) spend three or more minutes a day using augmented reality. At the same time, less than 25% of the participants in a recent survey reported interacting with AR in the past month. AR Is Everywhere, but Users Don’t Notice It. Clearly, many people aren’t even aware that they’re using AR. How is this possible?

Facebook Reality Labs Shows Method for Expanding Field of View of Holographic Displays

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Researchers from Facebook’s R&D department, Facebook Reality Labs, and the University of California, Berkeley have published new research which demonstrates a method for expanding the field-of-view of holographic displays.

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Oculus Quest 2 Leaker Shows Possible New Lenses, Hints ’15 Sept’

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Earlier this week prolific Twitter tech leaker WalkingCat shared an image of what appears to be a new Oculus Quest. Today, WalkingCat shared a rear angle of the headset, captioned ’15 Sep ??’ ’ It’s unclear whether the September 15 hint refers to a reveal, a targeted launch date, or something else entirely. Facebook’s First New Lens Since Go? Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift S, and Oculus Go use the same lens.

‘Mission To Mars’ Is A Multiplayer Free-Roam VR Experience With A Scientific Twist


Work together to survive the harsh conditions of Mars in this 15-minute educational adventure. Location-based entertainment provider SPREE Interactive is launching a brand new multiplayer free-roam experience in which groups of players are tasked with working together to complete a series of challenges in an effort to survive the unforgiving surface of Mars. Developed in partnership with European mass media broadcaster ProSibenSat.1,

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Pico Neo 2 Eye review: the new best enterprise standalone headset

The Ghost Howls

The time has come for me to review the Pico Neo 2 Eye , the Chinese competitor of the Oculus Quest (that has been kindly sent to me from Pico)! Discover with me everything about it and especially how does it compare with the Oculus Quest and the HTC Vive Focus Plus. Pico Neo 2 Eye Video Review. If you are a tl;dr guy (or girl), probably you would rather watch a video of me speaking about the Pico Neo 2 Eye instead of reading thousands of words.

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AltspaceVR Summer Update Includes Loads of Customization Options


Online meetin gplace AltspaceVR has a lot of things going for it. It’s incredibly user friendly, it’s free, and it can be accessed on desktop mode when your headset is in the Cleanbox. One of the biggest downsides to the platform is that the customization scheme was, until last week, super basic. Most of us understand that some social VR platforms have less-realistic avatars on purpose to avoid the uncanny valley.

Deadmau5 Shares Mysterious VR Project Being Developed With Unreal Engine


Codename #OBERHASLI. In a video posted to Instagram earlier this week, Grammy-nominated DJ/producer Deadmau5 teased a new VR project being developed alongside game art studio Upsurge Studios and game technology studio Geodesic Games using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. Throughout the 30-second clip we catch a glimpse at what appears to be some sort of futuristic club environment featuring walls of colorful strobe lights and towering video screens.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.07.20): Oculus ready to manufacture the Quest S, Pico doubles-down on 3DOF, and more!

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It’s been a great week for me, where I reviewed two very interesting gadgets like the SenseGlove force-feedback gloves and the standalone headset Pico Neo 2. I also had the pleasure of removing many of the ads that were cluttering my website and offer you all a better experience. This was possible thanks to the generous donations of all my Patrons ( you can donate as well! ), that I sincerely thank from the bottom of my heart.

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Oculus Browser Gets Experimental Hand-tracking Support on Quest

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A newly released update for the Oculus Browser on Quest includes full-finger hand-tracking support for WebXR projects. The feature was quietly released in the recent 10.2 build of Oculus Browser, which now comes with a hand-tracking API and timewarp layer support, both of which are considered ‘experimental’ at this time. The 8.0

New PwC Report: The Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Soft Skills Training


It’s no secret that virtual reality is an effective tool for hard skills training and job simulations. From aviation to manufacturing , it gives trainees realistic simulations of their work stations without putting them in harm’s way. In a recent PwC study , it shows that VR also makes soft skills training more impactful. Here, we’re going to delve into the effectiveness of VR for soft skills training.

PlayStation VR Game Creator ‘Dreams VR’ Now Available, Here’s How To Get Started


Start building your own console VR experiences today, no headset required. PlayStation 4 game creator Dreams received its highly-anticipated VR Update earlier today, introducing a variety of game creation tools designed specifically for PlayStation VR.

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Will Google Swirl Unlock AR Advertising’s Next Stage?

AR Insider

“Trendline” is AR Insider’s series that examines trends and events in spatial computing, and their strategic implications. For an indexed library of spatial computing insights, data, reports and multimedia, subscribe to ARtillery PRO. A s AR continues to slog through the trough of disillusionment, one bright spot is advertising. Brand spending on AR ads is on track reach $1.41

LYNX MR Headset Reveals Compact Redesign, Production Units Expected to Ship in September

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Enterprise-focused headset startup LYNX introduced its MR headset—designed for both VR and pass-through AR—in early 2020. Today the company revealed a redesign which makes the headset even more compact, and aims to maximize the user’s peripheral view for pass-through AR. Production units of the headset are expected to start shipping in September. Lynx-R1 is an MR headset (designed around both VR and pass-through AR capabilities).

National Geographic Takes Users to Mt. Everest in New Instagram AR Experience


National Geographic has debuted its second augmented reality experience on Instagram. It takes you on an immersive journey up Mt. Everest, along with the National Geographic and Rolex Perpetual Planet Everest Expedition. Moreover, it puts users in full climbing gear. The interactive experience enables people to indulge their wanderlust at home as countries worldwide continue to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Climb the World’s Highest Mountain in AR.

Shadow Of Valhalla: A Super Gory VR Adventure Inspired By Game Of Thrones


Venture forth on a nightmarish pilgrimage through the Underworld as a blood-thirsty viking. You are a viking warrior and you’ve just witnessed your brother eviscerated by a single fiery breath from a mighty dragon. Your eyes widen, your heart rate begins to race out of control, and every muscle in your body tightens up, as the giant winged beast that just killed your brother begins swooping towards you with rage in its eyes. Then everything goes black.

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‘Oculus Quest 2’ To Enter Full Production As New Photos Leak

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Photos leaked online today depict a new Oculus Quest and new Touch controllers. Reliable sources refer to the new device as “Oculus Quest 2”, though it is unclear if that’s an informal or temporary moniker or the final name of the device, and tell us it should enter full scale mass production next week. This Week’s Leaks. The most recent leaks started on Wednesday, when prolific tech leaker WalkingCat tweeted what seems to be a render of a new Oculus headset.

Oculus Introduces Group Game Launching & Switching To Stay With Your Party

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Oculus has introduced new party features which allow groups of players to launch into the same app together and to move from one app to another. Players can now also create Public Parties to discover players beyond their friends list. Last year, Oculus introduced new social tools to make it easier for developers to create ‘places’ within their applications to make it easier for players to find their friends within a specific app.

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AMD Launches 12 Desktop Renoir Ryzen 4000G Series APUs: But You Can’t Buy Them

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Today AMD is finally lifting the lid on its long-awaited desktop Zen2 based APU family. Using the same silicon as in the Ryzen Mobile 4000 family, AMD is pumping it up into 35 W and 65 models in the same AM4 platform that is in use today. There has been strong demand from PC builders to release these chips, which were on the topics of forum conversation all the way back at CES. There’s only one downside to these new processors: you can’t buy them.

Take Your Brain To The Gym With Enhance VR


Pump up those brain gains! Contrary to popular opinion, your brain isn’t actually a muscle. Though it does contain a bit of muscle, it’s actually a complex organ composed of cells, nerve fibers, arteries, and arterioles. It does, however, behave like a muscle and therefore should be treat as one! And what’s better for you muscles than regular daily exercise!

Apparent Leak: A New Oculus Quest?

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Prolific Twitter tech leaker WalkingCat just Tweeted what seems to be an image of a new Oculus Quest headset. In late May, WalkingCat Tweeted out an image of the HP Reverb G2 the week before the official reveal. New Color, New Strap, Wider Camera Placement? This new headset looks to have ditched the all-back color of the current Quest for a two-tone look, with a white exterior but black facial interface and controller surfaces.

Watch ‘Dreams’ Upcoming VR Mode in Action Before It Releases Tomorrow

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The big PSVR update to Media Molecule’s creation game Dreams (2020) is coming tomorrow, July 22nd. If you’re counting the seconds though, you can catch an insider look right now as Media Molecule is going hands-on with the ‘Inside the Box’ starting experience and a number of the game’s new VR creation features. In the video, we’re given a timely look at the VR version of the game.

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Tech’s new “Digital Gods:” humans will soon be deeply integrated with tech

Robert Scoble

I used to joke with friends that Silicon Valley was done disrupting taxi companies and that we were going after God next. On my summer mostly away from social media I’m taking a fresh look at predictions I’ve made for the last two decades in four separate books. This is just a taste of what I’m seeing businesses do.

‘No Man’s Sky: Desolation’ Update Is Basically ‘Dead Space’ In VR


Explore the wreckage of procedurally-generated freighters in this free sci-fi horror update. This week Hello Games released yet another free update to its 2016 space exploration game, No Man’s Sky , this time introducing massive haunted freighters complete with procedurally-generated interiors, deadly alien infestations, and valuable treasures to raid.

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Immersed Launches Free Oculus Quest App To Work On Your PC Or Mac In VR

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A new productivity app called Immersed brings your full PC or Mac into VR and is now officially available for free download in the Oculus Store for Quest. The app was announced as coming soon to Quest a while back and it is a bit of a mashup between Virtual Desktop and Bigscreen, with a focus toward productivity in VR and a tier that allows usage of the basic app for free with your computer’s actual monitor setup plus one extra simulated monitor.

Following Success on Quest, VR Classic ‘Racket: Nx’ to Get Major Update, Likely Headed to PSVR

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Racket: Nx , a virtual reality fusion of tennis and Breakout , is soon to get a major update with new features like co-op, avatar customization, and in-game tournaments. The studio has also teased that the game is heading to “another VR platform,” very likely PSVR. Having launched initially in Early Access back in 2017 and then in its full version in 2018, Racket: Nx is by now a VR classic.

Where Do AR and Local Commerce Converge?

AR Insider

“Trendline” is AR Insider’s series that examines trends and events in spatial computing, and their strategic implications. For an indexed library of spatial computing insights, data, reports and multimedia, subscribe to ARtillery PRO. A R continues to hold lots of potential as a new visual front end to our computing lives. That includes use cases that range from gaming to product visualization.

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Is This Our First Look At The Next Oculus Quest Headset?


A new leak reveals the supposed follow-up to Facebook’s standalone 6DoF headset. Earlier this morning, Twitter user and well-known Microsoft leaker WalkingCat shared an image of what appears to be a brand new Oculus Quest headset. Though no additional information has been provided at his time, you can clearly make out several differences between this supposed follow-up and the original Quest headset, the most notable of which being the all-white design.

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Oculus Quest 2 launch date and more images leak


Today we’re taking a peek at a new set of images of the next Oculus virtual reality headset. This newest headset has not yet been unveiled officially, so we’re working with a limited set of leaked details. What we DO have is some rather vivid imagery of this headset from a couple of key angles. The device which we’re calling … Continue reading. Archive Android facebook leaks mobile oculus oculus rift virtual reality VR VR headsets

Somebody Already Made ‘Beat Saber’ Inside of ‘Dreams’

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Well that didn’t take long. Dreams , the game-within-a-game-maker, has had its newly updated VR feature for hardly more than 24 hours, but someone has already made a fully functional Beat Saber clone. Dreams launched earlier this year as the latest creation from developer Media Molecule, whose prior Little Big Planet games thrived thanks to a community of creators that built new levels and completely new content with the in-game tools.

Niantic’s AR Lessons: The Platform Angle

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This post is adapted from ARtillery Intelligence’s report, Lessons From AR Revenue Leaders, Part II: Niantic. It includes some of its data and takeaways. More can be previewed here and subscribe for the full report. P icking up where we left off in examining Niantic’s business strategy, its biggest move may be yet to come. Though the company has risen to prominence with its breakout hit, Pokemon Go, the larger play may be its location-based AR gaming platform: The Real World Platform.